The Strongest Job... Gardener?



Chapter 29: While the Monster Sleeps III


One day after the kidnap attempt on Mia. Everyone had gathered to discuss yesterday’s event.

“From what found, those men used a kind of teleportation spell to enter the room unnoticed.” [Clows]

Claira’s eyebrows knitted together, her mouth dropped down.

“Those were the Earl’s men.” [Claira]

Ostan slammed his hand onto the table leaving a few cracks. Bloodlust flowed out of him, his eyes were red with anger. He clenched his teeth and stood looking at Burdock he snarled.

“First it was Chris, now Mia, we have to make a move against the Earl! I for one don’t want to wait and let him make another attempt to harm us!” [Ostan]

Everyone but Burdock nodded.

Burdock exhaled deeply and tapped the table with one hand while the other supported his chin. After a moment, the fat man’s eyes flashed with a dangerous light and stood.

“Boy, your right, that man has had enough fun.” [Burdock]

He then walked to the door, before he left Helina called out to him.

“Where are you going Father, we are still in the middle of the information meeting.” [Helina]

He turned around to face the seated group, everyone saw a mighty fire of resolve burning in his eyes.

“I'm going start preparing, continue without me.” [Burdock]

The door gently shut behind him, quickly the meeting resumed.

“From are spies in the capital, they report it would seem that Chris has become a hot topic. The Royals and heroes depart the capital four days ago, they will be arriving in five days by dragon carriage. When they do get here, their plan is to somehow bring Chris to their side.” [Clows]

Everyone almost burst out laughing.

“Yeah, like that will happen.” [Helina]
“I think he will sooner try to kill them since the heroes will be there.” [Sara]

While everyone joked about the situation, Claira became the voice of reason.

“If he does fight them it will only lead to trouble you all know that and so does Chris.” [Claira]

Her words sobered the group, embarrassed the meeting resumed yet again. Clows cleared his throat and continued the meeting.

“The real problem right now is Earl Ginmer. For some reason any spies we send to his palace are almost immediately found and killed, so right now we have no information on what he is planning.” [Clows]

Several clicks of the tongue could be heard in the meeting room, Den then came up with an idea.

“I will go the thieves guild if I offer them enough I'm sure will get information on the Earl. After all the thieves guild has many experts, that are more skill at spying than any man we could send.” [Den]

Clows nodded.

“Every well, go as quickly as possible.” [Clows]
“Of course, I will return once the deal has been struck.” [Den]

Den quickly got up and left.

Other minor detail were discussed such about the festival as well as increasing the guard near Chris room and double the patrols until he woke up.

The final topic was the reconstruction of more than a fourth of the castle that was destroyed in the battle yesterday.

Clows sighed, his frustration apparent. Because of the incident thousands of gold in repairs had accrued. Clows being the financial aid to his father couldn’t help but cry when he saw the total cost.

With everything over the people began to leave in groups. Helina, Glen, Lily, and Ostan went to go spar while Claira, Sara, Mia headed to Chris’ room to perform a checkup.

The room had been cleared and somewhat repaired. Claira sat on a stool by the cocoon pressing her hands against it as the white aura flowed over it.

Off in the corner sat Sara and Mia in large heavily padded chairs watching to make sure nothing goes wrong.

“Sara, Chris is a scary and cruel person so why did he save me?” [Mia]

Sara turned to her eyes slightly widened.

“What do you mean, the monster was the one that saved you.” [Sara]
“Yes, but I felt Chris was somehow controlling it even with his mind asleep, I believe his soul awake for just that time.” [Mia]

Thought Sara didn’t completely understand she figured it meant Chris had save Mia. Chuckling Sara leaned back in her chair.

“Chris is a cruel person to the ones he hates, but to the people he cares about he would sacrifice his life without a second thought.” [Sara]
“The people he cares about…you mean I’m someone he cares about?” [Mia]

Sara nodded.

“Chris is a complicated person, his feelings are not easy to read. Though I know he sees you as someone important as Ostan’s sister and as a gentle young girl.” [Sara]

Mia blushed slightly, she hadn’t thought Chris paid her any attention, but it seemed that he still thought of her as someone worth protecting.


