The wind battered Chris face as he flew through the air at supersonic speed.

His destination was the Gorm summer villa, usually four hours away from Kelros by a wind drake known as the fast mode of transportation. In only an hour, Chris had almost reached the villa after dropping off Mia at the castle.

The reason for his visit wasn’t just because of the assassins that Ben had sent, but also because the Gorm family was currently hosting a party for the nobles that had come to witness the Steel Blood Festival. As the host of the festival, Burdock naturally was invited and since Ben’s father Arthur Gorm was a business partner so he couldn’t decline the invitation without a good reason. But, it was obvious that the reason for the party was for Helina to come as the daughter of Burdock she had no choice but to attend.

Using his Seekers Chris had watched the event unfold, and he decide as long as Ben didn’t try anything he could just kill him after the party quietly. As time passed and Burdock accompanied by his children enter the party Burdock and Clows were immediately drawn away from Helina by other guests. At that time, Ben began to talk to Helina but she continuously ignored him. Over time, Ben became more irritated and Chris could tell something bad was going to happen. Ben had managed to lead Helina into a private room, by using their fathers’ relationship to force her to give him some face.

By the time they had stepped into the private room, Chris had just reached the Villa. The Villa was no smaller then castle Kelros or less extravagant.

He landed in the front courtyard with a bang after exiting sonic speed.

“Halt, who are you, do you know where this is?” [Guard]

Quick close to thirty guards surrounded Chris, pointing their spears at him. However, Chris wasn’t in the mood to waste time on the guards without hesitation he walked towards the front doors of the massive villa. The guards felt Chris killer intent surging from him, they felt sick just being in his presence. After a moment, the guards recovered and attack with their spears aiming at Chris vitals. Each guard was a veteran of battle so the heavy pressure coming from Chris was less effective on them than other. Still, that didn’t change the gap in strength.

“Fuck off!” [Chris]

With Chris’ roar of anger roots burst from the ground impaling the guards multiple times killing them instantly. Feeling the blood lust guards started to swarm and attempt to block Chris way. Sadly Chris didn’t even bother to kill them himself and created two dozen Strikers who effortlessly created a path of carnage through the villa’s halls.

Suddenly he stopped and turned to the wall, pulling his fist back, wind quickly began to swirl around his lower arm. Punching the wall a shock wave turned the wall along with the next to behind it to pebbles.

The strength of the bloodlust coming from Chris rose several levels when he saw the scene before him. Helina was pinned to the bed by Ben, Chris guessed that she was drugged as Helina was physical stronger than Ben. Still, that didn’t matter Chris only saw Ben on top of Helina then his mind went blank.


Ten minutes earlier, the time of Chris’ arrival.

In a large ballroom, five people gathered in the crowd of around one hundred nobles. Chris’ killer intent could be felt even there causing the noble to become frightened. Lord Gorm was trying to keep order while guards were preparing to battle Chris if he came to the ballroom.

The small group consisted of Burdock, Clows, Qin, Rosalina, and Aldear.

“This pressure is definitely Chris’, but why is he here and with such hostility” [Rosalina]

Each of them were puzzled until Clows realized something and his face hardened as he looked over at Burdock.

“Father, where is Helina?” [Clows]

From his sons irritated questioning tone, Burdock also noticed that Helina wasn’t with them. He sighed and dragged his hand down his face.

“That spoiled brat seemed to have signed his death warrant.” [Burdock]
“Lord Burdock, what do you mean, who has?” [Aldear]

Burdock turned to Aldear looking rather tired.

“Lord Gorm’s son has fancied my daughter for years, he has tried to win her affection in all those years. With Chris suddenly appearing, I suspect that fool as done something drastic that enraged him.” [Burdock]

Qin and Rosalina both clicked their tongues. Since the matter didn’t directly involve the kingdom if they interfered it would be a violation of their contract. Even though it wasn’t official established it could still become more trouble than it was worth stopping Chris.

Aldear gave Qin a look and Qin shook his head.

The sounds of battle resonated through the villa and it was obvious that the intruder was the winning side. Lord Gorm was drenched in sweat, he didn’t want to reveal Jen and the shadow corp, but it seems he had no choice.

Just as he was about to give the order to go eliminate the intruder a loud boom shook the villa.

“What the hell was that” [Lord Gorm]


Ben looked at Chris with terrified eyes and trembled.

“I-impossible how did you survive, I sent over one hundred men.” [Ben]

Chris didn’t respond, he only slowly walked forward. Since the fighting with the guards had stopped it had become eerily quiet allow every step, Chris took to echo. Ben watched Chris approach becoming an image of death before him. Chris' eyes did not show anger. Instead something else lurked in his gaze something much more frightening.

Ben had gotten off Helina and now as slowly getting off the bed snivalling.

Went he arrived at the bedside Chris made a fist and backhanded Ben which sent him smashing into the wall. Chris leaned over Helina and touched her cheek, her eyes moved and gave him a worried look.

Paralyzing poison

Just as Chris thought, Ben had planned to rape Helina in an idiotic attempt to make her love him. Chris couldn’t understand where he got the idea, but he didn’t care to investigate either.

