It had been 5 days since Chris left Felden, other than his run in with the Black Wolves members, he made it to the Gogil Mountains without an incident.

Currently, Chris had already gathered all the herbs and spices he needed, thanks to his skill root system, which helped him find plants he needed with greater ease. However, a problem was getting meat such as the 3 meat items on the list: Mookine, Red Tusk, and Toetoe.

Mookines, looked like a pig-sized purple cows that had three yellow eyes, two tails, and a pair of wings. Luckily, they were much slower than Chris, even when they flew. By using ‘Savage Roots’, he was able to capture the monster through strangling. He didn’t just kill them right away because Ammy had asked him to try to kill them without cutting or piercing them. As a fellow chef, he understood why she requested that to be careful. If Chris, cut or stabbed the monsters then he might destroy a specific cut of meat Ammy needed.

Red Tusks, were what you would expect from the name, they were 4-foot tall boars that had red tusks, which gave off a metallic shine. Sadly, to capture and strange the boar, Chris would require an excessive amount MP. Instead, Chris used himself as a decoy. While the boar charged him, his armored chompers would come it with their vines, to beat the boar to death with a whip to crush it.

Unfortunately, the Toetoe wasn’t as easy to kill was the other two. It was an ostrich sized chicken and while that might not sound terrifying; Toetoes were usually around Levels 68-73 with an average of Agility 1900, which made them nearly impossible to catch. When Chris did manage to catch one, the Toetoe he was after used a short ranged teleport skill allowing it to escape, so binding them was impossible.

“Dammit, how am I supposed to catch these feathery fucks!” [Chris]

To Chris, the Toetoe was the most important thing on the list of ingredients, because it was the main ingredient for his favorite dish at Ammy’s, the Toetoe pie. Chris Grinded his teeth every time he failed to catch one of the feathery tricksters.

“Dammit, Stay still so I can fucking tear your throat out!” [Chris]

Chris shouted to the fleeing bird as his rage boiled over. Looking at the list of ingredients, he read that he needs to collect 30 of the overgrown chickens. Unfortunately, he hadn’t even caught a single one, he almost started to cry in despair. Still, Chris wouldn’t give up, no he couldn’t give up, not with Toetoe pie at stake. Collecting himself, he sat down to think of the best possible way to catch the bird.

In an unknown bar in Felden, Helina had just finished listening to the report of her men’s death, who all died at the hands of Chris. Her hands balled into fists as she let out a bitter smile and stood.

“30 men all at D rank were eliminated by one greenhorn at C rank that’s…” [Helina]

She exited the bar quickly, then started to head to the Gilbo mansion with a smile on her face. Clows was walking slightly behind her and sighed, he knew what was going through his leaders head: ‘shall I test this kid to see if I'll amuse me or not?’ unfortunately, even if she wanted to do so, she couldn’t do it for free and besides she had to tell her client that her men failed.

“What the fuck, I thought you said that we would see his head 2 days ago and now you come saying that you failed!” [Hector]

Hector was furious, they had spent a good amount of money hiring the Black Wolves. Still, it was surprising that he survived. For Chris to be able to kill all 30 men at D rank, it was something not many C rankers could accomplish. Though D rankers were obviously weaker than C ranker, the gap wasn’t nearly as large as the C to B rank gap. It was hard to believe he survived without a scratch, that just shows how dominating his job was. Although, none of the people in the room realized he had a special job, as the report only said the men were killed, he didn’t say how.

“Well, if you want to throw a little more money our way, I could send someone a little stronger that will get the job done properly” [Helina]

“How much more?” [Vild]

Helina smiled as she heard the trap snapped shut.

“Another 3 red gold should do” [Helina]

Both Hector and Vild almost coughed up blood, 3 red gold would be twice what they had originally paid for them. It wasn’t worth spending that much just to kill some kid that insulted them at a restaurant. Still, if they gave up halfway, if people learned that the brothers couldn’t even get rid of one brat, they would become a laughingstocks.

“Fine, but if this guy fails than we are through!” [Hector]

“Ok, don’t worry this time it will be done” [Helina]

Actually, Helina could care less about her relationship with the Gilbo Brothers. With her fame she could just go to another city and easily get a new client or two. The reason she put so much effort into this is that she wanted to see if Chris might relieve some of her boredom. As the two walked outside the mansion, Clows spoke with a smile that lacked warmth.

