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“Haaaaaaaa” [Chris]

The sound of clashing steel rang in the backyard of Lil Ammy’s Kitchen and Inn, as Chris continuously attacked Ammy. The area they were using is called the “Stress Relieving Circle,” this is where sad souls go to be beaten by Ammy when they her piss off. The circle was 40 meters in radius, where a ring of small rocks formed the boundary, the inside of the ring was a patch of packed dirt that looks as if it had been used for years.

In the morning two days later, Ammy tested Chris’ results. The results were...

“You are too weak to go to the Gogil Mountains, even the weakest monsters will kill you!” [Ammy]

When Ammy tested him, despite going all out, Chris was instantly crushed; Chris had went as far to use “Blast Spiders,” but he still lost in the end. Chris concluded, for him to go to the Gogil, he needed to make Ammy feel he was prepared for the challenge though, that was easier said than done. Ammy’s weapon of choice was a tree…I mean a large simple staff; it had no detailed designs or showy colors, it had just a steel grey color. Chris had quickly understood why Ammy used blunt weapons rather than bladed ones, her reasoning at least. Her staff was incredibly durable, allowing her to fully display her overwhelming strength. Her strength allowed more devastating blows, allowing her to kill quicker by crushing with a blunt weapon rather than a pierce with a bladed weapon.

“Ok you two, it's break time!” [Claira]

Claira and Sara had been running the kitchen while Ammy was with Chris, but the Claira and Sara still came out every once in a while to watch Ammy and Chris. This time, Claira carried a tray of sandwiches while Sara brought everyone a cup of sweet tea.

“Kid, why do you use two swords? Although you are good with them, you aren’t that great using them” [Ammy]

Chris scratched his head, but before he could answer, someone unexpected jump in.

“You think so too, hmmm” [right Orthos]

“Sadly to say, I think he should switch weapons” [Ammy]

“Kekeke, we are thinking the same thing” [left Orthos]

Chris froze and looked at the ring on his left hand.

“You mean you don’t want me to use you anymore?” [Chris]

Chris had grown attached to Orthos, since he was not only the weapon that he used to stay alive but his instructor and companion.

“Don’t jump to conclusions idiot kekeke” [left Orthos]

“That’s right, when we have awakened enough, we can change” [right Orthos]

“What do you mean change?” [Chris]

“Welllll, normally we would change to the best fit our new master, buuuuut if our current master forced us to use the energy for the transformation process to keep him from dying.” [left Orthos]

Chris face palmed thinking back to when he first got Orthos and how they kept him alive after the backlash from using battle pollen.

“From what I can tell the, the life force you get from enemies your master kills is what increases this ‘State of Awakening’ process correct?” [Ammy]

“Correct-da-moon-doe scary lady” [left Orthos]

Ammy quickly stood up as she put food down and while muttering something, she went inside.

“What was that about?” [Chris]

Claira shrugged and Sara shook her head. A few minutes later, Ammy came back out with a small box in her hand.

“Orthos let me ask you, can you absorb life force from things other than what your master kills?” [Ammy]

“Yes, we can absorb any kind of life force and to be able to transform, we need the state of awakening to be at the very minimum 10%” [right Orthos]

Chris was speechless 10% he hadn’t even got 1% yet!

“Let’s see if this will help.” [Ammy]

She opened the metal box, inside was a green crystal about 4in long and 2in wide. The insides of the box seemed to move and pulse like it was alive.

“That’s!” [right Orthos]

“Whoa kekeke, now that’s a treasure” [left Orthos]

Hearing Orthos reaction, Chris became curious.

“What is it?” [Chris]

“That is a Heavenly Forest Heart, something that contains an incredible amount of life force.” [right Orthos]

Chris stared at the crystal, then looked at Ammy.

“So, will this be enough life force?” [Ammy]

Chris suddenly snapped out of his daze.

“Wait Ammy, you’ll just give me something so precious to me for free!” [Chris]

Suddenly, he was hit on the head by a downward swing.

“I told you already, I think of you as my kid. So what kind of mother would I have been if I didn’t help my kid out in any way possible or without something in return, besides…” [Ammy]

Chris was then flicked on the forehead.

“I thought I told you to call me mom, stupid brat” [Ammy]

She toss the crystal to him

“Thank you… Mom” [Chris]

She smiled, but didn’t say anything.

