“Alright ladies and gents, time for my greatest fight yet!” [Chris]
“Get your popcorn here, nice and buttery!” [Claira]
“Cold drinks, and slushies, come and get them quick!” [Sara]
“Cookies and other sweets right here!” [Helina]
“What are you girls doing?” [Chris]
“Isn’t it obvious, we’re selling concessions before the show?” [Helina]
“A bag of popcorn and one cherry slushie.” [Glen]
“Hey, you can’t be buy that your one of the people fight!” [Chris]
“But-“ [Glen]
“Glen get over here dammit” [Clows]
“Damn if been found, move my little legs move!” [Glen]
“AAAAAAAH, oh gods, save me!” [Glen]
“(Sigh) Alright now that everyone has their stuff let’s get this thing started!” [Chris]


The barrage of arrows and spells quickly sped across the grass plains. The Guardian minions moved in unitize, their tower shield slamming into the top of the wall of twisting trees. Branches grow out of the shield intertwining to form a single entity, the next moment a massive green transparent wall formed covering the from one end of the wall of trees to the other.

As the spells and arrows struck the green wall ripples like it was made of water appeared where each attack hit. Finally when the arrows fell to the ground and the spell dissipated the ripples reversed. From the center of each ripple a green transparent arrow shot out, the arrows moved so fast that shrieks caused by the wind they produced ripped through the air. The mages and archers faces paled as they tried to move out of the way of the green arrows, sadly they didn’t even have three seconds before the arrows bombard them. Cries of pain rose from the back forces of the small army, Commander Vis roared for order and everyone calmed down.

The long range forces started to regroup, but Chris was the type of person to be merciful enough to wait for another. The Buster minions let out a load hissing sound as the large logs on their backs moved to acquired their targets. The demonic smile on his bark armor moved to widen slightly, raising his hand in an exaggerated manner to mock Commander Vis. Seeing the fifteen giant tortoises move the soldiers felt fear creep onto them.

Trinity seeing Chris mock their commander release their blood lust blanketing the grassy clearing with a death fill pressure.

“Is that really all you guys got? How boring.” [Chris]

Chris sneered at the three brother, releasing his own blood lust which instantly crushed theirs like it had even been there in the first place. The brother’s faces paled, while laughing with amusement, Chris copied Commander Vis and made a chopping motion.

“Destroy them!” [Chris]

The sound of fifteen cannons firing simultaneous followed with countless head sized black seeds falling in an arc from the sky. When they landed, the black seeds exploded causing fire and fragments of the seeds to scatter everywhere.

“GAAAAH” [soldiers]

All the seeds had landed in the front row, out of three hundred ninty soldiers, one hundred fifteen were instantly wiped out. The one that weren’t instantly killed screamed in pain as the [Blazing Poison Spores] rampaged through their bodies. In only thirty seconds another six soldiers fell to the ground covered in gruesome burn marks.

Everyone whether it was the soldier or even Chris own allies, were frozen in place. All their minds had one thought, (with only one wave of attacks he wiped out almost have of frontline, that just to terrifying).

“What are you fools doing, ATTACK!” [Will]

With Will in the lead, Trinity ran forward with incredible speed.

“Don’t think we’ll let you bastards do as you please!” [Helina]

Helina’s group leapt from the wall, each landing gracefully before rushing to meet Trinity. As the clash between A ranks began hissing sound again came from the monstrous tortoises.

“Mages use defensive spell to block those monster’s attacks, the frontline can’t take another hit!” [Commander Vis]

And another set of cannon fire sounded, this time the seed exploded on the various colored barriers that form over the enemy’s frontline. Sadly, for them Chris had his minions use a different attack this time.

“What the hell is this stuff.” [random soldier]

A cloud of red specks rained down on the soldier when the mages’ shield vanished. The soldier stared at the falling specks confused since they didn’t seem dangerous until…

“GRAAAA!” [crazed soldiers]
“AAAAH, what are you doing, we are on the same side.” [sane soldier]

The men that were touched by the red specks they stopped moving, then suddenly the soldier that came in contact with the red specks turned and attacked their comrades.

For ten minutes chaos controlled the army’s frontlines before a pulse of white light spread over the soldier dispelling the berserk state they were in. Following the white light two large arcs of lightning crashed into the green transparent wall, the arcs of lightning and the wall clashed. In the end, the wall creaked and with the sound of glass breaking, the wall shattered.

