King Ross sat in the same meeting room that was used last time when the discussion was about Chris. The same people were there as last time, except his first son and third daughter were there as well.

Qin, Rosalina, and Aldear were being projected at the end of the table by the sights stone that sat in the center of the large round table.

“His demands speak of incredible arrogance, to think he would ask for so much.” [Gervine]

Gervine let out a sigh at Qin’s report on what Chris’ conditions were, and everyone thought the same way. Chris was really asking for quite a bit, still Sawa nodded and coughed to get everyone attention.

“General Wenster, what do you think is the limit of that young man’s potential?” [Sawa]

Lorn, who had his eyes, closed slowly opened them and looked a Sawa. His stared made Sawa flinched, something was lurking in them, and for a second Sawa thought he saw fear in the general’s eyes.

“SSS rank” [Lorn]

With the general answer being so casual, everyone thought he was joking though Lorn was someone that didn’t make jokes.

Still, Qin who was now drenched in sweat asked Lorn about his response with a slightly quivering voice.

“SSS rank, are you sure.” [Qin]

Lorn immediately looked over at Qin with a burning gaze.

“Prince Qin, I do not generally lie. That boy’s power is growing at a speed that should be impossible, not only that the power he has can already defeat an SS rank like Aldear. Even if he won the fight with something like Magic Decimation, which was the only way he could defeat Aldear it was obvious he was still holding quite a bit of power back.” [Lorn]

Everyone felt uneasy towards Lorn’s words while it was true if Chris hadn’t used a skill that had a Magic Decimation effect Chris would have eventually lost. It didn’t change the fact that right now his power was still grow and at a terrifying rate.

“Still, to ask for the Gilbo family’s execution, I wouldn’t allow it!” [Ross]

The king had a strong sense of justice, he wouldn’t allow his subjects to be killed even if it were possible to obtain Chris as a powerful ally.

“Ross, I think it would be wise to accept his demands.” [Sawa]

Ross turned to glare at Sawa, but the man continued.

“Felden’s lands are other than forest, barren the only resources we gain are meat and monster parts from the Gogil Mountains, so we can afford to give that to him. I even suspect that from what we have seen of his job that he might be able to turn that wasteland into farmland then if we set a good trading system with him, we could be supplied with many much need fruits and vegetable. As for the Gilbo family, I have found that they are a very corrupt governing body, but since they meet the tax requirements each year, I can do nothing about them. I think that removing them is a good option.” [Sawa]

Ross looked at his old friend and his face darkened. He understood Sawa logic, he had little knowledge of the Gilbo’s corruption, but he knew of it. He was torn, should he forsake his subjects to be slaughtered or lose a great war potential like Chris.

Still, what Sawa said about the possible of the farmlands swayed Ross. His thoughts became sacrifice the few for the many. He wasn’t someone that could blindly speak of justice, he was a king and he knew sometimes he had to make difficult decisions.

“Every well, Qin inform Chris we accept his conditions.” [Ross]

Qin only responded with a nodded, his face attempting to hide his irritation. This whole thing could be pinned on him since Chris managed to take advantage of him and his sister so quickly.

“Thank you for your decision father, we shall take our leave.” [Qin]

Qin and the other two bowed, but before they could leave Ross stood and idea coming to him.

“Qin inform Chris Gelvon that we have a few conditions of our own.” [Ross]

With a wicked smile, Ross told the three of his idea.


“Come on Mia, we can look around after we sign up for the team fights.” [Chris]

Mia was absorbed in looking a luxurious mage robe when Chris called her.

Along with Mia, Helina came with the two saying that she was taking a break. Claira and Sara decided to stay back and continue to train, their diligences was a sight to behold.

Secretly the girls had a game of rock, paper, scissors to decide who would go with Chris. Helina as the winner let the other two save some face by saying they wanted to stay and train.

As they walked down the streets to their destination, many girls whispered and giggled as Chris passed by, some even called out to him.

“Must be nice, be popular with the girls.” [Helina]

Helina was pouting and Chris could tell she was getting irritated, it would be long before someone got hurt from her temper. Chris didn’t like that he was popular, he didn’t want that kind of attention, it was just as irritating to him as it was Helina.

“What kind of man do you take me for, I have no reason to give these girls a first glance let alone a second one.” [Chris]

Hearing that Helina calmed down somewhat.

After ten minutes of walking, the three arrived at a massive five store round red brick building.

“Here it is, the adventures hall we can register here.” [Helina]

Outside the hall was a line that had to have had close to one thousand people standing in line. Most of the people in the line look to be commoners as only a few of them had full body armor and good looking weapon. Those select few were mostly B ranked in the line there were around forty B ranks and a little over ten A ranks. The rest of the line was mostly C and D ranks, Chris didn’t care to pay attention to anyone in the line, to him they were ants.

