Ok made a few changes to this chapter; stuff about the stinger minion had changed, Chris' command limit was changed from 400 to 80, and changed the time of the tournament from three months to eight to allow more character development


Chris sighed, as he looked at his status page

Status Page
Name: Chris GelvonRace: Human
Lv: 84EXP: 24310 / 32000
Age: 17Gender: Male
Job: Combat GardenerCombative Rank: A

Troll Killer, Variant Slayer, One Accepted by Nature, Monster of the Forest

HP 9600 / 9600MP 21000 / 21000
Str: 3825Agi: 5450
Def: 2640Magic: 5200
Luck: 100Charm: 310

Generate Plant MinionRank: 5
Emperor of the Green ArmyRank: 5
Extreme GrowthRank: Max
Battle StateRank: Max
AnalyzeRank: Max
Terra NetworkRank: 10
Cage of ThornsRank: 6
Forest Monster’s Bark ArmorRank: 7
Domain of the Forest MonsterRank: 8

While down in the labyrinth, Chris had gained a true understanding of his job and skills, allowing them to evolve to new heights.

Generate Plant minionRank 5
Creates a plant minion from available listCosts X MP
Available Minions: Colossal Minion (X MP), Stinger Minion (50 MP)

Emperor of the Green ArmyRank 5
This skill allows you to command an army with easePassive
Command Limit: 80

Terra NetworkRank 10
You are connected to all plants in 200 meters radius, allowing you to sense the world around youPassive
Increased senses, 3D mental mapping, small increase to HP regen, large increase to MP regen

Cage of ThornsRank 6
Create a protective cage of thorny bushesCost X MP
Size of the cage depends on the amount of MP usedSize limit: 50 meters

Forest Monster’s Bark ArmorRank 7
Creates a lay of bark around your bodyCost 1000 MP
medium increased HP regenStrength Level: Black Steel

Domain of the Forest MonsterRank 8
This skill allows you to create a forest that is within your full controlCost X MP
The size of the forest depends on the amount of MP usedSize Limit: 2000 meters

“How long has it been since I entered this place?” [Chris]

Still was in the labyrinth, Chris asked himself this question yet again. Time seemed to distort during his stay in the labyrinth. As he continued to wander the damp pitch black tunnels, he sensed a room not far ahead. Before setting foot in the room, he had to map the room and determine its contents. Inside the room were hundreds of the rat monsters that roam the labyrinth, though they hadn’t noticed Chris yet, he could clearly see all of them.

Chris, who was unable to use his eyes was forced to rely solely on ‘Root System’ to see. After what seemed like a week, he could use root system to paint a picture of his surrounding, which is when it evolved into ‘Terra network’, increasing the effectiveness by 1000%. Chris no longer need eyes to see, the room was 50m and had a small pillar as obstacles; these pillars along with platforms on the wall let the rats attack from almost every angle. As Chris walked into the room he could see the rats surrounding him, every direction was covered, and they all attacked simultaneously. Even with hundreds of dog-sized rats attacking him, Chris was completely calm. With a soft icy voice he sneered.

“Don’t underestimate me, lowly pests” [Chris]

Suddenly thorny bushes sprouted from the ground weaving into a dome-like cage that was 5 meters in radius; this was Chris' evolved version of 'Garden Barrier': 'Cage of Thorns'. The rats that led the charge sensed danger and tried to stop; sadly, their comrades behind them didn’t know of the danger and ended up shoving them. Loud squeaks could be heard as countless rats were skewered on the large thorns of the cage. Blood dripped through the small holes creating a puddle under Chris soaking him. Though he didn’t care, this had happened countless times. Still there were too many rats for the cage to get rid of, Chris exhaling through his nose as he looked at the 3d mental map in his head. The rats had started to circle the cage looking for a way to attack without getting him. Suddenly, a dark green cloud seeped out of the cage, a soft buzzing sound came from it. The cloud was made up of Chris new type of minion, the stinger minion, which was a combined version of the ‘Double Sun’ minion and ‘Toxic’ minion.

