Kelros, a beautiful city of epic proportions. The city is separated into four rings and a centerpiece.

The centerpiece is where the Sennel family lives, Kelros Castle. White walls surround a large courtyard, inside it was furnished with high quality wooden, leather, silk, and fur furniture.

The next ring was where all the nobles and wealthy merchants lived. Manor after Manor lined the well-decorated streets. Magical lanterns hung on poles just like a street pole back on earth, while gorgeous patches of flowers and trees created a scene that spoke of being a higher class.

Going outwards the three rings were separated into gold, silver, and copper rings. Each ring had a different level of quality, such as the copper has shops and restaurants priced for commoners. The silver ring was for merchants and wealthier commoner while the gold ring was for nobles and very wealthy individuals. Because of the level of business that each ring receives the farther out you go, the bigger the ring gets in width. For example while the gold ring has only one lane of shops, the silver ring is split in half allowing to lanes of stores while the copper ring had four lanes.


As soon as The Black Wolf Mercenaries enter Kelros, Helina led them to Kelros Castle. Arriving at the front gate a single guard was stationed in a small bunker-like building. Although only one could be seen, with his mental 3D map he could see seven more hiding. It seemed that in front of the guards were hatches that looked like stone.

This was a clever tactic if an enemy didn’t have a sensory skill or some other way to find the hidden guards they would blinding attack thinking there was only that one guard. However, when they came into range the hatches would open and the guard would take their crossbows and rain hell on the enemy.

When the group approached the gate, the guard his hand and shouted for them to stop.

“Halt, this is Kelros Castle you need permission to enter.” [Guard]
“What, you actually stop me from entering my own home, are you new or something.” [Helina]

The moment the guard stopped Helina’s group she stepped forward slightly irritated. The guard froze, he had heard about his master’s adoptive children and that they were coming home. He had only heard a distribution of Helina how was he supposed to know it was her immediately. Still, the guard started to sweat bullets, the blunder he had committed might seem small, but it wouldn’t go unpunished.

“Oi, Helina and Clows your back!” [???}

A man in his late fifties had started walking over. His skin was tanned from many years in the sun, and numerous scars covered his body. He was a tall man being 6’2, only slightly shorter than Chris. His bald head shined brightly in the sun while his long black beard swayed as he walked over. His muscular body oozed power, wearing only a loose fitting fiery patterned orange and red robe he slowly made his way over.

“Ho, if it isn’t Uncle Den, it’s good to see you.” [Clows]
“Hey, how have you been, old man” [Helina]

It was obvious from the three’s interaction this uncle had a good relationship with both Helina and Clows.

Den hugged Helina while Clows tried to avoid it, he got a hug too. After the three were done greeting each other Den looked at the group behind them. He scanned the crowd ending with his eyes resting on Chris.

“Hoho, is this the one, Helina you sure picked a good one. He’s pretty damn handsome, good body, and he’s even taller than me.” [Den]
“Stop talking like that old man…it’s kind of embarrassing.” [Helina]

Chris didn’t care about being evaluated, but he did find Helina’s flustered reaction rather cute. Den then moved on to focus on Claira and Sara, his eyes flashed with curiosity.

“Elves, hmm, interesting, what clan are you from?” [Den]
“That’s…” [Claira]
“We are from the Silver Glacier Clan.” [Sara]

Sara covered for Claira as not to be suspected of anything. After all the Snowflake clan was supposed to be wiped out, but they were well known by those of the later generations like Den. If others learn what clan they’re from it could turn dangerous fast, slaver would want their hands on what is now two unique items, and it is possible that Yagmer could find where they were. If he did, it was possible that he would try and have the girls assassinated.

Den didn’t completely believe Sara, but he dropped the topic so not to spoil the reunion.

He was about to lead them inside when he spotted Ostan and Mia. His eyes hardened for only a moment before returning to a gentle gaze, Den turned and led the group inside.

“Chris, do you think it is possible if we get the backing of Lord Sennel we could go up against Earl Ginmer?” [Ostan]
“I don’t know, you would know that better than me.” [Chris]

Right now, the males of the group were bathing. Chris was told that Burdock would want to meet him, but he was busy at the moment. Since he had time, Den recommended he takes a bath to wash away the dirt and sweat of the journey.

The two opened the door to the washroom. The inside was massive the bath was big enough to fit every man in Black Wolf and still have room. The walls were decorated with elegant designs of flowers and vines. From a large dragon’s head, warm water flowed into the bath while a row of the shower made up half the wall on one side.

(Hmm, so they do have things like pumping in this world.) [Chris]

Having their towels wrapped around there lower body, the two young men walked in.

