Felden a town that could rival a small city in size is the location of 1 of 10 adventurer guild branches. Right now three people have just entered into the city and were walking down a large street with many shops.

“I didn’t expect this” [Chris]

“No one really does” [Claira]

Right now Sara was looking at every clothes shop they passed with intensity. Her eyes flared as she saw a beautiful light blue gown and she imagined herself in it. Just as she was about to go into the store Claira gripped her collar and dragged her away.

“You know we don’t have the money, besides we need to get to the adventurer guild’s building” [Claria]

The rest of the way Sara was pouting as she looked at Chris with puppy eyes Chris could only awkwardly laugh and avoid her gaze. As they rounded a corner the group came to a street that had many restaurants, taverns and inns. As they walked down the street Sara pointed to a large inn called Lil Ammy’s Kitchen and Inn.

“Claira we should go tell Mom that were back afterwards” [Sara]

Claira nodded

“Right, she probable been worried about us, since we were gone longer than we thought” [Claira]

“Your mom runs that inn?” [Chris]

Claira and Sara exchanged a glance than started to giggle.

“Well she is are adopted mother Ammy Felgate anyways it would be nice to introduce you to her” [Claira]

“Yeah plus she makes the best food in town!” [Sara]

After 5 minutes the trio made it to the street that had the adventurer’s guild building on it. As Chris and co got closer they noticed a man on the ground surrounded by three thugs. The man on the ground was unhealthly thin and was begging the three about something. Suddenly one of the thugs kicked the man on the ground causing him to cry out in pain than the other two started to beat him. While Chris’ mood didn’t change the girls looked over at the man.

“Don’t bother” [Chris]

When he noticed them looking at the scene he spoke in a cold voice which made both girls look at him with surprise.

“But he-“ [Claira]

“Those guys are drug dealers I’ve noticed a few groups of them around, besides even if we do help him he will end up in that situation again so there is no point” [Chris]

“No way we can’t just leave him they might kill him” [Claira]

Looking over at the thugs I did seem that they would kill him. Chris didn’t even flinch shrugging his shoulders.

“That’s not my problem and it shouldn’t be yours either” [Chris]

“That’s-“ [Claira]

Suddenly Sara grabbed Claira’s shoulder while she shook her head.

“Claira he’s right that guy is most likely done for no matter what we do” [Sara]

Claira nodded but still didn’t look convinced. The rest of the way there Sara consoled Claira and explained to her in a gentler way what Chris had meant. Chris didn’t like seeing Claira like that, but he won’t her get into trouble for someone like that.

Finally they arrive at the adventurers guild building It was massive it was 4 stories high and was even more wide than tall. It was a plain brown and had the adventurer’s symbol on it which was a 4 pointed start with a sword and an arrow crossing in it. the bottom floor looked like a bank with roped off lines for people with someone at a desk systematically helping customers.

Two of the seven lines were open so Claira chose a line and walked up to the desk the attendant jumped for a moment when she saw the trio coming up to her, but she quickly regained her composter.

“Hello, how may I help you today dear adventurers?” [Attendant]

The attendant looked to be in her late 30, had green hair, blue eyes, and an average figure.

“Hello, my friend would like to register as an adventurer” [Claira]

“That will be 3 silver please” [attendant]

Claira reached into one of her bags and withdrew a small bag and pulled out 3 silver and handed it to the attendant. Luckily after looting the bandit’s corpses Chris had found a total of 4 gold so money wasn’t a problem for now. Having received the 3 silver the attendant reached behind the desk and took out a needle and a piece of white paper.

“Please put a drop of blood on the paper sir” [Attendant]

Without a word he took the needle and paper then pricked his finger and let a single drop of blood touch the paper. The attendant took the paper and went into a back room reappearing a few minutes later with a surprised look.

“Here you are sir and I congratulations at start at C rank now please let me see your hand” [attendant]

Lifting his hand to show the back of it to her. She than placed the paper on his hand then it glowed and merged into Chris’ hand forming the same seal as Claira and Sara.