Sara, who had been quiet the whole time finally spoke.

“Chris use it already, I want to see what cool weapon you get.” [Sara]

He nodded

“Orthos!” [Chris]

At his command the light of the crystal, it moved to the 2 rings in a stream of energy. When, Orthos had absorb all of it.

Orthos’ state of awakening has reached 16%

Orthos has begun to transform !

The two rings flew off Chris’ fingers and were wrapped in a rainbow of lights. Slowly, the rings merged and became a mass of pulsing multi-color energy about 3 meters in circumference, it floated only only a few centimeters off the ground.

Over the course of an hour, the ball of energy slowly took shape, becoming more defined and detailed. Finally, a message appeared in Chris’s field of vision.

Congratulations! Orthos has finish transforming

Chris, who had decided to rest, was lying on a patch of grass with his eyes closed; when he heard a loud thud the ground shook. Quickly sitting up, he looked in the direction Orthos should be, instantly his mouth dropped and his eyes shone.

A 7 foot tall hammer was lodged into the ground. Its shaft looked to be made of numerous roots that wove together and spiraled up together. The handle extended 6 feet before reaching the head, which was two wolf heads facing opposite directions the wolf heads looked like they were made of leaves trying to resemble fur. All four of the wolves eyes were a different colors, one head had a red eye and a light green eye, while the other had a yellow eye and a blue eye. all the eyes looked to be crystals. The final detail was that a large yellowish green crystal; in-between the two wolf heads looking like the core of the weapon, as it seemed to beat like a heart. Each time it beat, a wave of energy would spread through vein like paths across the entire hammer.

Chris reached out and grabbed at it. Though, as soon as he touched it, a surge of energy shot through his body and latched onto him. The energy gave a pulsing feel and over time it seemed to match Chris’ heart beat.

Orthos has successively complete the merging process

Orthos has absorb the skill: Wind Blade and gained the bonus skill: Sonic Crush

"What!?" [Chris]

He quickly analyzed Orthos and became speechless

Orthos (unawaken)Teir ???

State of Awakening16%

Orthos Has recognized you as its master and transformed to the weapon that will bring out your talents and abilities more easily
10% increase to all stats
Skills: Sonic Crush (X MP), Savage Roots (X MP)

(Dear God + 10% stats and two skills Orthos may he become something terrifying) [Chris]

He then opened the details on the two skills Orthos had.

Sonic CrushRank 1
Clads Orthos in wind that increases velocity of the next swingCosts X MP
the power of this skill is equivalent to the amount MP is used

Savage RootsRank 1
An attack that creates controllable roots to grow in a 15-meter radius of youCost X MP
the length, width, and amount of roots created is equivalent to the amount of MP is used

Both skills sounded strong to him,,not to mention one increased his 1v1 attack strength while the other was an AOE attack which will be great against multiple opponents. Chris then looked at his own status page to see if he changed from the “merging process”.

Status Page
Name: Chris GelvonRace: Human
Lv: 58EXP: 2390 / 11000
Age: 17Gender: Male
Job: Combat Gardner

Troll Killer, Variant Slayer

HP 2025 / 2025MP 9000 / 9000
Str: 640Agi: 820
Def: 550Magic: 1050
Luck: 75Charm: 210

Create SeedRank: 4
Green Thumb GeneralRank: 4
Extreme GrowthRank: Max
Battle StateRank: Max
AnalyzeRank: Max
Language ComprehensionRank: Max

Chris eyes widened, though he hadn’t looked at his stats since before the bandit incident; he was still shook by the amount his stats had changed and as if on cue Orthos explained.

“The reason for your power increase is our link that gives you a 16% boost in stats” [right Orthus]

He wanted to talk more about this link when a laugh was heard.

“Hoho, now that’s a weapon!” [Ammy]

Ammy walked over with a smile on her face.

“Well, let’s see if me giving you Heavenly Forest Heart was worth it huh.” [Ammy]

Ammy and Chris both went to opposite ends of the Stress Relieving Circle.

“Come, whenever you’re ready.” [Ammy]

To Chris, the new Orthos was neither lightweight nor too heavy for him, it was perfectly weighted, still it was obviously several times slower than the dual swords. With Chris being Chris, he had already came up with many countermeasure for that problem.

