“Damn, these guys are a fucking pain!” [Helina]

Helina blocked Fern’s attack with her sword and countered with a kick. Fern dodged and retreated a few steps, quickly glancing at his brother’s brother who were fight Clows, Glen, and Lily. Clows was able to keep Will at a distance by constantly firing black bolts of mana, While Lily was slow gaining ground against Len. It was obvious that Clows was the strongest out of the three. But Fern could tell who the real problem was, it was Glen and his support skills.

Fern clashed with Helina again, suddenly the fire covering his axe surged forwards forcing Helina to retreat. With the chance before him, Fern swung his axe and a ball from fire was sent hurling towards Glen. Before the fire ball hit Glen a black misty wall extended from the ground and block the attack.

“Thanks, you’re a life saver Clows, when we get to the base I’ll help you get a lady friend!” [Glen]
“Ugh, maybe I shouldn’t have saved him.” [Clows]
“Do you think you have time to look away!?” [Will]

Will brought down his axe on Clows head.

“Brother!” [Helina]

Helina throw her sword, it flew like a bullet, though Will managed to evade the sword he was still forced to stop his attack on Clows. The sword pierce a tree in the distance, Helina smiled as she faced Fern who was copied his younger brother and attacking with a downwards swing. Fern couldn’t understand Helina’s smile, but Fern believed he had won, he was gravely mistaken.

“Helina, even if I’m so close by, try not to do something so reckless.” [Chris]
“Ehehehe, sorry” [Helina]

Helina laughed awkwardly while Fern had a stupid look on his face, before him was Chris without his armor on, and yet he still had caught Fern’s axe like it was a toy. Fern tried to retrieve his axe, it wouldn’t budge while in Chris’ iron grip.

“What, you want to fight, well that’s fine I guess. After all I have to pay you back for injuring me companions.” [Chris]
“Yeah, now you have to face the FINAL BOSS, go get them Chris and while you do that I’ll go take a rest.” [Glen]

Glen gave Chris a thumbs up, and everyone one face palmed.

“……you know what, Glen you take my place.” [Chris]
“Eh?” [Glen]

Glen’s face turned to stone and he begins to sweet.

“No, please forgive me!” [Glen]

By now Trinity had regrouped and glared at the group who were acting so carefree. Then Will stiffened as he realized something, where was their commander, it quickly became obvious to the other brother as well.

“That bastard, he defeated Commander Vis.” [Will]
“We need to retreat, there is no way we can beat him.” [Len]

The three brothers all turned to leave, but how could they expect to escape with Chris there.

“Oi you’re not planning of running are you?” [Chris]

Before the brothers could take a single step, a massive cage made of bushes had formed, sharp thorns faced inwards stopping the brother from escaping.

“Dammit, we have no choice, Will, Len Burning Berserk Asura Formation” [Fern]

The brother charged in a V formation with Fern in the lead. Helina’s group had stepped back, they had no intentions to get caught in the crossfire.

Letting out a powerful battle cry Fern attacked with his burning axe, though it was easily blocked by a watery kite shield. Suddenly Len and Will moved from behind Fern and attack, but they two were stopped by Chris shields. Still they didn’t let up Fern, Will, and Len continued to attack Chris all at different times, but in complete harmony. This formation must have had taken years to perfect, finally Len managed to break through a shield and leave a shallow cut on Chris’ shoulder.

“Oh, not bad, I guess it’s my turn.” [Chris]

As Len retreated roots burst out of the ground wrapping around him.

“Len!” [Fern and Will]

Fern and Will moved to save their brother, unfortunately before they reach them roots shot out of the ground and bound them while lifting the two brothers into the air. Chris turned to Helina, his eyes held a cruel light.

“Helina go find Claira and Sara then regroup with everyone else.” [Chris]
“Ok, um, but what about you?” [Helina]
“I have to experiment with my new skills, so I’ll catch up in a bit.” [Chris]

As he replied Chris had walked over to Will, his right hand was covered in a dark green ghostly aura. The aura quickly took the shape of a monster like claw, Chris raised his hand and let the aura touch Will right arm.