“Oi, boss, this place is pretty nice!” [Glen]

Glen was soaking in the bath with several of the other mercenaries, Clows was over to the side washing himself. Chris sat down to do so as well, Ostan sat one seat away from him. After finishing washing his body, Chris took off his towel and placed it on his head. Walking over he noticed that everyone was staring at him.

“What?” [Chris]
“Now I understand why those two elves fell for you.” [Glen]
“Yeah, your strength isn’t the only thing monstrous.” [Ostan]
“Will my sister be able to handle that?” [Clows]
“You guy…” [Chris]

Chris became slightly embarrassed, his face turned a shade of red. The men seeing a rare opportunity to tease the mental fortress that was their unspoken leader, how could they not take it?

“Oi, boss you should be proud, not only that I bet the girls are happy that you have such a large cannon.” [Merc 1]
“Drew them in with your power, had them stay with your “power.”” [Merc 2]

From the girls side, they could hear laughter that eventually turned into shouts of fear then an explosion shook the area.

“Jeez, what the hell are those boys doing, do they want to bring this whole place down?” [Lily]
“Who knows” [Helina]

The girls were also clearing their bodies from the rough track to Kelros. There weren’t many women in the group, even so, gossip happened often and traveled fast. Smiling everyone turns to Helina, who was washing her body.

“So, boss, tell us, how is Chris.” [Merc]
“What do you mean?” [Helina]
“Fufufu, don’t play dumb, in bed, i-n -b-e-d!?” [Lily]

Helina instantly flushed red, fidgeting she looked down.

“We haven’t done anything like that.” [Helina]
“WHAT!” [Lily + Mercs]
“How is that possible, I mean with your body, how could any man resist.” [Lily]
“Yeah, something must be wrong with him.” [Female Merc]
“Well, he already has those elves.” [Female Merc 2]

Helina flinched from the last remark and her shoulder fell with her face hung downwards. Seeing that they had touched an awkward topic, the women stopped talking and silence filled the room. They thought that Chris’ and Helina’s relationship had progressed to that point already. Just then Claira, Sara, and Mia entered, feeling the tension in the silent room, they all put on puzzled faces.

“What wrong.” [Claira]

Helina looked at the three girls and her eyes reddened, looking away she grumbled.

“It’s nothing.” [Helina]

The awkward scene continued until Sara walked up from behind Helina.

“Hey, Ah, what are you doing Sara.” [Helina]
“What’s with the sour mood.” [Sara]
“I said it was nothing, Ah, stop.” [Helina]
“Oh, are you sensitive here?” [Sara]

Sara had started fondling Helina’s breast, Sara’s face and quiet laughter made many of the women back away.

“Gah” [Sara]
“Enough, you damn pervert.” [Claria]

Claira had lightly punched Sara on the back of the head. While Sara rubbed her head, Claira helped up the collapsed and panting Helina.

“Th-Thanks.” [Helina]
“Well, if you want to thank me, how about you tell me what’s wrong.” [Claira]
“That’s…” [Helina]

Helina again looked down, Claira stared at her. Helina tried to ignore the look and went back to bathing. After everyone were done, Claira was still watching Helina a worried look in her eyes.

“Fine, but can we move to a different location, also keep your sister in check.” [Helina]
“Success!” [Claira]

The three relocated to Helina’s room, Claira sat on a large sofa with Sara not far away flopped down in a fluffy chair. Helina lay on her bed. Helina was nervous looking around the room.

“So what is it?” [Claira]

Helina sat up and looked at the sisters, sadness was apparent on her face.

“It’s that no matter how hard I try Chris never looks at me like he does at you two.” [Helina]

Claira was taken aback, Sara frowned slightly.

Suddenly Helina started to tear up.

“Most of my life has been fighting, I’ve never being with a man or every fell in love. At first it was really the stone that pushed me, but now Chris, he is someone I want to be with. Sure he has his faults, but he is a good guy, and even when he didn’t accept my feels he still didn’t do anything hurtful.” [Helina]

Though Claira wanted to say something Sara stopped her and let Helina continue.

“I’m not girly like you two, I am rough like a man! Maybe Chris doesn’t even see me as a woman, dammit! I mean we spar, we laugh, and we chat, but like men would! What am I supposed to do what if he resents me for trying to kill? I just want him to look at me!” [Helina]

Finally, Claira had enough and spoke up, her voice gentle.

