Three days after Chris battle with Commander Vis, in the grand meeting hall in Invictus Capital castle, Akatalutos.

Five men sat at the enormous table, King Ross sat at the head.To his left was first general Lorn Wenster, the man was a towering 6’7 feet tall, his short black hair was meticulously trimmed, his face still looked relatively attractive for someone in their early forties. He wore simple plate mail with no ornaments, his belief was the warriors skill is what makes him look good not his armor. Lorn had been first general for twelve years, never losing a battle, what made people terrified of him was the fact he was one of five only SSS ranks in existence.

Farther left was the Captain of the Guard, Aldear Boller, he was 5’6 with an average face, and his body was modeled from years of training and battle. He had shoulder length brown hair, and a blue right eye, his left eye had a large vertical scar that he received eight years ago from an assassin that aimed for the king’s life. His attire was a light more flashy, along with his scale mail armor made from some monsters skin, he had a gold colored scarf, and various gems on his chest. He was not as impressive as the one in front of him, but he still was an SS rank in the middle realm 3rd stage.

To the king’s right sat his advisor and most trusted friend, Sawa Verntic. Sawa was a man of 5’10, he could be called very handsome. His long blonde hair framed his glorious face perfectly while he didn’t have much muscle he still was a toothpick. He wore something that resembled a tuxedo except it seemed more casual. He had been King Ross’ friend since they were six, because of that Sawa held a deep, unshakable loyalty to the king].

Behind Sawa was Gervine Magtra, the leader of the Magic Corp, and head of the magical study and research division. His face was covered by his simple blue hooded cloak, the only thing that you could see is his long salt and pepper beard. He was also an SS rank middle realm 3rd stage though Aldears was slightly weaker than him in term of the difference in experience.
What King Ross and the four big shots of Invictus were gathered in one spot to watch the video that was being projected by a crystal ball that was lodged in the center of the table. The video was of Chris’ fight with Commander Vis,

it seemed that a spy from the capital snuck into Vis troops and used another crystal to record the battle, though he didn’t survive the crystal was recovered. When the video ended, Ross looked at each one of the men sitting at the table his face troubled.

“So what do you think of this boy, Chris Gelvon?” [Ross]

The four all looked rather interested and at the same time scared. Ross was not someone that trained or learned how to fight so when he saw the video he didn’t know what to think. So he called the four men best to evaluated Chris, if he was a threat or not.

Gervine was the first to speak, his voice was dry and rough like sandpaper.

“That boy if I remember correctly helped level Felden only a month ago, but back then he was an A rank. Now he has reappeared and not only has he entered the lower realm but he is a 2nd stage. Honestly, that level of growth is something that could be considered impossible.” [Gervine]
“Hmm, yes his progress is concerning, but how is this possible, I have not heard of anyone entering the lower realm so young and then advance a stage all in a month.” [Aldear]

The other three nodded in agreement with Gervine’s and Aldear’s comments. Then Gevine face stiffened as he remembered something.

“That boy mana if very…pure. If my thinking is correct that boy could become an incredibly powerful ally or an extremely terrifying foe.” [Gervine]
“What is it something that great?” [Sawa]

Sawa asked doubting Gervine, but Gervine’s next words erased that doubt.

“I think that boy has somehow gathered the [Five Elemental Fragments] .” [Gervine]

No one spoke or moved a long period of time until the silence was broken by King Ross.

“So then what should we do? If he really has somehow acquired the fragments, then it would be only a small task to destroy the entire continent.” [Ross]
“While from what I can tell is he hasn’t mastered the fragments power. Otherwise the S rank wouldn’t have lasted even a fraction of a second against him.” [Gervine]

It was Lorn who spoke his opinion on the matter with a clear and level tone.

“It might be best to simply eliminated him before he becomes something uncontrollable.” [Lorn]

Suddenly, Sawa stood his eyes filled with excitement.

“No this could be a great opportunity, if we could bring this boy under our control, then we could have a major force that could finally tip the scales.” [Sawa]
“How do you intend to do that Sawa?” [Lorn]

Sawa smiled and slammed his hands on the table while giving Lorn a look of satisfaction.

“Lorn, Chris is heading to Kelros, the Black Wolf’s leader Helina Sennel, and Vice Leader Clows Sennel are the daughter and son of Bardock Sennel. So he will receive enough protection to where he can’t harm him, but there is another way.” [Sawa]
“Hooo, what is that.” [Lorn]

Sawa’s smiled widened as he said four words.

“The Steel Blood Festival” [Sawa]

Suddenly everyone understood.

The Steel Blood Festival was created to please the gods of harvest each year, so the festival was held twice a year right before each planting season. During the festival, the entire city of Kelros transforms into a battlefield. The most important part was that a member of the royal family was to attend as a sign of respect for the gods.

Sawa’s plan was to use the The Steel Blood Festival that was three months from now as a chance for the royal family to personal go and try to gain Chris favor.

“That’s ridicules, a member of the royal family going that far for some snot nosed brat.” [Aldear]

Sawa frowned and was about to retort when Gervine cut in.

“Then tell me Aldear, how is the hero’s group progressing. Sure if you say we don’t need someone as outstanding as this boy, then the hero’s group must be all S ranks by now.

The mockery was apparent in the old man’s voice. Aldear bit his lip as now everyone was curious and staring at him.

“Unfortunately, only the hero Darak Telten is an A rank at the moment. Though the other of not far behind, they still have a long way to go.” [Aldear]

Gervine gave a nodded that said “I thought so”.