“You are now officially an adventurer, is there anything else I can help you with?” [attendant]

“Yes can you register the three of us as a party” [Claira]

“Ok what do you want the name of your party to be?” [attendant]

“Frozen Forest” [Chris]

“Is that ok with you two?” [attendant]

They looked at Chris then shared a silent conversation. They nodded and looked at the attendant.

“Yes that fine with us” [Claira]

“Ok all three of you please show me your seals” [attendant]

As they did the attendant’s left hand glowed milky white and she waved it over each of their hands.

“Alright there you go the party ‘Frozen Forest’ is now formed. Is there anything else you need from me?” [attendant]

“No, thank you” [Claira]

"Alright let go see mom!” [Sara]

So they left with Chris being dragged by Sara with Claira following close behind.

The attendant finally let out a sigh as she looked at the newly created file on Chris. She looked it over again and sighed.

(To think that boy is so young and is already a C rank, also this job…” [attendent]

The attendent had seen many adventurers walk out that door even some with unique jobs so she could tell a person’s potential very easily. Looking at Chris information once more and a word came to mind “terrifying”.

Staring at the door the 3 left she again sighed.

(A party with a guy like that and the daughters of ‘that women’… with time they might become at least a SS ranked party) [attendant]

The large double doors to Lil Ammy’s swung open as three figures walked in and sat down at a round wooden table. Lil Ammy’s looked more like a bar than a restaurants with many rough looking men loudly laughing while gulping down alcohol. A minute after they sat down a young well-dressed man walked up to their table. The young man had slicked back short blue hair, red eyes, and a rather small frame. At 5’7 tall and a gentle he didn’t look that strong but something about him made Chris nervous.

To Chris’ amazement he only found that he was level 79, his name was Cam Felgate, Male, age 24, and his job was Magical Trickster.

“Oh lil Claira and lil Sara your back that’s wonderful moms been wondering where you were!” [Cam]

He smiled broadly then his smile shrunk slightly when he saw Chris. The two looked at each other for a moment and Chris saw a flash of light come from the Cam’s eyes.

“hoho, who’s this a friend or maybe…” [Cam]

“Cam stop it, he a friend and someone whom saved are lives” [Claira]

Cam chuckled as Sara’s face turned bright red and Claira snapped at Cam with an equally red face.

“Alright I get it, so what would you like to eat” [Cam]

Without hesitation Sara spoke with an intense fire in her eyes.

“Three Toetoe pies please!” [Sara]

He smiled and nodded while writing it down in his little book. As he turned to go the main door burst open and 7 men stepped in with 2 in the lead. Judging on how they were dress the 2 leading men were nobles and the other 5 were their bodyguards.

“hohoho this is Lil Ammy’s huh I heard this is a good place to eat for commoners ” [???]

“huehue, well big bro let’s eat I’m starved already, hey waiter two of your best dish! Now!” [???]

Cam jumped slightly but quickly calmed down and smiled.

“Yes right away” [Cam]

He went into the back looking slightly worried, but only Chris seemed to notice.

Chris who had stopped pay attention to the uproar almost instantly was going to ask what Sara had ordered him when he heard both of them groan.

“What’s wrong?” [Chris]

“Those two are the Gilbo Brothers and two of the strongest adventurers in Felden”

Chris’ eyebrows raised and he used analyze on both of them but…

(No way!) [Chris]

It was just like with the fire troll the gap in strength was too much for him to get any information on them other than that the first one who spoke was named Hector was 5’11 short curly brown hair brown eyes and a rather robust build it said he was level 106, his job was Storm Knight and the other one who was obviously the young brother was named Vild. His appearance was the opposite of Hector’s being only 5’3 short strait dirty blonde, black eyes, and had a thin body though if one looked closely he did have some muscle still he was level 102 with a job called Night Stalker not to mention they were both B rank!

Though the highest level guard was only 58, their masters were much stronger than them!

“Yeah their strong” [Chris]

“And that’s not even the worst part” [Claira]

And as if on que there was a commotion coming from the Gilbo Brother’s table.