“AAAAAAH!” [Will]
“Oh, interesting, I didn’t expect petrification to hurt…no that makes it even better.” [Chris]

The place where the aura had touched Will’s arm had turned a grey color and slowly start to spread.

Helina and co had quickly left as they didn’t have the stomach for Chris’ “experiments”, even as trained mercenaries somethings were just to terrifying.

“Hey there you guys are.” [Claria]

Helina’s group quickly found the sister sitting on the wall Chris had created, around them were over forty pillars of ice, it seemed at something was trapped in the ice, one could easily guess what was inside.

“Wow, looks like you two did a good job at keeping those guys back.” [Lily]
“It was easy.” [Sara]

Sara gave a thumbs up before jumping off the wall creating pillars of ice to use as steps with Claira close behind her.

“Hm, hey where Chris.” [Sara]
“Chris said he would catch up, so let go.” [Clows]

The sisters looked slightly sadden that Chris wasn’t here to praise them.

“Ok, tell us where he is and will-.” [Claira]
“-NO…um, he said he had some experiments to do.” [Helina]

As if on cue, a blood curdling scream echoed through the forest. Claira and Sara looked at the four people in front of them, the sisters has been with Chris long enough to know what he his experiments meant. All six of them shivered and left to catch up to the caravan.


Three hours later, night had fallen and Chris still hadn’t returned. The cavaran had set up for the night and now Helina, Claria and Sara were sitting around a bon fire eating a meat stew with bread.

“So you met like that huh, well its better than me who had tried to kill him.” [Helina]
“Haha, don’t worry, I can tell Chris cares about you too.” [Claira]
“Really?” [Helina]
“Yeah.” [Sara]

The current topic was about Chris, Helina had asked the sister for information about the man she loved. But all they found out was that none of them knew much about Chris, though it did shock Helina hearing Chris was from another world.

“What I’ve always have wondered is why he is so distrusting and mean to people.” [Claira]
“Well, he did mention once that he didn’t have anyone important to him back in his world.” [Helina]

It puzzled all of them, then Sara pointed something out.

“Claira do you remember the Chris face when he saw the hero’s group.” [Sara]
“Yeah, it was kind of scary.” [Claira]
“Hm, what happened?” [Helina]
“It was a face of pure hatred.” [Sara]
“Pure hatred, huh, so they have a past together.” [Helina]

Sara nodded.

“Maybe we should ask him when he gets back.” [Claira]
“Yeah” [Helina and Sara]

It wasn’t until the next morning that Chris returned to the caravan. Everyone was surprised when they saw Chris, because his eyes had stayed the same from when he was using [Forest Monster’s Bark Armor] , except now they weren’t glowing. Even if they didn’t glow, his eyes gave a feeling of him being dangerous.

Later the core members of the group were gathered around a map, Clows was explaining the route they were taking.

“After we pass through these mountains we will be around two days from our headquarters in Kelros.” [Clows]

Chris was truly excited and slightly depressed. He was excited because in Kelros he could gain even more power. The reason for his depression was that he learned that he is still consider very weak compared to the world.

Status Page
Name: Chris GelvonRace: Human
Lv: 107EXP: 88504 / 100300
Age: 17Gender: Male
Job: Combat GardenerCombative Rank: S (Lower Realm { 2nd stage} )

Troll Killer, Variant Slayer, One Accepted by Nature, Monster of the Forest, Chosen of the Five Elemental Gods, Lady Killer, Unintentional Harem Maker, Tyrannical Forest Emperor, One Man Army, Poison Expert

HP 14100 / 14100MP 42000 / 42000
Str: 7290Agi: 8250
Def: 4880Magic: 12100
Luck: 140Charm: 310

Generate Plant MinionRank: 7
Emperor of the Green ArmyRank: 7
Extreme GrowthRank: Max
Battle StateRank: Max
AnalyzeRank: Max
Terra NetworkRank: 26
Cage of ThornsRank: 13
Forest Monster’s Bark ArmorRank: 24
Domain of the Forest MonsterRank: 18
Vegetation AbsorptionRank: 2
Wings of the Forest EmperorRank: 3
Burning BloodRank: 9
Lightning Leaf ArrowsRank: 6
Aqua GuardRank: 7
Spore CloudRank: 1
Forest Emperor’s Royal GuardsRank: 1
Elemental Poison ClawsRank: 2
Five Elements Refined BodyRank: 1

After Chris noticed that he was now an S rank, he couldn’t contain his excitement. Though he was puzzled about the lower realm, 2nd stage, so he asked Clows about it.