Suddenly Orthos’ core crystal flashed and Chris struck the ground. Instantly, 10 roots as thick as a man’s leg shot out of the ground 15 meters in front of Chris aiming at multiple vital areas. Ammy looked surprised by the fast moving roots, but didn’t falter, she struck at them with each one hit shattered. Suddenly 4 shadows shot out from the tangled roots, each rushing towards Ammy and quickly exploded. Even with her being so close to the core of the explosion, she was unharmed; she wouldn’t have made it this far if she died from an attack like that. Suddenly, the dust that had been kicked up by the explosion was parted by the high speed wind that whirled around Orthos. Although it looked like it was going to hit her directly, but at the last minute she blocked with her staff.

“What!” [Ammy]

The power of Chris’ attack greatly surpassed her expectations; for the first time she was pushed back. Still, she effortlessly sent Chris flying with a wave of her staff.

“kid, that attack… well you pass for sure” [Ammy]

Ammy smiled and walked over laugh, then Sara swung open the door.

“Chris are you… whoa” [Sara]

“Sara why are you just standing here did some, oh my god what happened” [Claira]

Both girls couldn’t help back their surprise, the reason for that is where Ammy had been standing was the starting point of a 10 meter long cone shaped gouge in the earth, which formed a curled wave at the end.

"Oh hey” [Chris]

“Don’t oh hey me what happened” [Claira]

Both Sara and Claira walked over with confused expressions. While walking over Sara’s light lit up as she discovered Chris holding the new Orthos.

“Wow” [Sara]

“Well that weapons certainly fits you” [Claira]

Chris looked at her with a puzzled look.

“What do you mean by that?” [Chris]

Claira smiled and unloaded her thoughts over Chris like a volley of arrows.

“Well for starter just like its master it’s rather large, blunt, and while looking very proud and somewhat elegant it obviously is violent, cruel, and destructive.” [Claira]

Though Chris knew he was like that, it still hurt to hear from someone that he cares for. As he bowed his head hurt slightly everyone couldn’t help but laugh.

“kekeke she pegged you kekeke” [left Orthos]

“Truly” [right Orthos]

“Right on the mark” [Sara]

“Well said Claira” [Ammy]

After the laughter died down Ammy tossed a bag to Chris and he looked at her in confusion.

“What’s this?” [Chris]

“That’s everything you will need for the quest I gave you” [Ammy]

“Mom where’s our stuff?” [Claira]

She turned to look at Claira her expression hardened.

“Don’t think you were going with him, with both of you being so weak” [Ammy]

Both of them obviously had something to say, but Ammy silenced them with a glare, then she looked over at Chris.

“Oh what are you still doing here plant boy, get going” [Ammy]

“But-“ [Chris]

“From what I remember you have a limited amount of time to reach a certain level of power, so you don’t have time to wait while I power up these girls now go” [Ammy]

Chris looked like he waited to argue, but he stiffened from Ammy’s glare of annoyance and quickly left.

“Now then, you to know what I’m going to do right?” [Ammy]

Claira showed a frightened face while Sara’s face was emotionless.

“But mom if we-“ [Claira]

She tried to persuade Ammy about something but was cut off.

“How long are you two going to let Chris do everything!?” [Ammy]

They flinched at her stern words and then looked down not wanting to meet her gaze.

“I sealed your magic when you were both young to keep unwanted eyes off you, but now you have matured” [Ammy]

Breathing in deeply then letting out an equally long sigh she continued.

“That young man would do anything to keep you two safe… yet who will keep him safe in his time of need.” [Ammy]

Her words were gentle, but they struck the girls like a whip.

“Do you want to stand behind him or beside him, it is your choice, I cannot change but...” [Ammy]

Suddenly her eye lit up like two fires threatening to burn Claira and Sara to ash.

“If you choose the former than you have no right to see him anymore and I’ll make that clear when he returns” [Ammy]

Claira was shaking uncontrollably while Sara had become a statue. Though their bodies reacted differently they eyes were the same filled with fear and uncertainty.

Ammy show the look in both of their eyes and walked to them embracing the two.

“I know what you’re thinking but if you want to be with him he will have to know eventually” [Ammy]

Ammy drew back smiling, as she thought of something and spoke in an upbeat tone.

“Also remember, that kid isn’t from this world so it will be easier for him to accept than other men” [Ammy]

Instantly, the girls looked up at Ammy as a flash of hope entered their eyes.

