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Chris’ body was enveloped in a thick black smoke. Cracking and tearing sound could be heard as his formed change becoming thinner. An extra set of arms burst out of his back, his clothes changed to a royal looking red robe with gold trimmings.

Orthos changed to where the wolf heads moved and grow in size to become shoulder pads while the black segmented plates of armor moved down his four arms. When the armor reached his hands, it smoothed out making it look like he was wearing shiny gloves that ended with short incredibly sharp black nails.

The entire forest Chris had created creaked, and expanded violently erupting through the castle and turning the city below in a massive forest. The tree were huge, it would take thirty to forty people to wrap around them.

This was what [Overlord’s Empire] truly looked like.

Overlord’s EmpireRank 18
Creates a forest that will move as you command, size of the forest is determined by how much mana is usedCost X MP
additional effects: your presence is untraceable in the forest, increase your and your minion’s stats by 20%

Aldear battle instincts to him whatever was happening was very dangerous. Aldear brandished his sword in an attempt to stop whatever Chris was doing.

But before he could reach Chris, the black smoke violently exploded with a bang sending him flying back several feet. Then before the black smoke had completely vanished it rushed back to Chris forming an inky black transparent aura.

Chris’ bony figure stood there staring off into space. His mind had cleared completely after transforming, it may not had been the best choice to transform into his true form.

Still there could be benefits to this, furthermore, this form was perfect to fight someone like Aldear.

Though on the outside Chris’ face showed no emotions, inwardly he had feelings of intense.

Because of how the battle had progressed, he had let Aldear provoke him so easily with blatant lies. If they wanted him as an ally why would they do something that would make him an enemy?

Chris knew that he couldn’t kill Aldear for real, if he did Invictus wouldn’t stay quiet. He had no intention of cause more problems for the people around him because of his emotions.

But even as a lie, Aldear threated Claira and Sara, that couldn’t be forgiven too easily.

“Aldear, your threats were a lie, I understand that. Sadly, I cannot let you off so easily even if they were lies.” [Chris]

Chris cold gravelly voice wasn’t loud, but it pierce through the air like directly enter the brain. His apathetic face revealed nothing of what he felt, his glowing inhuman eyes looked at Aldear like a bug that need to be squashed.

Aldear didn’t answer, he only stared in horror at Chris, his Subjugation Form looked more like some bony monster or demon that human. The pressure coming from Chris was tyrannical and oppressing making it hard to move.

Actually what Aldear felt was Chris’ [Subjugating Pressure] skill. With sixty percent of his stats now suppressed his power though still on a different level than Chris. It now was much more manageable, since he would have to fight at full strength to remain at the same speed and power that he used before.

Aldear sword suddenly flickered sending three arcs of orange fire, two of them curved left and right create an attack that came from three directions.

“Foolish” [Chirs]

Instantly three transport blue shields of water formed and flew to intercept the three arcs.

By the time the shields had blocked his attacks, Aldear was beside Chris swing his sword this time the swords flames were more intense than before. Chris again didn’t move instead two watery shields moved in front of his sword in a double layer.

With his sword blocked by the shield, Aldear retreated a few steps.

“You bastard you were a demon all along!” [Aldear]

Chris’ deadpan face changed into one of amusement and he chuckled.

“Don’t worry I’m not a demon…I am something unique to his world” [Chris]

Aldear didn’t know what to think at that moment, so he only focused on the mission given to him by his prince, after that he would worry about Chris’ race.

Aldear continuously attacked Chris with his sword or slashed of orange fire, but each time Chris would just use [Aqua Guard] to defend.

Since Aldear was inside his [Subjugating Pressure] his attack’s power was reduced by quite a bit, further more Chris’ stats were boosted by [Overlord’s Empire] . This fight had already completely turned in Chris’ favor.

After Aldear sending another crescent of orange fire to damage Chris only to be blocked yet again, Chris released a short sigh.

Without warning five black circular magical formations that had a glowing red outline, each one foot in radius appeared around Aldear. From each of the formations, a gray chain shot out, binding his limbs and neck.

The power of the chains didn’t allow Aldear to budge an inch.

A two white branches grow from Chris’ back, they quickly form into wings that looked to be made of bones, without a sound Chris lifted two inches off the ground.

He soundlessly hovered over to Aldear after stopping a foot away from him Chris raised another of his hands and point his index finger. A small tornado formed around Chris’ finger as his eyes mocked Aldear.

“Die.” [Chris]

His cold calm voice had a slightly amused tone to it as he stabbed with his finger, burrowing through Aldears chest, heart, and then out the other side the tornado left a small hole in Aldear’s chest.

The warrior let out a last gasp before falling limp.

A minute later the orange flames healed his wounds and he opened his eyes to glare at Chris.

“You bastard, I’ll!-“ [Aldear]
“Shut up.” [Chris]

Chris’ hand was covered in a dark green aura, he pressed it to Aldear’s face to silent him while the decaying poison ate at his skin. The poor man cried out in pure agony, even though he could revive continuously he still felt pain.