Stinger minionTier 3

HP: 500 / 500MP: 3000 / 3000
Str: 150Agi: 6650Def: 100Magic: 1850

Stinger Shot, Deadly Stinger, Paralyzing Stinger, Confusion Stinger, Recovery Stinger, Amplification Stinger

Each stinger minion created came in a group of  ten and resembled a thumb sized wasp, it wings were made of leaves that had a grid similar to an insect’s wings. They had no legs, its thorax looked to be a seed with a small vine connecting to its abdomen, which looked like a budding tulip, at the end of the tulip was a long needle-like stinger.

The wasp cloud rushed over the rats, stingers piercing their targets, pain fill squeaks echoed in the room. Wasps moved in groups attacking one rat at a time, causing them died almost instantly. These new minions were powerful in controlling a battle of multiple enemies; so, Chris could watch from inside his defenses. The obstacle that were meant to ambush or corner their prey turned into the rat’s downfall. Chris has the wasps herded the rats into dead ends or corners and sting them to death, from his 3D image in his head it was like playing an overhead RTS game. After around ten minutes, hundreds of rat corpse littered the ground. See that his enemies were wiped out, Chris stepped out of his cage by manipulating the bushes to form an arced hole. While walking to the room’s exit, Chris stepped over the rats like it was natural for bodies to be lying everywhere.

Really, the rats weren’t that weak at first an individual rat was equal to a C ranked monster, but over time they became stronger, now they are at the level of B ranked monsters. Combined with their excellent group tactics, even an A rank combative would easily fall prey to the rodents.
While in the labyrinth, Chris had to confront enemies head on and controlled the situation. When fought the rats, he controlled everything, always a step ahead of his opponent. By mixing his job which gave control with his personal combat capabilities, he became much more versatile. This combination allowed him to fight from close range and at the same time fight on multiple fronts thanks to his minions. It now was easy for Chris to fight one enemy directly while also attack with his minions in perfect harmony. He had questioned how to best use his skills, how to fight with them? Now, had that answer, to fight not as one human, but as a monster that is linked to the forest around him, using everything to fight, from the largest tree to the smallest blade of grass.

After exiting the room, Chris again made his way down another tunnel. After a while of walking down the tunnel, he felt strange, like something, was calling him. Suddenly at the end of the tunnel shone with light, Chris covered his eyes in pain. A moment later Chris eyes half open walked into the light.

For some reason it was cold, Chris looked around his eye wide. He was back in the basement of Lil Ammy’s Kitchen and Inn, tears formed in Chris’ eye, slowly walking through the hanging corpse Chris made his way to the stairs. He could sense that Claira was in the kitchen helping Ammy cook while Cam and Sara were waiting on customers. He carefully ascended the stair as if they would shatter if he moved too quickly. He opened the old wooden door and entered the kitchen, sweeping his gaze around to take in the sight he had missed so much.
Casually glancing over Ammy smiled broadly, chuckling she turned to face Chris.

“It took you a little longer than expected to get out of there.” [Ammy]
“How long have I was I in there?” [Chris]
“I’d say 10 hours, but to you it might have been decades.” [Ammy]

Chris was at a loss, 10 hours, impossible, to him he was in the labyrinth for who knows how long. Ammy seeing Chris’ expression laughed, putting down the large butchering knife she was using, Ammy walked over and inspected Chris. When she was done Ammy eyebrows raised, her eye flickered with surprise.

“You seemed to have gained something not many ever do. Kid, the Oracle Chamber gave you something powerful.” [Ammy]
“Oracle Chamber?” [Chris]
“Yes, that is what I call it, once you walk in it will give you the answer you seek before entering.” [Ammy]
“So what is that space, it felt strange, I didn’t need to; eat, sleep, or even go take a shit? [Chris]
“The Answering removes anything unnecessary to you finding your answer.” [Ammy]
“So, is that thing under your place.” [Chris]
“That’s… for another time, for now, I think you should get ready for the festival the king's speech will be starting soon .” [Ammy]

Chris could tell that Ammy didn’t want to continue the topic of the Oracle Chamber, so he nodded. At that moment, Claira who had been working, patiently waiting to speak turned around with a mischievous smile.