“Helina, Chris is a very…complicated man. He cares for you more than you know, sadly he is bad at talking about his feels, and you should know this. I mean we didn’t learn anything about him until he spoke in front of ALL of us. If he hated you, then Chris would have told you to leave.” [Claira]

Helina instantly realized Claira was right, because of the kind of man Chris was. If he really did hate her, why would he open up in front of her? Suddenly a hand was placed on her shoulder, looking up Helina saw Sara looking at her with a warm smile

“Don’t worry little one, we will help you.” [Sara]

Sara gave her a thumbs up, Helina looked at them dumbfounded.

“R-really, but how?” [Helina]

Claira and Sara gave each other a look and started to giggle.

“You might not know but, you already have a foot in the door. With Chris, at this point all you just need to give a little push, then he will take the initiative.” [Sara]


While the girls were talking, Chris was in a large waiting room. He had been sitting there with Clows and Ostan for more than twenty minutes. The three were talking about a recent incident with one of the men setting his hair on fire.

“Well, I hope Uga just learned to start the fire first before adding the ignition weed.” [Clows]
“Yeah, or else he will get a free hair cut again.” [Ostan]
“I think he looks good with half his hair gone, it could be a fashion statement.” [Chris]

The three laughed, in the short time they had been together the three had formed a bond rather quickly.

Suddenly the doors swung open and Burdock walked in while stroking his mustache. He wore a decorated light blue robe with dark blue shoes. The fat man walked over to a couch opposite of Chris’ group and sat down.

“So we finally get to meet.” [Burdock]

From his seat, Burdock seemed to evaluated Chris and Ostan, his eyes scanning their bodies from head to toe. After a moment he looked at Chris, a smile broken onto his face, and he let out a hearty laugh. To Chris, he was like a dwarf from a video game, with his mustache and the laugh.

“I guess it is you how reacted to the Guiding Soul Stone.” [Burdock]
“Yes, it is a pleasure to meet you, I am Chris Gelvon.” [Chris]

Chris stood and bowed slightly then sat back down. On either side of him Ostan’s and Clows’ mouths were on the floor, neither had seen Chris act so polite.

Burdock looked at Chris and roared with laughter.

“Boy, don’t be like that, though your acting is outstanding I already know what you are like from Helina’s letters.” [Burdock]
“And here I was trying to act polite for Helina’s sake.” [Chris]

From there the conversation went smoothly, Burdock asked the three about the journey from Felden to here. After hearing the story, Burdock’s face darkened slightly then quickly brightened.

“Well, boy you don’t need to worry, here you will have my protection.” [Burdock]
“Though I don’t really like the idea of hiding, right now I don’t have enough strength, so thank you.” [Chris]

Burdock nodding indicating he received Chris gratitude. Then Burdock clapped his hands and the doors opened, with Gilson walked in and bowed.

“Gilson, did you gather everything?” [Burdock]
“Almost everything is ready, milord.”[Gilson]

Burdock nodded and turned to Chris with a broad smile on his face.

“In Helina’s letters she described your job and the skill that allows you to gain strength from absorbing rare plants. So I took the liberty to gather some that might be of use to you.” [Burdock]

Chris' eyes flashed with excitement.

“Oh, then I must thank you again, but you really didn’t have to do that.” [Chris]
“Nonsense, you are the soon to be the husband of my precious daughter. How can I not help you, besides the stronger you get, the less I have to worry about Helina.” [Burdock]

Chris nodded, after seeing how Helina's acted when he talked about his past, as well as all her effort in trying to gain his attention hadn’t gone unnoticed. The time they had spent together had finally made Chris open space in his heart for her. That is why he didn’t correct Burdock when he called Chris Helina’s future husband.

“If that’s the case, old man, let me see them.” [Chris]
“Hahaha, hold up boy, you must be hungry, let’s eat first then you can see them.” [Burdock]

Later that day

A massive feast lay on a round table in a ballroom that could fit close to two hundred people and still have plenty of space. At one end of the ballroom were two sets of curved stairs that led to a balcony level and a six meter tall set of doors.

Chris had changed his clothes, he wore a sleeveless green blazer with a red and black striped button up along with black khakis with a leather belt and formal shoes, and his hair was slightly groomed. Mixed with his devilishly good looks he could make any girl’s heart rate triple.

He was talking to Ostan while occasional glancing that the table that was decorated with delicious looking food.

Suddenly the large double doors on the second level opened and Claira, Sara, and Helina walked out.

Claira was wearing a light blue dress that draped over her feet, the press sparked like it was made of precious gems, her abundant breast were barely contained by it. Her hair was curled and let loose, it looked quite beautiful when coupled with her light makeup on her face.

