A gentle breeze blow in the back courtyard of Kelros Castle.

Sara, Helina, Clows, Mia, Ostan, Burdock, Den, Glen, and Lily all stood on a balcony. To their left on another balcony in two extravagant, soft puffy blue chairs with golden trimming sat Princes Qin and his sister Princess Rosalina. Behind them, the heroes stood obediently still.

Among the heroes Darak was the only one with visible injuries, but he was still forced to stand silently.

After last night, Chris had told Qin that he waned them to do something about the heroes libido.

So two curses were placed on them. The first one made it so they four men couldn’t get it up, after all how could they do any harm if their weapon of choice is unusable. However, Chris didn’t think that was enough so he made them add a curse that would cause intense pain if those four scumbags try to be too forceful to a girl.

Underneath the balconies, the Black Wolf mercenaries and servants had all gathered to watch the intense fight. Many of them were nervous, but still rooted for Chris their master, boss, and to many of the maids their savior.

Why a savior, well the reason the curses were invoked so quickly was because an incident accrued where Darak tried to rape one of the servants that were tending to him after his injuries were heal. Sadly Chris had been watching through Darak mind, by the time Darak had ripped off clothes Chris was already there greeting Darak with another good beating.

Everyone had gathered to watch the two in the large open field fight, the tension was so intense one could practically see it. The ones standing on the right balcony were worried about Chris while the other side was joyful that either way they would gain something significant from this situation.

Chris and Aldear stood thirty meters apart, neither’s gaze was friendly. Chris was carefully studying Aldear do to the last hair.

(I can’t afford to pull my punches with this guy.) [Chris]

Aldear stood there his face was like stone, he knew the limit of Chris power so he knew this fight was his to begin with. Still, a lion uses all its strength to kill the rabbit, and that rabbit still can be troublesome to the lion anyway.

Burdock came to the edge of the balcony and held up a transparent red crystal cube. The cube was only an inch squared, its content glistened in the shining sun making it look like at precious jewel.

Burdock swept his gaze the courtyard, starting with the left balcony, down below and then to the battle zone.

“Today we witness the fight between my son in law, Chris, and the captain of the Capitals guards, Lord Aldear. I have brought a modified dimensional box that will replicate the entire city so you will have plenty of space, so fight with everything you have.” [Burdock]

Burdock through the cube into the air, as the cube spun a red light flared. The light expanded and in an instant covered the whole city, then faded like it was never there to begin with.

Everyone could see Chris and Aldear, but they couldn’t seem the spectators. So not to scare the civilians with a random battle in their city, Burdock had the dimensional box modified to only allow people within a set range of the spaces original expansion location could see the two fighters.

Aldears was in a full suit of golden armor that had several jewels embedded in it along with a flame pattern engraving. His weapons were a very ordinary looking short sword and buckler.

Chris wore his usual clothes, his weapons were to pitch black gauntlets that resemble the top half of a wolf’s head with his fingers coming out from under the jaw ending in short sharp curved claws. The wolf heads were very detailed only they didn’t have eyes giving them a slightly unnatural look. Coming from the gauntlets was a metal plate armor that was very flexible and covered his arms up to his shoulders.

This was the new Orthos.

Chris had been confused as to why they looked different, so he questioned Orthos directly. His response was that the soul affects what is the perfect type of weapon for its owner. While during the process of Chris absorbing the power if the fifty seven flowers, his soul hadn’t healed but changed from the influences of the [Five Elemental Fragments] .

All Orthos skills had transferred over to its new form as well as received two new ones. [Bloody Fangs] this skill heals Chris each time he damages an enemy whether with Orthos or not. The other skill [Lightning Howl] creates a ball of lightning based mana that can be fired up to seventy meters. Chris thought both skills were very useful, especial [Lightning Howl] since it has such a long range of attack.

“Boy just so you know, I will come at you with every intention of killing you.” [Aldear]

Chris snorted, even if he died here afterward he would be fine so Aldears threat to him meant nothing.