“Mom can I also go, Sara and I need to get ready as well.” [Claira]
“Of course, now go, I still have things to do.” [Ammy]

After getting Cam to release Sara, the three made their way upstairs to change. Well actually, only Sara and Claira were changing, since Chris would likely have to fight, he was going to stay in his current attire. While Claira and Sara were changing, Chris took a look that their status pages.

Status Page
Name: Claira CrosshertRace: Snowflake Elf
Lv: 43EXP: 3728 / 6300
Age: 22Gender: Female
Job: Winter SorceressCombative Rank: C

1st Princess of the Snowflakes, Warm Winter, Lover of the Forest Monster

HP 3050 / 3050MP 9300 / 9300
Str: 650Agi: 725
Def: 305Magic: 935
Luck: 40Charm: 280

Howling WinterRank: 1
Ice LancesRank: 1
Frozen WallRank: 1
Chains of IceRank: 1
Cold HealingRank: 1

Status Page
Name: Sara CrosshertRace: Snowflake Elf
Lv: 41EXP: 2542 / 5600
Age: 19Gender: Female
Job: Winter SorceressCombative Rank: C

2nd Princess of the Snowflakes, Merciless Billiard, Lover of the Forest Monster

HP 2800 / 2800MP 8900 / 8900
Str: 570Agi: 750
Def: 230Magic: 895
Luck: 40Charm: 275

Howling WinterRank: 1
Ice LancesRank: 1
Frozen WallRank: 1
Chains of IceRank: 1
Frozen ArrowsRank: 1

Chris seeing the title ‘Lover of the Forest Monster’ made him smack his face with his palm. Laying on the bed Chris groaned, it would take time for Claira and Sara to get the strength to fight against the Gilbo family. So, he began to think of various methods to power up the girls.
When Claira and Sara were done changing, Chris’ mouth couldn’t help but slacken a little, both wore kimono with a snowflake pattern. Claira’s kimono was night blue with the snowflakes being pure white while Sara’s had the colors reversed, with her kimono being white and the snowflakes a night blue color. Claira’s kimono was loose and showed her cleavage. Chris couldn’t help but glance at the ravine between her hills. While Sara’s was more tightly fitted emphasizing her well-curved figure. To Chris, their kimonos were dangerous weapons.

“So, how do we look?” [Claira]

Chris smiled gently while sighing he looked at the two beauties before him.

“Beautiful is a light of a word to describe you two right now.” [Chris]

Claira giggled and Sara blushed shyly, each taking one of Chris’ arms, the three of them walked downstairs. Most of the customer turned their heads and stared, a few men felt evil glares from their partners. Glares of envy and lust were directed at the group, one group of men that were obviously not from Felden got up and started to walk over.

“Hey kid, how about you lend us your slaves there, will pay a good price.” [idiot 1]
“Hehe, the older one got pretty big tits.” [idiot 2]
“Yeah but, the other one got some pretty good curves.” [idiot 3]

Both Claira and Sara looked at the group of men in shock, Cam meanwhile was already starting to make his way over, until he noticed Chris with a calm expression. Cam could tell that behind it Chris was already planning something, so Cam returned to waiting tables, not wanting to get caught in the crossfire. The regular knew what Chris was like, so to the fools who were speaking they offered a small prayer.

Chris had heard From Claira about magical races being enslaved and sold through black markets throughout Invictus. The group of men thought Chris was some startup adventurer that saved his money and bought the girls at his side.

The first man reached out and tried to grab Sara arm, right before touching her Chris’ arm shot out halting the man’s arm with an iron grip.

“Don’t jump to conclusion, these two are not slaves, so please don’t touch them without their permission or else.” [Chris]

As he finished speaking Chris increased the pressure of his grip, a quiet cracking sound could be heard, and the man roared in pain.

“You bastard, don’t go attacking people for no reason!” [idiot 2]

The second man throws a punch at Chris, but halfway it stopped, the man noticed that he was now restricted by chains of ice and a large icicle shaped like a lance was pointed at his face.
“Having trouble moving.” [Claira]

Claira had casted Ice Chains while Sara had used Ice Lance, both of them stared daggers at the man and his companions. Realizing that they had unknowingly antagonized people much stronger than them, they started to beg for their lives. While Chris suggested he kill them, Claira as the voice of reason said to let them go this time. Sighing deeply, he agreed, but while the men were on the floor not wanting to get up from fear, Chris manipulated the wooden floor to crush the men’s balls. The three walk out, with three blood-curdling screams, sounding behind them. Claira sighed and guessed Chris was the cause, which he didn’t deny.

