The Strongest Job... Gardener?



Chapter 32: Extermination and Subjugation


Note 1: OK I changed a few thinks in Chapter 30: The Monster Sleeps No More

What I changed was the MC appearance (eyes) and His status page.

The actual story doesn’t change, but so not to be slightly confused in this chapter I suggest check the changes.

Note 2: Changed eye skills in this chapter.


Both Helina and Rosalina stared at Chris, who had his arms crossed and looking that the princess with an unreadable face.

“Chris what are you thinking, the position of Dragon Knight is something most people dream of obtaining.” [Helina]
“Yes, and the price is that I am bound to Invictus correct?” [Chris]

Rosalina eyes did not waver, her resolve was clear. Offer the position of Dragon Knight was one of her highest trump cards, since he didn’t accept that she now had to think of a new offer. From what Rosalina has read about Chris he wanted power both personal and political. That is what throw her off, it didn’t make sense since even though Chris would be obligated to follow orders, and they would only come from the king himself.

Still she nodded, the conversation wasn’t in her favor. She thought of using his friend to get to him, but she already know that was a terrible idea. Though Chris may waver in his decision there was allow a higher chance of angering him. Even if what she did was helpful, the fact wouldn’t change that it that she would be using them. Besides what could she actually offer his friends? She knew of the grudge between the siblings and the Earl, but it wasn’t worth getting rid of a man that controls over eighty percent of the border to the demon’s territory. There was nothing she could give the elven sisters, and Helina and Clows had Burdock that could offer just as much as her.

“Now that does mean I don’t want to work out some sort of deal.” [Chris]

Rosalina who had subconsciously lowered her gaze to think looked back up. A faint wicked smile was on Chris’ face and Rosalina realized she had just given him the advantage.

She had shown in that one action that how desperate Rosalina was to make Chris an ally.

“I have a few conditions, depending on your answers is how are conversation will progress.” [Chris]

Rosalina was shaken, she was known for her intelligent, but Chris had caught her off guard by rejecting her offer of becoming a Dragon Knight. Because of that slip up now her only obtain was to listen to his conditions.

“Alright, what are they.” [Rosalina]

Chris laughed lightly at the subtle anger in Rosalina’s voice.

“One, I want the leashes of the Hero’s to tighten up until they choke. I can tell because they are the heroes it makes things complicated to control them, but with this you now have a way out.” [Chris]
“Done!” [Rosalina]

She answered without hesitation as Chris suspected. He laughed inwardly, with the heroes chained up it would be easier to “visit” them.

“Two, I have complete freed to do whatever I want without repercussions.” [Chris]

Rosalina’s eyebrows knitted together and after a moment she answered.

“While there will be limits, as long as you don’t do something that significantly harms Invictus it will be fine.” [Rosalina]

Chris nodded.

“The last one is whenever I do something for the kingdom or the royal family I must be compensated appropriately.” [Chris]
“What, that’s unreasonable!?” [Rosalina]
“Is it, to me if you tell me do something like take on an army or fight an extremely power opponent I don’t think the first to conditions would be enough to make me do shit. A job must have proper payment, that’s all it is nothing special.” [Chris]

Rosalina bit her lip, Chris hadn’t really have anything to lose, but he could gain from this deal greatly.

Chris’ eyes were neared studying the princess’s actions, his usual calm unreadable smile was on his face.

Chris had realized quickly that although this girl was smart, she wasn’t good at dealing with people. He could help but question why Prince Qin let her come alone, was he looking down on him. Think that Chris became slightly irritated, returning his attention to Rosalina she was still thinking about what to do. Chris wanted to get to sleep because he had an exhausting day of deal with idiots.

Suddenly his eyes flickered like he had just found something interesting, so in a calm almost indifffernt voice he made a suggestion.

“For now I would like to sleep, so how about you discuss everything with your brother and we will continue tomorrow.” [Chris]

Rosalina looked up, her face twitched, it was obvious Chris was done talking to her. She wanted to make some progress in this conversation, but the only thing that happened was her being spun around Chris’ finger. Talking to her brother wouldn’t be a bad idea, after all he was better at talking to people than her so maybe he could turn this around if she talked to him.