“Damn, we have to wait in this line? We will be here all day!” [Chris]

Helina touched his shoulder while laughing softly.

“Don’t worry, since my father the one coordinating everything for the festival we get to cut in line.” [Chris]

Chris look at Helina with a sly smile.

“I guess you come with a few perks, huh?” [Chris]

Helina punched his shoulder looking slightly anger and embarrassed.

“Shut up, jerk.” [Helina]

Mia, who had been quite for a while, finally spoke up.

“Jeez, Helina you should just leave his guy, he’s no good for you.” [Mia]

Chris suddenly gave a helpless look and glance over at Helina, who saw an opportunity at revenge.

“Ho, maybe you're right I mean this guy already has two beautiful elves why does he need me.” [Helina]
“Ok I get it, I’m sorry, please don’t be mad.” [Chris]

After the two girls had teased Chris a bit more, the three went inside.

Helina led the Chris and Mia to a desk that had a young blue haired thin women doing some paperwork.

“Hi Heena, this is Chris and Mia the ones my father spoke of.” [Helina]

Heena was a very average women, except for her deep golden eyes that gave off the feeling that she was an intelligent person.

Heena looked up at the two and smiled as she looked Chris up and down.

“Ho, looks like your man is a good looking as Lord Sennel said, lucky girl.” [Heena]

Helina blushed and started to stammer something, but was cut off by the smile young women.

“Now you two want to register as a team for the fights on the second day yes?” [Heena]
“Yes!” [Mia]

To Chris’ surprise, Mia had become very bold and full of energy compared to just yesterday. What Chris didn’t notice was that Mia had given Helina a glance which was returned with a nod and smile.

Heena discovered Mia glance at Helina and she quietly laughed to herself.

“Well then, everything is in order. Do you also want to register for the one on one match?” [Heena]
“Yes I would, what about you Mia?” [Chris]

Mia shook her head, as Chris had guessed fighting by herself was something she wasn’t ready for yet.


After completing his registration for the one on one, fights the three left the guild hall to get something to eat. Mia had dragged Chris and Helina to a small pastry shop, where Mia ordered a monstrous slice of cake while Chris and Claira swiped on coffee.

“Jeez, you even gave yourself an alias, doesn’t that sound a little childish?” [Helina]

Chris had the option to give himself an alias that would appear over his battle area and if he made to the finals, the announcer would introduce him with his alias.

With his hidden otaku side showing, Chris honestly thought it was a cool thing. He had given himself the name Tyrant, as he would be tyrannical on the battlefield without a doubt.

“What I thought it would be a good name for when I wiping the floor with anyone I fight.” [Chris]

Helina was about to retort when someone one approached their table. When Helina saw who it was, she groaned.

“Helina I thought that was you, it’s been awhile.” [???]
“Yes, it has been quite sometime Ben, how are you?” [Helina]

Helina wore a forced smile as she spoke to Ben while four tough looking bodyguards told close by.

Ben was 5’10 and had a well-built frame, his blonde hair and blue eyes along with other well-shaped features gave him the face a legendary pretty boy. His body was lean with and through his extravagant clothes one could see a hint of muscle.

Many young girls were watching from a distance to them it was heaven seeing the captivatingly handsome Chris and the charming Ben. Neither lost out on looks, but Ben had a friendlier atmosphere around him give him a little more attention than Chris.

“Say Helina, have you thought at all about what I said last time we saw each other?” [Ben]
“No, I told you at that time I will not marry you.” [Helina]

Helina didn’t hesitate to answer Ben, his face twitched slightly.

“Helina, please reconsider, I love you more than any women I’ve meant, so let me make you happy.”

It was with though words that Ben tried to reach for Helina’s hand but before he could grab her hand, Chris swatted it away.

“Fuck off, she said no. by the way Helina, who is this idiot.” [Chris]

Chris didn’t take his eyes off Ben as he asked Helina for an explanation, but Ben answered first.

“I am the son of Duke Grom and Disciple to Master Yaga, Ben Grom. Now tell me who are you, and what is your relationship with my Helina.” [Ben]

Helina was furious and was about to say something when Chris spoke first his voice chilling as ice with a trace of mockery.

“Your Helina, don’t bullshit me, as for who I am. Done bother you’re beneath me, so get lost little shit.” [Chris]

Ben instantly lost his cool, beneath him Ben could accept those words. Other than the king, his inner circle and someone like burdock were the only ones above him. Ben glared at Chris, then smiled wickedly.

“How about this, this man will fight with me if this wins I will leave, but if he loses Helina, you become mine.” [Ben]

Helina looked over at Chris, he returned her look and she understood. Shrugging she answered in a nonchalant tone.

“That’s fine, it’s not like Chris could lose to you anyway.” [Helina]

Ben walked out into the street motioning Chris to follow. As Chris walked over Mia whispered to Helina.