“Whatever, let's get this over with.” [Chris]

The arrogance in Chris' voice made Aldear’s face twitch. Suddenly Aldears vanished reappearing in front of Chris.

“Don’t act so cocky, brat!” [Aldear]

While roaring he brandished his sword charging at Chris with full force.

However, Chris merely smiled calmly.

Chris someone that didn’t show mercy to his opponents, only in a situation like fighting Darak’s group when he was toying with his opponents did he not fight with everything that he had.

As they say, a lion will use all its strength to kill a rabbit.

When Aldear was five meters away, Chris used [Overlord’s Empire] .

Trees bursts from the ground and grew wildly most of them tilted and attempted to smash into Aldear.

To Aldear this was child’s play, he was an SS ranked combatant, how could something like this shake him. With a flick of his wrist, one of the trees was split into and he jump to avoid several others. Moving with superior agility, Aldear quickly made it to the quickly growing forest’s center.

Making it to the center Aldear’s face paled slightly. In a ten meter open clearing Chris along with twenty [Buster] minions stood waiting.

Aldear knew what those creatures were and how destructive they could be. Not wasting any time Aldear leaped into clearing and advanced towards Chris.

Chris had guess that Aldear would see the Busters and decide to end the fight quickly before they could attack. The overbearing of the Buster’s attacks would be troublesome to Aldear who Chris had already understood that he relied on strength and defense. Without having high speed or some sort of protection magic, Aldear would have trouble blindly charging through a field of explosions, even if he were an SS rank.

Aldear let out a battle cry as he moved through the clearing, he felt confident that if he made it to Chris that he could overpower him with his higher stats and combat abilities.

But, that is what Chris was hoping for.

Suddenly several patches of grass shifted and the grasses red tips quivered then moved like snakes striking at Aldear.

The Leechers Chris had set as a trap wrapped themselves around Aldear and start to drain his strength. In the distance, Chris wore a mocking smile, to so easily fool Aldear was something Chris hadn’t expected.

Chris raised his hand point his thumb and index fingers out to make a gun shape.

“Bang” [Chris]

Given the signal the giant tortoises all made a hissing sound then,

Bang x 20

Simultaneously twenty large black seeds were launched into the air. Aldear looked at the descend cannon ball like black seeds and grit his teeth. he turned his gaze to Chris and his arrogant smile.

The seeds hit their target causing a multiple explosions that bent the surrounding trees and tore at the ground. A torrent of fire rose into the air blackening the earth and distorting the air with its powerful heat.

Still, Chris wouldn’t let down his guard and care watched the fire looking for any sign of Aldear.

Suddenly the hairs on the back of Chris’ neck stood straight.

Aldear had appeared behind Chris slightly burned and a line of blood coming from the corner of his mouth. An orange fire like aura covered his body, shield and sword.

“Die, brat!” [Aldear]

He swung his sword at Chris aiming to cleave him into. Chris reacted quickly shifting his body he spun and dodged a fatal blow.

Taking several steps back with a cut on his side. Chris stared daggers at Aldear, raising his right hand a ball of lightning quickly formed.

“Eat this!” [Chris]

Firing the ball of lightning, it made a roaring sound like a long disturbing howl.

As the sparking ball of lightning came closer, Aldear smirked and the aura covering him brightened. Lifting his sword to point the point the tip at the incoming lightning ball.

Aldear drew back his sword then thrusted it forward, a beam of orange light shot forward completely enveloping the howling lightning ball and continued to Chris.

Chris didn’t have time to react as the beam expanded to be four meters in circumference and moved with blinding speed. The orange stream of fiery energy swallowed Chris and continued destroying the castle walls and ending with a massive explosion that took out a fifty meter chunk of the city below.

Aldear was confident that he hit Chris and that this fight was over, a condescending expression formed as Aldear laughed heartily.