Getting up the three said their goodbyes and Chris returned to bed, with a strange smile on his face and lightly laughing. Helina again curled up with him, her face had a questioning look from how he was acting.

“Helina though I have only been awake for less than a day, do you think I have just been messing around with those low-grade shits.” [Chris]

She still looked puzzled and sat up, her smile mischievous.

“So then what have you been doing because other than give those he’s a good beating you have just been sitting on your ass?” [Helina]
“Ha, oh really now, well since I woke up my [Seekers] have been gathering information as well as do a little recon work. Just now I received some good information back from one of them that was watching Prince Qin.” [Chris]

Helina’s eyebrows raised and she put on a serious face.

“What did you find out?” [Helina]

Turning his gaze towards her, Chris smiled mockingly. His words were let out with victorious tone.

“It would seem that after today, Invictus has raised the bar on trying to take me to their side. With the princess know going over to talk to the prince about the conditions I just gave her.” [Chris]

His smile widened and his eyes flashed like a cat that had cornered a mouse.

“Even if they are a little unreasonable, I doubt the prince would let his chance slip by and if not I have ways to twist his hands that much more.” [Helina]


The next morning, Chris was lying down on a patch of grass in the back courtyard looking over his new skills. He had asked that no one disturb him since he didn’t know what would happen.

Generate Advanced Plant MinionRank 3
Generates an BOSS type plant minion: Pazuzu, Behemoth, OrthosCost 10000 MP

Chris had been shocked by this skill since one of the minions’ name was Orthos. After questioning Orthos he learned some interesting things, but Chris was focused on his skills so he would leave think about that for another time.

The next skill confirmed that he really was no longer human.

True Form of the Forest OverlordRank Max
Unseals one of your two true forms: Exterminator or Tyrant
Exterminator: Increases your stats by 100%, unseals [True Exterminating Zone] , unseals [Exterminating Wisps]
Subjugating: Increases All plant minions stats by 100%, unseals [True Subjugating Pressure] , unseals [Subjugation Shackles]

Chris didn’t care about not being human anymore, actually is was somewhat happy.

Chris wanted to know what each form looked like as well as their special magics.

First transforming into his Exterminator Form black smoke instantly enveloped his body; his body made cracking sounds as his limbs lengthen and his muscles expanded slightly, his head changed to resemble a demonic dragon’s head, black scales started to grow on every part of his body, six horns grow from his forehead and curved back then up at different lengths to resemble a crown, his nails became three inch long claws and his teeth transformed into fangs, a series of half inch long spikes emerged along his spine and ended with a tail that looked to be made of hundreds of triangular arrow heads growing from his waist, a set of draconic wings sprouted from his back, the whites of his eyes turned black, his irises changing to noticeable bright gold rings, finally the purple cross pupil of his right eye turned bright green to match his left eye.

When he was finished transforming the black smoke hiding his body violently exploded outwards with dry exploding sound.

Chris stood 7’6 feet tall and his current appearance was more terrifying than his bark armor several times over.

“It would seem the form I showed to Luke was incomplete, my head didn’t change and the tail looks different now, also I’m a foot taller, hmm, interesting.” [Chris]

Chris paused using Metal Swarm minions to thoroughly study his body.

“Now for the magic.” [Chris]

Lifting his left hand, black smoke gathered to form a swirling ball of smoke ten centimeters in radius with a dim white core. He through the ball of smoke, but it dissipated to nothing almost instantly.

“Interesting, there is no type of element in it maybe…” [Chris]

Chris focused his mana and separated the fire type mana then injected it into a new ball of smoke and its core became a dim fiery red. This time instead of throwing it he tried to control it like he did with his minions.

His attempt was successful, the ball moved as he wanted it to. When he detonated the smoke ball it exploded covering four meters in range.

Chris was surprised by the level of destructive power the small ball held. Chris created a wall of roots that was four meters wide, four meters tall and two meters thick. He then had a new red smoke ball crash into it, the results were a two meter deep spherical hole was carved out and the rest of the front of the wall that had been untouched by the explosion was set ablaze.

Chris continued to experiment finding that the area of effect was two meters around the explosion making the attack range up to six meters, genuinely terrifying. He also learned that by adding different elements caused different effects on the area around the explosion; water fired icicles, lighting did a chain effect, air disintegrated anything in the area, and earth petrified everything.

