“Forest, Trent!” [Darak]

Darak shouted while he charged Chris, Justice shining brightly. Chris’ eyes glinted with a cold light and his already wicked smile widened.

Darak swung his sword and a vertical arc of golden light was released from his sword to speed towards Chris. Easily avoiding the arc of light by sidestepping Chris then took another step backward to avoid Forests fire covered fist. Thinking he had an opportunity Trent came charging at Chris while cladded in wind. Even when he was faced with Trent’s destructive rush, Chris remained calm and moved slightly making Trent follow him. At the last second before Trent touched Chris, vanished forcing Trent to unintentionally run into Luke, who had been trying to sneak up on Chris.

“Hey, you can’t be serious is that all you got. Jeez with this amount of power you want to fight.” [Chris]

Chris mocked them while laughing lightly.

Suddenly dozens of arrows flew towards Chris at breakneck speed. Not even looking at the direction of the arrows Chris’ body continuously flickered dodging the arrows seamlessly. Turning his attention to Anna, who had a stupefied expression he again laughed.

“I guess it’s my turn huh?” [Chris]

Shooting forward Chris appear in front of Anna drop kicking her in the chest. She didn’t even have time to scream before she smashed into the wall fifteen meters away.

“You bastard!” [Stella[

Stella released a storm of fire that engulfed Chris. Stella relaxed slightly seeing Chris get caught in her [Burning Storm] , sadly she was mistaken.

With terrifying speed, Chris burst out of the flames and grabbed Stella’s shoulders in a handstand position. Continuing to us the momentum of when he rushed forward he tightened his grip on Stella’s shoulder and somersaulted, rotating four times in the air before releasing her. She smashed into the ground with ridiculous speed head first.

Chris lightly land next to Stella that had her head stuck in the ground.

He looked down at the ostrich girl and smirked. Chris didn’t want to kill them because if he did their suffering would be cut short. To him, this was just a greeting to their personal hell.

He could tell that both girls although they would be heavily injured. They could easily be healed before the festival, where Chris could again beat them to a bloody pulp.

Looking over at the remaining four Chris eyes flashed with amusement and mocked them again.

“Two down four to go.” [Chris]

Veins appeared on each of their faces, after give some orders Darak feinted left, the brother came at him head on, and Luke circled right.

Trent used [Tornado Rush] and his speed increase along with him being surrounded by a small tornado. Behind him, Forest had leaped into the air his fists were sent ablaze ready to attack Chris in combo with his brother’s skill.

“Hmph, to slow.” [Chris]

Even though Trent was roaring in rage, Chris’ icy voice echoed reaching even the spectators.

Jumping forward he used Trent as a stepping stone to fly towards Forest. Reaching Forest before he could react Chris grabbed his shirt and twisted his body throwing him at Luke. The two collided in full forces causing the two to fall and roll on the ground in a tangled mess. The two didn’t move as they both had been knocked unconscious from slamming into each other.

Chris landed gracefully still unharmed. He looked over at the now only two left.

“It better if you just surrender, with your strength you don’t have a chance. Just admit to being limp dick losers and apologized to Claira and Sara, then we’ll call it good.” [Chris]

Chris knew that Darak warped pride would never allow him to admit defeat to Chris, who was disrespecting him.

“Like hell I will, Trent lets go all out and wipe the smug smile off his face!” [Darak]
“Right!” [Trent]

Suddenly the golden aura covering Darak changed to a milky white while Trent’s skin started to turn a shade redder.


Through the cheers of the others that were rooting for Chris, Aldear was in a fit of rage.
“Those fools, to think they would go that far!” [Aldear]

He the captain was about to jump down to stop the battle when a hand touched his shoulder. Looking back Helina was looking at the battlefield her eye twinkled with excitement and if you look closely, a cold light of amusement flickered behind the twinkling.

“Don’t worry Chris had handle whatever they are doing.” [Helina]

Aldear’s eye flicked over to Prince Qin.

“If someone like her says its ok then its ok.” [Qin]

Aldear stepped back with a sigh and continued to watch the match. Sara who was beside him snickered.

“Remember Lord Aldear, Chris hasn’t even used a single skill yet.” [Sara]

Aldear’s eyes widened she was right, with newfound curiosity Aldear continued to watch.


The battles’s pace had changed since the two heroes activated their boosting skills. Though Chris already knew how the worked.

Since the heroes had taken those pills that used his blood as a stabilizer Chris was about to read the heroes’ thoughts and memories at any given time. Right now he want this fight to be won purely by his own ability, but how could he now have studied their skills beforehand.

Darak’s [Limit Breaker] skill triples his stats and powers up his other skills for four minute, however like every skill of that nature he will receive a backlash that cuts his stats down to ninety percent.

While Trent used [Raging Regeneration] that doesn’t necessarily boost his stats, but allows him to push past his limits and gain insane regenerative abilities. Like Darak’s skill in five minutes, he will enter a weakened state as well.

Though did either of these skill trouble, Chris?

Of course not.

Even with triple stats Darak was still his play toy and as for Trent.

“RAAAAAA” [Trent]

The stupid man kicked the ground sending him several feet into the air, both of his fists glowed orange. Chris who was currently quickly dodging Darak’s thrusts. Chris smirked and did a backflip into the air.