The street were much more lively, a crowd of people were moving between various booth of either games, food or item like masks and bracelets. The normal shops were closed and had set up a booth, one game booth caught Sara’s eye and she dragged Chris over to it. The booth was decent sized with white and blue striped pattern. The game was darts, three dart boards were set up on the opposite wall, Sara was staring at the various stuffed animals with large sparkling eyes, and Chris understood by her tucking of his sleeve what she wanted.

“Do you want me to win something for you?” [Chris]
“Yes, please!” [Sara]

She nodded her head vigorously, Chris could help but see Sara childish side cute. Chris watched up to the booth the man running the booth looked to be in his thirties, bald, and had a merchant-like robe that you would expect from some RPG. Smiling Chris paid for three darts with the money he got from Ammy as a bonus for completing her quest. The man put three darts on the table and stepped back as to not get hit by accident. Picking up one of the darts Chris looked at the dartboard, calculating the amount of power and angle to throw. The board had four rings from the outer layer inward was; black, red, blue, white. After only a moment, Chris pulled back his arm and throw the first dart, with a thudding sound the dart stuck into the white circle in the center of the board. The owner of the booth when pale, he obviously didn’t expect Chris to hit the white circle on his first try. Each blue ring will get you a small prize while the white circle gets you a medium prize, but if you get three blues or two white you can get a big prize. Chris had his eyes on a specific stuffed animal, a white rabbit that reminded him of Sara. The rabbit was the same size as a normal rabbit and looked like a real one that was laying down on its stomach. Two more darts hit the white circle, the owners face was white, and right now no one had it the white circle three times a row, especially on their first time.

“I’ll take the white rabbit over there.” [Chris]
“R-right” [booth owner]

After Chris gave the stuffed animal to Sara she hugged it tightly and kissed Chris on the cheek, he smiled while turning red. He hadn’t expected that kind of reaction just for winning her a stuffed animal.

While Sara was humming happily Chris noticed Claira was looking at something, following her eyes Chris saw a small silver necklace that had a red crystal heart at the end, Claira was fidgeting as she looked at it. Claira turned away from looking at the necklace when she notice Chris was looking at her a mischievous smile on his face.

“Do you want it?” [Chris]
“…es…” [Claira]
“What was that? I can’t hear you?” Chris]
“Jeez, yes I want it.” [Claira]

Chris and Claira walked up to the booth it had many different types of jewelry lined up in a display case, the necklace Claira wanted was 1 gold with what Chris got from Ammy minus what he had spent it totaled at 47 gold. The booth owner was most likely in his late fifties, he had green overalls, a plain white shirt, and a long green and yellow stocking cap on. He sat behind the display case looking an earring through a magnifying glass. As Chris and Claira approached the booth, its owner looked up and frowned.

“I don’t sell to your kind, now get lost.” [jeweler]
“What do you mean by that?” [Chris]

The owner looked at Claira and answered with a condescended tone.

“Your friend is an elf, I don’t sell to disgusting magical races or those affiliated to them.” [jeweler]

“You bastard, say that again” [Chris]

The booth owner froze as an intense pressure, surround him. Chris was now face to face with him, fixing the booth owner with an icy gaze, his killer intent making the air seem colder. The jeweler realized this man was someone he couldn’t afford to anger any further, still he had his morals, so even in the face of death the jeweler stood strong.

“I-I wouldn’t sell to you, so please leave.” [jeweler]
“You shit im-“ [Chris]
“Chris let’s leave, I don’t need the necklace.” [Claira]

Claira was pulling at Chris’ sleeve trying to make him leave. Chris reluctantly left, he simply wanted to enjoy the festival with Claira and Sara before having to fight Helina.