After being in the Exterminator Form for three hours, he had finished his experimentation and decide to switch to the Subjugating Form .

Again his body made a groaning sound as it changed; Chris’ body thinned, his head became longer with two large horns grow from his brow and curving backwards along the side of his head, he no longer had lips to hide his sharp fangs, his eye sockets now were on the sides of his head, his nose became two holes on his face, two extra arms sprouted from his shoulders, his scales had changed to light grey skin, he no longer had spikes on his back and his tail morphed to be rather slender and whip-like, grey bat wings emerged from his back, his claws stayed the same,  his eyes changed starting from the right side, his whites turned to a radiant gold color with a dark purple ring for irises and dark purple crosses for pupils, Finally his body began to glow with a black aura.

Inspecting his body, Chris gave himself a red-robed with silver trimmings that looked like something a king would wear.

Creating another wall of roots Chris raised his right hand and focused fire type mana. Suddenly six glowing black circular magical formations appeared in front of the wall each one produced a thick gray chain covered in a red light that started with a spear like tip. The chains wrapped around the wall, though nothing happened, after a few different ideas Chris found that the effects of the chains can be suppressed so that if Chris wanted to use the chains to capture someone without hurting them it was possible.

When he used its effect burn marks appeared on the wall. And just like before each element had a different effect.

After an hour of tests, Chris returned to his human form and looked at his next skill.

Forest Overlord’s Wings of Blurring SpeedRank 12
this skill creates wings that can increase your agility up to 150%Cost 100 MP per second
sub-skill: After Image Double - as long as the primary skill is active you can generate a copy of yourself that can act independently from the original.

Two branches sprouted from Chris’ back. The branches looked like skeletal wings until countless small leaves resembling feathers grew and covered the branches making them really look like crow wings.

Creating two doubles, astonishment cover his face. The doubles could move in different ways at the same time and even talk at the same time but say different things. With this unless his opponent has a top level sensory skill, Chris doubted anyone could tell the difference.

Forest Overlord’s Honor GuardsRank 12
Creates an Honor Guard that can attack, defend, and increase mana regenerationCost 2000 MP

Not much had changed about this skill, the ball of liquid had changed to alternate between black and white in random areas.

Along with its abilities to absorb mana and give it to Chris and fire bolts of magic like a machine gun, it now can create a circular transparent green shield two feet in radius.

Flesh ManipulationRank 12
You can change to shape of your human form at willPassive

This skill allowed Chris to change his face and grow the branch arm when he had fought the heroes. Chris felt like this new skill was amazing since he could change his appearance whenever he wanted. Chris could infiltrate any place he pleased with the right form or easily trick someone.

Left Eye of the Exterminating OverlordRank 29
Allows you to see 1 seconds into the futureToggle Passive
sealed skill: Extermination Flash – Allows you to stop time for 2 seconds

Right Eye of the Subjugation OverlordRank 29
suppresses target(s) stats by 20%Toggle Passive
sealed skill: Subjugating Pressure – within a 30 meter radius enemy(s) stats are decreased by 60% or if the gap in magical power is to great the enemy will fall under your will

Chris stopped for a moment then started to laugh. He laughed for a few minutes before regaining his carefree attitude again.

“Both these skills are so overpowered, especial in my real form.” [Chris]

Still he couldn’t get too cocky or else he might make a fatal error.

By the time he was done testing all his new skills, the sky had darkened. Using [Terra Network] to navigate the pitch-black hallways Chris made his way to his room.

He sighed with a gentle smile when he found that the usual three had fallen asleep waiting for him. Helina was the only one that was laying on the bed, Claira was face down on his desk a book in her half open right hand. Sara made him almost burst out laughing, she was sitting in his favorite red cushy chair…well, sitting wouldn’t be the right word.  Only half her body was on the chair, her waist up was off the chair hanging with a stupid smile.

Picking up the two sisters Chris brought them the bed, undressed them and cover them as well as himself with the quilt.

Closing his eyes thinking of the festival and what it would be like.

Sleep didn’t take him quickly, but after some time he finally drifted off to his dreams

While he peaceful slept little did, he know Burdock was planning something that Chris would find almost too entertaining.

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