“Shall I sent Gimli or Dora, Boss?” [Clows]

She smiled wickedly and without looking at Clows answered.

“Sent Barbos” [Clows]

Clows jumped, he eyed his Boss, trying to determine why she said to send one of Black Wolves strongest members; but he couldn’t an answer, he quickly bowed and vanished. Helina stood in a small alleyway, suddenly she jumped onto the roof of a nearby building with a lightning speed that would put a Toetoe’s to shame. Arriving at the city wall, she looked out into the distance at the direction of the Gilgo Mountains, as if she was trying to catch a glimpse of Chris as she smiled broadly.

“Now, let's see if you are able to entertain me boy.” [Helina]

In another part of the City, under Lil Ammy’s Kitchen and inn was a large basement that acted as a freezer for all the kitchen’s unprepared meats. Corpses of monster hung everywhere, making it look like something out of a horror movie. In an opened space, Ammy sat on a crate she had brought down. She watched two figures encased in cocoons of ice. Inside, Claira’s and Sara’s faces could be seen and would reveal in excruciating pain they were in. The ice seemed to be alive, if one looked closely they could see tiny veins of light blue magic covering the inside of the cocoons pulsing with vitality.

“That kid will be surprised by how much these two will have changed, let’s just hope the world he came from doesn’t have the same opinions as ours.” [Ammy]

Back on Gogil Mountain, Chris laughed with joy as he throw another Toetoe corpse into his storage ring.

“Alright, that make 23 only 7 left” [Chris]

After an hour of deep thinking, Chris had come up with a plan to use ‘Savage Roots’ like a net to cut off all a Toetoe’s escape routes. Chris had learned, if he made the roots pencil thin and focused on length, not only were they easier to control, but he could make more of them, not to mention the roots were several times faster. A Toetoe bird could sense Chris from 20 meters away, so he had to launch his attack just outside of that range. He would use ‘Savage Roots’ to create countless roots that would encircle the bird and create a cage. The birds’ teleportation had a 3 second delay, where it couldn’t teleport. Chris made us of that and had the roots would snap the birds’ necks before their cooldown ended.

Chris really like his new skills, especially root system, which made finding his prey much easier. After another three hours, he had finished his work. Since Chris killed so many monster, all of which were all C rank, he checked his status.

Status Page
Name: Chris GelvonRace: Human
Adventurer’s RankC
Lv: 73EXP: 24310 / 32000
Age: 17Gender: Male
Job: Combat Gardner

Troll Killer, Variant Slayer

HP 4350 / 4350MP 8525 / 13000
Str: 1050Agi: 1520
Def: 840Magic: 1650
Luck: 75Charm: 210

Create SeedRank: 4
Green Thumb GeneralRank: 4
Extreme GrowthRank: Max
Battle StateRank: Max
AnalyzeRank: Max
Stealth PlantingRank: 1
Forest is FuelRank: 1
Root SystemRank: 1
Garden BarrierRank: 1

“Man, I’m maked some real progress. I probably could take on those bastard brothers now.” [Chris]

Chris snickered to himself, and though about how he would get revenge on the brothers for sending mercenaries after him. Suddenly, a fiery explosion erupted right next to Chris, engulfing him in flames. A figure walked out from behind a rock; he was about 5’8 with wide shoulders and had a red plate mail on, no helmet and a long sword on his back. He had long dirty red colored hair that reached down his back and his face was covered in scars; one could tell that in the past, he most likely would have been considered handsome.

“Hmm, is it over? And Clows said that this brat might be able to put up a good fight.” [???]

As the man turned to leave, he heard laughter from behind him and five small green shadows shot out of multiple hiding places.


The ‘Blast Spiders’ quickly reach their target and used ‘Heavy Blast’ destroying an area of a 10 meter radius. The man was fast for his size, but because Chris surprise attacked him, the man barely made it outside the explosions range. However, the man got hit with a violent shock wave that followed the explosion. Then, the man quickly got up and dodged a volley of the seed, turning the place he had been laying into Swiss cheese.

