It was noon of the next day that Prince Qin called Chris to the room he was using while in Kelros.

Qin sat on a couch with a friendly smile, while Rosalina, who was sitting beside him frowning slightly.

“Chris, we will accept your conditions.” [Qin]

Chris had his usual calm smile on his face, but Qin next words made his mouth twitch.

“But only if you show us your true strength by fighting Aldear.” [Qin]

Not losing his cool Chris calmly studied Qin, a level an arrogance floated around him. Chris snorted, showing his true power wasn’t a big deal to him, except it wouldn’t let him hide any of his current trump cards from the kingdom.

Or that’s what they thought.

Chris shrugged.

“That is fine, I don’t mind, after all you have to know my limits, then in the future you would know where better to utilize me. thought that is only after I receive a proper offer for my serves.” [Chris]

His face had not changed remaining calm the whole conversation, it irritated Qin.

(This man is arrogant but is also intelligent enough control himself as well as the situations he confronts. Dangerous would be a word to describe this man well.) [Qin]

Qin hid his thoughts by laughing.

“Haha, good I was planning to even offer my sister’s hand if you declined!” [Qin]
“B-b-b-brother what are y-y-you saying so casually” [Rosalina]

Rosalina Checks flushed red, though she held no feeling of romance towards Chris, it was still embarrassing. Completely ignore Qin’s teasing words Chris stood and walked to the door.

“Tell me when this fight will be happening later, for now Pops needed me for something.” [Chris]


Chris walked down the long hallway that lead to Burdock’s study where he was told he could find the little fat man.

Pushing open the double doors Chris walked in silently. If it weren't for the fact that Burdock was watching the door from his desk when Chris entered, he wouldn’t have notice him at all.

To most people Chris moved as if his feet didn’t even touch the ground, not making a sound as he walked. Like he was the wind and the earth hid his presence.

Taking a seat in a soft large blue chair Chris faced Burdock and waited for him to speak.

“Finally you come, good good take a seat I would like to explain The Steel Blood Festival to you as well as your role in it.” [Burdock]

The fat man was smiling ear to ear, it made Chris somewhat nervous.

“What do you mean “my role,” I didn’t agree to anything special!” [Chris]

Burdock roared a hearty laugh while waving his hand.

“No, you didn’t, but I think you will enjoy what am asking you to do, but first I will explain the festival first.” [Burdock]

Putting on a more serious expression like a father that is going tell his son some crucial advice.

“The Steel Blood Festival was created to appeals the gods of harvests with the blood of the people the crops they bless feed. The festival is three days long and has three types of combat; one on one, team battles, and battle royal. The first day is the one on one tournament in which one hundred and twenty modified dimensional boxes are prepared to be used as the rings.” [Burdock]

Burdock withdrew a clear crystal cube from his desk and handed it to Chris.

“Normally the dimensional box creates space and draws the objects inside, but these instead expand to create a barrier of sorts. With them, we can create a protected space for the fights to go all out. The box’s insides will copy the surroundings withing one hundred meters to create a battlefield, so the fighters don’t need to worry about destroying the city or harming spectators. The biggest attraction to this is that the audience can enter the area of the cube but without permission can’t actually enter the box’s created space itself.” [Burdock]

Chris' eyebrows raised, to him it sounded like when the fighters enter the separate space they become holograms that the people watching can go close up to without touch anything. He couldn’t help but be fascinated by this magical item, turning it in his hand with a curious faint smile.

“The second day is the team fights as well as the highlight show.” [Burdock]

Chris interrupted him as soon as he became curious in the “highlight show”.

“What is the highlight show?” [Chris]

Burdock’s eye flashed with an amused light and he knitted his hands together.

“The highlight show allows anyone to come onto a stage and show off where they will be rated. The winner receives an excellent prize that will be announced at the start of the show.” [Burdock]

Before Chris could try and pry what the prize was out of Burdock, he continued his explanation.

“Just like the first day, dimensional boxes will be used, the teams will be three people there is no restrictions. Any weapon and skill are allowed.” [Burdock]

Confused Chris asked the obvious question.

“So we can kill are opponents?” [Chris]

Instantly Burdock snorted a laugh while shaking his head.

“No inside the dimension box any injuries disappear after leaving and upon death the person is forcefully ejected. So you can’t kill your opponent even if you want to.” [Burdock]

Chris clicked his tongue with displeasure on his face, he wanted to use the festival as an excuse to break a few bone or more of his old classmates.

“Now to the main topic, as I am the one that organizes the festival every year I thought of something that would spice things up this year. I want to have every participant join forces and fight against one common enemy, creating a war with one versus thousands. Chris, I want you to become the evil king that the people must fight against.” [Burdock]

Chris’ mouth hung loose, then a violent light entered his eyes. He tapped his finger in a rhythmic manner.

“How tough are the participants?” [Chris]

Burdocks eyes neared while thinking. A moment later he spoke with confidence.

“There are a few S ranks that come every year, maybe one or two at your level at least from what I’ve seen.” [Burdock]

Chris closed his eyes and pondered for a minute or two, then.

