You have received [Five Elemental Core] !

From the [Fragment of Earth] you have receive a skills!

skill gained: [Vegetation Absorption]

From the [Fragment of Earth] you have receive a plant minion!

New minion gained: Guardian minion

From the [Fragment of Wind] you have receive a skill!

Skill gained: [Dancing Leaf Wings]

From the [Fragment of Wind] you have receive a plant minion!

New minion gained: Seeker minion

From the [Fragment of Fire] you have receive a skill!

Skill gained: [Burning Blood]

From the [Fragment of Fire] you have receive a plant minion!

New minion gained: Buster minion

From the [Fragment of Lightning] you have receive a skill!

Skill gained: [Lightning Leaf Arrows]

From the [Fragment of Lightning] you have receive a plant minion!

New minion gained: Striker minion

From the [Fragment of Water] you have receive a skill!

Skill gained: [Aqua Guard]

From the [Fragment of Water] you have receive a plant minion!

New minion gained: Leecher minion

(Holy shit!) [Chris]

Chris was astounded by a number of skills and minions he had gained, one from each fragment. Looking at each of his new skills Chris’ mouth formed a smile that almost seemed delirious.

Vegetation AbsorptionRank 1
Under certain conditions, you can absorb plants or plant type monsters which can give you beneficial effects and new skillsPassive

Dancing Leaf WingsRank 1
Creates a set of leafy wings that allow you to move with the grace of a leaf in the wind, increases agility up to 100%Cost .2 MP per second

Burning BloodRank 1
For each 1% of HP missing all your stats are increase by 1%Passive

Lightning Leaf ArrowsRank 1
Creates a set of 3 arrows made of electricity, Lightning Leaf Arrows will chase target, target can be changed at any time (can only be used when [Dancing Leaf Wings] is active)Cost: 100 MP

Aqua GuardRank 1
Creates 4 controllable shields made of water, shields can absorb local water to strength their defensive capabilitiesCost: 300 MP

Chris didn’t move; the shock stopped him cold, wasn’t this a little much?

“Five skills and five minions, that is insane and this is only the start!” [Chris]

Chris then looked at his status page and again received another happy surprise.

Status Page
Name: Chris GelvonRace: Human
Lv: 107EXP: 88504 / 100300
Age: 17Gender: Male
Job: Combat GardenerCombative Rank: A

Troll Killer, Variant Slayer, One Accepted by Nature, Monster of the Forest, Chosen of the Five Elemental Gods, Lady Killer, Unintentional Harem Maker

HP 12050 / 12050MP 38000 / 38000
Str: 6390Agi: 7850
Def: 4380Magic: 10200
Luck: 110Charm: 310

Generate Plant MinionRank: 7
Emperor of the Green ArmyRank: 7
Extreme GrowthRank: Max
Battle StateRank: Max
AnalyzeRank: Max
Terra NetworkRank: 12
Cage of ThornsRank: 9
Forest Monster’s Bark ArmorRank: 11
Domain of the Forest MonsterRank: 10
Vegetation AbsorptionRank: 1
Dancing Leaf WingsRank: 1
Burning BloodRank: 1
Lightning Leaf ArrowsRank: 1
Aqua GuardRank: 1

Chris frowned at his new titles, the first one was fine, but the other two didn’t seem right. Casting aside the thought, Chris looked at the five gods before him and scratched his head.

“Well, I guess I should thank you guys.” [Chris]

Though the reason his soul was damaged was because of Yggdrasil, the fact was he still helped him out of a dire situation. Also even if they needed him, giving Chris something as important as the [Five Elemental Core] when they could have just sat back and let Chris figure things out gave him a good impression of them. Though Chris was cold hearted, he wasn’t a fool or ungrateful.

The five gods were again caught off guard by Chris’ sudden change in attitude. A kind of gentler mood now covered the space, to continue the conversation Yggdrasil spoke in a calm voice.

“Now, not only will you gain power from the core, but there are other ways to gain more strength.” [Yggdrasil]
“Yes, like from me, kekeke.” [left Orthos]

Chris jumped as the large black two headed wolf had suddenly appeared beside him.

“Oh really, after everything I kill at the Gilgo Mountains you didn’t gain one percent in your state of awakening.” [Chris]
“Of course, Kekeke, after eating the Forest Heart Crystal we now only will gain sufficient life force by devouring Rank A or higher prey.” [left Orthos]
“Why didn’t you say that sooner!?” [Chris]
“Because Master didn’t ask.” [right Orthos]
“You!” [Chris]
“Alright that enough, calm down boy.” [Byakko]

Chris was furious by Orthos’ attitude, but he forced the feeling down.

“Listen brat, Orthos has the capability to kill demi gods and even lesser gods if he fully awakens so it would be best to fight and kill many strong opponents.” [Volcanos]

Chris nodded, he knew from what Orthos had told him, what he is capable of. It seems that Chris had to go on some training journey or maybe seclude himself deep in some mountains.

“So, it seems you still have something to say.” [Chris]

Chris nodded to Avion who was looking at him with a serious yet gentle expression, well for a bird anyways.

“Yes, it’s a words of advice. Young man, right now you are still weak so it would be better to gather many allies, like the other champions will.” [Avion]

The idea wasn’t bad, still Chris found it unpleasant to do so. For him to go find allies was something that would be difficult because of his personality. Though, as he thought of Claira and Sara, the thought of other comrades might not be so bad.

“Alright, I’ll consider your words.” [Chris]
“Good, now it is time for you to depart.” [Aquarius]

Chris shook his head, he want to talk to the gods a bit more about some things.

