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“You fucking imbecile, do you know what you have caused!?” [Qin]

In a good sized common room, Qin and Rosalina sat in expensive looking chairs while Aldear was kneeling while being lectured by Qin.

“Because you lost your cool in that fight I now have a mountain of problems. Plus threatening Chris’ lovers are you brain dead, what if he now decides to not become an ally or worse an enemy. Not only that, he is the soon to be son in law of Burdock Sennel, a man we can’t afford to anger. Not only that you lost, even if you didn’t use your full power, you still lost.” [Qin]

Qin was furious, now he was at a disadvantage and he knew Chris wasn’t going to let that slip by.

As Qin continued to rant, no one noticed a small bird sitting on the chandelier watch the three.

(Hmph, looks like I should strike while the iron is hot.) [Chris]

Rosalina was trying to calm her brother down when there was a knock at the door. Rosalina became slightly irritated, her brother had said to not disturb them until dinner. But it was too early for supper, so she was puzzled why someone was knocking on the door.

“I’m sorry, we are busy right now, and if we need something, we will call you.” [Rosalina]

Suddenly the door swung open and Rosalina turned to tell who she thought was a servant to leave. Still the door opened and footsteps were heard. Rosalina noticed that Aldear had stiffened she turned to see the last person she wanted to see.

“Sorry for intruding, but I have a few things I wish to speak about” [Chris]

Chris wore his usual calm unreadable smile with his eyes glinting with amusement as he made his way into the room. Without being greeted, Chris slowly walked over to the couch opposite two royals and sat propping his feet on the table between the sofa and two chairs and crossed him.

By now Qin had recovered and sat neatly in his chair looking at Chris with a friendly smile. He knew this would happen, Chris was like a hungry snake. He could go without a meal for quite some time, but when he found his prey Chris wasn’t likely to let it slip by. Leaning forward to rest his elbows on his knees while intertwining his fingers Qin looked at Chris with caution.

“What do you wish to discuss?” [Qin]

Qin already knew Chris wanted to add more conditions to the contract, still it irritating to be on Chris marinate. If Aldear hadn’t lost, it would have had made an opening for Qin to slip into.

“Yes, I want to add a few more conditions to the contract as compensation for your subordinate’s threats towards my loved ones.” [Chris]

As he spoke, Chris glanced at Aldear, who flinched causing Chris’ smile to widen for a moment. Chris knew that he had great value to Invictus and after defeating one of their strongest warriors. He knew he could ask for almost anything in turn to becoming their ally.

“First, do you know the ones who govern Felden?” [Chris]

Chris had expected to answer, but instead it was Rosalina who nodded. She knew of them and what transpired between the eldest sons of Lord Gilbo, but knowing what happened made her somewhat nervous. Chris’ history of cruel was something she knew of, already he had tortured the heroes’ physical and mental to the point that they the healers are kept around them at all times. Just last night he had tortured the four men of the group until they passed out to where he forced them awake to continue.

“Yes we know of them, why do you ask?” [Rosalina]

Chris’ calm smile curled up to form a smirk, with a tone that sounded like a tiger that had just caught its prey and ready to kill it he chuckled.

“That makes things easier you see I want their entire family to be executed whether it is a man, women, elder, or child. Oh, also I want to be the executioner, I think it would be more fun that way.” [Chris]

(Fun!? this man finds kill people fun!?) [Rosalina]

Rosalina cursed in her mind, to her Chris was asking something entirely unreasonable. While the Gilbo brother had done a few things that would cause bad blood, kill the entire family was too much. If Chris had a request that the brothers were to be executed she would understand. Rosalina was not blind to the world and though she dislikes people killing each other, sometimes bleeding the enemy is the only way to prevent future harm.

Rosalina was about to refuse when Qin nodded and calmly gave his response.

“Very well, what are the rest of the condition, I rather hear them all at once.” [Qin]

Chris inwardly snickered, he could tell that Qin was fuming on the inside. No matter how well he hid it Chris had heard the really rant, so he knew that Qin was just playing it cool.

“Okay, the second thing is that after the Gilbo’s family execution I want their assets. That includes all their mansion, any magical items that they have, and their territory. Of course, it will become my personal kingdom but do worry I plan to be an ally of yours” [Chris]

Aldear stood and slammed his fist on the table, his face red with anger.

“You ask too much boy, Felden and the territory around it is a tenth of Invictus do you expect us to just hand it to you!?” [Aldear]
“Yes I do, or are you going to make another empty threat if so make it one more believable.” [Chris]
“Why you litt-“ [Aldear]
“Aldear, enough!” [Qin]

Qin had had stood up he fixed Aldear with a furious gaze. Like a child that had been scolded for fighting Aldear stepped back and hung his head, his silence confirmed that he done speaking.

Chris chuckled, in a way this was much better then killing Aldear. To see him humiliated was like drinking perfectly aged wine, very refreshing.

