“I see, so you three want to know why I acted the way I do, you want know my past, huh.” [Chris]

Each of the three girls nodded, their eyes were warm. Chris sighed leaning back, he closed his eyes as he began to tell them of his past.


A faint breeze blow through a large field, in the background, was a glorious white mansion.

In the field, a boy laughed and ran around with a dog, the boy looked only to be five years old. The dog was a golden retriever; it barked while chasing after the boy.

“Hey, come on Chris it’s time to go eat if you don’t hurry the food will get cold.” [???]
“Ok, come on Jack!” [Chris]

Chris turned around an ran up to a tall women looking in her late twenties, her red long red hair flowed in the wind, she had the face of a model and a body to match. The women’s name was Lucile; she was Chris mother.

Chris grabbed his mom’s hand and pulled her along.

“Haha, hey you’re going to take my arm off.” [Lucile]
“Come on mom, you said to hurry.” [Chris]

Chris burst into the dining room with Lucile close behind. An old man greeted them with a warm smile; the old was Dillan, the head butler.

“Welcome home Milady, young master did you have fun?” [Dillan]
“Yeah, this time I found a bug that looked like a stick, but it wasn’t.” [Chris]
“Hohoho, now that interesting, next time I’ll have to come with you.” [Dillan]
“Really, you promise!” [Chris]
“Of course, a butler always keeps his promises” [Dillan]

Chris had lived in this mansion for six years, every day he would laugh and play, not a care in the world as any child his age was like.

But, today that would all change.

While Chris ate dinner, Dillan told him stories of his days as a mercenary, at that moment he was telling Chris his favorite one.

“My men and I were completely surrounded, there was almost no hope.” [Dallon]

Even though Chris had heard this story countless time, he stared, his eyes like stars. Just then shouting and gun shots could be heard. Dillan immediately stood up, he looked at the five maids in the room and nodded.

“Milady, young master, we need to go.” [Dillan]
“Hmm, where to, I’m still hungry.” [Chris]
“Come along Chris, we need to go, besides if you hurry mommy promises you a big cake.” [Lucile]

The boy completely unaware of what was happening nodded vigorously and got out of his seat.

“Dillan I can walk by myself.” [Chris]

Dillan was carrying Chris with his head tucked into his chest. He didn’t want Chris to see the scene in front of them. As they ran through the halls blood, and gore stained the carpet and walls, corpses of guards and the assassins lay scattered.

All five of the maids carried hand guns and under their skirts were several knifes. Each one of these maids were fully trained soldier to assist Dillan in protecting Lucile and Chris by orders of their master, Edward Gelvon.

Suddenly, three black cloaked men rounded the hallway and started to fire their rifles without hesitation.

“Boss go, we will handle they, guys!” [Maid]

Dillan paused for only a moment; he knew that if they stayed death was inevitable.

“Thank you.” [Dillan]

Dillan than turned right with Lucile. After a minute, they turned another corner and made their way down a set of stair.

“Milady, one we get to the train it we will be safe!” [Dillan]
“Then let’s hurry!” [Lucile]

Finally after what seemed like an eternity the stairs ended and a platform with a train was to their left.

“Quickly take the young master and get on, I’ll start the external controls.” [Dillan]

Lucile nodded, she took Chris whom by now realized something was very wrong.

“Mommy I'm scared.” [Chris]

Lucile looked at the five-year-old boy and knelt down to hug him.

“We will be fine, don’t worry Dillan will keep us safe, remember he never loses.” [Lucile]

Chris nodded and wiped his tears away, to him Dillan was the strongest man alive, what did he have to be afraid of?

Suddenly shouting could be heard, Chris looked over the rail and stared. Dillan was standing at the control panel surrounded by black cladded men, they were pointing their guns at him. Suddenly Dillan hands moved, and flickers of light flashed from his hands. Then all the men fell to the ground with long thin needles protruding from their eyes.

