The Strongest Job... Gardener?



Chapter 10: A New Body and A Princess Reward


Hey there, EsperReal speaking,
So I found I didn’t put the Adventures’ Rank in my status pages, though it will make it easier for me to put Combative Rank, since it will encompass everyone so ill be adding Combative Rank to status pages from now on.

Standing 5 feet tall and 8 feet long, covered in silvery black fur that shined like metal, golden eyes that spoke of death, and a mouth full of razor sharp dagger sized teeth. It had Large muscular forelegs as well as powerful hind legs for quick burst of speed. With claws that were like swords the massive wolf like monster stepped forward growling, baring its hideous fangs while drooling. Chris’ greatest opponent to date, the Level 130 A-ranked Boss Variant, the Forest Worg Pack Leader.

“Master, be careful!” [right Orthos]

“Kekeke yeah, that guy is something you can hold back on!” [left Orthos]

Chris and the 12 worgs stared at each other, looking for the slightest opening that their enemy might have. Chris smiled fiercely, he looked at the pack leader and roared with pride.

“Don’t underestimate me!” [Chris]

Suddenly, 30 blast spiders leapt out of the forest and as soon as the spiders were in effective range, they used ‘Thorn Blast’. The worgs yelped in pain, when the dust that was kicked up from the explosions cleared, only the pack leader stood. The pack leader was slightly injured, it glared at Chris with rage over its fallen pack mates. The worg let out a howl that seemed to warp the space around it. This was the worg’s skill ‘Disrupting Howl’. Thanks to Chris’ skill ‘Combat State’, he had increased resistance to mental debuffs, so the skill had no effect on him.

“Shut up, you overgrown metal mutt!” [Chris]

Suddenly, 12 blast spiders formed and surround the pack leader. The worg reacted, but it was too late, the spiders used ‘Heavy Blast’. The worg stood in the crater made by the explosion, but it was like nothing happened to the worg. Chris clicked his tongue as he saw the worg was unharmed. Like a bolt of silvery black lightning, the worg shot out of the crater and appeared in front of Chris, two feet above Chris. Quickly, Chris used garden barrier, which formed just in time to block the pack leader’s attack. Then, Chris countered with 4 armored chompers; they formed on both sides of the worg, in an attempt to at least break a bone or two, they used ‘Whip Crush’. Sadly, the attacks all missed and the worg quickly retreated. Chris smiled with satisfaction as he saw the worg leap backwards into a small clearing.

“Gotcha!” [Chris]

The worg had move exactly where Chris had predicted. The worg suddenly stopped moving as 3 butterflies gracefully fluttered around it. Before the worg even land, Chris had already released garden barrier while he charged at his opponent; Orthos readied, wind started to swirl around its head. Chris charged, running up a fallen log, he leapt off landing on a tree branch, and without stopping, he leapt off. Chris now was 30 feet in the air, as he started to fall, he raised Orthos over his head. So much wind had condensed around Orthos it formed a small tornado, which screamed as Chris swung his hammer down on the pack leader’s head. The attack smashed the oversized worg’s head into the ground creating a massive crater and shockwaves that uprooted trees and scattered rocks. Anyone in a half a mile radius would feel a tremor, showing how power this blow was. Chris fell to the ground breathing heavy, he had poured 70% of his overall MP into that attack, so he now felt drained.

After a moment, Chris slowly stood to dusted himself off.

“Master, behind you!” [right Orthos]

Chris turned around and saw the worg was now covered in a black smoky aura. It seemed impossible for it to be standing; its head was caved in, one eye dangling from its socket, blood and bile dripped from its mouth, yet it still stood. Chris was near his limit, still he glared at the black clad worg. Though the worg was much slower, it still moved with incredible speed. In a heartbeat it reached Chris and raised its broken leg, swiping down at Chris. Chris barely managed to survive when he dodged, as he received four cuts to his chest.

In seconds, blood had complete soaked Chris’ body. He knew it was time, he planned to take his opponent with him. 5 double suns formed behind him, ‘Battle Pollen’ immediately activated.

“Master, are you a fool, if you do that the backlash will kill you!” [right Orthos]

Chris smiled, his breath coming out in heaves as he spoke.

