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With Burdock’s final words, the Black cube spun in the air a pulse of black energy burst out swallowing the entire city, blinding the participants.

When Chris opened his eyes, he was no longer in the central plaza. He now stood in a massive street which he guessed was the bronze shopping district. Looking around Chris saw that there were around fifty others with him.


Chris looked up when he heard a mechanical ringing sound.

“That little shit.” [Chris]

Above him was a sight stone with the image of Darak with the number of kills he has under him. His current total was seven which wasn’t too bad with the battle only have started a minute ago.

Chris hadn’t cared about being MVP, but he wasn’t going to get shown up but someone like Darak. Seeing the other top ten with the next in line have six Chris smiled.

Helina was just behind Darak, who was gaining kills fast.

In only a few minutes, the city had erupted into explosions and lights as people use various abilities. Around Chris fights were beginning, he had decided to give everyone a few minutes head start.

“Hehe, die bastard!” [Random Fighter]

Some idiot seeing Chris standing in the middle of the chaotic war zone thought he was frozen in fear. Brandishing a battle axe the man that looked like a common soldier burst out of the crowd with a leap.

Sadly, to choice Chris as a target was the worst chose. As the man descended with his Axe aiming for Chris head in a horizontal chop Chris’ hand reached up and caught the falling axe.

“You will be the first.” [Chris]

Pulling on the axe Chris brought the man towards him and impaled him with his right hand through the heart. Tossing aside the man his body vanished with a white flare of light.

(Now let take the lead before having fun.) [Chris]

Around Chris’ feet a ring of purple mist formed. The mist quickly moved out along the ground and raised up like a tidal wave engulfing everyone in the street. Screams of pain were heard as the people caught in the mist seemed to melt away. This was caused by Chris’ skill [Spore Cloud] and setting it to decaying poison.


Chris felt satisfied seeing himself in the MVP spot with one hundred thirty-four kills.


“Damn that bastard is made for slaughter” [Ostan]

It had been ten minutes from the start of the event and already out of 5896 people 4277 people remain. Chris held the lead with 453 kills with the next person a man named Nor Lown having 289 kills.

Chris’ dominates was too much.

“Well, it’s not like I got the small fries around me.” [Ostan]

He was fighting with Forest and Trent.

The brothers were hard to deal still Ostan had the advantage of ranged attacks.

“Come on, Come on, is that all you got, huh you shit heads!” [Ostan]

Ostan dodged to the left to avoid Trent’s flaming fist.

(Hehe, almost done.) [Ostan]

Forest’s hand started to give off a blue glow and he punched the ground. Ice spikes started to burst out of the ground in a line directed at Ostan. Ostan leapt back then to the right dodging the icicles, he noticed that Trent was behind him readying a [Fire Pummel] .

Ostan pointed his palm at Trent and five ghostly purple flaming skull appeared and rushed towards Trent while letting out evil cackles. Trent didn’t have time to dodge and was it with the skulls, he roared in pain as he was sent back a few steps.

Ostan moved in a strange pattern and approached Trent delivering a kick to his side. Trent rolled and landed at his brother’s feet, Forest helped him up as the two glared at Ostan who was smiling.

“Don’t think we have lost yet!” [Trent]
“I don’t think, I know.” [Ostan]

With his words, several red glowing lines shot out and formed a magical circle.

“What is this!?” [Forest]
“Bye bye” [Ostan]

Ostan waved to the brothers as the magical formation was completed. When it was a ghostly wail sounded and a pillar of bluish white energy erupted burning the brothers to ashes.

Ostan couldn’t help but laugh their whole fight he had been leading them around so he could draw a magical formation with his feet. Ostan knew that their regenerative abilities were way over his head so he had to kill them before they could regenerate. Using that magical circle increased the damage of his skill [Spirit Arrows] ten fold by releasing a mass of destructive mana in a pillar form destroying anything inside its limits.

Letting out a long breath Ostan turned and ran to find more opponents.


“That mana…Ostan, not bad.” [Chris]

Chris was currently surrounded by countless fighters, each one after the MVP spot. Even with Chris’ overbearing power they still lined up hoping that Chris was weakened enough to take down.

