The Strongest Job... Gardener?



Chapter 30: The Monster Sleeps No More


Prince Qin stepped off the stairs that extended from the building on the dragon’s back. He was followed by his younger sister Princess Rosalina. Behind her was the Heroes Darak, Forest, Trent, Stella, Anna, and Luke. The last ones to step off was Aldear and the servants that carried everyone luggage.

The group walked through the large courtyard directed by a servant.

“Hey look over there some beauties are looking at us.” [Forest]
“It would seem that we have attracted a lot of attention and not just from those girls.” [Luke]

From a balcony overlooking the courtyard Claira, Sara, and Helina stood looking down at the visitors. Their eyes held no hospitality, and on Helina’s face her rage showed. Not only them but everyone in Black Wolf who were looking from windows or other balconies were showing hostility. In one way or another they had heard about their Boss’ relationship with the heroes, although they didn’t have many details like Chris coming from another world. What they did know is that there was history between them and it wasn’t anything good.

When the group had passed Helina gripped tightened on the rail of the balcony causing cracks to form. Claira patted her back to calm her, Helina relaxed her grip slightly and looked back.

“Those bastards, there right in front of me, but I can’t do anything.” [Helina]
“It’s ok, the best thing to do is go greet them, after all I’m sure Chris would like first turn before any of us have a go.” [Claira]

As she spoke, bloodlust began to flow out of Claira.

While the servants moved the luggage to each person’s room, Qin and co were put in a waiting room with a platter of sweets and plenty of soft chairs and couches to sit on.

“Prince Qin, this place isn’t welcoming.” [Aldear]
“Yes…, I could feel the bloodlusts coming from every direction, but unless they move first don’t do anything, understood.” [Qin]
“Yes, as you command.” [Aldear]

Qin felt nervous, was the plan already going to fall through before it even began?

After a few minutes, Burdock came into the room followed by Clows and Helina. The men in the heroes group eyed Helina’s voluptuous body, to them only Rosalina was on par with the women in front of them.

Stella and Anna sighed in unison, they already know what the four of them were thinking.

“Welcome to my home Prince Qin, Princess Rosalina and this are the heroes correct?” [Burdock]
“A pleasure Lord Sennel, and who are they beside you.” [Qin]

As Qin spoke his eyes trailed Helina’s, even he had to admit she was very attractive.

“Yes, these are my son Clows and my daughter Helina.” [Burdock]
“A pleasure to meet you, Prince Qin and Princess Rosalina” [Clows + Helina]

Clows smiled seemed very natural since he was Black Wolf’s business side, he had plenty of experience talking through a mask. Helina, on the other hand, could barely restrain her anger though only Burdock and Clows noticed it, it still made them slightly nervous.

“Damn, I hoped those other two would be here as well.” [Trent] (Whisper)

Helina shot Trent a cold glare making him stiffen. Qin realizing the situation was turning back quickly made conversation.

“Lord Burdock, I heard that a week ago a group of thieves broke into your castle and caused quite a bit of damage.” [Qin]
“Yes, that’s right. Fortunately, they were taken care of before anyone was hurt.” [Burdock]

Qin’s eyes narrowed slightly, he had almost no information on the attack, but rumors say that the roar of a monster could be heard that night.

Quickly smiling, Qin spread his arms.

“If you would like, the royal family will help you with the reconstruction. In two weeks, thousands of works could be here.” [Qin]

Burdock did not give away his thoughts at all, he only spoke in a level voice.

“Ho, that is very generous of you. May I ask the reason for the offer so much help as I am able to make do with what I have?” [Burdock]

Qin remained smiling, but inwardly he clicked his tongue. From the information gathered, they knew Chris and Budock had a excellent relationship because his daughter was going to married Chris.

“There is no reason, your trade network keeps Invictus a float. If I didn’t at least offer help, I would bring dishonor to my father and the royal family.” [Qin]

Burdock suddenly laughed, Qin had impressed him if he hadn’t know his real aim Burdock would have been fooled completely.

(This lad, even though Chris is a better actor the prince isn’t that bad either.) [Burdock]

Seeing that getting Qin to accidently leak information would be difficult Burdock stood.

“I have prepared a feast for your arrival, please let us talk more over a plate of meat.” [Burdock]

Burdock Clapped his hands and Gilson entered.