Sara had on a matching light green skirt and blouse with a floral patterns. While it was as formal as Claira outfit, it definitely suited her well, by showing off her elegant long slender white legs. Her hair was made into a long braid that hung passed her waist, and like Claira she wore light makeup.

Though the two drew many of the people attention, Chri’s eyes were fixed on Helina.

She wore a fiery red tight fitting evening gown that showed off her perfect curves. Her hair was tied back in a ponytail. Her makeup mixed with her natural superior looks made many of the men and some of the women’s mouths hang open.

Helina noticed Chris staring at her with bewitched eyes causing her to smile. Her smile was natural and gentle, something Chris hadn’t seen before.

While Chris was dumbstruck, Claira had made her way beside him and leaned in to whisper in his ear.

“That girl is putting in a lot of effort for you to notice her, so don’t ignore her feels…or your own neither.” [Claira]

She then slipped back into the crowd leaving Chris stunned.

“How do I look?” [Helina]

Chris spun around to see Helina standing not far away, her eyes filled with hope as she wanted for Chris response.

“Y-You looked great, really you do.” [Chris]

After a minute, he managed to awkwardly respond. Helina seeing the usually calm and collected Chris flustered made her unimaginably happy.

Chris was blown away, she was completely different. The reason was because she wasn’t forcing herself to act girly, instead she was using the advice Claira had given her.

Just act naturally and everything will be okay.

Helina didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, now that see was relaxed she actually acted more feminine in a way at wasn’t obviously forced.

Soon afterward Burdock signal that they could eat. The food was as tasty as it looked though Chris was enjoying the food, he was enjoying being with Helina more.

The two chatted and laughed, finally after everyone was done eating the musician started to play meant for dancing.

“Care for a dance, milady?” [Chris]

Chris knelt down and offered a hand. Helina hesitated for a moment then placed her hand on top of his outstretched hand. Leading her out onto the dance floor, they started with a simple slow dance.

"Helina, I’ll be back in a second.” [Chris]

After a few songs Chris left the puzzled Helina. He walked over to the group of musicians and talked to them about something.

Returning to Helina the music suddenly became a faster pace, Chris eyes flashed, leaning in he whispered into Helina’s ear.

“How about we making this a little more exciting.” [Chris]

With a broad smile Helina nodded.

Everyone was stunned be how Chris and Helina graceful move flowing like water perfectly in sync with each other. Their movements complicated, elegant, and fierce. When the music stopped the two stood panting slightly, sweet glistened on their faces. The whole room erupted into applause, Chris and Helina had completely stolen the show.

Leaving the dance floor, Helina led Chris to a balcony to cool off.

“Where did you learn to move like that, I could barely keep up?” [Helina]
“Because of my father being a big shot, I was expected to attend many prestigious parties. My father hired some of the best dance instructors in the world, sad because of my weight at the time I never did well. Now however I am able to put those long days of practice to use.” [Chris]

The two of them stood there looking at the moon. Helina seeing this was her chance hardened her resolve and slowly inched closer to Chris until they were shoulder to shoulder.

“Chris, I really do love you, it no longer has anything to do with the Guiding Soul Stone“ [Helina]

Chris continued to look at the stars, after a minute Helina thought he was ignoring her and was about to leave in tears, before she could leave Chris hd embraced her from behind.

“Tonight made me realize that I do love you and I promise to protect you. So just like tonight just be you, I don’t care if you’re feminine, I don’t care if you can cook or clean. All I care about is if your happy, so just you being your usual smiling self is enough for me.” [Chris]

A few tears had gathered in Helina’s eyes, those were the words she desperately wanted to hear. Turning in Chris embrace Helina looked up and the man she loved. Chris leaned down and kissed her passionately. The two stood under the moonlight, Helina’s arms wrapped around Chris neck and Chris holding her waist.

Finally Chris and Helina separated, Chris was about to say something when.

“Hoho, took you long either.” [Sara]
“Jeez, Chris, you’re a genius with everything but women” [Claira]

Claira and Sara were at the door to the balcony with smirks on their faces.

“How long have you two been there?” [Chris]
“Long enough” [Claira]

The sisters moved closer in a provocative manner.

“Let’s give Helina her initiation.” [Claira]
“Right, come on you two.” [Sara]

Claira gentle nudged Helina and Chris along.

Reaching the bedroom, Claira and Sara quickly undressed themselves as well as Helina.

Seeing Helina embarrassed and covering her extremely attractive body lit a fire in Chris. That night Helina was pushed to her limit, even Claira and Sara who alone could handle Chris ended up exhausted.

After everything was over with Chris fell asleep with three gorgeous women clinging to him.

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