Chris didn’t speak only stroked her cheek. A Striker walked over to the bedside and Chris lay Helina on the tiger’s giant back then had it leave. A moment later, once the minions had gotten to a safe distance to protect Helina, Chris turned to Ben.

He was slowly trying to get up after sliding down the wall. Chris walked over picked Ben up by his collar and slammed him against the wall.

“You’re pretty ballsy, trying to rape my woman. Sadly-“ [Chris]
“Being ballsy isn’t going to save you.” [Chris]

Chris’ voice was level and cold enough that one might really freeze just by listening. Ben had screamed as Chris had a root wrap around Ben’s left arm and rip it off.

“Don’t worry, I’ll kill you soon I just need to take care of your other limbs first.” [Chris]

Bloodcurdling screams could be heard as Chris took his time tearing off each limb. Finally, Chris was about to end Ben’s life by severing his head when he jumped back a few steps and a slash mark gouged the floor where he had just been standing.

With lightning speed Chris was at the hole he had made, he glared at the figures before him. On the left was a man completely covered in black clothes, he had no weapon but his hands gave off a weary blue light. On the right was a woman in the same black clothes kneeling beside Ben, who had dropped to the floor. Four other black clothed men were in front of the two.

To Chris, they remind him of ninjas.

“the young master can still be saved, but…” [Female ninja]

Without taking his eyes off Chris the man standing beside her nodded.

“Boss, take him and go, I’ll deal with this one.” [hands ninja]

Without hesitation, the female ninja picked up Ben and with the four others started to leave.

“Both think I’ll just let you leave!” [Chris]

His arm moved with blurring speed and four blades of wind screeched forward aimed at the female ninja and Ben. To Chris’ surprise, the female ninja toss Ben to another one of the ninjas and a short sword appeared in her hand. The sword glowed with the same light that was on the first ninja’s hands. Moving her sword to collide with Chris’ attack he became even more astonished when she managed to successful block the attack with only being pushed back a few steps.

Before Chris could launch another attack, the group escaped out a window into the night.

Chris smiled as he suddenly had an amusing idea and was about to give chase when he jumped back. Another cut appeared in the floor and Chris glared at the remaining ninja.

“You’re Jen Seeve correct?” [Chris]

The man flinched and the atmosphere became haunty, but he still remained silent. Chris having vent most of his anger became his usual calm self again.

“What, don’t act like that I have been spying on his place since yesterday. It was so easy to gather information, the security was really lacking.” [Chris]

The ninja stared at him murder his only goal. Chris sighed he realized the time for talk is over.

Suddenly the ninja was above Chris making a chopping motion aiming at his head. Chris stepped to the side and the man crashed into the ground creating a long cut in the floor in front of him.

The man then pushed his free hand onto the ground and rotated his body to send a kick to Chris’ face. Chris stepped back to avoid the kick then the ninja pushed off the floor kicking again at Chris’ chest.

The battle where Chris only dodge all the ninja’s attacks lasted only three minutes when Chris frowned. The ninja was attempting to punch Chris with his glowing fist when Chris arm blurred and the fist along with the lower arm it was attached to turned into mincemeat.

The ninja didn’t even have a second to react before his head was rolling on the ground. Chris looked at the corpse then out the window the other ninjas had escaped. A wicked smile could be seen in the moonlight and he started to laugh.

“Damn they tricked me, Jen was with those others that took the sack of shit way.” [Chris]

Kicking the severed head of his dead opponent and watching it turn into a blood splatter on the wall Chris then looked at the window again, then vanished.


Jen or Jenny Seeve was the leader of the Gorm family’s shadow corp tasked with protecting their masters from any attacks even at the cost of their lives. The reason why she and her men were so late was because Chris’ minion were able to somehow find them. The shadow corp pride was that they were masters of stealth, but the Striker minions were able to track and kill them with ease. So it took time to make it to their master’s side.

Suddenly a red burn shot out of a nearby tree and impaled Ben along with the man carrying him.

“Young master!” [Jenny]

Jenny turned around and attempted to rush to her master’s side, but was forced to backup when a barrage of tiny fireballs swarmed towards her. She managed to barely move in time to avoid turning into ash, sadly her men were already blackened husks that fell to the ground with a thud.

“Well, it now just you and me now.” [Chris]

Chris had appeared next to Ben’s corpse and spoke in a mocking tone.

Jenny unsheathed her sword while grinding her teeth. A ghostly light covered her sword, her blood lust struck at Chris.

Jenny lowered her body, then kicked the ground launching like an arrow. Chris moved to meet her and the two collided, the sound of metal scraping against one another rang through the forest.


The battle raged for ten minutes with neither side showing any sign of reaching their limits. Again weapons clashed, Jenny rotated her body to deliver a kick to Chris head stunning him. As he staggered back, Jenny took the opportunity to strike, but by the time she had thrusted her sword Chris was gone.

“Haha, you’re not bad, it’s unfortunate that I have to kill you.” [Chris]

A small tornado howled around Chris’ lower arm. Jenny tried to move out of the way, but several branches of nearby trees quickly moved and restrained her. Jenny knew this was the end, she only stared at the incoming fist.

