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Chapter 18: Calm before the Storm part 1


“Hmm, well this is annoying.” [Chris]

The battle against the Fungus Tribesmen was easy at first. Chris had created five Striker minions, their overwhelming power decimated the Fungus Tribesmen. Even when the tribesmen release there [Sleeping Spores] it had no effect on Chris’ minions, after all Chris control them and plants don’t even sleep.

After three minutes over one hundred Fungus Tribesmen corpses littered the ground their blue blood staining the earth. Now only the Mind Corrupting Fungus Tribal Chief was left standing on the other side of the stinking blue sea.

With Chris command, the five tigers all charged at the BOSS, each of their claws starting to glow, readying to use [Flash Claw] . When the Striker minions were only two meters away from their target, the Tribal Chief suddenly let out a high pitch scream. Specks of red flew out in all directions, when the tigers entered the cloud of red specks they all stopped.

“What, how is this possible!?” [Chris]

He had lost control of his minions, now they turned and started to attack each other. Chris watched as his minions tore each other apart, angered he dispelled them, making the Striker minions disintegrate into dust.

Chris saw the little mushroom man, using [Terra Network] he looked over what had just happened. Frowning he created two more Striker minions and sent them at the BOSS. Again the tigers stopped and attacked each other.

“Alright, I got it, now let’s end this.” [Chris]

Chris dispelled his two uncontrollable minions, then he simple raised his hand and countless roots shot out of the ground impaling the BOSS. Through those two experiments had found three ways of dealing with the Tribal Chief’s annoying spores. One was to use a Buster minion at could attack from long range and kill the BOSS at a safe distance, except the problem was that Chris need the body to be somewhat in tacked as to absorb it and gain the benefits from it. Another idea was to attack again from long range using [Lightning Leaf Arrows] , but the same problem arose. Seeing how the enemy is a plant the lightning based attack could light the body on fire and Chris couldn’t let that happen. After some thought Chris had wanted to kick himself, he could just control some roots to kill the Mind Corrupting Fungus Tribal Chief.

It screeched in pain for a moment before going limp. Happy about how easy that fight had been Chris approached the fresh corpse. Placing his hand on the monsters body Chris activated [Vegetation Absorption] , the little mushroom humanoid’s body move. It was like the corpse had turned to liquid and was being slurped up by Chris bark covered hand, after it was completely absorbed a few windows popped into Chris’ vision.

Through [Vegetation Absorption] you have gained a skill

Skill gained: [Spore Cloud]

Through [Vegetation Absorption] your minion Buster has gained a new skill

Skill gained: [Corrupting Pollen Bomb]

Through [Vegetation Absorption] your minion Striker has gained a new skill

Skill gained: [Blood Feast]

Chris hadn’t expected for his minions to gain skills too.

“So that’s why it said benefits and skills and not just me learning new skills.” [Chris]

Scratching his head, Chris smiled with satisfaction. From what Chris knew after reading about [Spore Cloud] was that Chris could generate controllable cloud of spores. Chris could generate five kinds of spores that would infect his victims; sleep, paralyzing, poison, confusion, and berserk. It seemed that the Fungus Chief’s skill had been split be between confusion spores and berserk spores that berserk spores would corrupt the infected victims mind making them attack anything that moves, while the confusion spores only confuse the target it didn’t turn them violent like berserk spores. [Corrupted Pollen Bomb] was a skill where the Buster minion fires a smoke bomb that releases pollen just like the Mind Corrupting Fungus Tribal Chief’s [Corrupting Spores] . [Blood Feast] was a skill that could be consider overpowered, each time a Striker minion killed an enemy, the minion would receive a point five percent boost to their stats for one hour.

When he was about to leave, Chris’ Seeker minions found something and his expression turned grim. With his Seeker minions Chris saw hundreds of Invictus soldiers marching this way. At the rate they were moving, the soldier would reach the Black Wolf’s campsite in fifteen hours. Chris activated his [Forest Monster’s Bark Armor] to fly back suddenly vanished just as a spear coated in lightning pierced where he had just been.

“Damn, this bastard is fast!” [???]

From behind some trees stepped out a man where knights armor, an insignia of Invictus on his right shoulder. Behind him two more men stepped into the clearing and glared at Chris whom had reappeared in the sky five meters off the ground. The three men all had different colored armor; the leader’s was red, one left’s was blue, and the right’s was orange.

“Hey, just die quietly kid, if we bring your corpse to the commander, we’ll get a big bonus.” [knight leader]

Chris could tell just by looking the three knights that only the red and blue knights were A ranked, while the orange one was B ranked. Chris also found three others thanks to his Seeker minions. To his left perched in a tree hidden by its branches was a female archer, her bow drawn. The other two were hiding behind a group of tree behind him, one seemed to be a male mage while the other Chris couldn’t tell but he had an odd feeling about the other one who Chris quess was a girl, but if so she couldn’t be older than thirteen.

The archer and mage were both A ranks, while the younger girl was a B rank, the group must had thought they had the upper hand. But what the Invictus Soldiers hadn’t expected to happen was Chris began to laugh. The group’s spines shivered from his laugh that sounded like he was actual extremely happy to confront them. Suddenly the laugher stopped and Chris fixed the three men below him with a cold but amused gaze.