“Hohoho what beauties we have here! Oh these are soft” [Hector]

“Please stop milord my boyfriend is right here” [young women]

Just now Hector had grab ahold of a young women’s arm and had pulled her close starting to grope her breasts.

“P-please lord Gilbo stop I beg you!” [Young man]

The young man was now on the ground begging and Vild snapped his fingers making a guard kick the man hard in the stomach sending him sprawling on the ground and knocking him unconscious.

“huehuehue, my brother is such a lady killer she doesn’t need you filthy commoner” [Vild]

“The worst part is the brother’s father is the lord of the city so they get away with anything they want” [Claira]

“Enemy to all women” [Sara]

Just then the back door swung open and Cam brought out five small pies, he first served the brothers than Chris’ group. Chris quickly picked up his fork and knife than cut open the pie. Steam escaped and tickled Chris’ nose with the smell of meat and spices. Taking a bit he almost started to cry, for the first week he ate nothing but goblin meat and sour berries, then although Claira’s cooking was good this was like a five star meal. The meat and vegetables melted in his mouth while the soup inside was slightly sweet at the same time spicy mixing that with the crisp crust it was something that could be called perfect if not than the closest thing to it.

“Well what do we have here?” [Vild]

Vild had gotten up and was walking over to Chris’ table.

(This could be bad) [Chris]

“Huehuehue what a couple of beautiful ladies. What do you say keeping me and my brother company tonight?” [Vild]

He reached for Sara’s arm with lust overflowing from his eyes as he fixed them on her body. Just when he was about to touch her Chris’ arm shot forward knocking Vild’s hand away.

“Don’t touch her you fucking pile of pond sludge” [Chris]

Even though Chris was boiling over angry his face was like it was carved out of ice, completely emotionless. Vild’s eyes shot daggers at Chris as a large amount of blood thirst assaulted him. by now the guards were moving towards him but Chris wasn’t afraid of them in the slightest. Currently 12 blast spiders were scattered around the inn in less than 10 seconds they could all attack. Though it would be dangerous to use them indoors he might have a choice and was prepare to create a couple AC to shield the girls. He had confidents that the explosion could kill Vild since he didn’t seem to have high defense, but Hector would most likely survive.

“You damn commoner! how dare you! Kill him!” [Vild]

The guards surrounded Chris, shoving aside the other customers and then charged from all sides. To their surprise Orthos suddenly appeared in Chris’ hands out of nowhere. He moved to the closest of the guards and with a flick of his wrist he decapitated one of the guards then kicked the corpse that another guard that was behind it. Dodging a sword coming from behind him while countering with a roundhouse kick. His foot cleanly landed on the guard’s chest sending him fly a few feet before rolling on the ground for another several feet. Now the other people in the room had turned stark white and a women screamed from seeing the dead body.

“Chris watch out!” [Sara]

The last two that were standing came for a pincer attack but to their surprise Chris kicked a chair that struck the one coming from the left then blocked the other with his right sword. The right guard’s throat was slit and the staggering guard on the left died from a sword being throw piercing his head.

As Chris pulled the wire to retrieve his sword the place had cleared out only leaving Chris, Claira, Sara, Vild, Hector, and the last 2 guards remained in the room. Who would have expected for Chris to be able to take on all those guards without taking a scratch.

Suddenly the guard that had his comrade’s corpse pushed onto him and with a desperate look charged while shouting.

“Shit!” [Chris]

The guard was faster than Chris had expected and now as to close. Unfortunately an icicle pierced his heart and the one who shot the icicle was unexpectedly Claira.

“Like I would let you hurt Chris you bastards” [Claira]

“Thanks Claira” [Chris]

Now Hector stood ready to fight his face filled with rage.

“Wait brother, let me kill this filth!” [Vild]

Vild drew 2 daggers from his belt and dashed forwards aiming for Chris’ vitals. Chris didn’t even have time to react Vild’s attack was just that fast. as Chris was about to stabbed in the heart and throat a rough but definitely feminine voice could be heard.