“That brat acted all high and might when that was all he had, pathetic!” [Aldear]

Aldear frozen, the space of the diminsion box hadn’t disappeared, this match wasn’t over yet. He couldn’t understand how did Chris survive, looking around to try and find him. Unfortunately, the forest was too dense and Aldear could see anything outside the clearing.

Suddenly black bolts of energy soared out of the first aimed at Aldear. Raising his shield and expanding the aura around him, the bolts did nothing as they dissipated upon hitting the orange barrier.

Aldear countered by swinging his sword creating an arc of orange flames that sped into the forest. The arc cut through the tree like they were made of butter and burst into a fiery explosion several meters away.

Almost instantly more black bolts flew out of the forest making Aldear turtle in his barrier. The barrage of black bolts seemed endless, still Aldears shield held strong neither side lost any ground.

Suddenly Aldear vanished, and a group of the black bolts bore holes into the ground.

“Brat, go down quietly now.” [Aldear]

Aldear had appeared beside Chris, who had been flying around using his honor guards to continuously attack Aldear. Aldear thrusted his sword at Chris back leaving no time to dodge. The sword effortlessly pierced Chris back, but to Aldears surprise Chris body became transparent then vanished.

“It's not over yet old man.” [Chirs]

Suddenly there were seven copies of Chris floating in the sky all looking down at Aldear. He was speechless, how Chris had tricked him, Aldear didn’t know.

Aldear each Chris careful, none of them seemed like a copy, not only that their left eye had an ominous glow to it while the right eye gave off a faint shine.

Something didn’t feel right to Aldear, his body felt heavier. He guessed it had to do with Chris’ eyes.

Before he had too much time to think the earth began to shake and without warning five Colossal minion’s head burst out of the ground all aiming to devour Aldear who was standing on a thick branch.

With a snort, Aldear brandished his sword slicing through two of the closest heads. The other three continued their advance and Aldear was about to swing his sword again when the branch he was standing on bent making his lose balance.

Back flipping he used a tree as a springboard and shot passed the monstrous worms. Decapitating one of them, Aldear then used the stump as a platform to leap towards Chris. Just before Chris entered his attack range vines wrapped around him and violently smashed him into the ground. Aldear lay on the dirt unable to move in time before one of the Colossal minion’s head swallowed him.

Gulping a bulge slighter down its throat for about a meter before the stalk exploded with orange flames. Aldear like a bullet shot towards Chris, who start to shoot lightning covered leaves at him along with the black bolts of the honor guards.

Aldear raised his shield and the attacks bounced off as he sped towards one of the seven Chris copies. He slammed it his chosen target, but like the first Chris it faded away while Aldear passed through it.

“Haha, you chose wrong fool!” [Chris]
“You’re the fool, brat!” [Aldear]

Each Chris turned to attack Aldear who continued to climb in the sky until he was fifty feet above the group of copies.

When he started to descend, Aldear’s flame covered body suddenly became blindingly bright then an explosion of energy smashed against Chris along with his copies. With lightning speed, Chris was sent crashing into the earth creating a deep crater.

Slowly he got up even though his body screamed in pain he refused to surrender.

Climbing out of the crater, Aldear was standing watching Chris stand while breathing heavy.

“You’re still holding back boy.” [Aldear]

Chris flinched, he hadn’t expected Aldear to be able to tell that he was not fighting at full power. In response to Chris’ reaction, Aldear ground his teeth, a look of rage on his face. To him Chris was looking down on him by not showing all his strength, not only he need Chris to show his full power since Qin request him to drew it out.

Chris felt a cold air surround Aldear and he became nervous.

“Fine, if you continue to hide your strength I guess we could always ask those two elves since they have known you the longest.” [Aldear]

An equally cold air surged from Chris, his face devoid of emotion except for his glowing eye which had a murderous light in them.

“Leave them out of this” [Chris]

Chris’ cold voice struck at Aldear’s nerves, still he smile having found a crack that he could pray at.