In a violent shockwave and burst of wind Jenny’s head and torso were turned into meat paste. Chris sighed he wasn’t even forced to use more than 25% of his overall power, it made him somewhat disappointed.

His mood picked up somewhat when he saw two windows pop up.

Orthos’ state of awakening has reached 35%

Orthos will now give you 10% more stat increase making total stat increase 45%

Chris filled with excitement opened his status page.

Status Page
Name: Chris GelvonRace: Forest Overlord (Sealed)
Lv: 107EXP: 88504 / 100300
Age: 17Gender: Male
Job: Combat GardenerCombative Rank: S (Middle Realm { 3rd stage} )

Troll Killer, Variant Slayer, One Accepted by Nature, Monster of the Forest, Chosen of the Five Elemental Gods, Lady Killer, Unintentional Harem Maker, Tyrannical Forest Emperor, One Man Army, Poison Expert, Overlord of the Forest , One of a Kind

HP 28000 / 28000MP 92200 / 92200
Str: 17100Agi: 19350
Def: 12550Magic: 23050
Luck: 210Charm: 350

Generate Plant MinionRank: 7
Generate Advanced Plant MinionRank: 3
Emperor of the Green ArmyRank: 7
Extreme GrowthRank: Max
Battle StateRank: Max
AnalyzeRank: Max
Terra NetworkRank: 49
Cage of ThornsRank: 32
True Form of the Forest OverlordRank: 26
Overlord’s EmpireRank: 22
Vegetation AbsorptionRank: 59
Forest Overlord’s Wings of Blurring SpeedRank: 20
Burning BloodRank: 39
Lightning Leaf ArrowsRank: 29
Aqua GuardRank: 26
Spore CloudRank: 13
Forest Overlord’s Honor GuardsRank: 16
Elemental Poison ClawsRank: 17
Five Elements Refined BodyRank: 5
Flesh ManipulationRank: 17
Left Eye of the Exterminating OverlordRank: 40
Left Eye of the Subjugating OverlordRank: 40
Gift PlantRank: 7
Phoenix Flower RegrowthRank: 1
Blood Thorn WhipRank: 11

Chris was overjoyed, he had jump from the 1st stage to the 3rd in less than a week. His stats were pretty amazing thanks to the various buffs he got coupled and with his skills it was obvious he was become some that not many would want to mess with.


Chris silently landed in the courtyard where Helina was being guarded by his Strikers . She had recovered from the poison not long ago and sat on one of the tigers back gently stroking its head.

“You killed him, right?” [Helina]

Helina didn’t look at Chris, she already knew the answer just from knowing what Chris is like. Chris instantly notice Helina was trembling. Chris guessed no matter how strong a woman was, being in a situation like that was still terrifying.

Chris covered the remaining five meters instantly to stand in front of Helina. He gently took her into his arms causing her to shake even more violently. He stroked her long red hair and softly whispered into her ear.

“It’s okay, I’m here no one will hurt you as long as I drew breath.” [Chris]

Hearing Chris’ comforting words, Helina began to relax.

Then a new problem came and it was loud.

“You bastard, you dare come into my home and attack my son. Now tell me where he is or I will have your head.” [Lord Gorm]

Lord Gorm was a thin man of 5’10 with long blonde hair and blue eyes. His face was twisted with rage. Not caring about the large tigers around Chris he walked over shouting.

Behind him was Burdock and co, the rest of the guest were watching from a distance still afraid of Chris’ minions.

Lord Gorm thought Chris was ignoring him and was about to say more words of anger. Chris turned his head and glared at Lord Gorm causing him to stop, fear gripped him.

“He’s dead” [Chris]

Lord Gorm’s mouth opened and closed, he hadn’t expected Chris to be so blunt with his answer. Pain suddenly surged through the Duke and he fell to his knees sobbing.

Chris looked at the man without a shred of sympathy, it was his son’s own fault for baring his fangs at someone like Chris who would kill anyone he saw as a threat to himself or his family.

It was then that Lord Gorm lifted his head tears streaming down his face.

“Why, why did you kill my son!? Tell me you bastard, why!?” [Lord Gorm]

Seeing the middle aged man crying over the loss of his son, Chris didn’t even bat an eye. Instead he delivered another blow to the crying man.

“It’s only natural, your son tried to kill me by sending assassins. Also, if I hadn’t come at the right time your son who had drugged Helina, my women, and ended up raping her.” [Chris]

Lord Gorm stopped crying and now stared at the ground with lifeless eyes. Chris moved to give Helina to Burdock and Clows, but she tightened her grip on his hoodie and refused to let go. After a moment, Chris gave up and wings silently grow from his back, carefully supporting her body he rose into the sky.

After reaching fifteen meters off the ground, he turned to the nobles that were still watching from afar. Chris glared at them and released a torrent of blood lust, his words made the nobles tremble in fear.

“To all of you, if anyone tries to harm me or my family will end in the same fate as what you saw today.” [Chris]

Without giving anyone time to respond, he turned and flow back towards Kelros.

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