In the Black Wolf caravan camp sat seven people inside a large tent at a large rectangular table. On one side at Chris with Claira on his right and Sara on his left, on the opposite side sat Helina with a thin man wearing a heavy black hooded cloak named Clows, on her right was a giant man named Glen, and further to the right was a cat woman looking in her early thirties that wore a set of light leather armor name Lily.

Clows was around 6’1 with a lean build. His facial feature resembled Helina’s so Chris thought they might be siblings. Just like Helina he had brown hair and red eyes. His hair was cut short and his skin was pale white. He was the smart and calculating type that Chris was the most wary of, Clows seemed to be constantly evaluating Chris.

Status Page
Name: Clows IronheartRace: Human
Lv: 155EXP: 57920 / 113400
Age: 27Gender: Male
Job: Shadow MagusCombative Rank: A

One That Walks With Shadows, Over Protective Brother, Vice Commander of the Black Wolves, Exiled Royal, Black Wolf’s Captain: Night

HP 5100 / 5100MP 11500 / 11500
Str: 3500Agi: 9050
Def: 2100Magic: 9950
Luck: 170Charm: 230

Black ArrowsRank: 21
Abyssal GripRank: 18
Dark PulseRank: 19
Will’O WispRank: 18
Walls of the Nighttime FortressRank: 17

Glen was a more interesting character, he was 5’3 with a more muscular build, blue eyes, and a head of diligently maintained slicked back shoulder length black hair. He wore a heavy blue hood robe with a chain mail tonic under nether. What was the most interesting was that he had no weapon, but instead he had what looked like an acoustic guitar propped up beside him. He seemed to be a very dramatic person, since when he first saw Chris he greeted him with an exaggerated hand shake and started to play a tone before being interrupted by Clows.

Status Page
Name: Glen FairchildRace: Human
Lv: 163EXP: 50920 / 123400
Age: 32Gender: Male
Job: War BardCombative Rank: A

Song Spinner, Musical Muscle Man, One Who Owns a Unique interment, Black Wolf’s Captain: Chorus

HP 6050 / 6050MP 12250 / 12250
Str: 4700Agi: 4500
Def: 2800Magic: 11250
Luck: 110Charm: 110

Song of BraveryRank: 21
Melody of the StrongholdRank: 21
Symphony of StormsRank: 21
Requiem of ManaRank: 21
Bad Times LullabyRank: 17

Lily, the last of the three was fairly attractive, not at the level of Claira, Sara, or Helina, but she was fairly good looking compared to the other women in the mercenary group. Her pink hair and fur mix with her golden cat eyes, fluffy ears, and sleek tail made Chris’ inner otaku extreme tempted to touch them. Her personality was airhead like, but Chris could tell instantly there was more to her then meets the eye. in terms of physical abilities she was the closest to Helina.

Status Page
Name: Lily BlackpawRace: Cat Demihuman
Lv: 171EXP: 4920 / 18900
Age: 31Gender: Female
Job: Martial ArtistCombative Rank: A

Little Trouble Maker, Cunning Black Cat, Twin Hearted, Black Wolf’s Captain: Mischief

HP 10050 / 10050MP 2300 / 2300
Str: 5500Agi: 6900
Def: 5600Magic: 1050
Luck: 140Charm: 250

Seven Star FistRank: 22
Flowing River StepsRank: 19
Stronghold Crushing StrikeRank: 21
Battle Lust of the BeastRank: 17
Infinite Fury ClawsRank: 18

Out of the Three Chris was most interested in Clows, because since coming to this world other than Claira and Sara, he had the first caster type job he had seen. Still, a War Bard sounded interesting as well

A delicate mood covered he space.

“Alright, I know what has happened so far. Now I want to know why you helped me, Claira, and Sara.” [Chris]

While completely ignoring the mood Chris fixed Helina with a cold observant gaze while asking his question. Placing is elbows on the table he leaned to rest his chin on them. Helina fidgeted for a second, she wasn’t good with these kinds of situations, not to mention she was nervous of telling Chris the reason for her actions. After a moments silence, Clows spoke, his voice gentle and flowed like water, most would find his voice charming. To Chris, Clows’ voice wasn’t charming, because Chris could heard the hidden emotions in it; anger, loathing, arrogance.

“Allow me to speak the boss, the reason she had helped you is because of our mother’s final wish.” [Clows]
“Huh, what does that have to do with me?” [Chris]

Slightly irritated, Clows nodded to Helina who reached into her shirt to retrieve a small necklace with a thumbnail sized round red crystal.

“That is called a Guiding Soul Stone, it has the power to lead the wearer to the person he or she is destined to be with, and the stone has chosen you. So that makes you destined to be with my sister.” [Clows]

Chris looked at Clows’ expression that seemed to say “You should be happy someone like you gets to marry my sister.”

Chris frowned but didn’t say anything.

Clows seeing that Chris was frowning after learning he was to be with his sister Clows grow irritated.

(Do you think your too good for my sister, you bastard!) [Clows]

Clows was about to start express his anger when.

“Brother, let me continue, I feel I must be the one to tell him.” [Helina]

Helina interrupted Clows with a stern expression, looking at his sister Clows nodded. Helina knew Clows more than enough to know that it could turn ugly if she let him argue with Chris. Taking a deep breath Helina fixed Chris with a serious stare.