“No can do, unless you fight at full strength I might just detain them. Also did you know as foreigners they have to register or face being accused of being spies? Right now if I took them in I’m sure they will then be handed over to the interrogation team and I hear they are especial mean to elves.” [Aldear]

Finally, Chris face that had been calm the entire fight broke with rage warping his handsome face.

Chris’ hand appeared only an inch of Aldear’s eyes, clad in a dark green ghostly aura. Aldear barely dodged, still Chris managed to nick his cheek.

Aldear looked back at Chris, then the small cut on his cheek started to sting and the skin around it darkened.

“What!?” [Aldear]

The orange flames that covered his body glowed slightly brighter around the cut and the darkened skin returned to a normal peach color.

Chris clicked his tongue, the aura had a detoxification element to it. Chris rushed forward and as he did five Strikers form and rushed behind him. The tigers reach their prey first with three pouncing and the remaining two striking at his legs with their oversized claws.

Blocking the first three attacks with his flame covered shield then strike the second wave of attacks with an arc of orange flames. Aldear chuckled, this was still too easy for him.

“Quit laughing scum.” [Chris]

Before Aldear realized what was happening, Chris claw like dark green aura clad hand burst out of Aldear’s chest.

Looking behind him, Chris had moved and attack him from the back with him noticing.

Quickly Aldear’s body grayed as it turned to stone.

“It’s over, after this I will kill you for real.” [Chris]
“You damn brat, I-.” [Aldear]

Chris gave a cold smile along with his words and before Aldear could properly respond his entire body was petrified.

Chris removed his hand from the statue and kicked it and Aldear’s stone body crumbled into a pile of rubble.

Chris heaved a sigh of relief now that he won in a fight against someone like Aldear, he know that Claira and Sara would be safe. The kingdom wouldn’t chance losing Chris over a small matter like not register themselves.

A few minutes passed and still the space hadn’t disappeared making Chris irritated. Suddenly the pile of rubble that was Aldears body trembled and the orange fire that had cover Aldear’s body before seeped out.

Chris watched in horror as the rubble moved and slowly combined recreating Aldear’s body. Chris attack the rubble with his honor guard’s black bolts, but it had little effect.

After around a minute Aldear’s body was complete reform and then with a burst of light his stone skin returned to normal.

Opening his eyes, Aldear roared with laughter seeing Chris stupefied face.

“Boy, it seems you didn’t know, my job is call Phoenix Knight. I can heal or regenerate from almost any attack, just give up you lost.” [Aldear]

Chris ground his teeth, he refuse to accept defeat, not after Aldear threatened Claira and Sara.

Roots surged from the ground from every direction aiming for Aldear. He only snort and another burst of orange flaming energy rose from Aldear. Destroy all the roots without any difficulty.

Chris again appeared behind Aldear, his time he would use his blood exploding poison. His hope was that would have a slightly be the effect in destroying his body so he had more time to think while he regenerated.

This time, however, Aldear’s speed was ten times faster than before, dodging Chris’ attack by flickering six feet away.

Chris turned around to face his opponent, but suddenly his shoulders erupted in pain. Looking at them Chris froze.

“No…noway.” [Chris]

Both of his arms had been cut off, the pain wasn’t as bad as what he felt back on earth, but it was close to it.

He fell to his knees in tears, he lost it was over.

“Is that all, damn, well whatever once I’m done interrogating  those two I bet Darak will enjoy them thoroughly.” [Aldear]

Chris frozen, his mind went blank because he lost Claira and Sara were going to experience torture then be given to some like Darak. Imagine them being tortured for information they didn’t know then being thrown to Darak, He snapped when his mind imagined them being raped begging for help as Darak laughed.

“I won’t let that happen, ever!” [Chris]

Chris stood his eyes filled with madness, a murderous aura that even made Aldear flinch surged out of Chris.

Black smoke started to cover his body as he spoke his voice had lost all emotion and now sound demonic.

“Aldear, you’re going to regret pushing me this far.” [Chris]

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