“Will he be alright that both that guy and his lackeys are all S ranks of the lower realm 3rd stage.” [Mia]

Helina Chuckled, looking over at Ben, who wore a confident face.

“While this might make some trouble later, I can say this. Unless Chris intentional losses, this fight is already his.” [Helina]

Chris looked Ben, who had an arrogant smile. Chris stood silently with a calm look on his face. The four bodyguards surrounded Chris, he had guessed that Ben was going to make use of them, but still he sighed from irritation.

“Kill him!” [Ben]

The four burly men Charged Chris from four sides each reaching for claymore on their backs. The first one to reach Chris came from behind brandishing his sword. With a cold snort vanished before the blade reached his body. He reappeared five feet away and the man toppled to the ground with his head missing.

The three men looked at Chris in horror, Chris was holding their comrades head by his hair with his back turned to them. Looking back he smiled, with his odd looking eyes and the head dripping blood, it made him look terrifying.

“What, it was obvious you were planning to kill me. Do you expect me to not do the same?” [Chris]

Ben was afraid, but more than that, he was confused. Chris had decapitated his underling with no effort without any sharp weapon though he didn’t see a weapon Ben could tell Chris wasn’t unarmed.

“All of you avenge Gon, but be care this bastard is hiding a weapon or had a blade like skill!” [Ben]

With battle cries the three remain men rushed towards Chris this time their swords were covered in a milky white light.

Chris smirked and raised his arm, suddenly a flash red shot out and pierced one of the men in the heart. Ben looked at what appeared to be a red rope coming from Chris palm, except this rope seemed to be covered in little spikes.

The red rope was Chris’ new skill [Blood Thorn Whip] .

He was able to control its movements completely to deliver precise and deadly strikes. The whip could either pierce an enemy with the whips spear like tip or shred their skin with the thousands of razor sharp thorns covering the red vine.

The sharp tip of the red vine emerged out of the man’s back as he screamed in pain. Chris flicked his wrist and the man was sent flying towards Ben, who barely had any time to dodge. Avoiding the crying man Ben saw him continue to be impaled on a flag pole.

“Haha, if you had caught the man he might have lived just a little longer before he died from a ruptured heart.” [Chris]

Chris’ laughter enraged Ben further, to him these men were his comrades. He refused to let them die in vain.

Ben was about to join his two subordinates when a group of men on horseback came galloping into the plaza. One of the men moved forwards he was obviously the leader of the group as he wore a badge that Chris knew meant he was a captain.

“that enough, cease your fighting and come for questioning without resistance.” [Guard Captain]

As the guard surveyed the group he immediately recognized Chris’ group, he dismounted and walked over to Chris.

“Milord, are you alright, I heard that a man was fighting some people here and was cause a disturbance” [Guard Captain]

Chris ironically knew this man, or rather he knew Chris. This captain was named Van was the one that posted t guard Chris while he was changing. After that, Chris in the past few days had visited them to show his thanks.

Chris honestly felt grateful to them. Chris had heard that a few of the men under Van had died protecting Mia before Chris’ minion emerged and kill the kidnappers.

Chris looked over at Ben and his lips curved upwards cruelly.

“Yes, these men started trouble with Helina, so I was merely defending her.” [Chris]

Van's eyes hardened as he looked over at Ben and his two men.

“Alright, that’s all I need to hear you three come with me I have some questions for you! Men restrain them!” [Van]

The soldiers behind him ran over and directed Ben away with his two remaining followers close behind.


“So what was that about?” [Chris]

Having returned to the castle Chris and Helina sat alone in their room, Helina was sitting on Chris lap with his legs crossed to making a seat for her. She leaning against his chest peacefully when he asked the question.

Helina didn’t look at him instead hung her head frowning.

“That bastard is from is the son the Duke Gorm, the man who governs the half of the southern territory of Invictus and considered the man with most power in the court. His son is someone that was spoiled as a child and because of my father being a formidable power tried to make an alliance by having Ben and I marry each other.” [Helina]

It was obvious what Burdock’s response was since Helina was still single when he meet her.

“The offer was declined, but the Duke didn’t give up and invite Father, brother, and I to a party. There I meet Ben, though because the stone didn’t react I ignored his advances. In the end, he seemed to have fallen in love with me, most likely because I was something he couldn’t obtain at the time.” [Helina]
“And won’t now or in the future either” [Chris]

Chris stroked Helina’s hair as he spoke those words filled with love. She only nodded with a warm smile and continued to let Chris stroke her.

What Helina didn’t realize was Chris had made the decision that Ben was a threat and he would kill him instantly next time he gets the chance. With Burdock and now the royal family behind him he didn’t have to fear someone like Ben, but he felt the spoiled brat would cause a problem or two so it was best to kill him before hand.

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