“You’ve changed. Before, you would have killed that man without a second thought” [Claira]

“Killing him wouldn’t have solved anything. In fact, it might have made the situation worse.” [Chris]

Claira nodded as they walked back over to Sara, who was sitting on a bench oblivious to what just occurred. Quickly returning to a happy mood, the three continued to look around. After rounding a corner Chris’ group was hit with a smell of spice and cooking meat, Chris’ eyes lit up. In a flash, he had already bought three dishes, one was a steak sandwich, the meat was from a monster call ‘crimson bull python’, a snake that meat tasted like cow meat and because of how easy it was too catch, it had become a staple of the neighboring city, Whitehall. The next dish was a stir fry made with diced Toetoe bird and various vegetables, the last dish was a dessert was ice cream made from Mookine milk and floured with berries.

After eating his fill, Sara recommended that they go find a good spot to sit since the ceremony would be starting soon. Heading to the nearest sight crystal they found a nice place to sit on top of a small hill located close by the main plaza. Hundreds of people were also sitting on the hill and filled the plaza.

After an hour, the sight crystals lit up, a man that was dress in refined robes was standing on a balcony. Chris notice he had a glittering gold crown on his head, he guessed that the man was the one Claira had talked about before on the road to Felden, Ross D. Invictus IV. The king looked to be 6’2, neatly trimmed short brown hair held his crown in place, though his robes could be called refined, they were not extravagant, which to Chris who based his image of a king from mangas and anime thought King Ross’ appearance was disappointing.
The King coughed and began the ceremony.

“My subjects, today is the day are saviors have come, so please welcome them.” [Ross]
Behind him, 5 people walked out of the corridor, dress in the same high school uniform Chris had worn when he first came to this world. A sinister smile covered Chris’ face, the lineup was good. From left to right they were; Trent Gobo, Glen Gobo, Stella Goodman, Anna Bertsoon, Luke Maxfer. Chris was overjoyed, as each one of the people up there held a large part of Chris’ torture back at school.

Stella was 5’9 and had average figure and face, her blonde curly hair was in a ponytail. Stella was the vice student council president, back on earth she didn’t beat him or embarrass him. No, she played mind games with Chris making him almost commit suicide many times. If it was for the fact Chris knew that is what she wanted, he might have killed himself long ago. Anna was 5’7 and was much more beautiful than Stella, though she could at best be a 6/10, she was Stella number one lackey, as the student council treasurer she assisted Stella in many of her acts of cruelty, usually by reinforcing Stella mental attacks. Luck was 6’1, had a very muscular build, his brown hair was buzzed, his face reminded Chris of a monkey. Luke was the club leader of the swords play club, he had won many tournaments for his skills. Much of the time, his skills were practice on Chris, usually leaving Chris with many bruises and sometimes broken bones. Slightly dissatisfied that Darak wasn’t in the lineup, Chris listen to the man Claira pointed out was Ross D. Invictus IV the king of Invictus.

“My subjects please welcome the group that will be supporting the hero!” [Ross]
Hearing the word supporting Chris frowned, who was the hero then. While the king gave his speech Chris’ frown transformed into a smile.

“Now, I’ll introduce your hero, the one who that will defeat the demon army, Darak Telten!” [Ross]

Chris happily standing there watching, his expression unchanging, but inside his mind began to plan. If one would look at Chris’ mental state from before the Oracle Chamber, they would find a burning plain with fire tornado of emotions, a place where everything is hostile. Now his mind was much different, it was a tranquil forest, a place where one walked without realizing the danger that lurked with. Inside that forest was a monster, a monster was something not even the devil himself would confront. In the forest were treasures that the monster guarded, of course, these treasures were his most important people. For those who walked into the forest, the monster would leave them be as long as they didn’t threaten him or his treasure. If they did, the monster wouldn’t let you leave the forest. He would keep you from leaving, toy with you and wait for the perfect time to strike to make his victims stuff as much as possible. This mindset earned Chris the title ‘Monster of the Forest’.

That is why Chris wasn’t going to rush anything, he wanted to savor every second of Darak and co.’s pain. For now, there were three major problems that keep him from his goal. Chris wasn’t strong enough to walk into the capitol and kill them; if he did, he’d need somewhere to retreat to. Also, loss of social status. It was important, with it Chris could get information easier and get others to side with him more easily.

