The Strongest Job... Gardener?



Chapter 11: The Past Of Two Snowflakes


After rushing from where Princess Ren and her escorts were, Chris had made it to Felden’s Gates in one hour.

(My speed has really increased; before, it would have taken me three hours to get here!) [Chris]

Approaching the gate, Chris noticed that there were several times more people waiting in line than he expected. Many looked to be from small towns and villages, as their appearance spoke of a less than wealthy lifestyle. An hour later, Chris man was five people away from entering; when suddenly, a group of men shoved their way through the crowd. The men were obviously adventurers, as they wore suits of armor and had various weapons on their person. One man had higher quality armor than the rest. He stood behind the group, as his lackeys shoved people out of the way will shouting

“Out of the way weaklings, the B ranked adventurer, The Great Bobo, is coming through!” [Lackey #1]

As the group made their way to the front of the line, one of the men was about to shove Chris. But, Chris moved a step to the side from the push. Instantly, his eyes flared with fury. Not only had he been waiting for an hour, now someone was trying to cut in front of him, the fools had sealed their fate when one of them shoved Chris.

Chris grabbed the head of the lackey that had shoved him, without any time to react the man’s head was smashed into the ground, it exploding from the pressure of the impact. The other men turned to see a 6’4’’ man had killed their comrade with ease. Each of the lackeys were C-rankers, so they stood no chance against a monster like Chris. Sweeping his gaze across the group his voice rang with ice.

“Get to the back of the line, unless you want to end up like your friend.” [Chris]

The group of lackeys hesitated for a moment and were about to leave, but Bobo stepped in front of them.

“I don’t know who you are, but to attack one of my comrades means death.” [Bobo]

Bobo brandished his two handed battle axe and attempted to decapitate Chris. Chris snorted, he activated bark armor on his right hand and caught the axe’s blade, shocking everyone who was watching. Chris then tightened his grip and the axe’s blade shattered, making Bobo’s face drain of color. Now realizing his grave mistake Bobo shook with fear.

“Please forgive sir, I will go to the back of the line without fail.” [Bobo]

After speaking Bobo, tried to move past Chris to go to the back of the line, but Chris grabbed his neck before he could leave. Bobo who was 5’7 was lifted off the ground. Chris’ expression twisted as he spoke words that put chills through everyone’s spine.

“Don’t think you can leave that easily, low-life.” [Chris]

Chris dropped Bobo letting him fall to the ground, but he only lay there for a moment before Chris grabbed Bobo’s arm and twisted it, the sound of bones breaking could be heard. Parents covered the eyes and ears of their children while Bobo screamed in pain. Sadly for Bobo, Chris wasn’t done, lifting his foot high, Chris slammed it down on Bobo’s left knee and a sickening crunch was heard, Bobo screamed from the unimaginable pain. Hearing Bobo’s screams, Chris felt satisfied and returned to his spot in line. No one objected to him getting back in line; in fact, everyone let him cut in front of them.

Having entered Felden, Chris made his way to his way to Lil Ammy’s Kitchen and Inn. To his surprise, the place was packed and there was a line outside. Cam was taking orders at an incredible pace while staying organized. Chris walked to the kitchen, where he knew Ammy, Claira and Sara were.

While making his way to the swinging double door that led to the kitchen, Chris notice a girl that looked very familiar. Chris quickly recognized her as Sara, except her once black hair was now a pale blue, her skin now was a pale, and her eyes had changed from dark blue to icy-blue. She was wearing a button up white dress shirt, tie and frilly skirt, which Chris guessed was Lil Ammy’s waitresses uniform. Though, Sara was also wearing a dark blue winter cap, which clashed with her uniform. It was odd since between Sara and Claira, Sara had more of a sense of fashion.

“Sara, is that you?” [Chris]

Sara instantly looked up from the table she was talking to, her eyes filled with confusion for a moment.

“Chris?” [Sara]

Chris walked over to her as she studied him, as soon as he reached her, Sara grabbed his sleeve and pulled him to the back.

“Cam, I’m sorry, I-“ [Sara]

Before she could finish, Cam looked over and smiled gently.

“Don’t worry about it, now go” [Cam]

As Chris and Sara walked through the door, Cam gave a thumbs up.

