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“Mia” [Chris]

Chris looked down at the girl in his arms as they soared through the sky.

This was before Chris went to the Gorm’s family villa.

Mia looked up at Chris her short black hair covering half her face.

“What?” [Mia]
“Is it possible for you to hold onto a soul?” [Chris]
“What do you mean?” [Mia]
“What I mean is, if someone dies can you hold onto their soul and place it back into their body if the wounds are healed?” [Chris]

Mia looked down making a “Hmm” sound while thinking.

“In theory, yes, but a linker is needed.” [Mia]

Chris gave her a questioning look. Mia seeing this took a deep breath and began to explain.

“A linker is someone else’s soul that acts as a guide or a link to the living world. Unfortunately, the linker soul must be several times stronger than the one they are guiding.” [Mia]

Chris became somewhat worried.

“Is it possible to use my soul even if it is damaged?” [Chris]

Mia shook her head and Chris frowned. Mia quickly told Chris that there was another way.

“Since the [Five Elemental Core] is acting as your soul it would be possible to use it as a substitution.” [Mia]

He smiled wickedly for only a moment, then his calm smile returned.

“Mia I have a plan that you must tell everyone when we get back, ok?” [Chris]

She nodded.

“First I plan to go take care of that fucking moron Ben. It will take me an hour to get there in that time I want you to give these gift plant seeds to Glen and Lily. After that there will be a Striker in the back courtyard, bring Glen so he can give it a speed boost. Riding it should get you to the manor and hour after me, by then I will have killed Ben. I plan to injure him enough so the shadow corp will have no choice but to take him to a hidden cabin where they can treat his wound properly. To get the cabin they will have to take a particular path, I will wait for them to reach the area that will be closest to you and kill them it will save time that way. The soul I want you to hold onto will be a woman’s though I plan to almost completely destroy her body so that no one will try and recover her body. Glitter should have the capabilities to restore her body, once you have done that take the body back to the castle I will be back soon after you return.” [Chris]

Chris glanced at Mia to see if she understood everything.

“Okay, I got it, just to let you now I can only hold onto the soul for six hours so whatever you are doing will have to be quick.” [Mia]

Chris nodded his understanding, then continued.

“While you and Glen are going to the castle, I want Claira, Sara, Lily, and Ostan to go to an inn called The Sleep Sheep. There is a group of three men that have a lion tattooed onto their right arms should be staying the night. I want the four of them to make sure they do not leave the city even if it means force.” [Chris]
“Why?” [Mia]

Chris answered Mia question with a calm, gentle voice.

“They are disciples of Master Yoga or whatever. Since Ben is a fellow disciple, they might get involved somehow. While I wouldn’t have a problem dealing with them, one of them has an annoying sensor skill and that might alert them to the last part of the plan.” [Chris]

He handed two of the black rings that were on his hand to Mia.

“The last part of the plan is simple, because of the bloodbath I will create in the villa, Arthur Gorm’s room will be unguarded. Inside the room, there will be a hidden door, on the other side of the door will be a giant dimensional box. The box isn’t meant to store thing it is actually a portal to the Gorm families’ treasury. While I don’t know why Arthur brought it with him, it doesn’t matter. I have already estimated that this one ring will be enough to hold everything inside the treasury. I want Glen to go to the manor’s left side garden where a few minions will be waiting to lead him to Arthur Gorm’s room. When he is done, he will leap out the far right window where Burdock and Clows will be waiting to take him back in their carriage that way he can make an easy get away with the treasure.” [Chris]


“So that’s the plan” [Mia]

Everyone was gathered in a small common room, Glen and Lily already had their gift plants contracted.

Glen plant was a logged that was wider at one end while the other end narrowed to the point where it looked like a megaphone. It was supported by eight legs that looked similar to spider legs and had a strip of grass along the top of it from one end to the other.

Name: AmpOwner: Glen Fairchild

HP: 12000 / 12000MP: 8000 / 8000
Str: 0Agi: 13500Def: 4000Magic: 14000

Sonic Wave, Damage Amplifier, Double Buff, Sound Blast

Lily’s plant looked like a cat that was about as big as a medium sized dog. The cat was a dark violet and its claws had a blue hue to them. It had what looked like fur but was really fine blades of grass.

Name: AzureOwner: Lily Blackpaw

HP: 11000 / 11000MP: 9000 / 9000
Str: 11500Agi: 15500Def: 7500Magic: 9000

Warp Claw, Illusion Body, Seven Claws, Distorting Cat Eyes

Both plants could be considered very useful, Amp was able to amplify attack damage, double buff effects, or confuse enemies with sonic based skills. Azure was an interesting damage dealer as it can disappear and reappear without warning.