Chris observed Darak’s group, something wasn’t right, Darak had a smile on, but not one that could be used for this event. Chris knew that smile all too well, he was planning something, though it didn’t concern Chris. Other than that, the group waved, People cheered thinking the group of youths would solve all their problems. Chris knew that many people in Invictus wanted to wipe out the demons, to Chris it foolish, if war broke out in this country, as long as no one got in his way, he would stay indifferent.

While Chris thought of various things, King Ross began to talk about something that caught his interest.

“Now, as all you know the Twin Swords Tournament will be held in eight months, which is where the hero and his friend will display their growth before taking on the demons.” [Ross]
Chris confused asked his companions about the tournament. Claira explained that the Twin Swords Tournament was created by King Ross during the peace treaty signing between Invictus and the Alliance fifteen years ago, it was a way to relieve tension between the two sides. The tournament was held once every year where a team from each side compete in combat, of course, the tournament is filled with teams not directly affiliated with the Alliance or Invictus. By the time the tournaments starts, around fifty teams have met the qualifications to enter. When Chris asked about the qualifications, Sara answered; saying to qualify, you need a least five members to your team, though there is no limit to the amount of team members you have. Each team member most be at least B rank, and you have to pay fifty red gold coins to register.

“Hello everyone, I am Ren Bloodclaw, 2nd Princess of the Tiger clan, and Representative of the Magical Alliance. I am here to witness the arrival of the hero Darak Telten and announce the location of the tournament. Since last year Invictus hosted the Twin Swords tournament, this year the tournament will be held at the Dwarven Capital, Iron Hold, please come and a compete or just watch, the Alliance welcomes you with open arms.” [Ren]

Though it was quiet, Chris could hear whispers insulting the princess.

“Who does she think she is, talking at this event?” [random 1]
“Welcoming us, yeah right, the Alliance is scum.” [random 2]

It seemed that the Alliance and Invictus were still on bad terms, but that didn’t matter to Chris. The speech seems to be wrapping up, so Chris began searching for Helina with ‘terra network’, after finding her 100 meters away from him, Chris started to plan his form of attack. He was deep in thought when he noticed Claira was shaking and Sara was sniffling, it only took Chris a moment to find out the cause. On top of the hill, Chris’ group was the target of many glares filled with hatred.

“What are all of you looking at! If anyone has a problem then say goodbye to your loved one and step forward!” [Chris]

Chris had stood and roared his challenge to the crowd, killer intent gushed out of him making the crowd

“Huh, so you can be hostile to two innocent girl, but when someone strong steps in what do you do, cower like a pack of rats that tried to attack tiger cubs and was found by their parent, Tsk Invictus is full of cowards and scum.” [Chris]

Chris spoke in a level voice filled with mockery and disgust, still even though the people around him were angered by his words no one stepped forwards. Suddenly a rock hurled towards Sara and she covered her head, but before it could hit her Chris was had move to catch the rock.

“Stupid Elves, go away. Because of you, papa died.” [random kid]

Down in the plaza a small boy teary eyed glared at Sara, he looked to be nine or ten years old, he had short black messy hair, darken skin from being out in the sun for so long, his eyes show hatred. Before anyone could move Chris was already before the boy, instantly the mother grabbed the child pulling him close to her trying to protect him.

“Please, wait, he’s just a child he doesn’t know any better!” [mother]

Chris looked at the mother, he slowly bent over, move his face closer to hers. The mother looked into Chris’ eyes, trying to find a shred of compassion, but all she found was angry. The mother started to tremble and her eyes redden as she heard Chris’ cold angered voice.
“By the time I was his age, I had been beaten nearly to death over ten times by other kids, don’t let me they know nothing better, kid learn much faster than adults, the reason he acted that way was because that is how he humans are full of hate, jealousy, arrogance. But, as the mother you have to be reasonability for his actions. If you’d like you can take his place.” [Chris]

The mother was trembling, she realized that this young man that was not even 20 was going to kill her son and most likely her. Just when things couldn’t get any worse for the mother, the boy kicked at Chris. Though it didn’t hurt, to Chris it was still aggravating.