“Hmm, sounds interesting, fine it will let me test a few things anyway.” [Chris]

Chris spoke the words with an evil grin and a poisonous tone.

Suddenly Chris' face grew pale, and his mouth show anger while an intense blood lust surged in every direction making Burdock unable to breath.

With something that surpassed anger, Chris roared.

“Those bastards!” [Chris]

In the next moment Chris was gone, the door to Burdocks study was now a pile of toothpicks.


Claira, Sara, Helina, Lily, and Mia were having lunch together in the courtyard.

On the table were four dishes each one was the product of Sara’s training in the kitchen. As her closest female friends Sara wanted to know their opinions before serving her creates to Chris.

“Wow, Sara this is impressive.” [Helina]
“Yeah, this stew is amazing.” [Mia]

Everyone was enjoying the food and happily making conversation, until.

“Man, that bitch last night felt awesome, this castle has some pretty fine women.” [Trent]

The five women turned their heads to look at the group of four men. The “Heroes” were walking along the sheltered outside hallway.

This morning it was found that the four men had raped a few of the maids last night. Sadly, since they were heroes, the worst that happened was incredibly severe training that morning.

But having recovered, they obviously didn’t learn their lesson.

Luke noticing their glares and sneered as he whispered something to the others. All four of them laughed and Sara, who didn’t even look at the group of snickering boys raised her voice just enough for them to hear.

“Hey is that the group of losers that didn’t even touch Chris, now there talking about they are a raping someone.” [Sara]

Veins of anger appeared on each of their foreheads, how could they not be angered by heard that their former punching bag reversed the tables.

Helina seeing the sparks dumped a bucket of oil.

“Well, it’s not like they could v\be with women any other way. With the ugly mugs, there is no way.” [Helina]

Lily also joined in turning the raging fire into an inferno.

“it's not their fault, those boys are just not ‘’mature’’ enough down where it counts.” [Lily]

By now the faces of each of Darak and co had turned red with rage if it wasn’t for the fact that they would most likely get beaten by Chris again they endured everything.

But as the group of filth started to walk away the fatal blow was delivered.

“If that is the case, then they lose to Chris in more ways than just strength.” [Claira]
“Hahaha, What are you talking about sister, of course boys like them can’t compete with Chris in any way.” [Sara]

That finished it, being reminded of their defeat and now being told they were beneath someone each of them thought of as less than trash.

Darak couldn’t take it anymore, his twisted pride wouldn’t allow him to walk away. Though he didn’t think Chris had it in him to actually kill any of his former classmates. So what if he received a few wounds that could be healed in a few days, right now Darak wanted to see those who insulted him beg for mercy.

“Shut the fuck up, you goddamn whores.” [Darak]

Drawing his sword Darak shot forward like a bullet. Following his lead Forest, Trent, and Luke readied themselves for battle and also sped towards the girls.

Although it was a five on four, the enemy were all S ranks while the girls side only had Helina and Mia at S rank level.

Helina moved to intercept Darak, Forest and Trent had used [Tornado Rush] to catch up and block Helina.

At the same time, Mia spoke a strange language and a wall of wailing bluish white faces appeared and blocked Luke.

Darak, however, made it past their defenses and move to his target, Claira, and Sara. To him, they were the ones that caused all of this. If it wasn’t for Sara pissing him off, then Darak would have had to fight Chris and get beat up. Now they were insulting him, Chris’ bitches were mocking him, that was more than Darak could take.

In a blind rage, he swung his sword which was clad in a golden light.

The sisters tried to defend with Claira raising a barrier of ice while Sara attack with icy arrows that fired from multiple directions.

But to Darak the elves resistance was nothing. His sword came down and would cut Sara into. Claira realizing her wall of ice wouldn’t be able to block Darak’s anger filled attack, She moved as fast as she could and pushed Sara out of the way.

“CLAIRA!” [Sara]

Though she wasn’t cut in half, a deep wound was made on her back.

Claira fell to the ground unmoving. Sara was instantly by her sister’s side.

“Claria, are you okay, please say something.” [Sara]

Seeing how the two women who had just a minute again acting so high and mighty in their current stay, how couldn’t a person like him not laugh.

“That’s what you get for insulting me, bitch.” [Darak]

He pointed at Claira while continuing to laugh.

“You bast-“ [Helina]

Helina was about to leave her fight with Forest and Trent to attack Darak when.

“DARAK!” [Chris]

Killer intent instantly swallowed the courtyard and before even a heartbeat passed, Chris was in front of Darak his fist give off the feeling of death.





In an instant, Darak was sent through three thick stone was like they were made of tofu.

Chris had seemed to replace Darak appeared next to Sara, who was holding Claira while sobbing uncontrollably.

Chris knelt down and slowly took Claira from her sister and rolled her onto her stomach. Chris’ already cold eyes became like two shards of ice. His heart was constricted, right now Claira needed a healer or she would die.

Thinking fast Chris created five Metal Swarm minions to heal her, unfortunately, the wound was too deep for those minion who didn’t special in healing to handle.