Apparently S and SS rank have their own ranks altogether. Both are split up into lower, middle, and higher realm, then that is split between 1st, 2nd, and 3rd stage. Chris had skipped to the 2nd stage of the lower realm which was actually quite impressive since it normally takes two years to advance a stage in the lower realm. Clows said that starting out at the 2nd stage could only be called genius. However, this only showed Chris he was still very weak. Even Vis had only been a lower realm 1st stage, while Gunther had been a lower realm 3rd stage. The power difference for each stage is massive, even more so than the gap between an A rank and an S rank, so it really wasn’t a surprise that Chris could completely crush Vis.

After the meeting, Ostan was waiting outside the tent with his sister whom was name Mia. Thanks to Claira’s incredible healing skills, Mia had made a full recover, but it had exhausted Claira after working for several hours.

“Chris I would like you to meet Mia, my sister.” [Ostan]

Ostan had his chest puffed out, it seemed he was very proud to be her big brother. Mia was somewhat hiding from Chris behind Ostan, she looked to be in her early teens. She had light brown hair and golden eyes, from her current appearance one could tell when she grew up she would be quite the beauty. Ostan pull her from behind him and pushed her forward slightly.

“Go on, you should thank this guy, he has been taking care of us.” [Ostan]
“Th-thank you!” [Mia]

Instantly after thanking Chris she retreated back behind her brother, who laughed awkwardly.

“I’m sorry, Mia seem to find you scary.” [Ostan]
“Well that’s understandable, I mean how we first met, so I don’t blame her.” [Chris]

Suddenly Ostan put on a serious face.

“Chris there is something I would like to speak to about.” [Ostan]

Without waiting to hear a response, Ostan turned and with Mia following him left to enter the forest. Chris’ eyes flashed with interest, he had a vague idea of what Ostan wanted to talk about, so with a shrug he follow behind the siblings in a carefree manner.

After walking for several minutes Ostan had led Chris to a densely forested area. He turned to Chris, his eyes looked slightly frightened mixed with anger and sadness. Chris know those eyes and what happened next didn’t surprise him in the least.

Getting on his hands and knees, Ostan firmly placed his head on the ground.

“I thank you for what you have done for me and my sister, but I need your help to-“ [Ostan]
“-kill Earl Ginmer, correct?” [Chris]
“Ye-yes” [Ostan]

Chris looked at the fluster Ostan with amusement, Ostan hadn’t expected Chris to guess that he want to kill the earl.

“How did you guess!?” [Ostan]
“Remember before the battle, you should have guess that like you I have someone I want kill. We are the same kind of person, we want revenge more than anyone could realize. Also when I fought Commander Vis, he was rather ruthless, but I didn’t find anything that would point to the hatred in your in heart.”

Ostan lowered his head while repeating “I see” a few times. Chris study not Ostan, but Mia, she was watching with a terrified look, her eyes spoke of a horrible past.

“You’ve been quite, so do you want revenge as well?” [Chris]
“Y-y-yes, I want to avenge my father and rescue my mother.” [Mia]

Chris saw a fire in his eyes, he like the look of it and faintly smiled.

“So tell me, why you want to kill Earl Ginmer” [Chris]

Chris created three chairs out of roots and softened them with a layer of moss, sitting down he was satisfied with the level of comfort. The other two quickly followed suit and were surprised by how comfortable the chair were despite their appearance.

Ostan face darkened even more as he started to retell the memories of their past. While Ostan told his story Chris used [Analyze] on him and Mia, seeing their status pages made Chris’s eyebrows raise.