“You guys are from the Invictus army correct?” [Chris]
“Yes, we the vanguard of the elite force known as Heaven’s Hand, the personal army of Earl Fen H. Ginmer, led by the great Commander Vis G. Portso.” [Leader Knight]

The other two knights’ eyes twitched hearing that their leader had told Chris who they were so easily. Chris nodded, using the Seeker minions he found a large force of a little over five hundred soldiers heading towards the direction of the Black Wolf campsite. Grinding his teeth, Chris could tell these guys were the vanguard most likely to reduce blood shed, since Chris could tell that the soldiers march this way were mostly B ranked. Although among them were six more A ranks, Chris could help but grimace. He had to get back as quickly as possible to warn everyone, unfortunately Chris doubted the ones before him would let him go so easily.

“Go back to your commander and tell him to retreat or he won’t leave to regret it.” [Chris]

Chris’ blood lust held some much pressure the whole group was almost forced to kneel. Still, the knight leader grinned, this was his chance to break out of his commander’s shadow. If he managed to kill Chris and capture Helina then he would absolutely me promoted to a commander or even a general.

“Ha, you’re out numbered, what can you do against all three of us!?” [knight leader]
“Don’t underestimate me” [Chris]

Chris sneered, though there was four A ranks they all were weaker than Helina, and compared to the Chris that could defeat Helina, the current Chris was five times stronger.

Suddenly five arrows with wind spiraling around them moving faster than the earlier lightning cladded spear flew out of the forest aiming for his vitals. With a flap of his leafy wings six leaves floated in the air for less than a second before sparks of electricity surround them and they moved to intercept the arrows. While five of the leaves collided with the wind covered arrows the sixth one sped through the forest with speed three times greater than the wind arrows. The leaf struck the head of the female archer and burst out the other side, her body falling to the ground with a thud. The expression on her face was filled with shock and horror, the dead archer could never had imagined that Chris would have found her so easily, let alone counter attack so quickly.

Through the week of training Chris had ranked up his newer skills each to at least rank three. Now [Lightning Leaf Arrows] was rank four and could produce up to twelve leaf arrows at once.

“Stela!” [blue knight]
“Ho, did you like that one, well that’s too bad. She underestimated me and because of that she died like a complete dumbass.” [Chris]

As Chris mocked the blue knight a large fire ball shot towards him, Chris snorted and used [Aqua Guard] . Instantly six kite shield shaped masses of water formed, three of the watery shield moved to block the fire ball.

“Don’t think I can’t see you two.” [Chris]

The mage who had casted the five ball spell trembled, he hadn’t though his attack could so easily be blocked. Chris then created a Striker minion to go kill the mage and the young girl, while he descended to the ground Orthos appearing in his right hand.

“You bastard, I’ll kill you for what you did to Stela” [blue knight]

The blue knight charged towards Chris, the other two knights right behind him. Chris smirked, wind had gathered around Orthos, and as the blue knight was about to swing his sword the man’s upper body was turned to meat paste. Chris’ hammer cladded in violent winds smashed against his body and the wind increased the hammers destructive power at the same time scattering the blue knight’s blood and entrails everywhere.

Both knights halted their advance, seeing their comrades all killed so effortlessly truly terrified them. The orange knight tried to run, sadly Chris was much faster than him. Before the knight could take three steps he was already a bloody human pancake in the earth.

“There’s no point in running, I can easily hunt you down.” [Chris]

He turned to the knight leader, the warped smile from his bark armor scared the man stiff. It was true though, Chris had almost eight thousand agility and with [Dancing Leaf Wings] Chris could double the making his agility a little over fifteen thousand. That amount of speed could compart to an S rank’s agility, how was this sorry sack of shit expected to escape. Seeing he had no hope off out running Chris the red knight swung his sword desperation filled his eyes. A water shield blocked his attack and Chris kicked his stomach, and the man went fly several feet before crashing into a tree. The red knight coughed up blood as he slowly raised his head to see Chris already in front of him.

“Please wait, I’ll-“ [knight leader]

The red knight wasn’t even given the time to finish his sentence before Orthos crushed his skull.

Chris then turned his attention over to the last two, by some miracle they managed to kill the Striker minions. Chris moved to stand in front of them in an instant, the male mage was heavily injured, while the girl mage had a large claw mark running down her shoulder to her chest, it looked to be fatal. Chris stepped towards them, even with his heavy injures, the man moved to protect the girl behind him. Chris studied the two, the man unless receive proper treatment would die in four or five hour while the girl could last an hour at most.

“I won’t kill you, but that’s only if you cooperate, got it.” [Chris]

The girl stared blankly for a moment, while the man’s eye flashed with hope. Seeing this, Chris knew he had them in the palm of his hands. Although Chris wanted to simple kill these two, he needed information on this Commander Vis G. Portso that was coming his way.

“I-I will tell you whatever I can so please help me sister, she is all I have.” [Male mage]

Chris chuckled then nodded, creating a Striker minion.

“Alright I will save your sister, just keep your end of the barging or I’ll just kill you both.” [Chris]

Without any resistance the two got onto the tiger. The girl seemed to be unable to ride with her injures even with her brothers help. Chris sighed he didn’t have time for this, so while the girl struggled to sit upright Chris grabbed her putting her in a princess carry, she let out an surprised cry before stiffing from fear.

“Shut up, we need to get back fast and I can’t have you slowing us down.” [Chris]

Without another word, the three left to return to the Black Wolf campsite.

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