By now, many people had gathered around in the courtyard.

“Move aside, I’m a healer, I said move.” [Rosalina]

The Princess knelt beside Claira and quickly inspected her wound, immediately her face darkened.

“Her wound is very deep…I know a spell that could heal her. But, because I haven’t fully learned it and gained the skill it will take an astronomical amount of mana.” [Rosalina]
“Then use mine, I have plenty to spare!” [Chris]

Chris without hesitation made his offer, Rosalina didn’t even hesitated to think.

Immediately she placed her hands over the wound and a pink fire coated her hands and entered Claira’s wound.

“When I remove my hands I want you to put your hand where mine were, got it?” [Rosalina]

Chris nodded he was completely calm, he needed to be so he didn’t make any mistakes.

As the pink flames flickered and moved over Claira’s wound, it started to close. Flesh regenerated slowly and the flames changed from pink to purple. Suddenly Claira screamed in pain even though she was unconscious tears flowed down her face and she sniveled in agony.

“Now!” [Rosalina]

When the princess had removed her hands before they had moved an inch, Chris’ hands had replaced hers. She then put her atop Chris’ and the purple flame grew severe times threatening to engulf Claira’s entire body along with the ones healing her.

(What the hell, how does his guy have so much mana!?) [Rosalina]

As soon as Rosalina touched Chris’ hands she felt an endless stream of mana flow around her. Grabbing at the stream she started to use it as a fuel source. The river of mana felt odd to be in contact with, it was calm yet enraged, gentle but also cruel.

What she was feeling was Chris emotion, as she continued to use the river, the more felt understanding and connection to it.

Finally after ten minutes the wound was almost completely closed. The light of the flames had dimmed a little as well as the size.

“Chris, can you raise the amount of mana you’re giving by just a little.” [Rosalina]
“Got it” [Chris]

The flames suddenly exploded in size again looking to be at a danger level. With the flames regaining its strength, cut completely closed.

Rosalina withdrew her hands with her face slightly flushed.

“She should be okay now, all she will need is some rest.” [Rosalina]

Chris nodded, then his eyes turned cold once again. He stood and faced Forest, Trent, and Luke a murderous light flared brightly.

The three had been told to stay put by Aldear, but as Chris approached the three turned to run.

“Where do you think you fuck gutter trash are going?” [Chris]

Before the group of heroes had even taken three steppes, roots burst from the ground and restrained their arms and legs.

“Chris, stop, I will not allow you to kill them, even if they are scum, those three are still the heroes.” [Qin]

Qin broke from the crowd to walk in front of Chris.

Chris without hesitation came face to face with Qin. The murderous aura surrounding Chris made Qin’s knees weak still he held his ground.

If the heroes died hope for defeating the demons decreased by quite a bit.

Chris’ eyes pierced through Qin like he was an insect that was about to be stomped.

“I don’t plan on killing them just repaying what is due, but if you continue to block my way the deal is off.” [Chris]

Qin looked at Chris with a complex look, sweat was seen on his forehead.

“Do you promise not to kill them?” [Qin]

In response to Qin’s question, Chris' mouth curled to form a cold, wicked smile.

“But, of course, they can’t just get away from their hell so soon, not when I have so much planned.” [Chris]

Qin satisfied by Chris words, stepped aside.

Again Chris slowly stepped forward towards the three.

Suddenly a roar was heard and a moment later a Striker minion came out of the hole Darak had created. In the minions mouth was Darak unconscious.

Chris had the black tiger come over to where he and his victims were.

The tiger having reached its destination shifted its jaw and a loud cracking sound was heard. Darak regained consciousness with a scream of agony and was thrown on the ground, everyone could then see his chest had a few puncture wounds and a mangled left arm.

Darak groaned it pain but didn’t move.

Roots then lifted him up to hang alongside his friends.

“Now isn’t this a beautiful sight, my four old friends that I spend so many days hanging out with. I remember the one time Luke broke my left leg, hmm, how did it bend again.”

Suddenly the roots wrapped around Luke’s left leg trembled and force his leg into an unnatural position with tearing and crunching sounds.

“Oh, yeah that’s how it looked, thanks, Luke.” [Chris]

Chris hearing Luke pain fill cries gave a satisfied smile.

“You fucking bastard I’ll, GAAAAAAAH” [Forest]
“Shut up” [Chris]

Chris interrupted Trent’s empty threat by having the roots around his right arm rotate a few time while speaking a cold level voice.

For three hours Chris twisted and snapped their limbs, or pulverized the three’s internal organs, causing blood to continuously be vomited up.

The whole time, Chris wore a horrifying smile of satisfaction and laughed with pure sickening joy.

After the first ten minutes, almost everyone had left unable to listen to the scream of torment.

At one point, Stella and Anna returned from shopping and found the scene of their friends getting torture. Although they wanted to go help them, Qin led them away telling Stella and Anna there was nothing they could do.

The only one that stay voluntarily was Aldear, he wanted to make sure Chris didn’t “accidently” forget his promise to the prince.

For Chris, that night was pure bliss, also no one in Kelros Castle slept that night.

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