“Is that all?” [Qin]

Qin returning to his seat sighed and looked at Chris hoping he was done making his demands.

“Yes, that is all.” [Chris]

Qin felt relieved, Chris had asked for quite a bit, any more might have become too troublesome. Still what he had asked for was something Qin could agree to, he needed to speak to his father first.

“Chris, allow me to talk to my father on these matters since I do not have the authority to give you Feldon.” [Qin]

Chris nodded, of course, he had expected this, Qin was only a prince. The King would only be able to hand Chris a ten thousand square kilometer territory like Felden. Still Chris had a hunch that King Ross would submit to his demands. And as for the reason why Chris wanted to control Felden wasn’t just because of revenge. Well, not his revenge, the other reasons were that it could be the beginning of his dream and the other important thing was its location.

On Felden's south-east border was Cramwell, Chris had decided to follow the prophecy of the [Guiding Soul Stone] and reclaim Cramwell for Helina and Clows.

With his business done with the Royals, Chris got up and left, but not before giving Aldear a mocking smile.

“I must thank you Aldear if it wasn’t for you letting me display my strength like that I couldn’t have asked for so much from the royal family.” [Chris]

With that, Chris left the room while laughing.

When the door finally closed and the sound of Chris’ footsteps had vanished, Aldear’s face had turned red with rage. Not at Chris but himself, Chris was right if he hadn’t been such a fool and lost after that fake threat Chris wouldn’t have been able to take advantage of the prince and princess.


An hour after Chris was done talking to Qin and Rosalina, six people stood in his room.

“So what have you called us here for Chris?” [Ostan]

The six were; Claira, Sara, Helina, Mia, Ostan, and Clows his closest companions.

“Each of you holds out your hand.” [Chris]

Puzzled everyone held out a hand and Chris passed by each one of them placing a seed in their open palm. The six looked at the seeds with curiosity, Chris sat in a large red chair and crossed his legs while looking relaxed with his eyes closed.

“So what are these for?” [Helina]

“Put a drop of your blood on them then you will understand.” [Chris]

Somewhat hesitant each one pricked their fingers and let some blood touch the seeds. To their surprise, the seeds hungrily sucked up the blood and started to shine with a bright whitish green light, making everyone shield their eyes.

When the light faded, the six seeds had vanished and now six different plant minions stood in front of the group.

“This is one of my new skill, it’s called [Gift Plant] which allows me to create a seed that can be contracted by anyone I choose. The minion then become independent of me, become a self-sufficient monster that is completely loyal to its owner.” [Chris]
“So like a pet or sorts?” [Clows]

Chris nodded

“Each plant is unique because they grow and gain skills based on what would best suit their masters needs.” [Chris]

The six looked at their new companions with interest.

Claira’s was a circle of outstretched icy blue leaves connected by an almost unnoticeably thin vine with a wooden ball in the center, it hovered around four feet off the ground. Sara’s was a floating pink moss ball, it was incredibly soft to the level that if used as a pillow anyone would almost instantly fall asleep. Helina’s was three head size five pointed leaves that randomly flew around, each one was a different color; bright red, dark purple, and white with black veins. A sparkling butterfly that resembled the Toxic minion had previously could use was sitting on Mia’s shoulder, the only defiance between the earlier minion and Mia’s was that his one was sky blue with red spiral like patterned on its wings.

“What the hell is this?” [Ostan]

Standing three feet tall was a humanoid looking creature made of twisted branches and vines with wooden armor and wooden spear.

“That least your’s looks normal.” [Clows]

Sitting on Clows’ head was something that resembled a purple beehive with four curved spires coming out the top, from it constant buzzing could be heard.

“Thank you Chris!” [Mia]

Mia hopped up and down as the butterfly flew around her happily.

“Mine’s really cute.” [Sara]

Sara had plucked the floating moss ball out of the air and began to poke it with a faint smile.

“Mine is kind of mysterious, I think I like it.” [Helina]

She was studying the seven leaves with great intensity. As each leaf flowed past she found herself becoming more interested.

“I don’t get what mine is supposed to be.” [Claira]
“I don’t think it's supposed to be anything.” [Ostan]

The two looked at their plants with weird looks.

“That’s all well and good, but this guy won’t get off my head.” [Clows]

Clows was pulling on his head, now everyone could see that thin branches had wrapped around Clows’ head.


After some time, each one of them learned how to open their plants status windows. After looking at their stats and skills, the group also noticed that they had to name them.