“Damn this is annoying.” [Chris]

A man charged him few behind. Just as the man’s sword was about to hit, Chris took a single step to the left dodging the attack with ease. He then spun around and with a hand covered in a dark green ghostly aura grabbed the poor man’s face. He screamed in agony as the part of his face Chris was touching melted away. In less than five seconds, his body had completely disintegrated.

Many of the fighters froze, then in a panic started to scatter. They realized that Chris was too strong for them since the man Chris had killed was an A rank and one of the strongest among them.

“Don’t think you can run!” [Chris]

Chris leaped into the air, red flashes of light shot from Chris’ hands. In an instant, dozens of people were turned into mincemeat. When he landed, Chris kicked off the ground charging the fleeing crowd with his hands cloaked in a dark green aura that had enlarged and formed two claws three times the size of his hands.

Making his way through the crowd body parts flew and screams continued unendingly. None escaped and in less than fifteen minutes close to three hundred participants were slaughtered.

Chris didn’t even care to wipe the blood that covered his body as he turned to head where another group of people was.

When he arrived at the place where he had felt the group Chris saw a lone figure fighting several dozen people that formed a circle around her.

Helina noticed Chris sitting on the roof of a nearby building watching with interest. She scowled at him and he shrugged showing off an amused smile causing veins to appear on Helina’s forehead.

“I’m going to kill him later!” [Helina]

Helina swung her long sword decapitating a man attempting to stab her with a dagger. Before the corpse disappeared she kicked it and knocked over another two charging her.

Suddenly Helina felt an intense killer intent. She spun around and parried a rapier that was aimed to pierce her heart. In response to Helina’s parry, the attacker unleashed a series of quick thrusts forcing Helina back. Helina continued to block and parry until she found an opportunity to knock her opponent’s sword to the side and counter with a thrust of her own.

The attacker leaped back barely exiting Helina’s range.

A girl looking in her late teens stood poised to attack at any moment. Her long straight blonde hair flowed down like a golden river. Bright green eyes held a spark for battle, over all she could be considered a high-quality beauty.

“Hohoho, not bad, but not good enough. I will be the one to win and then.” [Blondie]

The girl glanced over at Chris, who was now watching while lying on his side with a bored expression.
Seeing the girl’s stare Chris frowned and sighed. Helina also noticed where her eyes went and laughed.

“Don’t bother, he someone that is very difficult to handle when it comes to love.” [Helina]

The girl puffed out her cheeks and readied her sword.

“We will see how he feels after you lose.” [Blondie]

The two circle each other waiting for an opening. Helina was the first to move, release an arc shaped mana attack that launched from her sword as she swung. Sparks gathered around the girl’s rapier, thrusting her sword forward a ball of lightning shot from its tip and intercepted the arc.

An explosion was caused by the two attacks colliding.

The two were about to continue when Chris suddenly appeared in the space between them. He releasd a mass of bloodlust force both girls to take a step back.

“Looks like you two are having fun, mind if I join in.” [Chris]

The girls were distracted for a moment with Chris’ sudden appearance. When their eyes met a hidden conversion accrued, nodding the two simultaneously attacked.

The blonde girl was the first to attack, thrusting her sword forward it released a bolt of lightning. Bending backward he dodged the attack then docked to avoid Helina’s sword. Before he had time to recover, the blonde girl was beside him her sword aiming for his eyes. Chris stood at the same time kicked off the ground dodging her sword by a hair’s breath.

Helina seeing Chris in midair launched an arc of mana thinking he couldn’t evade. Quickly Chris rotated his body and a flash of red shot out piercing the ground. Pulling on the vine he moved out of the way of the mana arc at the same time putting himself in front of Helina.

“Shit!” [Helina]
“My turn.” [Chris]

Chris grinned evilly as he stretched out his glowing dark green hand. At the last second, Chris was forced to jump back to avoid a bolt of lightning. The blonde haired girl stood beside Helina her sword ready. Chris waited for Helina to stand, glaring at him she cursed.

“You two aren’t a bad team, but…I think I will be a bit more serious.” [Chris]

The two girls readied themselves after hearing his words, but it did no good. Before either of them realized it Chris was behind them his hands reaching for them. The blonde girl managed to get away with getting touched, but Helina wasn’t as fortunate.