In a large white space, the six heroes and Aldear were clashing in a sparring match.

Darak held his holy sword, Justice , a two-handed longsword that glowed with a faint golden light. Rushing forward he struck at Aldear who parried his attack with a short sword. Behind him Forest (Note: I have changed Glen’s name to Forest to keep from confusing people later since there is a Glen in Chris’ group) and Trent came from the right and left, their spike gauntlets glowed orange.

[Mountain Crushing Strike] !” [Forest + Trent]

The air around the brothers’ fist distorted slightly as they aimed for Aldear’s back. Reacting quickly Aldear rotated and tilted his shield to block both fists. Typically the shield would have been shattered by the force of the brothers’ attack, but Aldear had poured mana into his shield increasing its durability several times.

“Not done yet!” [Stella]

A storm of fire engulfed Aldear at the same time a rain of arrows fell from the sky. Still Aldear swept his shield clearing the fire at the same time a transparent blue barrier appear around Aldear blocking the arrows.

Suddenly Luke burst through the smoke swinging downwards while his katana crackles with lightning.


As the sword met Aldears barrier cracks form, but it didn’t break.

“Not good enough brats!” [Aldear]
“We’ll see about that! [Heavenly Strike] !” [Darak]

Dropping from the sky Darak’s sword was shining brightly and a trail of light followed it. Slashing at Aldear’s Barrier the strike shattered the barrier and just before the sword landed a blow on Aldear the white space vanished.

Everyone was now sitting in a small room with large comfortable chairs and a table covered in snacks was in the center. In Aldears hand was a white cube looked to be made of some sort of crystal.

The crystal device was call a Dimension Box . depending on the size of the crystal it could create a space that can house objects or can be used for things like a mobile training environment.

Right now, the group was riding on a fifty meter long red colored dragon, in a six rooed building attached to its back.

Dragon carriages were only for royalty or extremely wealthy individuals. Because to breed and train the dragons was insanely difficult, as well as expensive to keep them feed.

The building was one story and each room was about twenty by fifteen feet and were placed to form a rectangle.  The front two room were the kitchen and the living room were the passengers sat. The next two were sleeping quarters and the last two were a storage space for luggage and the other was the servant's bedroom.

“Good work your team work is getting even better right now I suspect you could take on some that was in the 3rd stage of the lower realm, now let me see your status pages.” [Aldear]

Obediently the heroes while breathing heavy waved their hands and six status pages popped into his vision.

[td2] Age: 18
Status Page
Name: Darak TeltenRace: Human
Lv: 140EXP: 48345 / 129930 /td2]
Gender: Male
Job: HeroCombative Rank: S (Lower Realm { 1st stage} )

Champion of Aurora, Hero of Light, Wielder of the Holy Sword, Corrupted Hero, Rapist, Lecherous Fiend

HP 19300 / 21050MP 17100 / 18400
Str: 10300Agi: 12350
Def: 9350Magic: 7950
Luck:  110Charm: 230

Holy BladeRank: 27
Heavenly StrikeRank: 22
Holy Battle AuraRank: 23
Heavenly StepsRank: 25
Limit BreakerRank: Max
Healing FlashRank: 21

Status Page
Name: Forest GoboRace: Human
Lv: 119EXP: 32604 / 118950
Age: 17Gender: Male
Job: Elemental BrawlerCombative Rank: S (Lower Realm { 1st stage} )

Champion of Aurora, Wrathful Twin, Raging Beast, Rapist

HP 21300 / 25500MP 9400 / 10500
Str: 14050Agi: 10050
Def: 14950Magic: 6470
Luck: 140Charm: 90

Fire PummelRank: 23
Lightning PalmRank: 17
Tornado RushRank: 21
Mountain Crushing StrikeRank: 22
Raging RegenerationRank: 25

Status Page
Name: Trent GoboRace: Human
Lv: 119EXP: 32604 / 118950
Age: 17Gender: Male
Job: Elemental BrawlerCombative Rank: S (Lower Realm { 1st stage} )