The process repeated of his revive, this time Aldear was furious.

He was the captain of the Capital guards and an SS rank combatant, it didn’t make sense to him that Chris was so powerful.

This time Chris killed Aldear by piercing his body with arm wide roots, one by one until he died yet again.

“Why haven’t they removed the barrier, Qin doesn’t actually think his dog can still win?” [Chris]

Chris had already figured out Aldear’s weakness.

He had no control type skill, in fact, his skills were very simple. The only thing that made Aldear an SS rank other than his high stats was that skill that doesn’t let him died. Chris could imagine in a fight against and army or some equally mighty warrior, Aldear would have no trouble coming out on top. But, against Chris who's strength was control and restraining, he had no chance.

Feeling bored Chris turned to the where the balconies should be.

“This fight is over, now remove the barrier so I can discuss with Prince Qin some changes to our contract.” [Chris]

No response, it irritated Chris that still he stood there waiting.

Suddenly a dangerous aura erupted behind him.

“Sorry brat, but I still have one last trick left.” [Aldear]

Chris casually turned around and his eyes flashed with a slight surprise. Aldear’s body was covered in dense flames which this time the flames were a deep violet.

The flames completely engulfed his body, then Aldears body started to expand. Chris was forced to move back so not to touch the fire that had quickly grown closer.

Chris now hovered fifty meters in the air looking at the mass of violet flames with a worried expression.

“You have got to be fucking kidding me.” [Chris]

Though his voice was calm, Chris was shocked by the mass of flames before him. The violet flames had formed into the shape of a bird that long ago broke Chris’ chains.

Aldear’s last and most powerful skill [Phoenix Ascension] which for a short time transforms Aldear into a real Phoenix.

From the ground twenty meters away a pillar of roots grew fifteen meters tall, at the top a throne of branches was shaped.

By now the purple Phoenix had risen to stand four meters tall and have a wing spanned of eight meters. With a mighty bird-like screech took to the skies and glared at Chris.

“Brat, for making me use this skill, I’ll acknowledge your strength.” [Aldear]

Aldear’s voice echoed from the massive firebird as it continued to ascend into the sky. Chris looked at Aldear, his eyes reflected something that looked to be amusement. Even though his teeth hadn’t moved, they seem more like a smile than before. From his throne, Chris’ voice rang with cold amusement.

“You talk as though you have already won, right now the difference in our power hasn’t changed.” [Chris]

As he finished speaking, Chris’ eyes opened wide.

Around Aldear, black chains appeared and broke then vanishing as if they were never there.

“Brat, my body, can be affected by adverse effects so just give it up. Your strength relies on weakening your opponent then exploiting that weakness. If you run into someone like me that isn’t affected be adverse effects you’re powerless.” [Aldear]

Chris clenched his teeth, right now he had two options.

Surrender or fight in Extermination Form .

(No, there is a third option though it will be somewhat difficult.) [Chris]

Chris snapped his fingers and hundreds of similar circles materialized around Aldear. Suddenly chain burst out of the magical circles attempting to ensnare Aldear. With a few beats of his wings, he had soared higher into the sky then dive bombed at Chris.

In response to Aldear, Several monstrous trees moved to swat at him. With a bird-like screech, a pulse of fire burst out burning the trees to ash.

One could easily tell that Chris had the disadvantage of using plants against fire.

To Aldear, Chris was just being stubborn, he knew Chris’ skill would affect him since he could just regenerate.

Sadly, that was a colossal mistake.

A ring of trees rose around the throne pillar and atop of this ring was over two hundred Guardians , each one slammed their shields into the ground and activated [Forest Fortress Aura] and [Stronghold of Ten Thousand Wooden Shields] .

Aldear’s fiery body slammed against the massive transparent green dome that form to block him. A ripple quickly spread over the top of the dome, but unlike last time it didn’t break from his attack. The ripple condensed and a green arrow twice the size of a full grown man was sent flying into Aldear sending him flying backward.

After recovering his balance sixteen meters away Aldear looked towards Chris, but what he saw was a humongous cloud of buzzing insects speeding towards him. Aldear snorted as the swarm surrounded him, his voice filled with mockery.

“Do you think this will do anything to me, brat?” [Aldear]

Again an Aldear let out a screech and a pulse of fire burst from his body wiping out the swarm. When the swarm was nothing more than ash if it was possible Aldear would have turned pale.

Chris retorted in his gravelly indifferent voice.

“No, but this might.” [Chris]

Surrounding Aldear were fifteen Colossal minion’s heads all open mouthed with a ball of condensed light in front of them.

Four beams of light fire simultaneously, each one made a screeching sound as it ripped through the air.

Aldear managed to dodge the first four, but the other eleven seemed to anticipate where he would fly and was struck down. A death thrall was heard as the Phoenix crashed into the earth, a wave of fire spread through the forest.

