The Strongest Job... Gardener?



Chapter 43: The Chances of Success is 20%


Hey guys i heard your opinions and i agree that the romance is a bit lacking so after this arc finishes up I'm going to spend more time on it since it will be hard to work it into this arc as I plan not to change anything I had planned.

Also only except new stuff on Sunday, monday, and/or tuesday because i only have monday and tuesdays off and i sometimes work on writing on sundays like today.

Any way enjoy the new chapter! :)

Several hundred meters above the fake Kelros Chris and Nor flew through the sky with the sound of metal striking metal was constantly ringing.

(This guy is fucking pissing me off.) [Chris]

Chris and Nor separated after another exchange of blows.

(Let’s see how he handles this!) [Chris]

After gaining some distance, Chris raised his right hand and dozens of tiny fireball formed in front of his palm. The fireballs launched in a barraged as more and more formed and moved to hit Nor, a wall of fire quickly formed.

Nor somewhat panicked sheaved his daggers and pressed his palms together in a prayer form. Two rings on his hands glowed with a golden light.

Instantly a transparent sphere of golden light encase him blocking the fireballs. Chris had guessed that he could manage to stop them since with the speed he had shown it wouldn’t be enough to dodge his attack.

As the flames continued to batter the golden barrier Chris emerged with his fingers coated in wind. Swiping his nails across the barrier eight streams of wind sliced through the air crisscrossing to form a grid and crashing against the wall. Cracks formed on the sphere but started to repair themselves rather quickly.

“Like I’ll let you!” [Chris]

Right after the wind blades created cracks in the barrier, Chris landed on it with his fist coated in wind. He brought both his fist down on the barrier with terrifying strength shattering the sphere.

Nor had almost no time to react since from Chris bursting out of the barrage of flames to his barrier breaking it only took four seconds.

Chris closed the distant between him and Nor while lightning started crackle in front of his palm.

“Shit!” [Nor]

He drew his daggers and swung at Chris' arm. The mana blades sliced Chris right arm off. Chris, however, didn’t care, bringing his other hand forward it had a ball of lightning flowing over his palm. With a sinister smile, Chris thrusted his hand forward propelling the violent ball of electricity at Nor.

Nor rotated his body as the orb of lightning passed singeing his sleeve.

"Not done!" [Chris]

With a flap of his wings, hundreds of inch long leaves came from Chris wings and crackled with lightning.

“I’m not either!” [Nor]

Nor intertwined his fingers with his thumb pressed to together pointing upwards, on his thumb two red rings flared with blinding light. Just like before a barrier formed around Nor only this time the barrier didn’t take the attack but reflected it.

“Shit!” [Chris]

Chris moved his honor guard in front of him and had them defend against the attack. The honor guard flattened and expanded blocking the returned lightning coated leaves. In response, the honor guards started to fire black bolts of energy at Nor.

“It’s useless, My Crimson Mirror Barrier will reflect any attacks back at the user!” [Nor]

With a beat of his wings, Chris created distances between him and Nor.

“Everything has its limit!” [Chris]

To Nor, surprise dozens of honor guards appeared out of thin air and fired an endless barrage of black arrows. The arrows were continuously reflected, but they passed through the honor guards without damaging them. Arrow after arrow smashed against the red sphere each one reflected back at the sender. Finally after a minute of constant beating the red barrier started to form cracks.

“Im-Impossible!” [Nor]
“Hahaha, Don’t underestimate me!” [Chris]

Some of the honor guards parted allowing Chris t rush in his arms wrapped in savage winds. Just as he was about to hit the barrier, the wind around his arms compressed to swirl around just his hands. The wind formed two massive claws that looked as though they were shaking from some sort of pressure.

“Try this, my new attack by combining [Sonic Crush] and [Wind Claw] , I call it [Sonic Edge] !” [Chris]

Swinging his right hand, the oversized claw of wind followed slicing through the barrier like a hot knife through butter. With the red sphere shattered Chris attacked with the left claw creating four deep cuts in Nor’s body and sending him crashing into the earth.

Chris quietly land 3 meters away from where Nor fell and scanned the dust cloud that was kicked up. For a moment, Chris saw no movement and started to think that Nor had died, looking up at the board that floated in the air he realized he was wrong. On the leaderboard only to players remained, Chris and Nor, everyone else had already been eliminated.

Chris looked back at the crater that Nor had created from the impact of him falling.