“Please you majesties, Heroes, and Lord Aldear right this way.” [Gilson]

Following Gilson the group walked through the halls at a leisurely pace.

“Hey check it out, those bandits really did a number on this place.” [Stella]

The Heroes looked out the window as they walked and saw the destroyed part of the castle. Works were everywhere placing bricks, moving rubble, along with other things. Burdock couldn’t help but laugh because he knew what actually happened.

“Miss Stella, that was not caused by the thieves, but by the one who killed them.” [Burdock]

Qin’s eyes flashed seeing an opportunity.

“Oh, to do that he must be powerful would you let me meet him, I wish to show my gratitude for fending off the thieves without letting anyone getting hurt.” [Qin]
“If you wish, I can bring you to him later, for right now he is busy.” [Helina]

Helina’s sudden answer started Qin, looking back with a gentle smile he nodded.

“Yes, I would like that.” [Qin]

Darak, wanting to get a chance to talk to Helina walked up to her.

“Oh, is this man so important that he makes a prince want. If that is the case, I would like to meet him as well.” [Darak]
“Hmph, don’t worry you will meet him in due time. I’m sure he would like to meet a “Hero” such as yourself” [Helina]

The venom in Helina’s words took many people by surprise, especial Darak, he didn’t think he had done anything that would anger her.

After walking a short ways, the double doors to a large dining room were before them. Opening the doors, Gilson led the group inside. The table was covered with extravagant food and many servants were on standby along the wall waiting to be of service to anyone that need them.

“Helina, come sit with us.” [Claira]

Inside already sitting at the table was Claira and Sara sitting one seat apart. They were wearing casual clothes, Claira was wearing a dark blue blouse and a matching skirt with black leggings and high heels, her hair left loose. Sara was wearing a simple fiery red summer dress along with white leggings and her hair done in a ponytail that reached her waist. Both girls had light matchup and a leave hanging earring on the opposite ears.

Helina walked over and to Qin’s group slight surprise sat not between the two sisters, but beside Sara leaving the seat in the middle of them open.

“Woah, elves that to awesome.” [Luke]

All the guys’ lustful eyes were fixed on the sisters. The girls being elves surprised him, but it didn’t change that they were beautiful. To the side both Stella and Anna scowled, they were already frustrated about Helina. They were used to being the most attention-grabbing girls in the room. If they were, they would make it so they were, sadly since Helina was Burdock’s daughter they knew that there was nothing Stella and Anna could do. But those elves were a different story.

After a short game of rock paper scissors, Darak won the right to take the seat between the girls.

Walking over triumphantly, he pulled back the chair and was about to sit when.

“What are you doing?” [Claria]
“Is something the matter?” [Darak]
“Yes, that seat is reserved, so get lost.” [Sara]

Darak’s eyes narrowed, among the hero’s group he was the best at pretending to be polite, still being rude for what seemed like no reason ticked him off.

“What is your problem, I didn’t know that the seat was reserved, so there is no need to be rude.” [Darak]

Qin was about to say something to try and calm everyone down when Claira spoke first, he voice icy.

“Forgive my sister, she is not good dealing with idiots.” [Claira]

Everyone was taken aback by Claira’s words, even the ones on Chris’ side. None of them had heard Claira talk so coldly before. While most were stunned by the turn of events, Darak became enraged, he never let anyone speak to him disrespectfully not matter how little was said.

“You damn elf bitch are you looking to be beaten!” [Darak]

Darak reached for Claira and many people started to react. But before anyone could a pressure brought everyone from the Darak’s party to their knees, except for Aldear, but one could tell he still was having difficulty standing.

“What is this?” [Rosalina]

Qin with effort looking over at the people at Chris’ group, seeing that they were unaffected he grimaced

“I think the foolish “Hero” has gone and enraged the one that we were sent to meet.

Rosalina grew frustrated, why must the “heroes” ruin everything.

Suddenly the pressure vanished

“Where do you think you’re going, bitch!?” [Darak]

When Claira and the other two girls got up to walk to the door, Darak had grabbed her wrist. Claira looked at him and a wicked smile appeared on her face.

“I would let go if I were you, if not you may end up dead.” [Claira]

Darak fixed her with a danger gaze.

Suddenly the double door burst open and a man walked in, his mouth twisted into a cold smile.