With a wave of his hand, the fire that threatened to engulf the entire forest was extinguished, leaving Aldear as the only source of fire.

Aldear’s body was torn and barely resembled the shape of the majestic Phoenix he had looked like a moment ago. Slowly rising as his body restored itself he again took to the sky, this time, however, seemed to be even more troublesome than the last. Chris was standing at the edge of the pillar with each of his hands spread in each one was a mass of mana.

Chris right now was using all four attack skills Orthos possessed and was planning to merge them. A dark, murderous aura quickly blanketed the city and Chris’ cross pupils glittered with blood thirst. Even if he could not smile one could feel that inwardly he was smirking at Aldear.

Suddenly Chris brought his hands together and the four masses of mana fused and an inky black ball replace them. Aldear instant stiffened, his pupil contracted as he stared at the black ball that now was covered in a thin lay of mist.

“Ho, it seems you understand what this is?” [Chris]
“Magic Decimation!?” [Aldear]

Chris laughed, Aldear was correct, the black ball of mana which was comprised of four mana elements was completely unstable. This mass of unstable mana would ordinarily just cause an explosion that could decimate the entire city. The reason it could was not because of its own power, but it instead causes something like a chain explosion with the mana around it. When it hits its target, the unstable energy would be released and all the mana in a half mile radius was transformed into explosive power.

Aldear was extreme nervous, because his body was basically a mass of fire mana if that thing hits him it would be the equivalent of killing him. Although he would eventually regenerate, it would take weeks to do so.

Suddenly the black ball launched with unparalleled speed, tis target was the terrified Aldear.

“Shit!” [Aldear]

Aldear tried to move, but suddenly hundreds of chains that gave off a blue light coiled around him.

Chris’ rough voice rang out.

“No running away.” [Chris]

Aldear tried to melt the chains away but was surprised that they didn’t immediately melt. The reason was Chris had add water mana to them making their effect freezing as to slow the melting process enough to restrain Aldear.

Aldear continued to strong, and quickly broke his bindings, sadly for him it was too late. The black mass of mana struck Aldear’s chest and for a split second nothing happened.


The fiery bird’s body expanded like it was a balloon being pumped full of air. Then the body violently exploded, the entire city was instantly turned to ash.

What remained after the explosion was blackened earth with no signs of life except for a large black pillar. The outer layer of the pillar crumbled to reveal Chris returned to his throne.

“Burdock it’s over, Aldear should have been ejected.” [Chris]

After around five minutes later the sound of glass breaking could be here and cracks formed everywhere.

[Five Elemental Core] has leveled up to level 6

[Five Elements Refined Body] has ranked up to rank 5

you have gained 3 skills
New skill: [Gift Plant]
New skill: [Phoenix Flower Regrowth]
New skill: [Blood Thorn Whip]

Suddenly everything returned to how it was before Chris’ battle. Chris stood still in his Subjugation Form looking over at the balcony, everyone wore a shocked face.

Quickly black mist surrounded Chris and again a dry explosion came with the cloud of mist bursting outwards reveal Chris in his human form.

Aldear was lying on the ground quietly groaning. Chris slowly walked over to the courtyard entrance where everyone was standing.

Chris footsteps echoed in silences as he approached the castle, Chris could see a small flicker of fear in everyone’s’ eyes.

Chris had somewhat expected this to happen, of course, they would fear him, he really had looked like a demon.

What he didn’t expect was that running was heard coming from the courtyard entrance. From it came several familiar faces, Claira, Sara, Helina, and Mia were all running towards him with Ostan, Clows, and Burdock walking behind them.

“Chris, you did it that was so cool.” [Claira]

She hugged him, of course, they heard what Aldear had said through a system of sight stone that were meant to capture the fighters’ voices. She had once again been moved by Chris protecting her even if it was against a lie.

Everyone wore smiles, except for Chris, who was confused.

“Aren’t you afraid of me, I mean that form…?” [Chris]
“At first yes, but that doesn’t matter you still are the same rude, cruel, self-centered-“ [Helina]
“Helina!” [Sara]

Sara scolded Helina off on the side while Claira clung to him.

“Chris, you really have grown much more powerful than we first met.” [Clows]
“What do you expect of your brother in law, the man has to be if he’s going to deal with your sister.” [Burdock]
“Yeah you’re right on that one.” [Clows]

Both father and son laughed until a chill ran down their spines.

“Oh, what do you mean by that father, brother, do tell.” [Helina]

As the two men were trembling, everyone laughed. Chris looked around and saw everyone else had relaxed.

Chris could help but feel warm inside as he looked into the sky.

(Mom, if you were right, I found happiness.) [Chris]

Chris looked down at the merry group, Glen had tried to save Burdock and Clows. Sadly now he had only made it worse and the three men were on their knees begging for their lives.

Everyone wore smiling faces watching the comical scene.

(Now that I have found it, I must protect it.) [Chris]


End of Volume 1: The Gardener Arrives

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