“This place, damnit” [Chris]

Chris was floating in a gray space, he knew where he was. He casually looked around and quickly found who he was searching for.

“You’ve grown quite strong since last time we met.” [Fate]
“Thanks, now I guess you have a job for me since you’ve come to visit.” [Chris]

Fate didn’t try to hide her smile and shook her head.

“No, but it may come to that.” [Fate]

Chris’ eyebrows raised slightly in curiosity.

“So what is it you are here for then?” [Chris]
“A warning.” [Fate]
“About what?” [Chris]
“Watch over the spiritmancer girl very careful, Earl Ginmer will soon make his move.” [Fate]

Chris frowned and nodded, then his frown turned into a wicked smile.

“He can try whatever he’s likes, I will crush him all the same.” [Chris]

Fate sighed, she couldn’t understand where this young man got all his confidences from.

“So that it?” [Chris]
“Yes, now you have something to ask me right?” [Fate]

Chris smiled, his eyes had a trace of amusement in them.

“Very perceptive, well you are a goddess so I guess it’s to be expected. What I want to know is why won’t you fix my soul?” [Chris]

Fate sighed, she had expected this and had an answer ready.

“Let me ask you, do you want me to heal your soul right now?” [Fate]
“No” [Chris]

Fate and Chris both started to lightly laugh.

“So you already understand the reason why?” [Fate]
“Yes, if you had just healed my soul before I wouldn’t have been able to gain this strength. Also when my soul is completely restored, I will receive a massive power up. This allows me to gain double the power in half the time.” [Chris]

Fate moved her head in approval and a happy aura left her.

“Good that you understand, now one last thing.” [Fate]

Chris looked at her his head slightly tilted with a questioning look.

“Oh, what is it.” [Chris]
“I want to remind you that killing Aurora’s champions is not allowed since you are the one that keeps the balance not break if.” [Fate]

Veins bulged on Chris’ forehead and a furious look appeared on his face. After a moment he managed to swallow his rage, he understood that he would be allowed to kill them later after the two sides began to officially fight.

“Also, my sister asks that you stop torturing them, it is getting in the way of their progress. Keeping them from doing acts of evil is one thing, but what you are doing is going against the rules.” [Fate]

Chris again had to keep himself from going berserk and nodded. Fate understood his feelings but stayed silent, she had already been lenient with him so far, so there was nothing she could do.

With a wave of her hand space started to distort meaning that their conversation was over.

“Chris depending how things go, I may come speak to you again very soon until then don’t die.” [Fate]
Chris grunted a “Ya” in response, then everything turned black.


Chris’ eyes snapped open and he groaned.

“Ugh, what an unpleasant dream.” [Chris]

After all that time and Fate only gave him a warning and scolded him. Though it was bothersome, Chris was forced to comply with her demands.

He looked down to see Claira, Sara, and Helina using his body as a pillow. The sisters were using his right arm while Helina used the left, all three were breathing gentle still in a deep sleep.

Last night Helina was ashamed for what had happened and teared up, even now Chris could see tears clinging to her closed eyes.

Using [Flesh Manipulation] he escaped the girls hold and carefully replaced his arms with pillows to let them continue sleeping a bit longer. After washing himself, Chris grew his usual hoodie and jeans and returned to the bedroom to find that Claira was awake.

“Good morning.” [Claira]
“Yeah, morning.” [Chris]

Claira looked quite beautiful in the morning sun, her white skin gave off a radiances that made Chris’ heart beat just a little faster. She got off the bed, washed up and dressed herself.

Today she decided to wear her blue mage robe undone, underneath she wore a white silk blouse and tan cloth trousers, then she slipped into her combat boots. This was her new battle attire that she had prepared for the festival.

“How do it look?” [Claira]

Chris looked her over. The blouse didn’t hide her cleave to well which made Chris uncomfortable after all that man would want others to be ogling his woman. Still, he liked her look as it made her look fairly attractive and he could easily ward off anyone who tried to make a move on her.

After that, Sara was the next to wake up. Sara also went through a morning route, then dressed in a similar outfit as Claira. She had the same mage robe except her robe was buttoned up halfway so that her top was hidden behind the thick cloth. What was revealed was a frilly royal blue shirt and black stocking with more formal shoes.

Chris nodded, the sisters played off each other well. Claira had a gentle more natural charm about her while Sara had an elegant aura coming from her.

Chris deiced to let Helina rest longer while he accompanies the sisters spent some time together.


Claira and Sara had gone to make breakfast for Chris and themselves. While they made breakfast, Chris had walked to the back courtyards central balcony.

There Chris could feel a newly familiarized presence, along with over one hundred unknown ones.

