“Alright the intermission is over, everyone please return to your seats.” [Helina]
“Ok now that everyone is back let’s resume my glorious performances, hahaha!” [Chris]
“Sigh” [Everyone]


The sound of clashing steel continuously rang through a small clearing left untouched by Chris’ forest. Five fighters separated, Helina and Lily retreated back to where Clows and Glen were standing. On the opposite side of the clearing stood Trinity each one carrying a battle axe coated in flames.

“Haha, you’re not as strong as I hoped, Helina of the Black Wolf Mercenaries.” [Len]

Len laughed, being the youngest and weakest brother found it hilarious that Helina who was feared by so many was have trouble fight him. Several veins appeared on Helina’s forehead, to her the only man stronger than her was Chris. In a one on one fight Len actually wouldn’t have lasted more than a few minutes against Helina so his taunt made Helina nearly lost her cool. Before she charged in recklessly Lily grabbed her shoulder and gave her a look.

“Helina calm down, don’t do anything reckless, and if we don’t hurry Chris will be done before us.” [Lily]

Helina looked into the forest’s depths, the sounds of thunder and the flashes of lightning were almost constant. Even with all the noise every once in a while the group of A ranks could hear laughter not befitting a humans.

Another flash of lightning struck the forest and a laughing taunt could be heard.

“Hahahahaha,is that all you have you crusty thunder bastard!” [Chris]

Chris was truly enjoying the battle. Why? Because he hasn’t had a chance to test the limits of his new strength yet, and Vis had become his practice dummy.

“Oi, you two lets end this and go help the commander.” [Fern]

With battle cries coming from both sides the battle resumed.


Vis shot backwards crashing into several trees, coughing up blood he looked at the monster in front of him. Chris’ fighting style and appearance had changed since the start of their fight.

Chris’ armor was still a dark steel color, that however was the only thing that stayed the same. The two small horns were gone and had been replaced with to large horns on the side of Chris’ head that curved sideways backwards while bending inwards and at the tip curved outwards. The armor’s face finally had facial features, will really it was only two eye holes that revealed a set of glowing dark green eyes with violet pupils, making it look like he was wearing a mask. His claws had grown longer to resemble knives, and his spine protruded from his back slightly and had a row of tightly packed spikes running along it. The spikes ended at his long whip like tail that looked to be around three meters long. The biggest change however, was Chris now had two sets of angelic wings, though no one would call them the wings of an angel. The wings were a dark steel color like the bark armor except for the feathers tips that had a light green color to them. The wings made him look like a demon had stolen and corrupted the wings of an angel. The other big change was that four spheres of green liquid that follow Chris constantly float around him moving in random directions but all ways staying within two feet of him.

The two major changed came from the [Five Elemental Core] , or more specifically the [Fragment of Earth] , the [Fragment of Water] and the [Fragment of Wind] . Each one of these fragments had leveled up to level 2, from the wind fragment Chris’ skill [Dancing Leaf Wings] had evolved into [Wings of the Forest Emperor] with them his agility could be raised to 160% instead of 100%. As for the four balls of green liquid, the [Fragment of Earth] and the [Fragment of Water] had given him the mixed skill [Forest Water Guardians] . This skill is a toggle able passive that cost no MP, which produces the spheres of transparent green water that absorb mana around him replenishing his mana pool quickly and can attack by firing green water shaped arrows, the only down side was the sphere were unable to block attacks. When Chris had made one of the sphere try to block a lightning bolt Vis had created through magic, the bolt pierced right through it and had struck Chris. On the bright side, Chris had found that the ball of water if destroy would immediately reform.

Right now anyone could tell that Chris held the advantage, but not because of his new skills.

(How is this even possible I have hit him with many attacks, but each time he heals almost instantly!?) [Vis]

Vis burst out of the pile of wrecked trees and drew his sword that sparked with electricity. Chris dodged to the left barely making the lightning cladded sword miss, but Vis didn’t let up as three bolts of lightning fell on Chris. Chris who was covered in burns from the attack simply chuckled as his charred armor instantly started to restore itself.

Suddenly the four green balls of liquid trembled and hundreds of little inch long arrows fired like machine guns. Vis protected himself by again expanding the lightning aura around him, but because of that he couldn’t move. Chris instantly appeared two feet behind Vis swinging a wind cladded Orthos. The barrier of lightning held out for only a moment before conceding and vanished. With the cage of lightning gone Orthos meant Vis’ back instantly Vis kissed the dirt.

“Get up, old man.” [Chris]

Chris glared at Vis, his glowing eyes pierce the commander with anger and a trace of boredom. Chris at first was enjoying himself, but as the fight progress the different in the two strength became apparent. To him, Vis was no longer a proper opponent, so while he wanted to end it quickly and go help Helina.

Then an idea struck Chris that would make the ending more amusing.

“Oi, old shit Vis, how about we make a bet, you hit me with your best shot. If I die you win, but if win wellllllllllllllll you know the rest.” [Chris]
“Damn you boy, your arrogance will be your death, but that’s fine with me!” [Vis]
Chris shrugged, causing Vis could barely contain his anger. Still, he laughed inwardly at Chris, if he really let Vis use his best move then it would be over.

Vis pressed his palms together and began to chant. Large black storm clouds formed and merged together, lightning crackled and wove its way through the massive dark cloud that was forming. Finally the cloud cover nearly the entire forest and the lightning started to gather over where Vis and Chris were.