“You jerk, leave my mother alone, go back to those ugly, stupid elves” [boy]

Everyone held their breath, “that kid is dead” is all they thought. Chris grabbed the kid by his head and lifted him up into the air, the mother lunged at Chris trying to save her son, but Chris sent her sprawling several feet across the stone road with a back arm swing. The kid was crying as Chris slowly increased the pressure on the kids head.

“Chris stop, that enough” [Claira]

While Claira spoke, Sara had moved to grab the arm that held the child. Loosening his iron grip but not dropping him, Chris looked at Sara and Claira. His eyes asking the question “are you sure”, and they shot back the answer “Yes, now let him good!” Sighing, Chris shifted his grip to the child’s waist and placed him onto the ground, Claira rushed over to his side, a faint light blue aura covered her hands.

“Tell me where it hurts.” [Claira]

“...” [kid]

“If you don’t tell me, it won’t get better” [Claira]

The mother was helped up by a few people, seeing Claira us unknown magic on her son she forced her body forward, but was stopped when Chris sent her a look, not of hostility, but telling her the danger had passed. The mother cautiously watched the scene, the kid had given in to let Claira heal him and had begun pointing at multiple parts of his body.

“Here, here, here, and here.” [kid]

“Yes, now stay still.” [Claira]

Claira moved her hands around the boy’s body the light blue aura flowing out soaking into his wounds, in an instant the wounds slowly disappeared. The boy smiled though his wounds hurt the aura that surrounded Claira’s hands was cool. That cool feeling relaxed the boys as it was very comfortable,

See Claira act that way thought someday she would make a great mother. Realizing what he was thinking Chris’ red turned bright red, Sara helped the mother over to Claira so she could also be healed.

Seeing a horrible scene transform into a happy one, everyone watching suddenly felt that Chris’s words were true. Those girls that they just had been cursing saved a child and mother from being killed by the one who was protecting them. Then they heal the mother and child’s wounds, the feeling of shame sweep through the crowd.

“I-I’m sorry miss elves.” [kid]
“It’s okay, no one got hurt so stop crying” [Sara]

The boy was crying, to him he tried to hurt someone he thought was bad because they were a magical race, but really she was a nice person. See the boys tears Claira walked over and hugged him, Chris' eyes twitched as his head went into Claira’s chest.

“hehe, you're adorable, call me Claira, ok” [Claira]

“I’m Sara” [Sara]

“Big sis Claira, big sis Sara, nice to meet you, I’m Klien!” [Klien]

Klien’s eyes sparkled, to be forgiven by these to good people made his heart feel light. The mother walked over to Chris and bowed deeply, he could feel that she was nervous.

“I am truly sorry for my child’s actions. If there is anything I can do to have you forgive him please don’t hesitate to say so.” [Klien’s mother]

Chris finally looked at the women in front of him more carefully, she had to be in her early thirties, her face still held her youth, shoulder length light brown hair, brownish green eyes, her body was around an 8, though she didn’t have the curves of Claira or Sara, but she had a mature charm about her.

To Chris, the girls stopping him was enough, he had moved past the incident because he could tell that the two girls wouldn’t let him continue. Looking at the mother with cold eyes, he sighed.

“Name?” [Chris]

“Huh, oh, it’s Stacy Rockfelt” [Stacy]

“Bread” [Chris]

“What?” [Stacy]

“You own a bakery, I can smell yeast and flour on you” [Chirs]

The mother was shocked, it was normal for someone to be able to have that strong of a nose, especially since she had changed out of her work clothes to come to the festival. She looked the young man in front of her, he was definitely human. Still, the young man was giving her a way out of the situation, for that she was grateful.

“Yes, come to my bakery and have as much of anything as you like.” [Stacy]

The mother let out a small gentle smile, bowing slightly. Klien, seeing his mother interact with Chris made him nervous, after all not long ago Chris had almost killed them both.

“It’s alright, Chris isn’t a bad person, he’s just that he is overprotective of us.” [Claira]
“Really?” [Klien]
“No, he is a bad guy, my sister is just fooled by his good looks.” [Sara]
“Hey, Chris is a good man he just…is…fine, you're right, still we love him.” [Claria]
“Yep!” [Sara]

Klien was confused by the girl’s conversion, as the two giggled while think of their man Klien seemed to come to a conclusion. Running over to Chris he looked up at the towering figure that had to be 2 feet tall than him. Chris also looked down at the boy in front of him, their eyes connected, an unspoken conversation was occurring.