“Mom, Claira, Chris is back!” [Sara]

Chris saw Ammy manning the grill while Claira was preparing various side dishes. Just like Sara, Claira’s hair became a pale blue, her eyes changed to an icy blue, and her skin was now a level paler. She wore the same uniform as Sara, as well as the same kind of hat. Claira trembled for some unknown reason, she tried to continue working, but Ammy walked over and whispered something in her ear.

(Trust in the one you love and he in turn will trust you with everything.) [Ammy]

Claira froze for a second before nodding, she then turned around and grabbed Chris’ other sleeve, together Claira and Sara dragged him into Ammy’s study and locked the door behind them.

Chris was beyond confused, everything happened so fast, and he had too many questions. He was about to start barraging Claira and Sara with question, but he noticed both were shaking with tears in their eyes. He sighed, leaning on the desk he looked at both girls, with his eyes warm, Chris spoke in a gentle tone.

“Ok, tell me why you to have tears in your eyes?” [Chris]

Claira was about to say something, but shut her mouth and looked away. Sara grabbed her hand, Claira looked over at her, and they exchanged a nodded, then took off their hats. Chris stared at Claira and Sara as he immediately notice something different, their ears were pointed.

“We are sorry for deceiving you, we both belong to a clan of elves called the Snowflake Clan.” [Claira]

Both of Claria and Sara had their heads down and eyes shut as if they expected something horrible to happen. As they stood there, the girls heard a low laugh and a calm warm voice speak.

“What, that’s it, you had me worried that it was something bad.” [Chris]

Both Claira’s and Sara’s heads shot up in surprise, Chris was looking at them with a soft smile and eyes filled with compassion. Claira instantly burst into tears, while Sara stood motionless. Chris walked in front of them, taking one of them in his arm and drew the girls in close.

“While I don’t know why you hid this from me, it doesn’t matter, it won’t change the fact that Claira is Claira, and Sara is Sara” [Chris]

After hearing Chris’ words, both girls buried their head in his chest and wailed.

Several hours later, Sara had calmed down, and Claira was just starting to stop crying. Currently, Chris sat in the large desk chair, with one of the girls on each leg. Both of them had their head on his chest while he was leaning back. Chris still had his arms around the two, he could smell the sweet fragrance drifting off them, and suddenly Claira straightened and looked Chris in the eyes.

“Chris, I… I want to tell you why we deceived you and about how we came to Invictus.” [Claira]

Chris nodded, not saying a word, his eyes fixed on Claira as she took a deep breath.

“In the Magical Alliance there are seven representatives, one for each race. The seven races; Elves, Dwarves, Beastmen, Insectoids, Merfolk, Elementals, and Dragonewts. Our father was the representative for the elf race, as well as the head of our clan, he was well respected by the other races, and among the elves, he was seen as a true leader. The representative are selected by their strength, and our clan was considered the strongest of the elven clans and our father was the strongest of everyone in the clan. For thirty years, he did his job well and was an outstanding husband and father. Then suddenly, all that changed, the clan head of the Windwalker clan, Yagmer Windwalker, who dislike that our father was the elven representative, tried to force  our father to resign, but he refused. So ten years ago, Yagmer had our mother, Sara, and I abducted. He killed our father, then to keep what happened from anyone knowing, he killed our mother. Our father foresaw that Yagmer might do something rash, so he asked Ammy who was an old friend of his to protect us if anything happened. So before we were killed, Ammy arrived and escaped the Alliances territory and brought us here, where we started a new life with her and Cam, as a family.” [Claira]

Chris, who has been listening calmly, now understood what Ammy had said about Claira and Sara having a dark past. At that moment, even though he looked calm, he was doing everything just to keep his blood lust from spilling out in a tsunami.

(Yagmer Windwalker huh, I guess I’ll have to pay him a friendly visit to him, after all I have to thank him for treating Claira and Sara so kindly) [Chris]

While his mind was created a plan that not even the devil himself would dare imagine, Sara had straightened herself. Her beautiful eyes stared into Chris and like they had captured his soul, he was unable to look away.

“Chris, thank you for accepting and caring about us” [Sara]

Without warning, Sara drew close and kissed Chris. Chris jumped at her passionate kiss, their tongues intertwined, and small moans escaped from Sara's lips. Sara’s lips were soft and warm, then sweet smell intensified from how close she was. Then, she pulled back a thread of saliva still linked Chris and Sara together. Chris was dumbfounded, he was stuttering unable to take in the situation, sure he loved them both too, still to suddenly be confessed to will throw anyone off.