(Something isn’t right.) [Chris]

Concentrating while using [Terra Network] Chris discovered that Nor wasn’t there, but coming from behind him. Chris ducked just as a blade of mana came from the right aimed at his head. Chris wasted no time spinning his body he lashed out with a kick sending Nor back a step after blocking it with his daggers.

(Just as I though, he has a regenerative skill otherwise there is no way he could take the beating I have given him.) [Chris]

This wasn’t going to be easy for Chris in terms of fighting capabilities Chris and Nor were matched and with both having a regenerative skill it would be annoying. While he and Nor continued to dance the dance of death, Chris made use of his vast mental capacity and his ability to parallel think (it means he can think of two topics at once). One part began thinking of what was Nor’s weakness while the other concentrated on the battle.

Suddenly Chris stopped, feeling something was amiss Nor took his distance from Chris. Turning to fix Nor with a battle lusting gaze Chris smiled sinisterly. Suddenly roots burst from the ground in a 150-meter radius quickly creating a dome of roots covered in thorns and leaves.

“There now no one can see us, which means we can fight at full strength without worry of unwanted eyes.” [Chris]

As soon as Chris finished speaking an orb of blue energy surrounded by a faint gold glow. Chris didn’t have any time to react before the orb transformed into numerous chains which wrapped around him. Once the chains had completely restrained him, Chris felt odd as he was lifted into the air by some unseen force.

“Well, now that no one can see us that makes my job a lot easier.” [Nor]

Nor had started to walk towards Chris and as he did his body flickered like a static tv screen. Before Chris’ eyes, the image of Nor shattered like glass and in his place was a man dressed in completely black and had a featureless mask on.

“Allow me to introduce myself I am Earl Ginmer most trusted servant, Dadius” [Dadicus]

Chris stiffened, he had never expected this kind of situation.

“Your one of the Earl men! So what are you going to kill me now!?” [Chris]
“No, not directly at least all I require is the [Five Elemental Core] that you possess.” [Dadicus]

Dadicus now was only two feet away from Chris, he noticed Chris was trying to control the root dome around them but was unable to.

“Don’t bother, I have studied your skills and found that you control the plants to making things like this cage. Those chains will keep you from using your mana to use your skills or manipulate your mana.” [Dadicus]

Even if Chris could see his face, he could still hear the arrogance in Dadicus’ voice.

“Don’t underestimate me, or you will regret it!” [Chris]

Chris showed his defiance and continued to struggle, to Dadicus surprise the chains started to crack.

“Tch, guess I have to end this now.” [Dadicus]

Reaching out his hand a rainbow of lights enveloped it, his hand touched Chris’ chest and an intense wave of pain assaulted Chris. Chris screamed in pain as Dadicus’ hand entered his chest leaving ripples like Chris’ chest was a surface of water.

After what seemed like an eternity the pain subsided and Dadicus held a head sized multi-colored sphere. Chris, who had went limp, suddenly started to twitch, Dadicus thought of killing him when he and Chris were back in the plaza. Since Chris had died, the battle royal had ended causing the exclusive space to disappear.

Everyone stared at the unknown figure beside Chris with puzzled looks. Dadicus had disguised himself as Nor during the battle royal so it was obvious that no one would know who he was.

Dadicus scanned the crowd to find his real target and quickly located Mia.

“Umm, well his is unexpected, sir may I ask your name.” [Mister Mick]

Dadicus ignored the announcer and watched as Claira, Sara, Helina, and Mia ran over to Chris. He was ready to snatch Mia as she passed when a weak shout came from behind him.

“JENNY!” [Chris]

The female ninja appeared out of nowhere beside Chris on one knee.

“What do you-“ [Jenny]
“-That bastard is one of the Earl’s men kill him now!” [Chris]

Jenny didn’t hesitate for even a second, she whistled, in the next moment over one hundred black figures surrounded the plaza. Dadicus looked around him and clicked his tongue, at the same time the four girls along with Clows and Ostan readied themselves for battle.

“Kill him!” [Jenny]

With Jenny’s command, the ninjas leapt into the air of ran on the ground swords wrapped in an enchanting blue glow at the ready.

“Looks like we have to do this the hard way huh?” [Dadicus]

Dadicus raised his right hand and a ring on his pinky finger started to sparkle with a dark blue light. When the first of the ninjas were only a few meters away, the ring flashed blinding everyone around Dadicus and an invisible wall smashed into the black clothed attackers sending them flying back several meters.