“I’m dead anyway, might as well bring this fucker with me.” [Chris]

“Kekeke, now that sound cool” [left Orthos]

The worg turned, its body was falling apart, numerous cuts started to appear on its body. The worg howled, as it charged at full speed. Chris knew he could only muster last one attack, so he planned to make it count. As the worg drew closer, Chris charged ‘Sonic Crush’. The worg leapt off the ground lunging at Chris; in return, he swung Orthos with all his might. Orthos connected to the worgs head, it then exploded, bits of skull and brain matter scattered everywhere.

Chris fell to his knees, the backlash had already started. He collapsed onto the ground, his consciousness started to fade. Chris no longer could keep his eyes open as they closed everything became black

“Well done my champion, now I’ll reward you for your efforts.” [Fate]

Chris opened his eyes to grey. Looking around he saw his body mangled and bloodied.

“Don’t worry, you’re not dead.” [Fate]

Chris looked around to see Fate’s pure grey figure standing not too far away. Chris tried to speak but nothing happened.

“Don’t bother you're nothing but a soul right now, your body was too badly damaged.  Since it would be a hassle to restore it, I decide to make you a new body as your reward. Though, to do that I had to separate your soul from your body. Oh, your new body is done; I’ll start the transfer process now, be warned you’re going to see a memory or two. Why? Because the soul is basically your memories given a form. Now, you will wake back up right where you left off, so have fun.” [Fate]

Again, everything became black, after a short amount of time lights flashed, and he was looking at a third person view of his classroom back on earth. This memory felt very familiar to him, when he looked at the blackboard he understood why. On the board two word were written in large bold letters, ‘Welcome back’.

(Fuck, of every memory I have, why this one!) [Chris]

Chris watched as his old self stood up, he walked over to a girls desk smiling.

“Lucy can please you come with me, I want to talk to you about something” [Chris]

“Sure” [Lucy]

Lucy Crosswil was 5’7’’ with long straight blonde hair, beautiful white skin, long legs, charming blue eyes, and a bewitching smile. She was a transfer student at Chris’ highschool, not to mention his only friend.

Chris and Lucy walked out of the classroom together, with soul-form Chris being dragged by an unknown force. He guess, that he couldn’t see anything other than the memory, so he was forced to follow.

(Dammit, me don’t do it!) [soul Chris]

Chris opened the door and walked onto the room, with Lucy right behind him. He stopped and spun around smiling nervously, he fidgeted a bit before speaking.

“Lucy, I know that I’m not good looking, or good at sport, or anything like that, but I just have to say this.” [Chris]

“Don’t do it, please don’t make me watch this, someone, anyone stop him!” [soul Chris]

But no one did, after all this was a memory. Now, Chris took a deep breath.

“I love you, Lucy” [Chris]

Lucy froze and lowered her head, Chris thought it was because she was embarrassed. Suddenly, her body started to shake; Chris moved over to her to see if something was wrong, but as he approached he heard laughter.

“This is too funny, you love me… what a joke” [Lucy]

She raised her head to show a mocking smile, Chris confused and surprised could only stare.

“Did you think I liked you? Yeah right, I only hung out with you because I pitied you.” [Lucy]

“Wha- What are you saying Lucy” [Chris]

Chris stuttered, his knees felt weak, hearing his only friend he’s ever had say those thing, it was too much.

“Lucy, what happened, this isn’t like you” [Chris]

Chris became frantic, think something happened to Lucy.

“Don’t you get it I pretended to enjoy being around you, but the way you kept looking at me was so gross. Now, you confess to me, ugh I’m about to vomit.” [Lucy]

Chris couldn’t process what he was hearing, until he heard clapping and laughter coming from the other side of the door.

“Now this is rich, the pig confesses to his love, only to find out it was all a lie.” [Darak]

Darak, Trent, and Glen walked out of the door, with Glen holding a video camera. Chris understood what was happening, he looked over at Lucy, and he saw that her eyes had redden slightly. Seeing Lucy like that conferred his fear, Darak had forced Lucy to act that way to hurt him.

Soul Chris watch the event unfold, where he was then beaten, while Darak laughed with his arm around Lucy. Soul Chris was in tears as he watch his most painful memory.