“Hey no fair, taking a step ahead of me, your older sister!” [Claria]

Sara looked at Claira and made a peace sign.

“First come, first served.” [Sara]

“What am I, a buffet?” [Chris]

Chris stiffened, both Sara and Claira were looking at him with the eyes of a predator. To simplify the rest of the night, thing got pretty heated before Ammy told them not to dirty her offices. Where with bright red faces, Chris and co moved to Chris’ room, at the end of it all Chris came out dominate, leaving his prey panting and exhausted.

(Note: I am not going to but X-rated scenes in the main chapters. If I get enough request, I will make a small chapter for anyone that wants to read that stuff.)

The next morning, Chris woke up to a sweet smell, looking down he smiled faintly. Claira and Sara were resting their heads on his chest, curled up and pressing close to him. Chris could feel both their weapons of mass destruction pressing against his bare skin. Last night, he confirmed Claira’s and Sara’s breast sizes. Though he wasn’t an expert he guessed Claira was an E cup, while Sara was a D cup. With skill, Chris slipped out of bed and made his way to the washroom to bathe. After he walked out and dried his hair with a towel, he saw Claira was sitting on the bed in a daze; because she had no clothes on, everything was exposed, it didn’t seem to bother Claira though, as she got up and kissed Chris then giggled.

“Hehehe, good morning.” [Claira]

“Ah, morning” [Chris]

Just then, Sara groaned and lazily sat up.

“Good morning, Chris. Good morning, Claira.” [Sara]

Sara yawned as she sat there, she looked at Chris with eyes of expectation. Chris realizing what she wanted and sighed, he walked over to the bed, bent over and kissed her.

Chris walked down the stair into the restaurant area where Cam was setting a table, he noticed Chris walking down the stair and smiled mischievously.

“Go to the kitchen and make something if you’re hungry, though I would think you wouldn’t be hungry after devouring not one, but two delicacies last night.” [Cam]

Chris’ face turned red and grumbled something while making his way to the kitchen. Cam was snickering when something flashed passed his face, turning pale, he looked to see a large kitchen knife had pierced the wall behind him.

“Oh, Cam I didn’t see you there, good morning.” [Chris]

Sweating bullets, Cam made a mental note, to be more careful when teasing Chris.

Chris sat down at the table in the kitchen, he had made himself an omelet made from Toetoe eggs stuffed with vegetables, and a side of Mookine bacon. While enjoying his delicious creation, Ammy walked into the kitchen, noticing Chris and smiled.

“Am I supposed to expect grandchildren soon?” [Ammy]

Chris coughed as he choked on his food due Ammy’s question and answered while stuttering.

“Th-that’s, well, I’m hoping for a family.” [Chris]

Ammy smiled and nodded in approval of his answer, not teasing him any further she began to prep the kitchen. After Chris was done eating, he decided to help her prep.

“So what's with the sudden population growth?” [Chris]

“Most are here to see the hero’s speech, two days from now.” [Ammy]

“What, aren’t the heroes going to be summoned at the capital?” [Chris]

“Yes, but it will be broadcasted on the city’s sight crystals.” [Ammy]

Sight crystals are a magic tool that reflect an image from another magic tool called a vision crystal, to Chris they sound like a camera and tv.

“What do you plan to do, are you going to stay for the festival?” [Ammy]

“Festival, hmm, I guess Claira, Sara, and I will stay to help around until it's calm enough to leave you and Cam. Then, I plan make Claira and Sara stronger for my plans in the future.” [Chris]

“Oh, sound like you're planning something big, may I hear what your plan is?” [Ammy]

“I plan to make this city my territory, after all, having Felden under my control would make things easier in the long run.” [Chris]

Ammy eyes widen as she thought about of what Chris just said. Chris was no fool he knew at the moment it would be near impossible to subjugate Felden. Though Chris hadn’t check if Claira and Sara had increased in power, still they were too weak, he could feel it. So, he first had to make them strong enough to defend themselves, if need.