“Their defenses are broken, all melee fighters charge, ranged attackers rain death on them.” [Commander Vis]

Chris clicked his tongue, he quickly descended to where Claira and Sara were.

“Both of you be ready, I’ll get rid of most of them, but watch out for the stragglers.” [Chris]
“Right!” [Claira and Sara]

The Busters fire another round of explosive seeds this time there was fifteen the size of fully grown men. On impacted massive explosions decimated the charging melee fighters. Only around one hundred men remained of the original near four hundred men.

While Chris enjoyed the sight of his enemies die in pain a window popped up.

Orthos’ state of awakening has reached 20%

Orthos now will give owner: Chris Gelvon +20% stat bonus
Orthos has gained the skill: Torrent of Magma

“…….” [Chris]

Chris was shocked, twenty percent what happened to eighteen and nineteen!

“Oi, Orthos has your state of awaking been raising and I wasn’t told?” [Chris]
“Yeah, kekeke we thought it would be bothersome to tell you each time, so every multiple of five, you will get a notification.” [left Orthos]

Chris didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“What does the master expect, in that last week you have killed many powerful prey and just today you killed four A ranks and almost three hundred B ranks.” [right Orthos]

Chris sighed his hand on his face slowly dragged down.

“What’s wrong?” [Claira]
“Nothing” [Chris]

Chris Suddenly shot into the sky, the wind made the girls light blue armored mage robes flutter.

Chris arc in the sky to hover six meters in front of the wall, Orthos now in his hand. To the approaching soldiers, Chris looked like an angel of death, still they released battle cries and continued forwards.

“Hmph, fine come, become my guinea pigs!” [Chris]

Chris descended like a meteor, raising Orthos, the head of the hammer suddenly erupted into flames. Chris struck the ground with Orthos and a tremor shook the earth. The flames that covered the hammer quickly moved into the ground like the soil drinking the fire. Suddenly countless long thin cracks formed in every direction and from them lava exploded like geysers, quickly forming into a wave that washed over the now fleeing soldiers.

“Oh, this skill isn’t bad at all.” [Chris]

The remaining soldier as well as the mages and archers all stared at Chris. His tyrannical power had completely destroyed what was left of their moral.

Suddenly without warning, an arc of lightning sliced through the surging magma, the arc aimed at Chris. Three shield made of water appeared from nowhere and blocked the speeding lightning attack.

“Oooooh. so, you’re finally going to fight, Commander Vis? [Chris]

A golden armored man cladded in sparking electricity was slowly approaching while hover over the cooling lava.

“Boy, I’ll make you pay for killing my men!” [Commander Vis]
“Ha, if you didn’t come after me in the first place, your men wouldn’t have died.” [Chris]

To Commander Vis threat, Chris retorted while shrugging.

Commander Vis trembled with anger, lightning sparked around his long sword. His body flickered and appeared behind Chris, his sword aiming to take Chris’ head. Before Commander Vis’ sword reached Chris body trees sprouted from the ground, along with bushes, flowers, and other types of vegetation.

Commander Vis was forced to move back, he grimaced as he heard the cries of his men being swallowed by the forest.

Commander Vis looked around, but Chris was nowhere to be found. Instead Commander Vis heard a faint buzzing sound. The next moment a cloud of wasp that looked to be made of black metal surged out from all directions. Snorting, the lightning that wove around Commander Vis expanded frying the black cloud. Numerous wasps fell to the ground like they had attack a giant bug zapper, Commander Vis laughed coldly casting a hateful gaze into the forest.

“Is that all you have, boy.” [Commander Vis]

Suddenly Commander Vis saw a shadow move through the forest. Vis licked his lips thinking he found Chris, he began to follow the shadow.

“Quit hiding!” [Vis]

An arc of lightning struck at the shadow and it plummeted to the ground. Commander Vis descended down to the blackened human shape figure, he kicked it and cursed. The blackened figure was only a dummy made of wrapped vines. Suddenly something pounced on Vis, hitting the ground the creature clawed at Vis. The commander swung his sword, bisecting the creature. Vis started to get up, but five more creatures charged out of the dense forest. The creatures that were attacking Vis were obviously Chris’ Striker minions.

Chris who was sitting in a tree, watched Vis dispatch the tiger like plant creatures with some difficulty. He stood, having determined that Vis was in no way stronger than Gunther, let alone his equal.

Having just finished off the last Striker Vis exhaled deeply.

“You’re weak for an S rank.” [Chris]

Vis turned just in time to see Orthos a few centimeters from his face.

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