“Time to go night night dumbass.” [Chris]

Chris unleashed a barrage of punches onto Trent. In less than two seconds, Chris had landed over eighty punches to various parts of the poor idiot’s body. To finish things of Chris grabbed his legs and placed both his feet onto Trent's armpits. They then free fell quickly crashing into the earth.’

Casually stepping away from Trent looked over at Darak. He had his sword pointing backward as waves of energy came from the golden glowing sword.

“Take this my ultimate attack, [Limit Breaker: Heavenly Strike] !” [Darak]

Once the light was so bright you couldn’t even tell he was holding a sword, Darak took one step then vanished.

Reappearing in front of Chris with a crazed smile was on his face, he swung the sword vertically downwards.



A massive Explosion sent a shock wave that threatened to blow over everyone watching from the balcony.

When the dust settles two figures stood facing each other.

Behind Chris was a twenty foot long straight line gouge in the ground. But that isn’t what shocked everyone.

Chris’ thumb and index finger had black metallic scales and the vine pattern in his hand and lower arm was glowing brightly. In between his two fingers was Darak’s sword held in Chris iron grip.

Darak’s face had paled and a look of panic was seen. In desperation, he yelled while throwing a punch at Chris' face.

“You damn monster!” [Darak]

Before the crazed man’s fist was even half way to its target a group of pencil branches grew from Chris’ shoulder blade and twisted together to form a four fingered arm. The arm moved with untraceable speed and before anyone realized that the arm had grown from Chris’ back it had already grabbed Darak’s fist.

“This has gotten boring let’s end this for now.” [Chris]

Chris looking at Darak with a bored expression flickered his hand and Justice was sent flying ten feet before piercing the ground. Chris then had his extra arm pull Darak and the snap back breaking his arm as well as throwing him several meters.

Darak screamed in pain and through teared filled eyes, he looked up to see Chris already staring down at him a demonic smile on his face. Chris terrifyingly inhuman eyes add to the fear affect and Darak froze from fear.

Chris knelt down to be face to face with Darak and his smile widened.

“For five years I have waited patiently for a chance to drag you through the mud and torment you just like you did to me. So how does it feel to have the tables turned?” [Chris]

Chris saw Darak’s pained face look at him completely confused. Standing up Chris laughed smacking his head once.

“Oh yeah, when I look like this you wouldn’t recognize me.” [Chris]

Chris again knelt down and moving closer, his face suddenly change to how it looked before he came to Mithos.

“Now does this help you’re fucking tiny brain remember me?” [Chris]

Darak’s mouth dropped open and his eyes filled with understanding as well as rage.

“You fuck fat pig shit” [Darak]

Filled with rage, Darak ignored the fact that Chris had just beaten him so easily and stood while trying to throw a punch. Sadly at that moment [Limit Breaker] ended and Darak fell to the ground unable to move.

Chris put his foot on Darak’s face and rubbed it into the dirt a cold smile on his face and eyes shining with satisfaction.

“Don’t worry gutter sludge you will see me more from now on, I guarantee it.


After leaving Darak and co to the healers, Chris had casually walked over to the door that would lead out of the back courtyard. When he opened the doors, he found that close friends, the mercenary comrades, and even the servants were waiting for him. When they saw him, everyone cheered and rushed to meet him.

Apparently the entire Castle had stopped to watch the fight and everyone was not only impress but happy that Chris took down the heroes a few notches.

Quickly Chris part from the group after receiving many words of congratulations.


Later that day, Chris lay in his new room in a vast and comfortable bed.

Claira was currently studying books on ice-related spells, while Sara was learning some tricks from the castle head chief say she want to improve her cooking skills for Chris.

With both of them gone, Helina lay on the bed with him her head on his chest.

“Chris you have become every strong compared to the first time we met. Now you can even take on six lower realm S ranks without using any skills to fight back.” [Helina]

Chris snorted happily from her praise but still corrected her.

“I used a skill to create that arm that grabbed that bastard’s fist.” [Chris]

Helina sighed.

“Yes, but still that was quite impressive.”  [Helina]

Suddenly there was a knock on the door.

“Chris I was wondering if we could talk” [Rosalina]

Chris sat up and got off the bed. He opened the door and looked at Rosalina with a bored expression.

“Please come in.” [Chris]

Rosalina stepped in and took a seat in a fluffy red chair. She notices Helina glaring at her.

Helina already knew why the Royals had actually come to this year’s festival and she didn’t like the fact that they were trying to use Chris.

"Sir Galvon-“ [Rosalina]

Chris raised a hand to stop her.

“Please, Chris is fine.” [Chris]

Rosalina’s eyebrows raised for a second before continuing.

“Chris, there is a matter I would like to discuss with you.” [Roaslina]
“Oh, and what might that be?” [Chris]

Rosalina cleared her throat and tried to seem as friendly as possible.

“After today’s outstanding performance the Invictus Royal Family would like to offer you a position as a Dragon Knight.” [Rosalina]

Helina gasped in shock.

Chris looked over at her.

“Is the position of a Dragon Knight that great?” [Chris]

Helina fierily nodded.

“A Dragon Knight is a particular existence that protects the Kingdom in a dire situation. Not only are they respected, by they hold as much power in court as one of the four generals that are only second to the first general in terms of political power.” [Helina]

Hearing the information from Helina Chris closed his eyes.

After a moment, they opened again and a single word exited his mouth.

“No” [Chris]

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