Champion of Aurora, Wrathful Twin, Raging Beast, Rapist

HP 21300 / 25500MP 9400 / 10500
Str: 14050Agi: 10050
Def: 14950Magic: 6470
Luck: 140Charm: 90

Fire PummelRank: 23
Lightning PalmRank: 17
Tornado RushRank: 21
Mountain Crushing StrikeRank: 22
Raging RegenerationRank: 25

Status Page
Name: Stella GoodmanRace: Human
Lv: 116EXP: 28402 / 103560
Age: 16Gender: Female
Job: Fire WitchCombative Rank: S (Lower Realm { 1st stage} )

Champion of Aurora, Pyromaniac, Black Hearted Spender, One Who Is Ugly on the Inside

HP 14250/ 15250MP 13400 / 14500
Str: 5580Agi: 8350
Def: 4250Magic: 13520
Luck: 120Charm: 210

Burning StormRank: 19
Fire Ball BarrageRank: 17
Twister of FlamesRank: 20
Blazing ShieldRank: 22
Double CastingRank: 25

Status Page
Name: Anna BertsoonRace: Human
Lv: 112EXP: 3825 / 122560
Age: 16Gender: Female
Job: War DruidCombative Rank: S (Lower Realm { 1st stage} )

Champion of Aurora, Bow Master, Servant of the Witch, Hidden Glutton

HP 10350 / 10350MP 10450 / 12520
Str: 4735Agi: 10200
Def: 5350Magic: 12430
Luck: 120Charm: 210

Enchanted VolleyRank: 21
Power ShotRank: 20
Healing WaveRank: 18
Triple FireRank: 22
Eyes of the Sky HunterRank: 23

Status Page
Name: Luke MaxferRace: Human
Lv: 137EXP: 23820 / 113200
Age: 18Gender: Male
Job: Swordsman of ThunderCombative Rank: S (Lower Realm { 1st stage} )

Champion of Aurora, Lightning Strike, Serious One, Rapist, Unhonorable One

HP 13550/ 13550MP 8650 / 9510
Str: 12550Agi: 15510
Def: 5750Magic: 6540
Luck: 130Charm: 150

Lightning FlashRank: 24
Thunder StanceRank: 20
Lightning StanceRank: 20
Storm ChargeRank: 21
Blades of LightningRank: 27

Looking at the stats of the hero’s group, Aldear snorted and wore a joyous smile.

(These brats are growing fast, by the time of the Twin Swords Tournament they could enter the middle realm. If only something could be done about their personalities) [Aldear]

Sighing Aldear looked out the window and his eyes clouded.

Even though he was the Captain of the Guards, The King had ordered him to accompany the 1st Prince and 3rd Princess to Kelros. Sawa was worried at since they had no idea how strong Chris would be after emerging from the cocoon. Gervine had speculated that the cocoon was some sort of state of empowerment, so if things turned violent someone like Aldear might be needed.

“Is something wrong Luke, did you get one of those headaches again.” [Qin]

Luke nodded while pressing his hand to his forehead and groaning in pain.

Ever since Gervine had given the hero’s group the growth stimulating pill at random times one of them would hear a ringing sound and sometimes a voice. Each time it would cause a headache and each time they said that it felt like something was probing their mind, searching their head for something. Gervine had come to the concussion that the headaches was due to the group’s quick growth and the effect would subside over time.

Luke grunted in pain and a demonic voice rang in his head.

“Hehe, soon you will suffer for what you have done. Even if you beg for forgiveness and you receive it, the pain won't stop. Hahahahahaha” [Demonic Voice]

Luke trembled and began to cry out in fear.

“Shut up damn, you’re not real. Even if you are, I will find you and kill you.” [Luke]

The voice chuckled, and a black smoke clad creature rose up from the carpet in front of Luke. The Creature was 6’6 feet tall and had broad shoulders. It wasn't too muscular, but it wasn’t scrawny, it had three sets of horns that curled back then up to look roughly like a crown. It had long arms and legs with long claws at the end. A long thin whip-like tail swayed from side to side, covered in rows of spikes running along it and ended with a long sharp tip that resembled a serated spearhead. Along its spine, a series of spikes ran down and ended at its tail. A set of skeletal dragon wings were folded on its back, the webbing looked to made of weird shaped feather, if one had to guess they looked more like leaves than feathers. The last part and the most terrifying part of the demon was it’s. They were pitch black with the irises being a bright green ring, its pupils were crosses of the same light green color. The demon’s eyes seem to pierce through Luke and read his every thought.