Dillan hit a few buttons, and the train started up. He quickly made his way over to the train, then a single gunshot rang. One of the men somehow lived when the needle missed it mark, still his wound was fatal, but he still had enough strength to fire at Dillan hitting him square in the back.

“Milady, hit the accelerator and go!” [Dillan]
“But, you-“ [Lucile]
“GO!” [Dillan]

Lucile with reddened eyes ran to the controls on the train and hit a blue button, the train’s engine started to hum. Shouts were coming from the stairs, Chris looked as Dillan turned and grabbed one of the men’s guns.

“Dillan, hurry or the train will leave!” [Chris]

Dillan turned to the boy who was now in tears and laughed.

“I’m sorry young master, but it seems I wouldn’t be able to keep my promise.” [Dillan]

The train started to move away, some of the men had made it down the stairs.

“Dddddddiiiiiiilllllllaaaaaannnnn!!!” [Chris]

The last thing Chris saw was Dillan looking back and smiling at him.

The train moved through the darkness; Chris was crying while his mom hugged him tightly. She stroked his hair, not saying a word as he cried.

After what seemed like hours, sunlight filled the train. Five minutes later it came to a stop.

Lucile was holding Chris' hand, while, stepped off the train.

“Madam, we must hurry, the enemy is still near.” [Guard]
“Where is my husband?” [Lucile]
“Not far, he will be arriving by helicopter with reinforcements shortly.” [Guard]

The guard along with five others led Lucile and Chris to a bunker. Inside Lucile sat with Chris in her arms. Fighting could be heard outside, Chris no longer was crying or more like he couldn’t anymore.

Suddenly an explosion from an RPG destroyed the door throwing back Chris and Lucile.

“Ow, it hurts!” [Chris]

Chris opened his eyes to see his mother lying on the ground; it was obvious she had done her best to shield Chris from the blast.

“MOMMY!” [Chris]

He moved closer to his mom, she was bleeding heavily from a wound on her thigh and her upper back.

“Chris you going hide and whatever you do don’t come out, do you understand me.” [Lucile]
“No, I don’t want to!” [Chris]

Lucile grabbed and hugged Chris, she took a deep breath and prepared herself for what she must do.

“Chris, listen to mommy. You will have a hard life from here, but remember to never give in. you must endure, if you do, I promise even if life looks dark, someday it will shine brighter than you could imagine.”

Lucile could heard the footsteps of the soldiers approaching, so with a gentle smile she pushed Chris away.

“Go, your father will be here soon.” [Lucile]

Chris didn’t know what to do, so he listen to his mother, he turned around and ran. Chris found a narrow wedge between to cabinets and hide behind one of them.

That day, Chris care free life ended, his mother dead, the man he looked up to dead. He was a hollow shell, Chris didn’t even cry at his mother’s funeral, only stood there with a dead pan expression.


After that day Chris experienced hell. His heart which had been cracked and broken. Stitched itself back together with pain and hatred. Still that light speck of light his mother left for him kept Chris from committing suicide or lashing out in homicide. Though, over time one could say the light twisted the darkness even more, forcing Chris to endure the pain. Enduring everything had warped him, suffering in silence, simply waiting.

Every day he was taught by many teachers how to read, write, do basic math, and fight.

Though he was good at things like military tactics, math, and physiological studies. In the end, his blacked heart made him grow with qualities that his father disliked and knew he couldn’t take over the company, so he was discarded as trash.

He was tortured by his classmates; still he didn’t fight back. The reason was, he knew the consequences if he did. Chris had grown to endure the pain, but that doesn’t mean it disappeared.

Now in this world where he had power, the seal pain and hate could be unleashed. His goal at first was to obtain strength so he could grind anyone he wanted into dust. Then Darak and his gang arrived, at that moment Chris add another goal, to make the hero’s group experience hell. Neither of those goals are gone, actually Chris would say they are stronger than before.

Though he had a third goal, to create a place where the ones he cared about could live happily. Chris was not a fool, he knew if he only sought revenge in the end he would have nothing. Thanks to the light he had found, Chris had something to come back to, so wanted to create a place he could call home.