“Jenny, am I to guess that your mission was successful?” [Chris]

Jenny knelt behind Chris as if she had been there to hold time. With her head bowed she gave her report.

“Yes, Master, as you commanded I returned to convert any of the Shadow Sect members that were will to join us.” [Jenny]

Chris nodded, he turned to her with a smile of satisfaction as he saw 107 kneeling black clothed figures behind Jenny all bowing their heads in respect.

“Spread your net over the city, anything related to Earl Ginmer I want to hear about no matter how small!” [Chris]

With his commanding tone, Chris swiped his arm out in a dramatic motion and all the ninja like figures vanished scattering across the city.

The reason he used them to gather information was for two reasons. Even with his Seekers , [Terra Network] , and his heightened mental capacity he still was one person. With the Shadow Sect under his command, it made things less stressful for him.

Jenny still knelt behind Chris, she could tell he had more to say to her.

“Make sure to have a few people watch Mia and Ostan with their top priorities to protect them and inform you or I as soon as possible if they encounter someone stronger than them.” [Chris]
“Yes, Master.” [Jenny]

With the conversation finished just like the others, Jenny disappeared as she was never there.

He knew just from that brief meeting with every member of the Shadow Sect there just now he instantly noticed that there were four other S ranks beside Jenny. Each one was in the middle realm with one of them being in the 2nd stage and the other three in the 1st stage. This add quite a bit of power to Chris’ group, still of an SS rank showed up Chris would be the only one that could take them down.

With two of the S ranks following Mia and Ostan, Chris had confidence that they were safe.He looked out onto the training grounds and snorted coldly as he saw the heroes doing early morning training under Aldear.

Chris thought back to late last night when the Royals had returned.


Just like before Chris, Qin, Rosalina, and Aldear sat around a large room table eating a Mookine stew since none of them had anything to eat most of the day.

“We accept your conditions, but only if you agree to a few of our own.” [Qin]
“What are they?” [Chris]

Chris asked in an indifferent tone while having his usual calm smile hid his emotions.

Coughing the prince continued.

“Yes, we have two conditions; First, an ambassador while come to your kingdom to keep a direct line of contact with you, the other is that you are not allowed to go to war with any of the small territories or the Magical Alliance until the end of the Twin Swords Tournament.” [Qin]

Chris coldly studied Qin, he revealing nothing to Chris, which surprised him.

(well, it seems his negotiation skills have improved since last time we spoke.) [Chris]

Rosalina, however, hadn’t looked at him the entire time was biting her lower lip. She was the one that gave away everything Chris need to know.

“I’m guessing that your sister is the ambassador you are talking about.” [Chris]

Both people flinched, as Chris finished his stew Qin answered his question.

“Yes my father want Rosalina to be the ambassador to your kingdom, is that not acceptable?” [Qin]

Chris finished his stew before casually glancing over at Rosalina, who was fidgeting from being unnerved.

While he didn’t care about their conditions, Chris had a hunch that the reason for not allowing him to start fighting others small kingdoms and Alliance both of which covered his west and south border was most likely to keep him from expanding too fast.

“That is fine, but what if someone attacks me first you’re not going to tell me not to fight back?” [Chris]
“O-of course, if another kingdom attacks you then you are allowed to retaliate.” [Qin]

Chris nodded his expression as unreadable as usual to everyone. He stole a glance at Rosalina, she was trying to look away, but she occasionally was looking his way.

(So the king is planning to his daughter to ensnare me) [Chris]

Chris made a “pfft” sound as he thought of something.

(…he’s an idiot but I guess I’ll play along since this will easily work in my favor.) [Chris]

The others looked at him with puzzled expressions.

“Fine, you have a deal.” [Chris]
“Excellent” [Qin]


In a private room in Invictus’ capital: Castle Akatalutos.

“Was it really wise to make Princess Rosalina the ambassador to Invictus, Ross?” [Sawa]

The king of Invictus, Ross D. Invictus IV sat in a large wooden Chair studying some documents that Sawa had brought him. The king and father looked over to Sawa, a gentle smile formed.

“Sawa, in time when the fight with the demons began I want my children to be safe. Both Mary and Lulu have powerful servants and hold a vast territory I do not need to worry about them. Sadly, though, Rosalina who has no claim to my throne never was good with people so she has nothing to protect her other than her siblings. Though that sounds good enough when the time comes they will be busy defending themselves so it would be best to have her somewhere safe.” [Ross]

The king paused then with a mischievous smile he continued.

“Besides, that boy opposes both strength and intelligence, I wouldn’t mind have a son in law such as him. though he might have a dangerous personality, I believe he will make Rosalina his and that will give her the best form of protection when the time comes.” [Ross]

Sawa couldn’t help but chuckle.