“Damn, who would have expected an ambush from someone I just ambushed” [???]

“Hahaha, sorry but I knew you were behind the rock the whole time, I was just waiting for you to make the first move since I’m a gentleman” [Chris]

As the smoke cleared from the fire that had gone out, the red-armored man saw that Chris was surrounded by blackened roots. Chris immediately used Analyze on his opponent.

Status Page
Name: Barbos HeklegRace: Human
Lv: 91EXP: 469/ 42000
Age: 41Gender: Male
Job: Lightning Blader

Thundering Disaster, Lightning Beast, Variant Slayer

HP 7430/ 8250MP 5675 / 5800
Str: 2250Agi: 1345
Def: 3480Magic: 1240
Luck: 20Charm: 50

Thundering SlashRank: 8
Dancing Lightning BladesRank: 7
Burning Thunder ClapRank: 5
Electric Tiger RushRank: 5
Lightning ArmorRank: 9

Chris' eye widened, as he thought, “this guy was powerful.” What more, he was the exact opposite as Chris stats wise; while Chris’ stats were focused on speed and magical power, his opponent was a melee fighter with the opposite, he focused on strength and defense. But, even though his opponent was almost 20 levels higher, Chris’s speed was still superior. Still, the man’s defense was ridiculously high, on the upside, his element was lightning, which is weak to Chris earth element. Instantly, Chris had noticed a black wolf head emblem on the man’s shoulder, guessing he was from the Black Wolves.

“Hey kid, I already know your names so let–“ [???]

While the man was talking, Chris sent 4 blast spiders to attack him, but missed their target.

“Woah, let me finish I’m-“ [???]


“Damn I’m-“ [???]


“I’m-“ [???]


“Barbos!” [Barbos]

Boom Bang Boom

“Is this guy retarded” [Chris]

“Oi, I heard that!” [Barbos]

“Like I care!” [Chris]

By now, Barbos had been evading Chris blast spiders constantly, due to that he received some minor injuries and was now breathing heavy. Suddenly, Barbos rushed forward towards Chris, his sword drawn as it crackled with electricity.

“hmph, did he really think that he could rush up to me like that” [Chris]

Chris had 5 blast spiders leap at Barbos and use ‘Heavy Blast’. Luckily, Chris was protected by his garden barrier.

“Actually, yes I did” [Barbos]

From the smoke, Barbos emerged covered in sparks and swung down his sword, instantly breaking through Chris’ garden barrier. Chris reacted by opening up the cage of roots behind him, then jumped out just as Barbos’ sword entered the space Chris had been standing on. Chris clicked his tongue, realizing his blast spiders had little effect on Barbos. Barbos’ high defense mix with what he guess was Barbos’ skill lightning armor, made sparks dance around his body, which was too much for Chris’s minions. As Chris tried to open some distance between them, Barbos charged through the remains of the barrier. But, he wasn’t going to catch up to Chris since the difference in agility was too high. Instead, he raised his right hand to point his palm at Chris and a fiery explosion burst forth right next to Chris. As Chris easily dodged the explosion, he used the explosion as a cover to hide behind some trees and observe Barbos.

“Humph, hiding are we? Well that’s boring.” [Barbos]

As Barbos looked around, a mass of seed fell from the sky, showering him. He didn’t even try to block the attack, he simply raised his hand to block the seeds aimed at his head.

“Tsk, just like I thought, his defense is too high” [Chris]

Chris instantly came up with five different plans and quickly chose the one that would be the most effective. Three blast spider rushed out of the forest, leaped towards Barbos and with each coming from a different direction. Quickly 3 swords of lightning formed and impaled the spiders, when they were only about 3 meters away from him, feeling satisfied he laughed and jeer Chris.

“Is this all you got boy, you’re a cakewalk compared to some of the other men I’ve killed” [Barbos]

“You underestimated me, and that is why I win this little death match” [Chris]

Barbos stopped laughing as he hears Chris’ retort, and realized that the spider were slightly glowing. He tried to escape, but it was too late, the blast spiders burst into loud bangs and intense light destroying Barbos vision; he cried and tripped on a rock falling on the ground. After a few seconds, Barbos started to regain his sight, only to see Chris holding Orthos as wind condensed around it, growing more violent with every step Chris walked. Barbos scrambled to his feet, but he was still disoriented and stumbled, he knew Chris had won this fight, but he would try to resist, Barbos didn’t plan on dying just yet, going out without a fight. With his vision still blurry, Barbos rushed towards Chris with his sword raised, the sparked around his body morphed into the shape of a tiger. He quickly reached Chris and swung down with all his strength. Chris responded and swung Orthos, the weapons clashed, creating a massive shockwave that tore apart the surrounding area.