Vis body started to glow and the lightning around him intensified.

“Take this you shit brat, [Descent of the Thunder Dragon Emperor] !” [Vis]

A massive eastern style dragon emerged from the black cloud. It let out a furious roar and began to charge downwards towards Chris.


Chris was devoured by the lightning dragon and a massive thunder clap followed, forming a tower of lightning. Chris roared in pain as his armor was scorch and started to peel away, finally the tower vanished. Chris’ charred body fell to the earth, with a thud he struck the ground, a small dust cloud rose when his body it the dirt.

Vis released his held breath and laughed.

“Serves you right for being so damn overconfident stupid child.” [Vis]

The man in his tattered and dented golden armor turned to look in the direction of the battle between Helina’s group and Trinity. Vis was about to go help them when…

Felt a searing pain coming from his chest. Looking down his eyes widened, a bloody claw was sticking out of his chest. Quickly it retracted and pull out from his back where it had enter and Vis cough up a mouth full of blood. Chris kicked Vis sending him tumbing for several feet before stopping with his face in the dirt. He used what little strength he had left to look as his attacker and his eyes turned round filled with a mix of shock, fear and despair.

“Looks like you lose, old thunder fart.” [Chris]

Chris stood calmly, blood dripped from his left claw. His burnt flesh and charred armor were slowly but very noticeable mending themselves.

“H-how did you survive I (cough) I could have sworn you died, if not, you should (cough) be barely clutching to life.” [Vis]
“You can thank your men that I survived.” [Chris]
“What!?” [Vis]

Chris’ eyes flashed with amusement and the thorn smile of this bark armor curled upwards.

“You see I have a minion call Leecher that looks just like that.” [Chris]

Chris pointed to a large patch of blood red tipped grass. Vis looked at the grass, it seemed odd how it was shaped looked like it was wrapping around something.

Then Vis face paled, the patch of grass really was wrapped around something. The Leecher minion revealed what it had captured, untangling its long grass blades, a suit of armor rolled out. The armor belonged to some poor soldier that was captured by the blood sucking minion. Vis could see inside the suit of armor a mummified face its mouth opened wide in terror.

“You (cough) bastard what did y-“ [Vis]

Chris again kicked Vis sending him crashing through a few trees and landed in a small clearing.

Vis managed to get to his hands and knees, after vomiting up blood and bile he looked around and froze. All his men that hadn’t died before the forest started to grow lay on the ground, now nothing more that dried husks.

Tears formed in Vis’ eyes, he had trained these men sharing many meals and merry times, now they were all dead.

“Does their deaths make you sad?” [Chris]

Vis turned to look at Chris, Chris’ eyes were full of mockery and amusement. He had dub Vis an enemy that was going to take what was most precious from him. Because of this Chris held no pity as Vis throw off his helmet to reveal a face beaten by countless battles, scars covered his bald head.

“See this face and remember it well, for even if I die, I will find you in hell.” [Vis]

Tears trickled down the old man’s face, Chris only became more entertained, seeing his enemy in pain.

Vis by some miracle stood and placed a hand on the grip of his sheaved sword. Taking a deep breath Vis looked coldly at Chris, he know this would be his last chance. Pouring all his mana into his sword Vis used his quick draw skill [Lightning Wave] .

An arc of lightning much larger and faster than before sped towards Chris.

“It’s useless.” [Chris]

Instantly eight water kite shields formed and blocked Vis last attack that he had staked his life on.

Vis finally admitted defeat in his heart as Chris appeared directly in front of him.

(His boy, he really is a monster among low ranks, but he will find out that killing me solves nothing. The Earl will only send someone stronger in my place) [Vis]

Roaring Vis brandished his sword one last time. Chris watched the old man attempted to do wound Chris with the last moment of his life.

“Pathetic” [Chris]

The last of Vis color drained from his face. At the last moment before his blade came into contacted with Chris’ neck, Chris caught the blade with his bark covered hand.

Before the old man could do anything more, a Leecher grabbed him. While being dragged closer to the plant monster, Vis screamed and cursed, only to be silenced when the large patch of grass completely coiled around him.

The sound that reminded Chris of someone slurping through a straw could be heard and a moment later Vis’ death was confirmed.

The [Fragment of Lightning] has leveled up to level 2

Your minion Buster have gained the skill: [Overcharge]

The [Fragment of Fire] has leveled up to level 2

Your minion Seeker have gained the skill: [Thermal Vision]

The [Fragment of Earth , [Fragment of Water] , [Fragment of Fire] , [Fragment of Lightning] , and [Fragment of Wind] Have reached level 2 allow the [Five Elemental Core] to leveled up to level 2

You have gained the skill: [Elemental Poison Claws]

You have gained the skill: [Five Elements Refined Body]

Chris was stunned, two minions got new skills, while he gained two skills from the [Five Elemental Core] itself. Without hesitation Chris looked at his two new skills.

Elemental Poison ClawsRank 1
Coats your hands in one of five poisons created from a different elementCosts 100 MP per second
Available Poisons: Petrifaction (Earth), Explosive Blood (Wind), Decay (Fire), Neurotoxin (Lightning), Intoxication (Water)

Five Elements Refine BodyRank 1
Increases all stats my 15%Passive
Note: this skill will rank up only when the [Five Elemental Core] levels up [b]


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