The demon leaned in, its lips drew back to reveal rows of sharp teeth. Once it was only inches from Luke’s face it chuckled and in its rough inhuman voice, it spoke.

“I am real, and you don’t have to come find me because soon I will be coming to find you very soon. So try and kill me when the time comes, I look forward to your wasted efforts.” [Demon]

Luke was frozen in place in making a sound, he had wet himself he was so afraid.

The demon drew back and let out a hearthy laugh, then it fix Luke with a gaze filled with blood lust. A nightmare inducing smile form on its already horrifying face and it silently reached down pointing one of its two-inch long claws at Luke’s face.

The slowly its dagger like nail came closer to Luke’s right eye. Luke Tried to move but he was held in place by a msyertious force.

“Please, forgive me, I don’t know what I did to make you do this, but please forgive me.” [Luke]

The claw retracted, Luke heaved a sigh of relief.

Suddenly the demon thrusted his nail into Luke’s eye. He screamed in pain as the demon churred his claw before removing it along with Luke’s eye.

“I told you, even if you beg for forgiveness the pain wouldn’t stop, now then lets continue.” [demon]

“AAAH, it hurts, my eye! Get away! Damnit stop laughing, AAAAAHH NOOOO my eyes!” [Luke]

Suddenly Luke screamed and thrashed around while clutching his eyes. Everyone who was already calling out to him stepped back, except for Aldear who garbed Luke and shouted at him.

“Get a hold of yourself boy, nothing here and your eyes isn’t hurt!” [Aldear]

After a few minutes of Luke continuing to try escaping Aldear’s embrace, Rosalina flicked her hand and a needle appeared in it.

“Everyone hold him still.” [Rosalina]

Though her voice was soft, it held a great deal of commanding force.

When Luke had been completely restrained Rosalina pierce his neck, instantly he relaxed and passed out.

The five heroes looked at Rosalina with shock and awe, they hadn’t expected the usual quiet and gentle looking princess to have such a skill.

Rosalina returned to her seat and picked up one of the books she had brought along so she didn’t have to make conversation.

Darak tried to make conversation with Rosalina by asking about what she just did, but she as usual ignored him and continued reading. Seeing Darak get slightly frustrated Qin explained in her place.

“My sister’s job is Grand Medical Expert, it allows her to learn any kind of medical related technique almost instantly as well as give her a very wide array of healing and support spells.” [Qin]

Nodding not really that interested Darak returned to his chair and slumped down.

Two hours later, guards had come in and replace the piss stained chair with a fresh one, while who was still asleep was taken to be washed by some servants to the private quarters which had a bathtub.

Suddenly, Stella excitedly shouted while looking out the window.

“Look there it is, Kelros city, tell the driver to hurry I want to go shopping already.” [Stella]

Stella outburst caused Rosalina, Qin, and Aldear to frown. The amount of money Stella has spent on shopping could pay for a lower noble family’s year budget ten times over and still have some change.

“Stella remember we are here for the festival to test everyone skills, not spend money on clothes.” [Aldear]

Stella frown and whisper under her breath, “Miserly old man”.

Aldear was about to say something when the room shifted and a female servant entered.

“We are descending now, we will arrive at Kelros Castle in a few minutes.”

Qin nodded and waved his hand signaling her to leave.

Waiting until the servant left Qin look at the group of heroes.

“Now listen, we are staying with Lord Burdock Sennel. Please do not anger him for he holds tremendous influential power in the kingdom if something happens it will be difficult to defend you.” [Qin]

He waited for the Heroes show that they understood then he continued.

“Also there is a young man Rosalina and I are here to see, I asked that you are polite to him as well.” [Qin]

Hearing her brother talk about Chris, Rosalina flinched.

Suddenly a jolt was felt and the dragon let out a small roar.

“It seems we have land, now come along and remember what I told you.” [Qin]

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