“Alright let’s get this plan rolling, Chris is counting on us!” [Ostan]
“Right!” [Everyone]


Even though I said that those guys aren’t moving a muscle” [Ostan]

The group of four had rented a room in an inn that directly faced the Sleep Sheep. After several hours, the three disciples had only sat on their beds and meditated.

“Well, at least we don’t have to fight them.” [Lily]


Mia and Glen had reached the clearing Chris had told Mia about, it was five minutes after Chris had left the scene.

“Glen you go and get the treasure it will take time for me to get everything ready.” [Mia]
“Okay little lady, just be careful.” [Glen]

Glen gave a small smile, disappeared into the forest. Mia exhaled, she raised her hands and a blue magical formation appeared on the ground.

“Glitter, restore the body.” [Mia]

The butterfly landed on the corpse’s abdomen and a transparent pink dome grow out from Glitter quickly covering the body.

As the corpse slowly was restored Mia sat down, another magical formation exactly like the one surrounding Jenny’s corpse grew out from under her. She closed her eyes entering a meditative state.

Mia found herself in a grayed version of the world. Looking around she saw a dim light hovering around Jenny’s body. Reaching out with her mana she pulled the light closer though it tried to struggle it was useless. Mia looked at the soul in her hands, she could see Jenny when she was alive and Jenny stared at her slightly scared.

“Who or what are you?” [Jenny]

Mia didn’t answer instead returned her question with a question.

“Do you want to live?” [Mia]

Mia hadn’t told Chris this, but the only way to restore a soul to its body requires three things.

A linker, which Chris would be acting as.

The soul must have a strong mental strength to be able to handle the shock of being restored to its body.

The last condition is the will to live if someone dies more often than not they subconsciously accept that they are dead and do not want to their body even if given the opportunity.

Fortunately, Jenny met the second, but the third one.

“No!” [Jenny]
“Why not?” [Mia]

Mia’s tone was gentle, it took Jenny aback.

“I have failed to protect my master, as to uphold my honor I fought the assassin even though I knew I couldn’t win. I have no purpose with my master dead.” [Jenny]

Though she seemed, calm Mia was able to tell Jenny was in despair. This wouldn’t do, she needed Jenny to gain a will to live, and Mia didn’t want to disappoint Chris.

Suddenly Mia had an idea.

“If you need a purpose help us.” [Mia]
“What?” [Jenny]
“Chris needs your power that’s why I’m here, so make your new purpose helping him.” [Mia]

Jenny closed her eyes as she began to think.

“What is this man like?” [Jenny]

Mia thought of describing Chris but realized she could show Jenny with her memories. Mia sent Jenny a few of her best memories with Chris though it might not have been the best idea since Chris was the reason her master died as well as killed her.

“This is the man that caused me to be in this situation in the first place! Why should I help him!?” [Jenny]

Mia became desperate, at this rate she would fail, then.

“Why are you so loyal to your former master?” [Mia]
“Because I swore an oath until I die I would follow him no matter what.” [Jenny]
“But you are dead, what does that oath mean now.” [Mia]

Jenny stiffened, Mia was right now that she is dead the oath she swore was nothing more than words now. She hung her head, Jenny had nothing, her honor was the only thing she had while she was alive without that Jenny felt completely empty.

“Why not take a new oath and gain a new master?” [Mia]

She had timed the question perfectly. Jenny was wrapped in doubt, she could just drift to the afterlife, but she didn’t want to go just yet. Mia being able to hear her thoughts gain her an option that gave her hope.

Still, have Chris be her master bothered her slightly after all was the cause of her problem to begin with. Jenny entered a state of deep thought while she was in that state Mia had already started heading back to the castle with Jenny’s restored body.


Glen was nervous, he had fought on many battlefields as a mercenary, but he never was in such a dangerous position.

Hundreds of guards were inside the villa and could easily kill Glen, who was a support type, not a fighter. His doubt vanished when a group of guards found him and attacked. Instantly they were torn to shreds by the Strikers Chris had left behind to act as his escorts.

Since the guards were busy dealing with the mess Chris had left on the other side of the villa Glen went unnoticed for the most part.

In only a few minutes, the minions had led Glen to a bedroom that was quite luxurious. Remembering what Mia had told him, Glen walked up to the desk that had a few books on the shelf above it. Glen pulled one of the books off the shelf and a metallic click was heard. Behind him, the wall in the right-hand corner slid back revealing a pathway.

Glen entered the path and followed it for a minute, then came to a small chamber. The chamber was 15x15x10 feet, a blue rug covered the stone floor, and in the center was a simple wooden table with a large black cube resting in the middle of it.

Glen walked over to the cube and placed a hand on it. Instantly he was in another room, looking around his mouth dropped. Gold, jewels, weapons, and other valuables were everywhere. The pile of wealth sparkled, there was some much Glen was worried that not everything could fit into the two rings Mia had given him.

