The Strongest Job... Gardener?



Chapter 19: Calm before the Storm part 2


“Oi, get me a healer now!” [Chris]

Chris with the mage riding his Striker minion burst out of the forest into the clearing that served as the location for the Black Wolf’s campsite.

Hearing Chris’ shout many people gathered to see what was going on. In Chris arms was the little girl covered in her own blood.

“Move, get out of the way!” [Helina]

Helina made her way through the small crowd and saw Chris with the bloodied girl. Right behind her Claira gasped when she saw the girl covering her mouth in surprise, Sara who was beside her made a few that spoke of concern and confusion.

“Mary, take the girl we most treat her right away!” [Claira]

A women in her late thirties quick took the girl from Chris and ran off with Claira in the lead. Chris sighed, while he had been unconscious for almost two weeks Claira and Sara had been training with Clows as their teacher. During that time, even though the sisters had the same job, how it developed was different. Sara’s focused on attacking and control, while Claira’s had become a defensive and healing type of job. When they fought together even Helina had to go all out to win, it scared Chris how fast they were gaining strength, it even rivaled his own progress. He wonder if that is how everyone felt about him and his extremely fast growth. mercenaries had given them each a nickname, Claira’s was [The Warm Winter Priestess] , the name came from her healing skills that even though they felt cold when being healed, the ones she healed said that they could feel her warm in her icy healing skills. While Sara’s was [The Icy War Princess] , obviously because in battle she was elegant like princess and fierce like a warrior in battle.

Sighing again, he turned too looked at the mage behind him.

“Follow me, and don’t worry im not going to let you died.” [Chris]

After a few minutes Chris, Sara, Helina, Clows, Glen, Lily, and the mage sat in the large tent with the rectangular table. The man was bound by ropes, ten metallic looking wasps sat on his body their stingers piercing his flesh, a faint light flowed from them in to the man.

“Now, just so we are clear, if you do or say anything I don’t like your sister will dead that moment, do you understand?” [Chris]

The man eyed the wasps on his body and nodded, he could tell that killing his sister from here was a very simple task for Chris, not to mention he wouldn’t hesitate to do so.

“Now tell me, what are their numbers, ranks, and jobs.” [Chris]

The man swallowed his saliva, this was a dangerous game he was playing the man knew that. Still, his sister’s life was at stake, not only that, but the mage saw this as an opportunity.

“First off, there is five hundred fifty elite soldier all B ranked, then there is three A ranked call Trinity, lastly the Commander Vis G. Portso is a S rank. While most of the B ranks have normal jobs there is a few uncommon one, but none of them have any rare jobs. Trinity consist of the Tri brother; Fern Tri, Will Tri, and Len Tri. All three of them have the job Burning Berserker, their combined power is only slightly less than an S rank. Commander Vis G. Portso’s job is Grand Lightning Sword Magus, he specializes in fast lightning based magic attacks and quick drew techniques.” [Mage]

Almost everyone paled, an S rank and three A ranks of that callibur, not to mention over five hundred B ranked elite soldier. After Ostan was finished speaking the only one to remain calm was Chris, in fact he was faintly smiling.

“An S rank huh.” [Chris]

he spoke the words almost indifferently, Clows turned to him. Though Clows hadn’t known Chris long, what he did know was that Chris was a very calculating man, he was cunning like a pink charming snake and ferocious like a fire maned lion. On the third night he after he regain consciousness, Chris had played a series of games of chess with Clows. By the time they decide to call it a night, out of the 32 games they played Clows had not won once and hadn’t even gotten close to winning.

“Do you have a plan just from hearing that?” [Clows]

Without answering, Chris stood one could tell he was deep in thought. He walked over to a chest in one of the corners of the tent, opening it he search for a moment then pulled out a map. Walking back over, Chris unrolled the map onto the table, it was a detailed map of the area they were currently in. He then studied the map while everyone watch silently, after a minute Chris looked up a large grin on his face.