Status Page
Name: Ostan H. KrollowRace: Human
Lv: 98EXP: 28920 / 90990
Age: 22Gender: Male
Job: SpiritmancerCombative Rank: A

Protective Older Brother, Master of Souls

HP 5600 / 5600MP 11200 / 12000
Str: 2010Agi: 2350
Def: 1050Magic: 8300
Luck: 20Charm: 210

Enslave SpiritRank: 22
Spiritual ReinforcementRank: 19
Spirit FireRank: 17
PossessionRank: 18
Wall of SpiritsRank: 16

Status Page
Name: Mia P. KrollowRace: Human
Lv: 112EXP: 1420 / 100090
Age: 13Gender: Female
Job: SpiritmancerCombative Rank: A

Master of Souls, Family’s Prodigy

HP 4200 / 4200MP 13500 / 13500
Str: 1550Agi: 2050
Def: 1050Magic: 10200
Luck: 20Charm: 210

Enslave SpiritRank: 32
Spiritual ReinforcementRank: 23
Spirit FireRank: 23
Spirit ArrowsRank: 26
PossessionRank: 20
Wall of SpiritsRank: 21

Chris was secretly shocked that Mia to be stronger than her brother, while snickering to himself he listen to Ostan’s story.

“It started eight years ago, our father Waid B. Krollow was a low class noble and a vessel of Earl Ginmer. Because of his genius ideas my father was able to make it possible for the villages around his territory produce 70% more crops than any other vessels’ territory gaining favor with the earl when he brought forward more taxes than others. Soon jealousy rose in the other vessel and the villages in our father’s territory were attack by bandits they hired. Of course there was no prof so when the time came to summit the year taxes my father only could give a tenth of the minimal amount. This angered the earl greatly, he never cared of what happened only the results. So to pay off the debt, our father was force to sell most of the family’s valuables. Still next year, the bandits continued to attack without restraint, again causing my father to be unable to pay his portion of taxes, since he was unable to gather enough from the people even when he tripled them. In are family we have a special hereditary job called Spiritmancer, it allows use to enslave spirits of our enemies and use them to cast spell and strength are bodies. With this our father was consisted a power man, so to raise money he became an adventure, leaving my eldest brother to run everything. That’s when everything truly went to hell. While my father was away, the earl request my mother visit him in order to find a way to settle our debt. Sadly it was all a lie, it turned out to be the earl who hired the bandits, the reason being that he want our mother for himself. Are mother was incredible beautiful, but since she was married to our father, the earl would have to remove him. While he could have just killed my father, the problem would be that our mother was a noble, so he could force her to marry him like some commoner. So he got the idea that if he ran our territory into the ground he could exile our father and replace him, then later he could build the land back up. By doing this our family would be stripped of its noble title and my mother could be his.” [Ostan]

He stopped to take a breath before continuing, the hate in his eyes suddenly intensified.

“After our mother was taken and our father killed, their children; my two elder brother, elder sister, Mia, and I were left with nothing. The earl then, had us sold into slavery and were forced to join his private army under Commander Vis. Vis was a cruel man to the slaves, he would work us to the bone carrying heavy packs and setting up the campsite, doing chores and even wiping his ass if he felt like it. During the five years under him, my elder brothers were used as bait for a mission and were killed, while my elder sister was raped by countless of the soldiers before committing suicide. The only reason Mia hadn’t been touch was for some reason the Earl put her in special grace, by telling Vis to not let her die or be soiled, as to why I don’t know. We have endured a life of suffering because of the Earl Ginmer, so please help us, I will do anything in return.” [Ostan]

Chris sat there, taking everything in. Spiritmancer sounded interesting and both siblings were A ranks so if they came with Chris, his group’s power would increase.

“Fine, I will help you.” [Chris]
“R-really, than-“ [Ostan]

Chris suddenly raised a hand.

“Nothing will happen right away, from what I can tell the earl has other much stronger than Vis. With my current level of power, taking them on is impossible.” [Chris]

Ostan understood and nodded, he knew that the earl had several people stronger than Vis, so it was only natural for Chris to have said that.

After they returned, Claira asked to speak to Chris. From her expression it was important, so Chris followed her to Helina’s personal tent where the other two girls sat a good size round table, with a plate of meats and chesses, as well as a pitcher of wine. Enter the tent Chris could feel the tension in the air, so he quickly sitting down he asked the question in his mind.

“Is something wrong?” [Chris]

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