“Oh have you gained some courage from those words” [Ammy]

Nodding, they responded at the same time, then they spoke their thoughts.

“Yes” [Claira and Sara]

“I no longer want to be a burden to him!” [Claira]

“Yeah there is nothing to fear because he… will accept us for what we are” [Sara]

Ammy satisfied nodded then smiled wickedly.

“Alright, lets get started. Just to let you know that this process is very painful so be prepared” [Ammy]

“Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!” [Claira and Sara]

The girls screamed in terror as they were dragged off by Amy, who had a devious smile that grow more frightening with each step. From the door, Cam watched and see the twos pleading eyes put his hands together and offered a prayer.


At the Gilbo mansion three hours ago.

Four people sat in Hector’s personal study: Hector Gilbo, Vild Gilbo, their butler Den, and a cloaked woman.

“So do we have a deal Helina” [Hector]

Helina was wrapped in a hooded black cloak that didn’t show any facial features, but her voice and the two bulges on her chest were a dead giveaway. The woman looked to be 5’6’’ with a thin build and even with the heavy cloak on one could tell that she had an excellent figure.

“But of course, the Black Wolf mercenaries will deliver the boy’s head to your door in a day or two.” [Helina]

Helina then stood and bowed as she did her chest shook slightly catching but Vild’s and Hector’s attention.

“Helina how about a drink to get to know each other since we will most likely be working together more often.” [Vild]

She looked at the little man, she instantly knew what he was thinking and snorted in amusement.

“Sorry the only kind of man I will bed with is someone stronger than me” [Helina]

And before Vild could respond exited the room.

After making some distance, from the mansion she stopped.

“You heard everything right, Clows?” [Helina]

A man suddenly appeared from the shadows behind Helina and saluted.

“Yes, we will sent the appropriate men for the job!” [Clows]

She nodded and handed a piece of paper, then Clows nodded vanishing back into the shadows.

Helina looked at the information given to her and frowned she didn’t see any fun in personally killing a snot nosed kid; after all, she was considered an A rank combatant at 23 years old, a mere two year ago. She had created the Black Wolves to relieve boredom, but in this time of peace there wasn’t much for her or her men to do.

“Damn, why can something more interesting happen already.” [Helina]

If her future self could come back in time to that moment, she would most likely say, “you’ll regret those words very soon.”

“Dammit what was that for, kicking me out like that” [Chris]

He scowled while thinking about what had just happened. Chris had been excited to finally go to the Gilgo Mountains as ‘Frozen Forest’ as his first quest. Chris ranted in this head as he walked down the western main street in the direction of the city gate. Suddenly someone bumped him. Chris turn back to see an older man in an elegant suit and an ugly thug-like man in a nice suit stepping in front of him.

“Hey you little shit apologize to the boss or your dead” [Ugly]

Chris glared at Ugly and noticed seven more thug-like men also in suits walking to where Chris was. Looking at the men, Chris couldn’t help but question that they might be part of the mafia or something. As the 8 men surrounded him, Chris didn’t even need to use ‘Analyze’ to know that they were weaklings. Still, he thought this was a good opportunity to let off some steam and showed a bloodthirsty smile.

“If you sacks of shit want to die than come at me” [Chris]

The group of men looked at Ugly, who nodded signaling them to fight. The 8 thugs charged with Ugly in the lead. Chris dodged Ugly’s punch by ducking, then Chris shot towards the man behind him, kneeing him in the stomach. The man fell to the ground vomiting bile and blood, while Chris moved to the next target, Chris took his arm then grabbing the target’s chest to perform a perfect judo throw into another man, sending the two flying at high speeds into a wall. The thugs were stunned, staring at the wall their comrades disappeared into; unfortunately for them, Chris won’t give them the luxury of spacing out in combat. Chris appeared before another thug, grabbed his face and lifted the now screaming thug, then slammed him into the ground crushing his skull.

The 3 remaining thugs plus Ugly trembled in fear, now realizing that they had angered a monster. One thug tried to beg for his life, he but vanished from his spot and reappearing splattered against a wall when he was kicked in the head. The 2 remaining thugs and Ugly tried to escape with their master already ahead of them, but Chris didn’t feel like letting them go. He knelt down and picked up four rocks, tested their weight in his hand. In a flash, the rocks pierced through the four victim’s heads, concluding the incident.