Chris remembered when he and Lucy first met. It was the day before summer break, Chris was getting one last beating before summer behind the gym in the storage room.

“Haha lets beat him good, since we won’t be able to until after break.” [Trent]

“Alright, I’m down, how about you piggy!” [Glen]

“Aaah, ouch, ugh” [Chris]

Darak was sitting on a pad used for pole-vaulting, watching Chris getting beat, with a disgusting smile on his face. Suddenly, a Lucy burst into the room, she glared at Trent and Glen.

“What are you guys doing!?” [Lucy]

Darak got up and walked up to her.

“We’re just have a chat with our friend, miss…” [Darak]

Lucy hadn’t started attending Chris’ high school, she only came to take a look around. Darak knew that because she wasn’t part of this school, he could get away with doing something to her, so he tried to get her to leave peacefully.

“Get lost or I’ll call the police” [Lucy]

Darak jumped, at this point if she called the police it would turn really bad for him. So, Darak left while shout for Trent and Glen to follow.

“Hey, are you alright” [Lucy]

She had ran over, and helped Chris up.

“Yeah I’m fine, thank you”

He smiled at her, and she returned his smile. After that day, somehow Chris and Lucy became friends, until the blackmail event. Since then, Chris never let anyone get close to him. He found that funny in a way, after that he still found it easy to trust Claira and Sara. Though, for some reason, he felt it was okay to trust those two. He now felt a mix of anger and happiness, anger from seeing that memory, and happiness knowing that he now had people you he cared for and they cared for him.

Suddenly, a wave of intense pain covered Chris and everything turned to darkness.

“Alright, the process is over you will feel some pain while the final link connects.” [Fate]

“Thanks for the warning.” [Chris]

Chris opened his eyes and found himself lying next to the corpse of the Forest Worg Pack Leader. He walked over to the lake, looking into its reflection he saw that for the most part he hadn’t changed. The only things that did were his eyes, they changed to an emerald green color and seemed to glow faintly. Though, his muscles had gained some mass as well as become denser, and his red hair was short, messy and somewhat covered his eyes. To him, he looked even more attractive than before.

He also had new equipment, which was a knee-length dark-green hooded gothic-style long coat that had: a pattern that resembled a growing forest, three sleeved belts on the upper arms, with a zipper, connected by seven belts, 2 pockets on each chest area, and long baggy sleeves that stop at the wrist. His pants were: ankle length, black with a light green vine pattern, somewhat baggy, 2 back pockets, 2 front pockets, and 8 sets of pockets on the legs which could store 4 potions each.

He also had: a pair of black combat boots, fingerless gloves, and a dark green belt with a tree that looked like a skull for a belt buckle.

Next he looked at his status just to make sure if anything changed, what he found made him open and close his mouth like a fish.

Status Page
Name: Chris GelvonRace: Human
Lv: 84EXP: 24310 / 32000
Age: 17Gender: Male
Job: Combat GardenerCombative Rank: A

Troll Killer, Variant Slayer, One Accepted by Nature

HP 9600 / 9600MP 21000 / 21000
Str: 3825Agi: 5450
Def: 2640Magic: 5200
Luck: 100Charm: 310

Create SeedRank: 5
Green Thumb GeneralRank: 5
Extreme GrowthRank: Max
Battle StateRank: Max
AnalyzeRank: Max
Stealth PlantingRank: 1
Forest is FuelRank: 1
Root SystemRank: 2
Garden BarrierRank: 2
Bark ArmorRank: 1
Nature ConversionRank: 1
Suddenly Forest EruptionRank: 1

Chris stared at his status page for 5 minutes before coming back to reality.