(This guy, even in these dangerous times he dotes on her so.) [Sawa]


“Damnit, why is he the only one that gets attention!” [Ostan]

It was around noon, the first round of fights for day one of the festival were about to begin. As for the reason for Ostan’s complaint was because since they left the castle Chris had been the center of many girls attention.

It would seem that his looks mixed with his calm, cold demeanor attracted quite a bit of stares. Of course, anyone that attempted to talk to him were stopped by a wall of blood lust from the three that walked at his side.

“You know, releasing that much blood lust is a little unnecessary.” [Chris]
“You only say that because you don’t know how dangerous women are.” [Claira]
“No, I think I do.” [Chris]

Chris’ comment got him several anger glares causing him to become slightly nervous. Chris could hear Ostan snickering behind him mumbling “serves you right” with a cold tone.

After a few more minutes, the group arrives at the central plaza where the opening ceremony would be held. The plaza had to be 40 meters in radius in the center was a fountain that was a tower with small angels carved out of stone floating around it. They were held up by a magic stone embedded in their backs, it was quite a beautiful word of art.

On the northern side was a stage meant for the judges and announcer. Chris noticed a man standing on the stage, he wore a red and black checkered tuxedo and a similarly patterned top hat. His face was covered with a masked that had a smiley face on it, overall he gave off a mysterious feeling

The group quickly found some seats at the edge of the plaza and waited for the ceremony to start.

“Alright, could all fighters for the one on one matches please enter the plaza and gather around the fountain.” [Announcer]

Chris, Helina, Clows, and Ostan stood and walked to the fountain as they were told. Behind them, the three that stayed behind gave their words of encouragement.

“Do your best!” [Claira]
“Even though Chris will win, fight hard!” [Sara]
“You have it in the bag and brother try you hardest.” [Mia]

Chris sighed and Ostan started to sulk.

“Why does it seem that I have become worthless?” [Ostan]

Chris reached out and patted his friends shoulder.

“Don’t worry I can already tell that you're stronger than 95% of the people here.” [Chris]

Hearing that Ostan’s mood brightened. In a few minutes, there were close to three thousand people gathered in the plaza. There were various ranks ranging from C to S, though other than Chris group and the heroes there were only six other S ranks and not of them seemed like they would give Chris a challenge at all.

Disappointed Chris sighed, suddenly he felt a presence that attracted his presences. A man in a simple brown tunic and loss tanned leather pants stood a few feet away from Chris. Chris studied the man, he had short green hair and tanned skin from working under the sun. Looking to be around 5’9 he had a good physique, he obviously was in his early twenties.

(That guy…no, he couldn’t be an SS, but still it seems that he could be interesting. Hopefully, I can have a go at him.) [Chris]

While Chris was eagerly thinking of the upcoming matches, the announcer began to speak.

“Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for the first day competition, please allow me your host Mister Mick to introduce the head organizer and sponsor of the festival and owner of the merchant chain Supplier of the Thoughts, BURDOCK SENNEL!” [Mister Mick]

What was happening on the stage was being broadcasted throughout the Kelros with large sight stones placed in various areas of the city.

With his introduced Kelros exploded into cheers and applause as Burdock walked onto the stage.

“Hello everyone, it is great that so many fighters are participating this time. Now I have an announcement, there will be no one on one matches this year.” [Burdock]

The city erupted in a commotion in response to Burdock’s words. Even Chris was slightly taken aback, but he instantly realized that Burdock was planning something.

“Now don’t fret, the reason is that with the special event replacing the battle royal which is the most popular event of the three. I decide to have the battle royal take place on the first day as to not disappoint anyone too much.” [Burdock]

Everyone was silent, then another round of cheers broke out. Truly every year the battle royal is the most highly anticipated part of the festival, so Burdock did have the right idea.

The fighters that had gathered looked around, they hadn’t been told this so they were caught off guard.

“Now then fighters don’t be angry because in this time around we will be keeping track of the MVP. His or her picture and name along with the other top nine will be displayed on a sight stone at all times to show who is doing the best. The reason for this is because the MVP will receive a prize of five thousand gold pieces as an incentive to keep things interesting.” [Burdock]

Everyone in the plaza froze except for Chris, who thought that the idea while genius was annoying. He knew that Burdock planned this to have Chris be the MVP so that he didn’t have to give away five thousand, while still having the fighters riled up.

“Okay one last thing, anyone who kills the current MVP will replace him or her as the new MVP. Now, let’s get this party started!” [Burdock]

Again the city became live with the noise as the black crystal cube was thrown.

Chris stared daggers at Burdock, his face still calm but on the inside Chris was irritated.

(Great, now I will most likely have to deal with all these small fries.) [Chris]

“Good luck everyone.” [Burdock]

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