He extended his hand that had the two rings on it and everything in the room began to liquidity and flow into the two rings. After a few minutes, the room that once held a vast wealth was barren.

Glen immediately left the space by manipulating his mana. Once he was back in the secret room, Glen ran as fast as he could. He exited the hidden hallway and headed for the window when.

“Who the hell are you!?” [Lord Gorm]

Glen didn’t stop and continued towards the window. Suddenly he felt a burning pain on his back, Lord Gorm had used a skill to hurl a fireball spell at Glen. The pain made Glen stumble, but he quickly stood and again rushed towards the window.

(if I can just leap out the window I will be all clear.) [Glen]

Glen quickly turned around and stretched out his hand. Amp suddenly appeared with a flash of light, the log creature shook for a moment than a high pitch screeching sound came from Amp and assaulted Lord Gorm’s ears.

He wailed in pain as he clutched his ears, after a moment he fell over having lost consciousness.

“Well shit, Chris actually gave me a good present after all!” [Glen]

Amp vanished with another flash of light and Glen jumped out the window. Clows was waiting under the open window and caught Glen with a grunt.

“You need to lay off the extra dessert or better yet no dessert.” [Clows]
“Shut up, I’m a growing boy.” [Glen]
“What part of you is growing, shorty” [Clows]

The two bantered back and forth while entering the carriage. Burdock only sighed as the two continued for most of the way back.


Late that night everyone had returned from their mission. Helina was resting in her room, she was mentally exhausted after what had happened to her. No one blamed her, Clows and Burdock felt a deep shame, and even with them there Helina was put into a situation like that. How could they call themselves her family after not noticing her disappearance, it didn’t sit well with them.

“Alright, everyone was successful, good…Ostan why are you wearing that cloak?” [Chris]

Ostan flinched and wrapped the thick cloak more tightly around himself and Lily snickered.

“While we waited for the three disciple guys to do something we played some poker. Ostan didn’t win once and eventually had no money left and had to bet his clothes…well, you can guess the rest.” [Lily]

Ostan looked down and silently sobbed.

“That was my life savings.” [Ostan]
“Your life savings was 4 gold?” [Sara]

An arrow pierced Ostan’s heart hearing Sara’s indifferent tone.

“Shut up!” [Ostan]

He retorted, but he wasn’t to threating with tears in his eyes. Off to the side, Mia pinched her forehead.

“OK let’s get back on track, Mia are you ready?” [Chris]
“Yeah!” [Mia]

Mia nodded as Ostan and Glen lifted Jenny’s corpse onto the table.

“So what do I have to do?” [Chris]
“Just place your hand on her chest and pour in your mana.” [Mia]

Chris did as he was told, but when he touched her chest he could fell her breasts, they were smaller than Sara’s so he guess they were a C cup. He shook his head to get rid of the train of dirty thoughts in his mind since he felt death coming at him from Claira and Sara.

Mia moved her hands to both sides of Jenny’s head and two magic seals formed to float a few centimeters over them.

Chris began to push mana into the lifeless corpse.

“What the hell!?” [Chris]

He was now standing in a white space and glaring at him from around ten feet away was Jenny.

“Before I decide whether to serve you or not depends on how you answer my question.” [Jenny]
“Alright, shot.” [Chris]

Chris shrugged, his calm attitude made Jenny feel odd. She had thought he was object and demand that she serve him like Ben would, but he only stood there waiting for her to speak.

“Why did you kill my master?” [Jenny]

The atmosphere around Chris became cold and his face darkened when he spoke Chris was still calm, but one could feel an intense bloodlust in his words.

“Your master, attempted to take what is precious from me, for that he paid the price.” [Chris]

Jenny nodded, she had spoken to Mia about Chris. He protected what his is, he destroyed what tried to harm what is his, simple as that.

Jenny for some reason found this pleasing though I was a strange kind he had honor, unlike Ben, who lacked such a thing.

“Alright, I have made my decision.” [Jenny]
“And?” [Chris]
“Please, allow me to take my oath.” [Jenny]

Chris nodded and Jenny moved closer to stand only a few feet in front of Chris then kneeled.

“I Jenny Seeve, swore to protect you my master Chris Gelvon, until my dying breath. I will be your sword and your shield so that no harm comes to you. So please accept this woman as your humble servant and a bond will be made that cannot be broken by mortal law.” [Jenny]

Chris stood silent as Jenny looked up at him, her eyes looking for an answer.

“Alright I accept your oath, may your loyalty never waver or I will end you that moment.” [Chris]

Jenny smiled fiercely and stood.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way, master.” [Jenny]

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