"This is too much, I gained 11 levels, all my stats have almost quadrupled, and I now have three new skills” [Chris]

Bark ArmorRank 1
Create a reinforced layer of bark over your skinCost 1000 MP

Nature ConversionRank 1
this Skill allows you to control the plants around youCost 100 MP per sec

Suddenly Forest EruptionRank 1
This skill creates a forest with you at the epicenter, the size of the forest depends on how much MP is usedCost X MP

“These skills are too much!” [Chris]
“Allow me to add,  we have gained 1% in our state of awaking making it 17% now.” [right Orthos]

Chris sighed, while thinking of all the power he had just acquired. Not only did he kill a A ranked boss variant, but also it seems his new body was strengthened even farther than before; he secretly thanked Fate. If he mixed ‘Suddenly Forest Eruption’ and ‘Nature Conversion’, he may become invisible; while ‘Bark Armor’ was pretty strong in its own right. Testing out ‘Bark Armor’, Chris let a red tusk attack him with ‘Bark Armor’ on; the results were great, the boar’s tusks didn’t leave a scratch. The armor simply was a layer of bark that took on the Chris shape, making it look like an exoskeleton, there were no eye holes, yet for some reason Chris could see just fine. What Chris liked about this skill other than its high defensive capabilities, was that it covered his clothes, as he didn’t want to replace his clothes after every use of this skill.

Chris finally had finished his business at the Gogil Mountains, now he could head back. His the memory of Lucy flashed in his mind, but the pain was suppressed as he thought of Claira, Sara, Ammy, and even Cam. They were the family he never got the chance to have; for that, he relit his fire of resolve that he would protect them no matter what, though he doubted Ammy need any protection.

It had only been an hour since Chris started his way back, right now he was traveling through a rocky gorge that would take him to the base of the mountain. While casually walking, he heard the clash of swords and shouting in the distance, still he didn’t increase his pace. After a few minutes, Chris arrived at the scene, there was a group of eight men, seven of the men in blue and green standard plate mail armor stood encircling a white and gold carriage that looked like it was made by a fairy godmother. The eighth man wore similar armor to the others, but his had golden trimming and on both of his shoulders were three five pointed stars that formed a triangle, Chris guessed that he was the commander of these men.

“Protect the princess with your lives, don’t let these scum get to close!” [Commander]

Their opponents were a group of cloaked bandits, Chris could tell just by looking, the bandits were mostly C ranked with seven B ranks among them. The soldier were all B ranks, except for the commander which Chris took the time to analyze.

Status Page
Name: Toron HemlockRace: Tiger Beastman
Lv: 115EXP: 408302 / 6400000
Age: 41Gender: Male
Job: Master SwordsmanCombative Rank: A

Battlefield Tyrant, Guardian of Royalty

HP 7550 / 9000MP 9700 / 10300
Str: 5050Agi: 2390
Def: 6440Magic: 2130
Luck: 30Charm: 90

Seven Sword StrikeRank: 10
State of FocusRank: Max
Acceleration SlashRank: 7
Dancing Sword StepsRank: 9

“Ho, that guy is strong. Though, I could take him if I was serious.” [Chris]

Toron was fighting the bandits by himself, while his soldier were maintain a semi-transparent barrier. Looking at the battle, Chris felt irritated, this gorge was the only way to the base of the mountain, unless he doubled back. While he could climb out and circle around the battle, sadly it wouldn’t save time. So Chris walked forward, quickly some of the bandits notice Chris, and the fools turned their swords on him.

Instantly, Orthos appeared in his hand and with one swing, it turned an oncoming bandit into meat paste, the next swing crushed a bandits left side as he hurled and became a stain on the gorge’s rocky wall. By now the bandits were cautious, taking most of their attention off Toron, letting him caught his breath. By now, fifty bandits had surrounded Chris, he sighed as the bandits unleash a volley of arrows from their crossbows, which were previously hidden under their cloaks.

Seeing the arrows Chris snorted, he activated ’Bark Armor’, which instantly covered him. The arrows that rained down on Chris didn’t even scratch his armor, making everyone stare in astonishment. When the arrows were done, the bandits sat there, not knowing what to do, a cold voice came from the armored man in the middle of a sea of arrows.

“My turn, now get out of my way.” [Chris]

Chris lifted Orthos over his head, the core crystal flared, as Chris brought down the head striking the ground. Instantly countless roots erupted from the ground around Chris. Cries sounded as the fifty bandits were all impaled, even the B ranks couldn’t react time to dodge the insanely fast roots.

The soldiers maintaining the barrier gulped and groaned, they had enough experience to know, if Chris felt like attacking them, the barrier wouldn’t hold for even a second. The soldiers could feel the extremely powerful bloodlust that came from Chris, even with their legs trembling, they still stood. Chris hefted Orthos over his right shoulder and began to walk forwards. As he approached, Toron stepped forward; he knew that Chris was most likely stronger than him, still if the man in front of him was going to attack the princess, he must defend her with his life. Feeling Toron’s blood lust clashing against his own Chris snorted.