Name: HaloOwner: Claira Crosshert

HP: 12000 / 12000MP: 8000 / 8000
Str: 10000Agi: 12000Def: 5500Magic: 3000

Razor Rush, Blade Separation, Flickering Rotation, High-Speed Regeneration

Name: SquishyOwner: Sara Crosshert

HP: 30000 / 30000MP: 10000 / 10000
Str: 0Agi: 9000Def: 60000Magic: 12000

Puff Up, Soft Reflection, Sap Back, Multi Guard

Name: TrinityOwner: Helina Ironheart

HP: 5000 / 5000MP: 20000 / 20000
Str: 1000Agi: 11000Def: 100Magic: 14000

Burning Swarm, Fire Stream, Whirlwind Shield, Wind Cutter, Muscle Plus, Speed Up, Tough Skin, Magic Mind

Name: GlitterOwner: Mia P. Krollow

HP: 10000 / 10000MP: 10000 / 10000
Str: 10000Agi: 10000Def: 10000Magic: 10000

Quick Heal, Regeneration Dome, Double Edged Healing, Mind Recover

Name: BanditOwner: Ostan H. Krollow

HP: 20000 / 20000MP: 2000 / 2000
Str: 14000Agi: 14000Def: 11000Magic: 1000

Multi Thrust, Draining Stab, Heart Pierce, Savage Rampage

Name: ReconOwner: Clows Ironheart

HP: 9000 / 9000MP: 11000 / 11000
Str: 0Agi: 0Def: 18000Magic: 17000

Generate Swarm, Camouflage, Project Though, Advanced Communication, Swarm Queen’s Wrath


It was a little after noon and Chris, Ostan, and Mia sat at a large round table that could fit six or more people eating lunch. Today the chef had prepared sandwiches with lettuces, onions, blue colored tomatoes, and meat that had the texture of medium rare steak but tasted like fat pork. The sandwiches had a sweet and spicy sauces and other that was like mayonnaise. All of it was between two slices of dark red bread that had the texture and taste of sourdough. The sandwiches were served with sweet tea and garden salad to combat the heavy sandwich, all in all, an excellent midday meal.

Right now Chris was somewhat depressed since there was no one to partner with him for the team fights on the second day of the festival.

Apparently, While Chris was sleeping in the cocoon Claira, Sara, and Helina had form a team for the team battles, while Ostan, Clows, and Lily had built another team. Chris had asked Glen if he wanted to team up along with one more, but Glen was part of the musicians that would be providing entertainment for the festival. With a lack of teammates, Chris had given up on the team battle part of the festival.

“Chris have you registered for the festival yet?” [Ostan]
“No, I wasn’t able to find any teammates so I gave up.” [Chris]

Right now, the three girls were training to improve their teamwork While Ostan’s team was taking a short break so that Clows can do a little work for Burdock.

Ostan frowned for a moment deep in thought, then he patted Mia’s shoulder.

“How able you and Mia team up?” [Ostan]

Mia let out an “EH” in shock and Chris stared at Ostan.

“What, the rules say the team can be up to three, which means that there can be teams of two right?” [Ostan]

Chris thought for a moment, then smiled. Mia was an S-rank, though she was only a lower realm 1st stage, so were the others who had made it to S rank.

Chris looked at Mia who was already looking at him, her face turned red and she looked down. Chris sighed gentle stood up and walking around the table to stand beside Mia. Chris reach out his hand and Mia looked up at him, he wore a gentle smile as his continued to hold his hand out.

“So what do you say, want to partner up.” [Chris]

Mia didn’t know what to do. She hadn’t expected anyone to want to team up with her since she wasn’t that good when it came to fighting. Though she was more powerful than her brother, she lacked combat experience and easily became nervous in battle when she was under Commander Vis and had be sent out to fight.

Chris had heard of Mia combat abilities from Ostan before so he thought it was a good opportunity for her to gain some much-needed experience in battle. After all Chris would be more powerful than almost everyone there so he could allow room for mistakes.

“Mia its ok, this is a good time for you to get some combat experience. So let go register then we can come back and practice some teamwork ok?” [Chris]

Mia looked at Chris, she still hesitated slightly until Ostan put a hand on her shoulder.

“Jeez just do it and don’t worry about screwing up I'm sure Chris here can make you shine like a proper spiritmancer worth of the Krollow family name.” [Ostan]

Mia looked over her should at Ostan who wore a big smile and nodded. She then turned back to Chris and firmly grasped his hand.

“Okay I’ll do it, let's go win.” [Mia]

The two men looked at each other and laughed.

“Mia when did you become this spirit” [Ostan]

Chris suddenly became solemn and leaned down to look Mia in the eyes.

“W-w-what is it.”

Chris then stood straight and looked at Ostan. Mia was confused by Chris’ actions for a moment.

“She an imposter, there is no way Mia would have such a fiery, determined look in her eyes.” [Chris]
“Damn it thought so, him what to do.” [Ostan]

Ostan nodded his agreement with Chris and Mia puffed out her cheeks.

“Jerks” [Mia]

Chris and Ostan both started laughing while Mia continued to pout.

Looking down she secretly smiled.

(It feels like I now have two older brothers) [Mia]

Looking up again she gazed drifted to Chris and Mia’s face reddened again and her heart sped up slightly.

(or maybe not) [Mia]

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