Before anyone realized what had happened Dadicus was what the edge of the plaza standing on top of a building looking down on them.

“I would like to kill all of you since you may be a threat later, but I have no time to play the Earl had specific orders to retrieve the catalyst as soon as possible two days before the Gold Crops Moon.” [Dadicus]
“You bastard, don’t you dare leave I'm going to kill you!” [Chris]

Dadicus looked at Chris how lay squirming on the ground and couldn’t help but laugh.

“Without the core you are useless if it weren’t for that skill of your, you would be dead.” [Dadicus]

Dadicus paused for a moment before continuing with a mocking smile on his face.

“If you want to get this girl back come to the Earl’s castle city Helmcroft if you can make it in two days you can save her. I’ll be waiting to see if you can even make it.” [Dadicus]

With a laugh, Dadicus turned into dust and scattered along with Mia. No one moved, everything was silent. Finally, the silence was broken by a roar of anger and sorrow.

“DAAAAMNIT!” [Ostan]

In a rage he punched the ground leaving his fist bloodied. No one stopped him as tears streamed down his face and he continued to curse into the sky.


“So what now?” [Claira]

After Ostan had regain some of his composure the group had returned to Kelros Castle to discuss what to do. They all sat in a large common room with everyone sat a large table.

“That guy was strong, I don’t think any of us can win against him. Even if we all team up, it is unlikely that we could even make him use half his full power.” [Clows]

As he spoke, Clows looked over at Chris who had his head hung staring at the table blankly.

“Chris you have a plan, I mean you always do!” [Helina]

Chris shook his head and spoken in a tired voice devoid of hope.

“I don’t have a plan, not only is Dadicus strong, without the [Five Elemental Core] I’m worthless in a fight.” [Chris]

It was true when the core was taken from him, Chris’s stats were reduced by 80%. At first Chris thought it was just the chains that bound him, but when they were removed his stats didn’t return to normal.

“Chris don’t blame yourself, we just have to think of something.” [Claira]

Claira placed her hand on his back in an attempt to comfort him, but Chris’s mood didn’t change. Suddenly Ostan stood up and walked over to Chris. To everyone surprise, Ostan punched Chris and with enough force to make him fall out of his chair. Chris sat up and was about to get up to return the blow when he saw that the man that had hit him had tears in his eyes.

“What, so you fuck up for once and this is what happens! What happened to the overconfident stubborn bastard that never gives up no matter what is thrown at him!? I know my sister believe in me to come save her, she also believes in you I know it! So, are you going to let her down and give up or are you going to stand and fight!?” [Ostan]

Chris froze his eyes that had darkened from despair brightened with an intense fire. Chris stood up and looked at Ostan with his usual calm smile.

“Thanks, I needed that, now before we continue I have to ask since you did that you must have a plan, yes?” [Chris]

Ostan nodded, an equally power fire burned in his eyes.

“I am going to completely heal your soul.” [Ostan]

Everyone knew of Chris condition so hearing Ostan talk about healing Chris’ soul made them gasp in surprise.

“I thought you said I would be impossible without one hundred pure souls?” [Chris]

Ostan nodded but continued to smile with excitement.

“That was before, now it is possible because of three things. One I have become much stronger so my abilities to heal souls have skyrocketed, the second reason is that your soul’s healing process in further along than before making it easier for me. The third reason has to do with the [b] [Five Elemental Core] [b], while it did help your soul heal at the same time, it hindered my abilities. In a way, Dadicus did you a favor by taking the core, not to mention when your get it back and add it to your restored soul your power will increase by leaps and bounds.” [Ostan]

Chris' face showed his skepticism.

“How can you be sure that even with my soul restored that I could beat Dadicus?” [Chris]
“Don’t move.” [Ostan]

When Chris questioned Ostan, he place moved forward and put his hand on Chris’ chest and closed his eyes. After a minute, Ostan eyes snapped open and he jump back in surprise.

“What happened?” [Sara]

Ostan fixed Chris with his frightened eyes.

“Chris last time I looked at your soul I felt an incredible power inside it. Now I feel something that makes what I felt before feel like comparing a puddle to the ocean.

Chris grew excited.

“Great let's get started if I have the power that you saw I do then let's bring it out!” [Chris]

Ostan raised a hand to the excited Chris.

“There is only one problem.” [Ostan]
“What’s that?” [Chris]
“The chances of success is 20%.” [Ostan]

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