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Chapter 27: While the Monster Sleeps I


Alright I changed the DNA thing to something a little more believable

Earl Ginmer sat on a large extravagant throne, he rubbed his chin. A burly man was kneeling before him, he had just finished his report to the Earl.

“I see, so the boy has entered some sort of empowerment state. Hmm, it must have something to do with the [Five Elemental Core] ” [Earl Ginmer]

His long thin fingers tapped the throne. The Earl was dressed in an expensive white robe that had gold trimming and several jewels sew into the color. A small golden crown rested on his head, a large diamond was set on the front of the crown while other very precious gems circled around it.

The Earl’s appearance oozed wealth.

“Milord Earl, should I proceed to capture the catalyst?” [Burly man]

Ginmer stopped rubbing his chin and looked at the man.

“No, the catalyst is Sennel’s domain, one wrong move, and the consequences could be too great.” [Ginmer]
“Then, what shall me and my men do for now Earl Ginmer?” [man]

Ginmer closed his eye while thinking. Slowly opening them he again looked at the still kneeling man, a wicked smile formed on his wrinkly old face.

“For now, have your men observe, only if you get an opportunity where there is zero chance of you being found, then capture the catalyst.” [Ginmer]
“Understood” [man]

The man stood, bow, and left the chamber.

Once the Earl no longer could hear footsteps he stood and made his wait to a wall with the picture of a beautiful black haired women dressed in a wedding dress.

He lightly touch the face of the women and click echoed. Suddenly the wall retreated and move to one side revealing a secret room.

Bookshelves were on every side of the room, fill to the brim with old books and scroll. The floor was covered with scattered papers and varies magical seals. In the center of the messy old room a woman sat, her arms in chains that hung from the ceiling.

Walking up to the women Ginmer gingerly stroked her cheek, but there was no reaction. The woman’s eyes were dead though she was alive it was like her soul had left her body.

“Soon, Pertrisha, soon my work will be complete and your children will be the key. Doesn’t that make you happy?” [Ginmer]

Though her eyes didn’t change, tears started to fall. The Earl ignored the tears and with the snap of his fingers a bed rose from under neither the women. Lying the women on the bed, Earl Ginmer began to relieve himself of his frustrations able having to wait.


“Sister, it has been two weeks, do you think Chris will ever wake up.” [Sara]

Sara sat at Chris’ bedside holding his hand trying to find even the smallest change. Claira, who was on the other side performing her daily checkup, looked up at her sister.

“Don’t talk like that, you know as well as I do that Chris is more stupor than five thousand Steel Scaled Mules.” [Claira]

She looked at her depressed little sister who was still not convinced.

“Sara, I told you that the reason Chris is like this is because there is a large quantity of wild mana inside him. Well, every day the amount of wild mana grows small and at the same time his own mana increases. I suspect that when he finally wakes up, his power will be taken to a whole new level.” [Claira]

Sara’s eyes brightened a little, just then the door swung open with Ostan and Mia entering the room.

“How is he today?” [Ostan]
“Better, at the rate the wild mana is being absorbed, I’d say in two to three weeks he will have completely absorbed all of it.” [Claira]

Nodding Ostan looked at Chris, his face was calm.

“Damn, even will we are all worried about him, he can still wear that stupid calm smile of his.” [Ostan]

After a short chat, Claira and Sara left the room leaving Ostan and Mia to stay and watch over him. Mia had always been afraid of Chris, even now she was afraid of the man that had displayed so much power and had tried to kill her.

But, having spent time with him when she was with her brother, it had lessened a bit. Now, seeing Chris like this Mia wonder why she was still afraid of him.

Three days later.

Burdock was reading a letter delivered to him from the royal palace. As he read the letter, his blood ran cold. He had heard the hatred Chris had for the hero’s group, with the letter saying they were coming to participate in The Steel Blood Festival Burdock couldn’t help but be worried.

Still, even though he had only spoken to Chris a few times, he could tell Chris wasn’t a rash man. He would make a place before attacking and that is what Burdock feared. If he assaulted the heroes in the presence of two people from the royal family, it would become very difficult.

Even though, it would be impossible to protect Chris, there would still be a few repercussions. Sighing, the pudgy man leaned back in his chair. He personally blamed himself for what happened to Chris. Though it was Chris fault for absorbing too much at once, he was the one would gave him too much in the first place.

Looking out the window he saw several groups sparring. One Group consisted of The snowflake elf sisters against the spiritmancer siblings. The other groups were Clows against Lily and Helina versus Glen and Den. Everyone was working hard so when Chris woke up they could show that they hadn’t just sat around worried. Even everyone from Black Wolf had joined in, and since contacting the rest of the men scattered in Kelros, the band of 80+ mercenaries exploded to over 300.

“That boy, even when he is taking a nap he can cause this, hmph, he will go far I just know it.” [Burdock]


“Again!” [Aldear]
“HAAAAA!” [Darak]

Since learning about Chris condition, Gervine secretly acquired a sample of Chris blood by bribing a made. Through his research, he had discover that his hunch of Chris gathering the [Five Elemental Fragments] was correct. Unlike most mages, Gervine had felt the pureness of a fragment before. When he felt the mana coming from Chris through one of the special features of the vision stone that was in the meeting room’s table. He was almost positive about the fragments, only rare kind of jobs could sense the fragments without having any knowledge of them. Earl Ginmer was an example his job [Elemental Magus Lord] allowed him to feel the pureness of the fragments mana like Gervine.

With the knowledge that the fragments were in Chris body, Gervine had spies follow him. Now he had discovered that the abnormal amount of wild mana inside of Chris was merging with the fragments causing the fragments to evolve. So he wanted to be prepared and had Aldear push the heroes harder. With Gervine’s assistance, the Heroes also receive a growth stimulating pill. Why he avoid using is that there would be side effects later, but by using the pure mana in Chris blood sample. he was able to use it as a base to to stablize the medical herbs that mixes with magic in the pill. Using this themed Gervine was able to perfect the pill.


Rosalina Stared out the window, she twirled her golden hair with her finger. She was sitting at her desk, a small stack of papers was on her left. The papers contained the new information of Chris, sadly only a little more on his background was revealed by questioning to some of the maids that attendant his lovers.

Other than that they had dug up quite a bit of info on his movements since around four months ago. As Rosalina read the papers, she had become disgusted by Chris actions. His cruelty and lack of concern for others lives made her blood boil. Thought after rereading the reports a few times, she could understand why he did most of it. To protect himself and the ones he cared about Chris became a monster. Even through understanding why she still couldn’t turn a blind eye.

“Do we really have to try and make a man like him an ally?” [Rosalina]

Though when she thought about it, Chris was better than the “heroes”. While they were being pushed to train harder, the group caused less trouble, it still was disgraceful behavior.

Just two days again, Darak had caused an uproar by brutally beaten a nobleman's son in a fight over the noblemen’s son saying something to Darak when he was mistreating a servant. The amount of compensation for that matter wasn’t light to put it mildly. If it was for the fact that Invictus need their power, Rosalina was sure her father would have banished them if not hung them for their actions.

Rosalina sighed again, wishing this whole thing about heroes and Chris would just disappear.[/b]

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