“Gaaaaah!” [Helina]

Chris had managed to touch her left arm as she escaped. The place he had touch quickly started to rot away in seconds her arm had fallen off. Chris had a conflicted look in his eyes, he didn’t want to hurt Helina, but this was a battlefield a place where mercy is unacceptable.

“Helina give up, at this rate you will only feel pain.” [Chris]
“Don’t fuck with me, I won’t go down that easy!” [Helina]

Helina roared as a golden aura covered her body and condensed on her rotting flesh. When the aura made contact with the decaying poison, it halted the process.

Helina gave Chris a furious smile as if to say “Haha, not bad right?”. Helina didn’t want to lose that easily, she wanted Chris to acknowledge her as a partner on the battlefield not just in bed.

Chris smiled, he could guess what caused her drive and he approved of it.

“Fine, then i’ll get a little serious.” [Chris]

Though his tone was calm the pressure that came with it was nightmarish. Chris vanished from the spot he had just been standing just as the blonde girl’s sword nearly pierced his head. He reappeared beside her and sent her flying with a perfect roundhouse to the abdomen. She crashed into a building causing it to collapse from the sheer force of the impact.

Chris then turned back to Helina and smiled.

“Now that takes me back.” [Chris]

Thousands of red crystal swords hovered in the air above Helina. She slowly raised her arm then brought it down in a chopping motion.

“Die, you bastard!” [Helina]

Swords rained down at terrifying speeds, still Chris was calm. Both his hands moved with a red thorny vine coming out of each of his palms. As the sword drew close, he let out a long sigh, then just as the swords were about two meters away his arms became blurs.

Sword after sword was knocked out of the sky shattering into hundreds of tiny red shards. The red vines moved with grace and precision moving like snakes. After only two minutes, the sword stopped falling and around Chris were hundreds of red crystal swords along with countless shards.

“You done?” [Chris]

Helina grimaced and swung her sword releasing an arc of mana. Chris disappeared before the arc even made it halfway his hand stabbing through her heart.

“You did well, but done worry I never doubted you as swordswomen or as someone I love.” [Chris]

From his words Helina weakly nodded one a smile on her face, then her body vanished with a flare of light.

Looking up at the MVP board Chris was still ahead by one hundred kills.

“Hey you’re not bad, those two were S ranks of the lower 3rd stage yet you dealt with them so quickly.” [???}
“Yeah, but if I hadn’t you would have and I’ve seen what you do to your opponents.” [Chris]

Chris slowly turned to face the green haired man he saw before, both wore a ferocious smiles, their blood lust clashed.

“Finally, someone that might give me a challenge!” [???]
“Right!? now let's have some fun…by the way what’s your name.” [Chris]
“Nor, Nor Lown a pleasure, now you’re?” [Nor]
“Chris Gelvon, don’t make this boring ok!” [Chris]
“The same to you!” [Nor]

The two stood still for only a moment then both vanished the next second an explosion destroy a nearby building.


“Holy shit! Chris is serious!” [Mai]

The three girls who now were joined by Helina watch the battle from atop a building. Shockwaves and explosion were erupting everywhere as the two clashed the death count rose simply from the destruction they were causing.

“That guy he’s fighting is strong, but Chris is still not using any skill other than [Blood Thorn Vine] to fight him.” [Claira]
“That because both are still holding quite a bit back.” [Sara]

Suddenly a surge of mana made them return their attention back to the intense battle. Seeing what was happening everyone was shocked, from what they saw.


“Hehe, to make me use more than the skills I decided upon your to fun!” [Chris]
“Thanks, I will throw that compliment back at you!” [Nor]

The two battle junkies continued to clash and another shockwave accrued.

Nor’s weapon of choice was a pair of daggers that he poured mana into making blades of mana that extended to two feet long. By now Chris had equipped Orthos and sprouted a pair of black wings. To Chris’ surprise when he grew wings, Nor responded by pouring mana into his shoes and wings appeared on the heels of each shoe.

“Now shall we get this battle going!?” [Chris]
“Let’s get this party started!” [Nor]

Laughing the two charged each other.

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