“Look, I want to ask Yggdrasil a question before I go.” [Chris]
“Oh, your attitude has changed since the beginning. Well, ask what you want.” [Yggdrasil]

Yggdrasil was right, Chris attitude did change rather quickly. The reason for that is simple, Chris hates and mistrusts humans, the other reason was even though Yggdrasil saved him because so his chance to get revenge wasn’t lost, and there was still the fact that all the gods had been nice to him, well except for Volcanos. It was obvious they were doing more than necessary right now, so in gratitude he decide to at least show some respect.

Calmly Chris looked at the earth god, smiling slightly he asked his question in a respectful manner that the gods thought he was incapable of doing.

“Yggdrasil, is it possible to tell me where I can find at least one plant that I can absorb that has a good skill or benefit.”

Yggdrasil rubbed his wooden chin, then seeming to come to an understanding of something, he nodded.

“Yes, there is a plant monster located in the trade city of Kelros that would be the most beneficial for now.” [Yggdrasil]

Chris nodded, making a mental note.

With now ready, an oval shaped multi colored portal opened in front of Chris. Hesitated for a moment before walking towards it, and as he didn’t the gods said their goodbyes.

“Work hard, sapling” [Yggdrasil]
“We will be watching with excitement, boy” [Aquarius]
“Hmph, you now have are power so have confidence, damn brat.” [Volcanos]
“We place are hopes in you, young man” [Byakko]
“Remember my words and stay safe.” [Avion]

For some reason Chris felt a warmth in their words, it moved him slightly. Nodding he entered the portal leaving with only five words.

“Thank you, I got it.” [Chris]

Entering the portal pain suddenly gripped him, and everything went black.

Chris could feel a gentle breeze and his body swayed. Opening his eyes slowly Chris saw he was in a small space with a bed and not much else.

“Where?” [Chris]

Confused Chris tried to sit up, but pain made him stop the attempt. There was sun shining through the windows. Chris created a swarm of Stinger minions to heal him and quickly notice they had changed. Though they were the same size, now the wasps were now mostly a metallic black except for a few green strips on their thorax. Interested Chris used [Analyze] on the buzzing swarm.

Metal Swarm minionTier 5

HP: 2000 / 2000MP: 4500 / 4500
Str: 200Agi: 9450Def: 3000Magic: 2490

Metal Stinger Shot, Deadly Stinger, Paralyzing Stinger, Confusion Stinger, Recovery Stinger, Amplification Stinger, Triple Metal Stinger Shot, Mithril Oak Body

As the swarm of wasps landing on him and started to heal Chris, he used [Terra Network] to find out his situation.

To his surprise, Chris sat in a carriage that was part of a large caravan. The surrounding area was a forest, and currently thee caravan seemed to stop for lunch, as several men and women ran around in what looked like a makeshift kitchen. In total there was eighty five people in the caravan, still Chris quickly located Claira and Sara.

Chris blood ran cold, next to the sisters were four A ranks with one of them being Helina. The other three were a woman and two men, all four of them were close to Claira and Sara, though there didn’t seem to be hostile actions accruing. Chris decide to be patient and let his wounds be healed before taking action.

Chris watched the group for half an hour before they dispersed, with Helina and one of the men going to a large tent which had a large table with what might have been a map. The other two A ranks left to talk to various people, while Claira went to help with making lunch. The only one left, Sara made her way over to the carriage Chris was lying in.

when Sara opened the door she saw Chris sitting up with a small smile on his face. Instantly tears formed in her eyes, rushing the short distance between the two Sara hugged Chris burying her head into his chest while sobbing.

“Hey, what with the tears? I’m ok, see, and so stop crying.” [Chris]

Chris spoke softly while stroking Sara hair, eventually she stopped Chris and looked up at Chris, her eye reddened.

“I was starting to think you wouldn’t wake up, since it has been two weeks since you fell unconscious!” [Sara]
“Two weeks.” [Chris]

Though Chris was shocked he kept a level voice. Straitening, Sara wiped the last of the tears from her eyes and nodded.

“Then how did we get here, why are we with the Black Wolf mercs?” [Chris]

Chris started to barrage Sara with questions, but she quickly raised a hand.

“Mom said we should go with Helina to the Black Wolf headquarters for safety.” [Sara]
“Ammy did?” [Chris]
“Yes, since mom can’t protect us.” [Sara]

Chris looked at Sara with concern, his eyebrows furrowed.

“Why not? [Chris]

Sara took a deep breath then let out a long sigh.

“Mom once was a wandering warrior, she honed her skills as far as she could. During that time, she made many enemies and many times they clashed causing mass destruction. After one fight with another SS rank causing the destruction of the Capital city, King Ross demand both of their heads. Fortunately, a friend of my mom had quite a bit of power in court and through him a deal was struck. Neither mom or the other SS rank could not fight other than self-defense unless given permission by the royal court.” [Sara]

Chris nodded that made since, it explained why Ammy didn’t just kill the Gilbo brother in the beginning.

“So, why did Ammy say for us to go with Helina? I mean, she just tried to kill me.” [Chris]
“That reason…It would be easier to explain with Helina here.” [Sara]

Chris was puzzled, what could be the reason for this turn of events. Still, Chris was curious about what happened, but he remained cautious. Sara sighed, it was easy to tell Chris didn’t trust Helina, she could understand after all he was right she had tried to kill him last time they saw each other.

Lifting her head, Sara stood and opened the carriage door.

“I’ll get Helina and my sister, then we can talk…since there is a lot to talk about.” [Sara]

And before Chris could say anything Sara left.

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