“Stay your hand you little shit!” [???]

Suddenly Vild was floating in midair. No Chris quickly realized that an 8 foot tall demon was holding Vild up by grasping the top of his head like it was one of those crane games. The demon let out a deep sigh and squeezed his head making him wail in pain before falling unconscious then through Vild at his brother whom caught him with some difficulty.

“Leave my inn or ill make you” [Demon]

“You bitch when our father-“ [Hector]

“He wouldn’t dare move against me so leave now before I lose my pataince and have your corpses deliver to his’ feet” [Demon]

Suddenly an overwhelm pressure enveloped the room that was so strong Chris involuntarily fell to one knee.

“kek fine but don’t think this will go unanswered” [Hector]

As Hector was leaving he shot Chris a glace that seem to say “you will pay” to which Chris smirked and a fire light in his eyes that said “just try it”.

After Hector and Vild left Sara rushed and hugged Chris while Claira smiled.

“Thanks yet again you save us…” [Claira]

"No if it wasn’t for you I’d be dead right now” [Chris]

She looks around and smiles wryly

“But killing them might have been overboard don’t you think?” [Claira]

“Nope not at all” [Chris]

Chris wasn’t thinking about that kind of think right now because two dangerous weapons currently had his left arm trapped between them as Sara hugged him her eyes red.

(Damn even though her breast are smaller than Claira’s they’re still extremely dangerous) [Chris]

Sara seemed to realize what he was thinking and pressed a little closer causing Chris to flinch.

Claira clicked her tongue walked up to the 2 of them and hugged Chris right arm.

(Dangerous! this situation is dangerous!) [Chris]

The girls looked at each other with resolve then smiled at each other giving Chris a chill.

“Hahahaha you three seem to get along quite nicely” [demon]

The demon walked over to us laughing heartily. She was 8 feet tall with darken skin, dark almost black red hair that was tied in a braid that reach to her lower back. By her face she looked about early to mid-40s and still retained some of the beauty she had in her youth. She had a crossed scar that came down her left eye and across the nose. Her body was made of large muscles though somehow was able to remain feminine enough to were you could tell she was a women. Overall she was a terrifying existence, still Chris felt no hostility towards them from her.

“Mom!” [Claira and Sara]

The girls detached from the now cherry head Chris running over to the demon hugging her and she picked them up like kids and returned their hug.

Chris tried to analyze her but while he expected to get her name level and job something unexpected happened. Chris stared blankly at the window that popped up in front of him.

no info can be given on the target that this time

(No way just how strong is the demon women) [Chris]

“Hahahaha it seems you two are fine that great!” [demon]

Ammy then looked over at Chris and her smile broadened. She put down the girls and walked over to him placing a hand on his shoulder.

“Kid it seems you have been taking good care of my daughters so I’ll say my thanks, now come to the back I want to talk to you three for a bit” [demon]

Chris still feeling slightly nervous nodded and fell in line with the 2 girls. As they were walking through the door to the kitchen the women glanced backwards.

“Cam if those bastards come back your free to kill them” [demon]

Cam suddenly wore a twisted smile made of a mix of excitement and something else.

“Of course I will greet them with great hospitality” [Cam]

The Chris, Sara, and Claira were sitting at a square table in the corner of the kitchen as the person by now Chris had guessed was the owner of the inn Ammy stirred a very large pot. Sara and Claira had just finished explaining what had happened from when they got captured by the orcs and fire troll to now. Ammy turned to look at Chris she seemed to be searching for something as her eyes inspected him from head to toe.

“Well it’s a good thing I stopped that little bastard otherwise I couldn’t preparely thank my daughters’ savior” [Ammy]

She laughed and stood.

“Alright can you two man the kitchen im going to have a chat with plant boy” [Ammy]

(Plant boy!) [Chris]

Switching locations the 2 were now in a room connected to the kitchen, it seemed to be a study or office of some sort. Books and treasures lined the walls. Ammy sat a large wooden desk that was covered in papers while Chris sat in a comfortable chair.