“Yo, pops I didn’t realize that you were haveing company.” [Chris]


In Chris’ room, the cocoon was shaking and the colored veins were pulsing at quicker every second. Finally, the cocoon creaked and vines slow exited the creak, then forcefully pushing the creak wider until it had opened by 120 degrees.

With the vines retracting and formed his arms. Created a Metal Swarm minion he used them as a mirror to look over his body through them.

He was butt naked not that really mattered to him. He had grown to inch taller making him 6’6 feet tall. His hair had grown past his shoulders, though it was still a dark red color the last half inch was now green, not a light green but bright enough to be noticeable compared to the dark red. His body had gained a little more muscle, just enough for someone to notice a slight change. His eyes were now had a crosses for pupils, his left was a dark purple while his left was a bright green. His nails on his hands and feet had transform to look more like claws. Green vine tribal tattoos curved and twist over every part of his body looking like enlarged veins.

After checking his body, Chris opened his status page.

Status Page
Name: Chris GelvonRace: Forest Overlord (Sealed)
Lv: 107EXP: 88504 / 100300
Age: 17Gender: Male
Job: Combat GardenerCombative Rank: S (Middle Realm { 1st stage} )

Troll Killer, Variant Slayer, One Accepted by Nature, Monster of the Forest, Chosen of the Five Elemental Gods, Lady Killer, Unintentional Harem Maker, Tyrannical Forest Emperor, One Man Army, Poison Expert, Overlord of the Forest , One of a Kind

HP 23000 / 23000MP 85200 / 85200
Str: 15200Agi: 18550
Def: 10510Magic: 21030
Luck: 210Charm: 350

Generate Plant MinionRank: 7
Generate Advanced Plant MinionRank: 3
Emperor of the Green ArmyRank: 7
Extreme GrowthRank: Max
Battle StateRank: Max
AnalyzeRank: Max
Terra NetworkRank: 43
Cage of ThornsRank: 32
True Form of the Forest OverlordRank: Max
Overlord’s EmpireRank: 18
Vegetation AbsorptionRank: 59
Forest Overlord’s Wings of Blurring SpeedRank: 12
Burning BloodRank: 31
Lightning Leaf ArrowsRank: 26
Aqua GuardRank: 23
Spore CloudRank: 13
Forest Overlord’s Honor GuardsRank: 14
Elemental Poison ClawsRank: 17
Five Elements Refined BodyRank: 4
Flesh ManipulationRank: 12
Left eye of the Exterminating OverlordRank: 29
Right eye of the Subjugation OverlordRank: 29

Chris laughed to himself, doing so he subconsciously released an immense pressure.

“Well, then I guess it’s time to get the reunion started.” [Chris]

As Chris walked out of the room, his skin trembled and clothes started to form. An unzipped dark green hoodie with a skull symbol on his back. The skull resembled a tree growing from a pool of water with lava flowing out of the skull tree eyes and mouth along with lightning bolts coming from clouds that looked to be striking the tree. He also wore a pair of loose-fitting black jeans and a crimson red belt.

Chris decided not to make a shirt or shoes because he like the sensation of his bare feet touching the ground and the wind on his chest.

Slowly making his way he continued to release his pressure right up until he got to the door of the room with everyone in it.

Opening the door Chris walked into the room. Though he wore a calm and mocking face inside he was barely able to contain himself.

After so long his former classmates and bullies stood in front of him.

Seeing Darak grasping Claira wrist he frowned. Instantly the crushing pressure from a moment ago was directed at Darak.

“Let go of her or would you rather tear your arm off and beat you with it?” [Chris]

Chris’ voice was so cold that the temperature in the room dropped a few degrees. Instinctively Darak released his Grip on Claira, Chris inhuman eyes was what sent Darak over the edge. Everyone saw danger in those eyes, they looked merciless like his stare alone was made to kill.

While the others were slightly scared of Chris’ appearance Claira along with Helina and Sara walked over to Chris. Each girl gave him a hug, it was easy to tell that they were extremely happy to see him.

“Jeez, two months you have been asleep, two whole months.” [Helina]
“Well, at least he finally woke up.” [Claira]
“Look at your body, damn, you even got taller, and what’s with the tattoos.” [Sara]

After a short inspection of his changed body, Chris made them continue later in a more private space.

Chris continued to chat with the girls while walking over to the dinner table. Sitting down each of them grabbed a plate of food and started eating like they were the only ones in the room.