“Mister, I’m sorry” [Klien]

Klien was still staring at Chris, everyone held their breath. Chris glared daggers at the kid, his voice was cold lacking compassion.

“You brat, you throw a rock at Sara, then kick me, and you even have the balls to let Claira heal you after what you did, don’t think you will get away with this so easily.” [Chris]
Klien’s eyes had become red as tears started to form. Everyone looked at Chris, can't he read the mood is what everyone thought. Sara was about to go over and scold him again, but she was stopped by Claira. Sara looked at her in confusion, but all she got was a silent smile.

“Still, I will forgive you just this one.” [Chris]

Chris sighed, he knelt down and placed his hand on Klein's head, in turn Klien looked at Chris tears still in his eyes.

“You were able to do two things none of the adults around you could do, stand up to me, and attempt that you were wrong in how you acted.” [Chris]

Since the Oracle Chamber, Chris no longer held blind anger, instead he became more logical. Klien was a kid that grew up in a world that discriminated against magic races, so he hated them without see one. Klien looked at Chris with sparkling eyes, laughing while raising his fist into the air Klien put on a serious face.

“Big bro, I promise to make sure no one else say bad things to my big sisters!” [Klien]

(Since when did they become your big sisters, brat?) [Chris]

With the lighthearted mood that its peak, everyone was smiling, a sliver of doubt on their beliefs had formed. Still generations of hate wouldn’t be dispelled by one warm event. Chris could still feel several glares from the crowd; though, the people giving the glares were smart enough to not to be noticed. Chris was indifferent to those glares, unlike before where a mob could have come after the girls, compared to now the ones who watched from the shadows were no threat.
Suddenly Chris moved with inhuman speed, appearing before Claira and Sara.

“Get Down!” [Chris]

Just as he finished an arc of red energy appeared out of nowhere smashing into the ground where Chris’ group had been. As the smoke cleared a cage of roots and bushes stood, inside Claira, Sara, Klien, and Miss Rockfelt confused and panicked about what had just happened.
Helina stood on a slanted rooftop of a two-story building around 100 meters away looking down at the cage of vegetation.

“That kid, to think he was able to block my attack so easily looks like he will be somewhat of a challenge after all.” [Helina]

Instantly, Helina realized Chris wasn’t in the cage with the others. The next moment several roots emerged from under her feet attempting to impale her, with a frightening speed she dodged the attack and landed on the next building over. More roots sprouted from the ground around the building all aiming for Helina, her body moved like a snake as she weaved between the countless numbers of roots. Making her wait out of the onslaught, Helina again tried to distance herself.

People ran screaming as debris and rubble rained down from the crumbling buildings. The ones inside the cage watched with horror as the area around them was destroyed by the fight of two monsters.

“Chris, that idiot, does he plan on turning this city into a war zone!” [Claira]
“It seems that way, well as long as he doesn’t destroy mom’s place I’m sure he doesn’t care.” [Sara]
“Sigh, your right, at least we’re safe in here.” [Claira]
Stacy looked at the two girls with amazement.
(How can they remain so calm in this situation?) [Stacy]

Klien seemed to be thinking the same way, but right now his head was spinning. Chris not even an hour ago was going to kill him, then forgave him and said some cool stuff, and now he saved him, it was a lot to take in at once.

“Big sis Claira, will Big bro be alright.” [Klien]

See the worry in Klien’s eye Claira knelt down a playful twinkle in her eyes, her lips curled upwards and she laughed lightly.

“Don’t worry, Chris is strong, he won’t lose to anyone.” [Claira]

“Really, he is that strong!?” [Klien]

“He’s super duper strong” [Sara]

The group watched the raging fight from within the cage of plants. Claira looked into the distance worried while Sara's eyes had reddened. Taking her sister’s hand, Claira glanced at Sara, who returned her glance.

“He’ll be fine” [Claira]
“Yeah, but we need to get stronger” [Sara]
“Agreed” [Claira]

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