“We will pack up the caravan and move to this location.” [Chris]

Chris pointed to another large clearing like the one they were in, except much larger and their backs would be to a large gorge. Everyone looked at the map dumbfounded, there was no advantages from going there. Clows careful studied the map, then looked up with a worried expression at the still smiling Chris, suddenly Helina stood.

“Chris are you sure, if we go here the enemy could completely make use of their numbers and the gorge.” [Helina]

The smile on Chris face widened, he spread his arm and looked at Helina who had a confused look on her face. Chris was completely calm, because he knew this his plan would succeed.

“That’s the point.” [Chris]
“What!?” [everyone]
“Look from what I am guessing is that they think they have already won. Now if you believed that, then noticed that your prey had made an amateur mistake by letting you use your overwhelming numbers, only the most cautious leader wouldn’t get over confident.” [Chris]

Everyone was puzzled from his word, suddenly Sara’s eyes widened and she stood up, and her face showed she understood what he was saying

“Chris you plan to-“ [Sara]

Five hour later, Chris stood looking over the gorge that was forty meters wide and ten meters across. Taking a deep breath, he stomped the ground and a bridge of roots formed.

“Alright get everything across!” [Chris]

Chris having finished his task, he walked over to Helina who was sharpening her long sword.

“While you be ready?” [Chris]
“Of course, my future husband has placed his trust in me, if his future wife couldn’t hold is trust than who could.” [Helina]
“Now listen, I-“ [Chris]

Before Chris could retort to her words, Helina had stood up and kissed him. Surprised, Chris didn’t immediately react. Quickly, recovering he struggled free, his eyes fixed on Helina who was looking at him with a flushed face.

“At least, could you understand my feeling are real.” [Helina]

After saying that she quickly left, an expression of victory on her face.

“You know that took a lot of courage to do, you could at least acknowledge that.” [Claira]

Chris didn’t give a response to her words, he only looked after the fleeing Helina. He then looked over the grass plains, Claira hugged him from behind, her soft breast pressing against his back.

“Are you worried?” [Claira]

Chris finally looked back into Claira’s eyes, his gaze was filled with confidents.

“No not really, that just now was surprising.” [Chris]
“So are you going to except her feeling or not” [Sara]

Chris shrugged, at first Chris would have instantly said no, but now he couldn’t give a clear answer. Both of the sister’s heaved a sigh, Claira was about to say something when Glen ran up.

“Oi, Boss, the enemy is getting close.” [Glen]

It seemed since Chris had defeated Helina and now that everyone saw how she acted towards Chris, he had become the unofficial boss of the Black Wolf mercenaries. Nodding to Glen who came up to Chris, and bumped his fist onto Chris chest.

“Good luck.” [Glen]
“Yeah, you too” [Chris]

The two men gave each other a fearless smile. They laughed like idiots and the sister made exhausted faces.

“Oh no, Glen is corrupting our Chris.” [Claira]
“Stay strong sister, Chris will overcome it.” [Sara]

While laughing, Chris’ heart he felt strange, yet happy. Chris had never had friends and the only girl he had every loved was taken from him. Now, in this new world he had friends and several girls that loved him, and even family who cared for him. To him, the Black Wolf mercenaries were his comrades and friends. With Claira and Sara the spearheads of the operation ‘get Chris to open up’ Chris felt like he could trust them and that he had…

“A place I belong, huh.” [Chris]

After he had finished talking to Glen Chris moved to a large rock five meters away from the bridge of roots, using it as a vantage point he looked at the mass of men emerging from the forest.

“I guess in show get started.” [Chris]

Manipulating his mana, Chris created a wall of intertwining trees to completely block off the gorge. Next he created fifteen platforms generating a Buster minion on each one. Lastly he generated thirty Guardian along the top of the wall of trees.

With Claira and Sara standing on either side of him he grinned in excitement for the battle that would soon start.