“Sawa, i believe if you can bring this boy to our side that would be the best outcome.” [Ross]
“Well, it will be difficult after all, Earl Ginmer did act on his own, and Chris will still view us as his enemies because of it.” [Sawa]

All five men put on dark expressions, then King Ross stood causing everyone to look up.

“Sawa, I want you to send Qin, among my children he is the best at dealing with this kind of situation.” [Ross]
“My king shall we send the hero and his group as well, The Steel Blood festival would be excellent battle experience.” [Aldear]
“Very well” [Ross]

“In the meantime, I will arrange some way to appeal to the Chris.” [Sawa]


“Huh, a festival where you fight? That’s kind of weird” [Darak]
“Yes, well I thought it would be a good test for you six since a lot of strong combatants will be there.” [Aldear]

The hero’s group and Aldear were standing in the middle of the training field talking about The Steel Blood festival. After listening to Aldear explain that there would be many powerful fighters, Darak’s eyes lit up. To him, this was a chance to show off and increase his popularity with the ladies. The other three men followed his thought process, only Stela and Anna were thinking differently. instead they heard that Kelros had many excellent shops.

So far the six “saviors of the human race” had lived a pampered lifestyle, the only thing difficult for them was their training.

Even though the progression speed was nothing compare to Chris’, they still grew stronger four or five times faster than the average person.

“Still, three months is a long time away.” [Luke]
“Yes, in that time you must become stronger to win the Twin Blades Tournament then defeat the demon king.” [Aldear]

While Aldear was talking Darak notice a girl in her late teens walking in one of the halls that bordered the training field.

Her body was perfectly shaped to fit a man’s desires, her face was like an angel. With the flowing slivery-white elegant dress she wore, it made her look like a goddess has descended to the lands. Darak being the man he was wanted such a beauty for himself, sadly even as the hero he could force anything to happen.

“Ho, Prince Rosalina, how are you today.” [Darak]

The princess completely ignored Darak and continued walking. See her naturally ignore him, Darak’s face darkened while thinking that someday he will make that arrogant women his.


“Brother why did that man have to be the hero?” [Rosalina]
“He was chosen by the goddess herself so he can’t be all bad.” [???}

In a large bedroom sat Princess Rosalina and her older brother 1st Prince Qin. Rosalina was the 3rd and youngest of the princesses of Invictus so she had no hope to ascend to the throne.

Since her brothers and sister didn’t see her as a threat in their battle to the throne. Because of this, she was loved and cherished by them, so in a way she had more power than anyone realized.

What also raised her value was that she planned to be the assistant to whoever wins the throne. Through years of hard work she could be said to be called brilliant, Rosalina excelled in every subject of studies she found valuable. What she considered valuable was reading, writing, math, medical studies, and magic research. On the other hand, she felt that things like war tactics and combat training were unnecessary.

She had inherited her father’s values of peace and coexistence.

so to her a man like Darak who only thought of himself and had a dick for a brain, was someone not deserving to be called a hero.

“Little sister, I would like you to come with me to Kelros to help recruit this man that Uncle Sawa was talking about.” [Qin]
“But, the Darak and the rest of those idiots will be going as well.” [Rosalina]

Qin sighed, personally he didn’t really like the hero’s group either, he had heard various rumors that the men had already raped many of the maids and other servants. While the two women of the group do nothing but waste money on clothes and other things.

Qin loved Invictus with all his heart, so seeing that these scum were tarnishing its name sickened him. But, he had little choice but to accept them for now.

Qin sighed and looked at his sister with worried eyes.

“Rosalina, I know how you feel, but right now all our other siblings are off scattered around the kingdom. If I leave, the nobles may take the opportunity to cause some problems and I don’t want you to be involved.” [Qin]

Rosalina nodded, not all the nobles like the way her father ran the kingdom and had made attempted to change the kingdom in ways they saw fit.

“Very well brother, I will come with you.” [Rosalina]
“That’s great, oh I forgot to mention apparently the man we are going to talk to is quite handsome though I heard his personally isn’t so good. Still this could be a great chance for you to find a strong husband that can protect you in my stead.” [Qin]
“Wha-wha-wha, brother don’t tease me like that, who is going to find a husband.” [Rosalina]

Though Qin’s expression was completely serious the way he spoke was obviously showed that he was teasing his sister. Rosalina’s face was beet red, Qin found it adorable, and still there was some truth to what he said.

Though Rosalina had no chance to claim the throne, she was still a princess and precious daughter to the king. She needed some that wouldn’t betray her and protect her no matter what.

While Rosalina was pouting Qin laughed until a pillow hit his face.

After Rosalina’s and Qin’s epic battle, which Qin ended the victory he once again looked over the little information they had on Chris.

He sat at a desk in his rather large bedroom, on the desk was a few papers and a flat crystal that looked like a mirror.

“This guy, he is a mystery, even with all our spies and connection we have almost no information on him.”

Qin carefully studied Chris picture that floated in the flat crystal.

“All we have is that a month and a half ago, he fought with Helina Sennel of the Black Wolf mercenary group. Then Earl Ginmer sent his private army after him for an unknown reason, which he easily wiped out. To top it all off, since not even two months ago he was an A rank and had somehow reached the lower realm 2nd stage of S-rank.” [Qin]

Qin sighed, Chris was something of a wildcard, and no one knew what side he was on. With him were two elves of a race thought to have been wiped out in an internal power struggle, and with Helina and Clows he will receive the support of The King of Merchants .

“Just like Uncle Sawa said, this will be quite the troublesome mission, play our cards wrong and we could anger Chris, or worse make him an enemy.” [Qin]

Sighing again, Qin looked out the window.

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