“Let me start from the beginning. My brother and I are the last remaining members of the Ironheart Royal Family that ruled the small kingdom of Cramwell. Though Cramwell only had ten thousand citizens compart to Invictus that boasted hundreds of thousands, it was the leading exporter of many rare metals to other kingdoms. Our mine never seemed to dry, so after many decades Cramwell was considers a great influential power, that is until twenty years ago, Invictus demanded to be the only ones we exported to. Our Father, King Griswald Ironheart refused their demands and a war broke out. Of course, Cramwell was only a ten the size of Invictus, still our father refused, because Cramwell had various magical tools that were several decades more advanced than Invictus, so he thought Cramwell could come out victorious. Sadly, our father was wrong, the king of Invictus at the time King Ross’ father, Galio D. Invictus had bribed several of the nobles from our father’s court with high ranking positions to betray him. When Invictus invaded, thanks to the help of the nobles it was easy for them to sweep through the country and conquer it. On the day of the final battle at the Capital, Black Forge, My mother, Bella Ironheart gave me this.” [Helina]

Helina again showed the Guiding Soul Stone. This time it lit up slightly and a faint stream of light slowly moved from the stone to touch Chris’ chest.

“This proves what my mother said, this stone will help me find the men I will spend my life with and reclaim Cramwell for its people.” [Helina]

Chris calm expression didn’t change, his eyes pierced Helina studying her every move, which caused her to become nervous, sweet started to form on her back. If what her mother said is true then this young man before her was to her husband, while she was excited she also was afraid. Unlike fighting, matters of the heart were complicated, Helina didn’t want her and Chris relationship to start off bad.

“Hahaha, If Boss Helina is nervous around a man then it must be true about the stone, GA!” [Glen]
“Idiot, read the mood.” [Lily]

Lily had elbowed Glen in the stomach when he suddenly started laughing, glaring at him

Chris had closed his eyes and enter a state of deep thought where he could make [Terra Network] elevate his mental processing speed to its max. Doing this he went over everything he knew of the situation, as well as replay what Helina said. In this mental state he could study everything like a movie he could pause or rewind, allowing him not to miss the smallest detail.

This process for Chris felt like several hours, but for everyone else he had his eyes closed for a minute at max. When he opened his eyes a cold flame flickered in their depths, his usual calm smile changed to a slight frown.

“I don’t believe your story, but-.” [Chris]
“What, what is not believable!” [Clows]

Clows stood, his fury was apparent, still Helina held him back.

“But?” [Hilena]
“But, if you allow me to look into your mind, I will see if I can believe you or not. If you are tell the truth, then you have nothing to fear, although if you are lying, then I will kill you.” [Chris]

Everyone froze, they looked at Helina with a worried look. Chris was watching Helina closely, because he lied about searching her mind, Chris had no skills that could do that. If Helina refused to let him search her mind that proved that she was lying. To Chris’ surprise Helina gave him the answer he didn’t expect.

“That fine, if you must look into my mind to believe me then do that, my mother always said that loved one must not hold secrets from one another.” [Helina]

(Who the hell is your loved one!?) [Chris]

Chris was shocked, he didn’t expect Helina who had a serious face on too actually let him enter her mind. He let out a long sigh, then Chris looked intensely into Helina’s eyes once more.

“Alright, I guess I’ll have to believe you.” [Chris]

After Chris said Helina had passed his test everyone let out a sigh of relief. Actually Chris had lied, he didn’t have a skill that could let him see into another’s mind. Though no one else knew this, at that moment Helina started to laugh, her nervousness gone.

“Well then, now that the tough stuff is over let’s go eat, plus the men want to meet the man that stole their beautiful boss away.” [Glen]

Clows began to scold Glen about his words, but the little man simply laughed it off.

Walking outside, men and women were sitting around bonfires laughing eating a stew made of Toetoe meat and various vegetables gathered from the area.

The night was lively, at one point somehow Chris got robed into a drinking contest. To everyone’s surprise he out drank all his challengers, though by the end of the activities Chris faces was slightly red.

“Damn, that kid can drink.” [Black Wolf merc 1]
“Yeah, he even out drank Glen, is he really some monster in human skin.” [Black Wolf merc 2]

Later that night, Chris, Claira, and Sara were lying in their tent. Both Claira and Sara clung to Chris after their own nighttime activities. Chris was looking at the ceiling with a troubled look on his face. Claira noticed this and propped herself up with an elbow, the quilt slipping off her body revealing her swaying breast and delicate waist.

“What wrong?” [Claira]

Chris looked at her and sighed, his expression changed to a puzzled one.

“Are you both really ok with this thing about Helina destined to be with me?” [Chris]

For a moment shook covered Claira’s face, then she giggled.

“Helina told both of us as soon as she learned that we were your lovers. That girl even though she is very rowdy, she has a good heart.” [Claira]

Suddenly Sara wiggled and lunged at Chris pulling his head into her chest.

“And as long as you don’t neglect us, it’s fine if Helina is added to the mix.” [Sara]
“Yes, after all, it might not be common in your world, but here it’s very common for men to have more than one wife, so we were prepared to not be the only women.” [Claira]
“What, is that the kind of man you take men for!?” [Chris]

Chris grumbled before sighing, pulling himself free of Sara embrace Chris looked at the two sisters with a helpless look.

“I’m not going to neglect either of you, and I doubt I will just fall in love with Helina because of some stone.” [Chris]

Both girl gave Chris a meaningful look, suddenly Claira leaned in to whisper in Chris’ ear.

“Don’t worry about such things, as long as I stay number one I don’t mind what happens.” [Claira]
“Ha, who is number one I don’t remember who receiving that spot!” [Sara]

The normal gentle Claira and the usually expressionless Sara glared at each other, Chris thought for a moment two ice demons had a showdown with sparks flying everywhere. Then the glares twisted into dark mischievous smiles, both of their eyes flashed with a dangerous light.

“Well my dear younger sister, shall we have a little competition?” [Claira]
“Yes, let’s see would really deserves the title of number one.” [Sara]

Evil laughs escaped the sisters’ mouths as they turned to Chris, in which his only response was “Eh!”

That night one man was pushed to deaths door.

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