“Now, let them come.” [Chris]
“Chris it isn’t good to act like that.” [Claira]
“Battle junky.” [Sara]
“I’m not a battle junky!” [Chris]

Both sister giggled, Chris sighed, they had just ruined the mood completely.

Going back to the strategy meeting, Chris explained his plan.

“While the Caravan is crossing the bridge, I will created a defensive wall to stop the common soldiers then Helina, Clows, Glen, and Lily take on Trinity. Claira and Sara I want you on the wall since you will be best to keep the uncommon job types from getting through our defenses. Now while the common soldier are attacking the wall, my Busters will keep them at bay, as I take on Commander Vis. Now then Ostan, would you like to help us.” [Chris]

Everyone drew in a breath, Glen slammed his hand on the table, his usual cheerful attitude gone.

“What are you saying, this guy is the enemy, and if we release him he could stab us in the back.” [Glen]

Chris closed his eyes and shocked his head, opening his eyes again, Chris looked at Ostan.

“You want revenge on the commander don’t you?” [Chris]
“How did-“ [Ostan]

He stopped mid-sentence, Chris was looking at him with dead pan eyes filled with hatred, but those eyes were directed at Ostan, instead they seemed to be looking at something very far away.

“Because I know that looking in your eyes all too well. Now you don’t have to tell me why, but just know this is an opportunity to pay back what is due.” [Chris]

Ostan and Chris looked into each other’s eyes an unspoken conversation that only the kind of people they were could have was taking place. Finally Ostan nodded, his expression blank, but his eyes had a fire lit in them.

“Alright, what I want you to do is go back and do whatever you can to damage Commander Vis army before and during the battle.”  [Chris]

Ostan again nodded. Lily cut his robes and he stood, he eyed Chris then kneeled.

“Thank you I owe you a debt, and I plan to repay it.” [Ostan]
“That fine, just don’t do mouth off when you get back, after all I will still have your sister.” [Chris]

Chris’ tone sounded serious, but Ostan knew this was a joke. Both of them knew that one would not betray the other. To these two men, finding out if someone was either honest or lying was simple. Not only that, but a strange form of comradery instantly created between the two, though only the two hateful knew how.

Ostan then stood and walked to the tent’s entrance with Lily following so he didn’t get mistaken for an escapee.

“And don’t worry I’ll have one of my minions follow you around so you don’t get hit on the battlefield.” [Chris]

With Chris calling after him, Ostan glanced back and smiled while nodding.

Back to the present, Chris watched the army of soldier come closer, covering himself in his bark armor, then with leafy wings sprouting from his bark covered shoulder blades, Chris slowly ascended into the sky. When he was around twenty five feet above the wall he had made Chris stop.

He scanned the soldiers, their formation was simple but effective. Melee fighters were in the front, while mages and archers were in the back. The melee fighters were in a V shape while the back forces were in a straight line. Between the front and back forces four people stood, each one giving off a powerful aura cultivated over countless battles.

Three of the men were standing in front of and the last man was behind them. The three men had no helmets and all looked very similar, short strawberry blonde hair, rough facial features, well built with broad shoulders, all wearing crude looking fiery red armor. These three were without a doubt the Tri brothers aka Trinity.

“Commander Vis G. Portso, I will give you one chance to retreat, though if you underestimate me none of you will live to regret it.” [Chris]

The man standing behind the three red armored brothers, whom was obviously Commander Vis G. Portso wore golden armor, his build was slightly smaller than the three in front of him. Since he wore a helmet Chris could see his face, but he could tell that a pair of cold eyes were aimed at him.

“Mages prepare your spells, archers notch your arrows!” [Commander Vis]

Commander Vis had raised his hand to signal his men, after he felt enough time had passed he brought his hand down in a chopping motion.

“Fire!” [Commander Vis]

The sounds of mages calling out their spells and arrows leaving their bows rang, destroying the moment of silence. Chris watch the mass of ranged attacks and a faint smile appeared on his face.

“Looks like you chose to underestimate me, you arrogant bastard.” [Chris]

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