“Kid, it’s going to be more difficult than your think. The Gilbo brothers have somehow recently become A ranks, not to mention they have several B and A ranked bodyguards; don’t tell me you plan for just the three of you to complete your plan, cause I don’t plan on getting involved if you try anything.” [Ammy]

Chris stiffened, he didn’t expect for the Gilbo brothers to jump to A rank, not to mention if there were even two A ranked bodyguards it would become difficult. He stood and started to leave through the back door.

“Where are you going?” [Ammy]

“It seems someone has no manners. So, I plan to teach him that it’s not polite to eavesdrop.” [Chris]

Even before Ammy and he began talking, Chris had felt someone was watching him. Ammy seemed to notice as well, she nodded and turned to continue prepping. Chris stepped outside and walked into the Stress Relieving Circle, Chris started to emit a tremendous amount of blood lust, looking at a nearby tree with an icy voice.

“If you don’t want to come out, then I’ll come to you.” [Chris]
“Hoho, to think you could find me, I expected that monster to be able to sniff me out, but not you.” [???]

Suddenly, a woman appeared 6 meters away. She was wearing a set of light leather armor, black combat boots, and steel gauntlets. Her attire still couldn’t hide her curves, her brownish red hair was short, except for a long braid that reached past her lower back. Her red eyes seemed to pierce through Chris and her face could rival any model. On her hip, rested a long sword that oozed a lust for battle. Her aura spoke of power, Chris quickly used analyze on her.

Status Page
Name: Helina IronheartRace: Human
Lv: 175EXP: 57909 / 23600000
Age: 25Gender: Female
Job: Grand Sword MasterCombative Rank: A

Sword Princess, Youngest Prodigy, Leader of the Black Wolves, Exiled Royal

HP 12100 / 12100MP 9050 / 9050
Str: 6550Agi: 7850
Def: 3600Magic: 3725
Luck: 210Charm: 290

True Sword BurstRank: 22
One Hundred Flickering SwordsRank: 19
Blade BarrierRank: 17
Ten Thousand Sword RainRank: 16
Light WalkRank: 20
True Sword AuraRank: 25

(Damn, she is strong, even going all out I probably have a 30% chance of winning.) [Chris]

Seeing Chris’ expression Helina laughed, she seemed to have guessed what Chris was thinking.

“Don’t worry, I don’t plan on fighting you today.” [Helina]

“But, you do want to or am I wrong?” [Chris]

“Yes I do, but I don’t want our fight to be upstaged by the hero’s festival, also although you are strong, you still aren’t able to defeat me, I’ll give some time. Since your rate of growth is so terrifying, I’m guessing by the festival, you will at least be able to put up a fight.” [Helina]

“Then, when and where do you want to have this fight?” [Chris]

Helina put her finger on her lip while thinking for a moment.

“Hmm, right after the ceremony ends, as for the location I don’t care.” [Helina]

“Fine, since it’s obvious I have no choice in this, I’ll accept your challenge.” [Chris]

“Good, well then I will be waiting with excitement.” [Helina]

Helina then vanished before anything else could be said, leaving Chris’ mind in a state of confusion. Ammy, Claira, and Sara immediately came outside as soon as Helina left. Chris explained what was happening, no one was happy with Helina’s challenge. Ammy then seemed to come to a decision and handed Chris a small white key that was shaped like a skull. She told Chris to go down to the basement where there a door was hidden. Ammy then explained how to find the door, when asked what it was for, she replied calling it a training room she uses to keep from getting too rusty.

Chris found the door, on the other side was stairs that descended for quite a while. Finally, Chris reached the bottom, it was pitch black, root system instantly started to map out the area. To Chris amazement, what he found was a labyrinth of tunnels filled with a type of rat monster. The rats were the size of a dog and moved at insane speeds, Chris tried to analyze them, unfortunately, it seems that useless; If Chris couldn’t see the target, he couldn’t analyze them.

He would be fighting blind, literally, still he didn’t turn back. With Orthos in his hand, Chris started to attack the rats. It took him what seemed like hours before Chris managed to hit even one. Luckily, their attack power was almost zero, no matter how many times they attacked, Chris didn’t get hurt, his defense was too high for the monsters to do any damage to him. Chris didn’t seem to understand the point of him coming down here, the monsters were too weak to be a challenge. But, he believed that Ammy had a reason for sending him down into this labyrinth.

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