“What, you want to fight?” [Chris]

Toron stiffed, but didn’t falter, he was about to say something when the carriage door opened and a young women looking in her later teens stepped out. She was around 6’0, had pale white skin, a model like face, and rosy red lips. The girl’s hair was white with black streaks, straight hair reached her shoulder, while a braid was made with some longer hair. Her she wore a set of elegant blue and green armor, though it did hide her figure Chris could tell she had a body to match her other features. Chris didn’t feel any sort of threat from her, but he still analyzed her.

Status Page
Name: Ren BloodclawRace: Tiger Beastman
Lv: 87EXP: 3964 / 400000
Age: 17Gender: Female
Job: Bare Hands ExpertCombative Rank: B

2nd Princess of the Tiger clan, Representative of the Magical Alliance

HP 5500 / 5500MP 7500 / 7500
Str: 1450Agi: 1305
Def: 740Magic: 2400
Luck: 120Charm: 310

Heavy ImpactRank: 6
Tyrannical RushRank: 5
MultistrikeRank: 7
Tempest StepRank: 5

See her status page Chris didn’t find anything special, but the titles caught his eye. Renren walked passed the soldier towards Chris who still had his bark armor active.

“Princess Renren, please stay back, that man is extremely dangerous!” [Toron]

She turned to look at Toron her gaze pierce right through him.

“Are you an idiot, I know that. If he wanted to kill us, he would have tried already” [Ren]

Toron became quiet, her logic was spot on, and she turned back to look at Chris. Ren’s eyes moved up and down Chris, she showed a smile that spoke of her background.

“Thank you, it would have been very troublesome to continue dealing with those bandits.” [Ren]

Chris laughed, he deactivated bark armor, revealing his face, Ren seeing Chris face blushed slightly.

“Don’t get the wrong idea girly, those sorry shits were just in my way, it had nothing to do with you guys.” [Chris]

Toron and the soldier obviously became angry from having their princess disrespected. Toron was about to say something, but Ren raised a hand; her expression hadn’t change, which surprised Chris somewhat.

Ren wasn’t stupid, she could tell that the ones guarding her couldn’t win against the man in front of her.

“That may be true, still your action resulted in helping us, so if there is anything I can do to repay you please say so.” [Ren]

Chris fixed her with an icy gaze, which made Ren and her guardians flinch. Chris was processing the pros and cons of this situation, suddenly he smiled. To him have someone important owing you a favor was always good, no matter how small the debt.

“Fine, but I have no use for your gratitude at the moment, so consider it an ‘I owe you’.” [Chris]

Ren was stunned, for someone to refuse a reward from someone of her status and magical race was odd. Chris really didn’t care about stuff like that, after all he wanted to return to Lil Ammy’s as soon as possible.

“Now, tell me why you are outside of the Alliance’s territory?” [Chris]

Something was bothering Chris, the border between Invictus and The Magical Alliance was several days from here, so why is someone like the princess here? His guess was something to do with her title, about being a representative of the Magical Alliance; he still wanted to know if something was going to happen. The more he knew the better, if by chance something happens between the two powers, he could have warning to protect Claira and Sara.

“I am going to witness the summoning of the hero 3 days from now at the capital, as a representative of the Magical Alliance.” [Ren]

Chris stiffened, three days he should have more time than that. Chris realized that transferring to his new body must have taking four days. He no longer had time to waste, with insane speed  he shot pass Ren and the others, heading at top speed to Felden. He still had some things to accomplish before the other Champions arrive, Chris’ mind worked on how to make up for lost time while he ran.

See Chris vanish into the forest, Ren stared for a moment, then shouted in anger while stomping her foot on the ground.

“That bastard, he left without giving me his name, and what was with that attitude.” [Ren]

Seeing the mood the princess was in, the guards didn’t know what to do, and simple waited for her to calm down before letting off again.

Having calmed down Ren thought about her interaction with Chris.

“That man, he’s defiantly odd.” [Ren]

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