The reason Chris was able to accurately hit his targets so easily was, by using his ‘Blast Spiders’ to see from multiple angles. Mixed with combat state and his stats, it made him have abilities far beyond that of a human on earth. So, he could calmly and carefully calculate the trajectory of the rocks.

To be honest what he just did even a normal C rank could have achieved the same results with some difficulties as they would need to use weapons instead of their bare hands. The people around were used to fights breaking out in their city, so they weren’t surprised by that, what they were surprised about was Chris’ brutality and mercilessness. As he continues to walk like nothing happened, people made way for him.

After exiting Felden, Chris walked on the forest path for 10 minutes before turning off and heading into the deeper part of the forest. The forest he was in was called the Green Sea and took about a fifth of Invictus’ territory. So, Chris headed to the Green Sea before heading into the Magical Alliance’s territory, which made up 90% of the Alliances terrain.

“Alright the map says to go this way” [Chris]

Having relieved some of his pent up rage, he felt much better as he read the map Ammy had given him. Looking at his list of items he needed to collect, he guess it would take five to six days to collect everything. Adding one day to walk back, he would have one week before the other champions arrive.

(note: 7 days had past when he met Claira and Sara – 5 days to travel to Felden – spent 3 nights at Ammy’s = 15 days than 1 day to reach the mountain plus 5 – 6 days to gather everything plus 1 day to get back = 23 leaving him one week before the gears of war start to warm up)

When Chris entered a large grassy clearing, he moved to the center then looked to his right into the trees and smiled.

“You guys suck at hiding, just so you know come out or I’ll come to you” [Chris]

There was no response, which caused Chris to reveal a wicked smile and snort. Suddenly, three explosions sounded from the direction he was looking at, like rats flushed out by smoke, a group of armored men rushed out of the forest letting out battle cries or cursing Chris. As the group drew closer, Chris created 8 armored chompers and had them mow down the charging men with seed shot. Because of the sudden appearance of the armored chompers, the men didn’t have time to react so most of them were killed by the first three volleys. The few that were lucky to survive, were gathered by the armored chompers, any which could still be a threat was eaten alive. By the time the survivors were gathered, there were only three left, of what Chris guess were three of the 20 initial men. Looking at his now captives, he smiled because by killing the men from before, a window appeared in his face.

Congratulations you have reached Level 60 !

You have gained 4 new skills !

Stealth PlantingRank 1
this skills allows you to plant seeds undetected anywhere as long as it is in your line of sightPassive

Forest is FuelRank 1
this skills allows you absorb the mana from the plants around youPassive

Root SystemRank 1
you are connected to the plants around you allowing you gather information as well as increases mental processing speedPassive

Garden BarrierRank 1
Creates a cage of roots to defend you from attacksCost 200 MP

Though Create Seed and Green Thumb General didn’t rank up, 4 new skills was just as good. With his new skills immediately kicking in, Chris was assaulted with as massive amount of information from a 100 meter radius and thanks to his skills, the information was easily processed in a safe manner where he could understand it as easily as if it were his own thoughts. Also, he could also feel mana slowly trickling into him, although it wasn’t much mana, it increased the rate of his MP recovering by around 100% to 150% which was amazing.

Now he turned his attention back to the three men which were now two since one bleed out. As they looked into Chris’ eyes they saw something that wasn’t human swirling in his eyes which terrified them so much one pissed himself while the other silently cried.

“Now tell me who you guys are?” [Chris]

“W-w-w-we are from the Black Wolves mercenary group” [piss man]

“I see… now tell me who hired you?” [Chris]

The two men froze, revealing what mercenary group they came from wasn’t a big deal since the Black Wolves was a well-known group; it would take much to find that out even if they died. Still, revealing their client was something some they couldn’t do, if they did it would tarnish the group’s name and make it harder for the ones who aren’t deaf, like the two before Chris, to get hired.

After several moments of silence Chris spoke in a chilly tone.

“The one who hired you were the Gilbo Brothers right?” [Chris]

Though the two remained silence they fidgeted when Chris guessed correctly though only for a moment which he noticed and his lips curled upwards.

“So I was right good, thanks for the help boys” [Chris]

As Chris walked away he could hear the screams of the two men as they were eaten by the armored chompers. He laughed to himself, he thought if things were good well when he returned to Felden, things could get interesting.

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