A home, something he hadn’t had for twelve years.


When Chris had finished the room was silent. Helina, Claira, and Sara all had dark and tragic pasts, but they had something Chris didn’t in the end.

Family that was alive and loved them.

Chris had nothing; he was forced to suffer for twelve years with no one to help him, or stand beside him.

They now had somewhat of an understanding why Chris was so cruel and distrusting. It would be odd if someone didn’t turn out that way, Still Chris wasn’t all bad.

Each girl had seen that even though Chris had some darker traits, he also had many good ones too. To them, he was kind, understanding and above all else protective. He treated them with respect and even though something he could be difficult, he always listened to their ideas and even their complaints.

Each girl loved Chris for different reasons and they had grown to accept his darker side.

Claira loved how Chris was kind to his loved one and would protect them to his last breath. For Sara, it was his calm and calculating personality, intellect. To Helina, it was his strength, his fighting spirit, and his will never to surrender.

Chris smiled gentle and let out a soft laugh.

“What with those looks, I mean, my mother was right. If I endure long enough, there would be light.” [Chris]

Helina and Sara looked at Chris in confusion, but Claira looked at him with a different expression.

“You mean us, right?” [Claira]
“Of course who else could I be talking about?” [Chris]

To Chris, these three had been guiding him through the darkness. Though his heart was still black, at least on the inside four specks of light floated in the black space.

Suddenly Helina stood, her eyes burned with determination.

“Chris when we get to Kelros, we will go to my father, he will be able to help you…no, us in reaching your goal!” [Helina]
“Father, but I thought he died?” [Chris]
“Well, he is my adoptive father, Burdock Sennel.” [Helina]

Sara’s eyes widened while Claira mouth hit the floor.

“Y-your adoptive father is the King of Merchants , that Burdock Sennel” [Claira]

Helina put on a sheepish smile, scratching the back of her head while laughing awkwardly she nodded. Suddenly Chris broke the tension of the topic.

“Is that guy such a big deal?” [Chirs]
“Yes, Burdock Sennel is known as the King of Merchants , he controls all of Kelros the large trade city in Invictus. As such he controls most of the goods that flow through the kingdom. Because of that, he has authority almost equal to King Ross himself.” [Claira]

Chris' eyes widened, such a powerful figure would indeed be helpful to Chris in the future. Though, Chris was more interested in Burdock himself, for someone to have acquired the authority equal to a king, he must be someone worth talking to.

Once the four had finished their conversation, Claira said she was going to go clear herself. As she was leaving, Helina and Sara stopped her and whispered something into her ears. The next moment, Chris felt a chill run down his spine, like a pack of wolves were watching him.

"Chris how about you come with us.” [Helina]

Chris blushed, he turned around to leave, but his arm was caught by a snow-white hand.

“Please” [Sara]

She pressed her body against Chris’, her breast sandwiched his arm. He nearly caved when he smelled her nice flowery fragrances.

“N-no you three go, I have some things to attend to.” [Chris]

Before he had a chance to run, Claira had attached herself to his other arm. The combination sensation of the sisters breast touching him with when he looked and saw their bewitching faces he reached his limit. But, what finished him was when Helina embraced him from behind and whispered in his ear.

“Come on, let’s have-some-fun.” [Helina]

No matter how warped his mind had become, when you came down to it he Chris was still a teenage boy. His resistance could only go so far.

Finally caving Chris followed the three girls who had triumphant faces on to a river the scouts had found.

Chris notice that some of the men were following them, but quickly left after Chris release his killer intent that was strong enough to tell them that if they peeked death would meet them half way.

Glancing back, he looked into a tall tree.

(Looks like that guy was smart enough to know when to leave) [Chris]

Chris had sensed a strange, weak presence long ago, so while the mysterious person spying on him thought he was unnoticed. Chris had been watching him with a Seeker minion.

“Invictus has truly turned their attention to me now, looks like I’ll have to be more careful from now on.” [Chris]

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