The four merrily ate, until Helina and Sara got into an argument about whose turn it was to feed Chris, who sat back with a wry smile. A rabbit isn’t going to get involved in a fight between tigers.

Darak and co had start to go over to where Chris sat, obvious they planned to start something. They could tell Chris was powerful, but if they worked together then had confident in winning a fight. Not only that Darak said to the others that when they had beaten Chris to a pulp the girls that clung to him would be theirs, since the man that gave them confidence have been utterly defeated in front of them.

Before they had even taken three steps, Aldear coughed and warmed them I an irritated tone.

“Remember what Princess Qin said about not starting trouble?” [Aldear]

Darak spun around his eye red with rage.

“But Aldear that bastard, he!” [Darak]
“I don’t care now go sit and eat peacefully or else all of you will be one thousand pushups with the five hundred pound boulder.” [Aldear]

Darak and co flinch when they heard the pushups they had to do and went to go sit down. Still the group glared at Chris and after a few minutes a smile appeared on Chris’ face for a moment before he glared back.

“If you have to say something then say it. Don’t just sit there glaring like some spineless fucking cowards or is that just what you are.” [Chris]
“What was that!?” [Luke]

Luke stood and fixed Chris with a mad stare.

“What are you deaf as well as stupid, I call you a bunch of worthless cowards that can’t even talk back properly.” [Chris]

Luke trembled with rage along with the rest. Suddenly the girl joined in with Chris.

“Hahaha, you know what they say about men with short tempers…that they are just pissed that they are tiny down where it counts.” [Helina]
“It’s ok, after all with how ugly they are no women would willingly be with them.” [Claira]

The men could no longer contain themselves and stood drawing their swords.

“You damn sluts watch what you say or I make you see just how small I am.” [Darak]
“Yeah, we should just kill all of you, but only after satisfying ourselves.” [Trent]

Under the lustful as well as anger gazes of the four men, Helina and Claira didn’t even bat an eye. Seeing that the two show no sign of fear Darak’s anger reach its peak and without warning swung his sword releasing a golden arc of energy.

Before the arc had made, it have way Aldear stepped in front of it and with his sword split it into.

“You fucking brat, to use an attack like [Holy Blade] like that have you any idea how much damaged you would have caused.” [Aldear]
“But, those damn-“ [Darak]
“Oi” [Chris]

Both Aldear and the hero’s group turned to look at Chris. Bloodlust leaked from him like a flood that drowned everyone in an uneasy feeling.

“If you want to fight, then lets fight. I have had enough of your attitude oh great “Heroes”.” [Chris]
“Now see here, let us just stop this and continue with our meal.” [Qin]

Qin again tried to mediate the situation before it got out of hand. Though it didn’t look like it was working Qin was about to continue when someone spoke up.

“Brother just let them fight.” [Rosalina]

Qin looked at her in surprise, but when their eye meet he understood.

This was to test Chris capabilities.

If he could defeat six other S ranks that would be an impressive feat. Also if Qin played his cards right, the situation could work in his favor.

“Very well, I am fine with it, do as you like.” [Qin]

Rosalina really wanted to test Chris, she just wanted the Heroes to receive a “friendly” beating in hopes it would make them less arrogance and more restraint in their actions.


Five minutes later in the back courtyard that was used for training stood Chris on one side and the six heroes on the other.

The courtyard was very simple the training area was a thirty wide and forth meter long rectangle meant to fit several sparring matches at once. Around the south side was the castle with a balcony that oversaw the whole place, which is where the ones not participating stood.

“Aldear what are the chances of the heroes winning?” [Qin]

Aldear scratch his chin before replying.

“I’d say around 80%, even if he I’d say he is an S rank of the Lower Realm 3rd stage, all six of the heroes are S ranks so it’s very possible for them to win.” [Aldear]
“Lord Aldear, with all due respect the heroes have a 0% chance of winning.” [Helina]

Both Aldear and Qin turned to look at Helina, who was standing with Claira and Sara.

“Ho, what makes you say that young lady Sennel?” [Aldear]

This time it was Sara who answered with a voice of pure confidence.

“Because Chris is much stronger than he appears.” [Sara]

Suddenly the heroes released their killer intent in mass quantities.

“It seems the fight is beginning.” [Clows]

Everyone focused on the training field to watch the battle that would surely be epic.

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