“So what did you want to talk about” [Chris]

“Those girls care a lot about you. even though you 3 just meant a week ago they seemed to be more attach to you than to any guy I’ve seen before, hell most of the time Sara doesn’t even give them the time of day and Claira is jpolite but never truly friendly. I don’t know is running through their heads but trust you, now the question is what’s your view on them?” [Ammy]

She was completely serious her eyes show no hostility but something in them seemed dangerous. Chris was being assaulted by the pressure that oozed from her in waves, still he had a calm expression.

“They are something I want to protect, they… they are the first and only people I can call precious to me” [Chris]

His voice was level but Ammy could hear the emotions in what he said.

“Kid let me tell you those 2 have a dangerous past and their future is filled with filled with thing stronger than a troll variant or the Gilbo Brother will you still be able stand and protect them even if you are staring at death’s door” [Ammy]

Without hesitation he nodded.

“Ill even open that door and leap inside if I have to” [Chris]

Chris was by all means serious to him they were the light that made sure he didn’t fall to far into the blackness.

Hearing his response she laughed loudly.

“Good no… great that what I wanted to hear!” [Ammy]

When she stopped laughing she expression darkened.

“Still as you are you can’t protect them when the time comes so I’ll give you a little helping hand” [Ammy]

She handed Chris the paper she had been writing on it was a list of ingredents.

“You want me to go grocery shopping for you?” [Chris]

He stared at her a confused expression covered his face and she laughed.

“yes only the market is the Gogil Mountain range that is about a day’s walk away. I want you to go and gather the ingredients on the list” [Ammy]

Looking at the list while it only had 7 ingredents on it the problem was… the amount was huge one of them was 100 toetoe birds! Even if they were the size of a sparrow that alone would be too much to carry.

“I know what your thing ‘it’s too much to carry’ right?” [Ammy]

She toss him a ring and he analyzed it immediately.

storage ring (medium size)

a ring that can store things in a different space0 / 500 tons

Chris stared at the ring.

“Your letting me use this ok that makes thing easier” [Chris]

“No think of it as a gift for keeping Claira and Sara safe up tell now” [Ammy]

A genuine smile appeared on Chris’ face

“Thank you but I protected them because I wanted to not for a reward” [Chris]

Ammy shook her head then made a devious smile.

“Well take it anyway after all I plan use you for many things and that will come in handy” [Ammy]

Chris sighed

“Alright it obvious that your tire so go rest I’ll put this as an officially request at the adventurers guild hall for you guys tomorrow so your party can rank up faster, now let’s go check on the girls” [Ammy]

Walking to the door she turned.

“One last thing what makes you like that?” [Ammy]

“Like what” [Chris]

She took a deep breath.

“From what I understand even though you stood up to Vild to protect Claira and Sara with your level of ability killing the guards was overkill don’t you think?” [Ammy]

Back on earth Chris once stood up for himself in middle school by refusing to buy a classmate with the last of his lunch money he had that was supposed to last for another week. The classmate was someone with high status among the students so just like Vild ordering the guards to attack him the classmate gathered some students and told them to beat him up. To Chris they were the same really if Chris could have he would have killed that classmate, of course that was impossible. Still in his world he could so he did.

“Think of it as venting my anger” [Chris]

Ammy’s eyes narrowed as she thought of prying farther, but decide not to.

When they walked out Chris was surprised to see 2 figures moving around the kitchen with efficiency.

“Sara get me 3 red tusk steaks going and 2 mookine patties on the grill!” [Claira]

“Ok the shred vermix is almost ready to put on the buns and table 6’s red tusks steaks are ready” [Sara]

Sara was moving with increasable speed as she work a 12 foot long grill covered in many meats and vegetables while Claira was reading tickets at the same time working on preparing several ingredents to put in 3 different pots.

Chris was godsmacked he knew Claira was a good cook but this is something else and see Sara whom he thought had no cooking experience surprised him. watching for only a moment then rolling up his sleaves he moved into the kitchen area.