Barbos coughed up a mouth full of blood, his sword had shattered letting Orthos to continue smashing against his body, flattening his torso and upper abdomen, before sending him crashing through a large boulder and several trees.

Congratulations! You have reached Level 75 !
You’re Skill Create Seed as rank up to rank 5 !
You’re Skill Green Thumb General has ranked up to rank 5 !

Without hesitation Chris looked at the two skills that had ranked up.

Create SeedRank 5
Creates a seed that transforms into a plant minionCosts 100 MP
Seeds available: Armored Chomper Seed, Double Sun Seed, Blast Seed, Toxic Seed

Green Thumb GeneralRank 5
Allows you to control your plant minions with more efficiencyPassive
+ 15% stats to all plant minionscommand limit: 40

Chris was filled with excitement, on this mission he had gone from 58 up level 75! Leveling up almost 20 times in less than a week, that was just too awesome. Sadly, his happiness didn’t last long as he heard a familiar unwanted voice.

“It seems you have become quite a bit stronger since we last spoke my Champion.” [Fate]

Chris sighed, as he heard Fate’s voice inside his mind.

“Do you need me for something?” [Chris]

“Yes, I have your first job for you not far to the north. Next to a lake, a Forest Worg variant and its pack made the area their home.” [Fate]

She ignored Chris’ irritated tone and spoke to him in her harmonized voice.

“Yeah, so does this monster break the balance of the world or something?” [Chris]

Chris’ sarcasm ticked off fate slightly and she snapped at him.

“Yes it does, my sister tampered with the Worgs to cause some panic while her champion is in training. Now go kill them!” [Fate]

Chris merely nodded, and began to move towards the target, after all he didn’t have much of a choice but to obey her orders. A moment later, Fate’s voice sounded again in his mind much gentler and slightly embarrassed.

“I know it was wrong of me to force you into this world, so thank you for cooperating, if you succeed I’ll reward you like promised” [Fate]

Chris didn’t answer, to him he thought that in her eyes he was just a disposable tool, so he had no reason to accept her words as the truth.

The lake was about an hour walk from where Chris was, so he decide to stop and eat lunch while inspecting his new seeds.

Toxic minionTier 2

HP: 1200 / 1200MP: 2300 / 2300
Str: 430Agi: 2550Def: 900Magic: 1700

Toxic Body, Deadly Poison Dust, Paralyzing Poison Dust, Confusion Poison Dust

The new minion looked like a butterfly that had a white body and fiery red wings. The butterfly's body was made of buds, while its wings were four leaves, and its legs were made of sticks. Its skills were simple but effective. It had ‘toxic body’ a passive skill that made anything non-friendly that touch badly poisoned. The three different poison dust skills were all pretty much the same, the toxic minion creates a kind of organic matter on its body, so that each time it flaps its wings the matter is flung off. To make it simple, he decided to call them butterflies

To test the butterfly’s capabilities, Chris had a group of 4 butterflies move over to 7 Toetoes and use paralyzing poison dust, making the Toetoes scatter in fear. The Toetoe didn’t get far before they couldn’t move anymore, where Chris snapped the poor birds’ necks.

Arriving at the lake, Chris quickly located the group of Worgs and their leader a larger metallic Worg. To be safe, Chris analyzed its status and…

Forest Worg Pack LeaderLv 130
Boss (Metal Fur Variant)Rank A

HP: 13850 / 14000MP: 7500 / 7500
Str: 2010Agi: 3500Def: 4300Magic: 1890

Metal Claw Strike, Disrupting Howl, Packleader

“HOLY FUCKING HELL, I’m supposed to fight that thing!” [Chris]

The beast looked over at Chris and showed its fangs.

Chris could only brace himself for the oncoming fight.

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