“Oi, let me help anything is fine” [Chris]

To everyone surprise Chris was just as fast as the 2 girls, no maybe even faster. What most wouldn’t have suspected is that at the age of 16 when he finally legally work his dad as a birthday present to him took his allowance away forcing him to work. So up till he was sent to this world Chris had worked in a very popular and fancy restaurant where if you were to slow you would be fired on the spot. He quickly shot up the ladder making it to sous chief.

After the restaurant closed for the day Chris helped clean dishes.

“You were amazing Chris” [Sara]

“Yeah… wait if you could cook like that why am I always cooking the meals” [Claira]

“That’s because I think your cooking is much better than mine” [Chris]

“So you’re just lazily” [Claira]

“Shit I’ve been discovered” [Chris]

Claira fixed Chris with a fiery gaze then started to laugh in which the other 2 followed.

That night while everyone was asleep Chris was laying on the roof of Lil Ammy’s. He stared at the stars think about the fight today and how he almost died.

“Dammit I’m still weak” [Chris]

He slammed his fist down as tears flowed down his face. To him he felt in the end he didn’t protect Claira or Sara properly if it wasn’t for Ammy stepping in he most likely would have been kill if not by Vild then by Hector.

“Kid the strength you’re looking for isn’t going to come overnight, for now your just fine” [Ammy]

He didn’t know when be She was sitting beside him a bottle of what was most likely Ale in her hand.

The tears began to increase in numbers as he sat up and looked at her.

“I need to be stronger now I need strength so I can keep what little I have safe today if you didn’t step in than…” [Chris]

Suddenly an arm wrapped around him pulling him in.

“Chris don’t worry I promise you will become strong I can feel you don’t have the limits of any ordinary man… but its ok to rely on others for help until you get stronger besides…” [Ammy]

She looked down at him.

“To me you’re already a son after all I can tell it won’t be long before you’re officially part of the family” [Ammy]

It became hard for him to hold back his tears as she continued.

“From what I’ve heard from my daughters and what I’ve seen you are a hardworking man that will do anything for the ones he cares about. Though you lie to most you are honest with Claira and Sara, even though you are cruel to your enemies you are kind to them, and even with facing defeat you stand and fight. To me that is what a man that is strong is like, my husband was like that he was a good man” [Ammy]

For some reason Chris didn’t mind listening to her, he could feel she meant every word, for too long he had only heard those words as lies from his “family” that tried to use him.

He began to cry as Ammy held him. Looking at the star filled sky she smiled her eyes were distant as she remember good memories.

“Ah what a beautiful night” [Ammy]

As Chris continued to cry and in the back of his mind he thought of something.

(Is this what it’s like to have a mother that loves you?) [Chris]

Hector Gilbo burst into his families mansion located in the center of Felden with Vild hung over his shoulder like a bag of flour. A butler accompanied by 3 maids rushed to meet their masters, they turned wide eyed when they saw Vild unconscious.

“Den get any information on a young man that has shoulder length red hair, dark green eyes, and is over 6 feet tall” [Hector]

Den Fernbel had been the head butler for the Gilbo family for 60 years so he knew all too well of what to do and didn’t question his master as to why he was asked

“As you wish milord” [Den]

The maids took Vild and rushed him to be healed while Hector went to his study.

“You bastard you’re going to see hell for what you did” [Hector]

While he wanted to take revenge on the demon that injured his brother. While he thought about how she could be so confident he remembered something. Only 2 people in Felden would dare to act that way towards the Gilbo family. The ruler of the black market the S rank Dondo Merd and the one known as the Queen of Extermination the SS ranked monster in the form of a women Ammy Felgate.

ALL RIGHT!!! now i’m finally done (for the most part) with setting up this Vol. Now we have a plot the villains and the start of the characters. Now all we need is for the MC to his “true weapon”… oops spoilers.

/// Next Chapter: a fitting weapon, the seal magic, and revenge \\\

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