The Strongest Job... Gardener?



Chapter 6 Feeling, the truth, and foolish bandits


Cal a farm village was in a quieter area of Invictus having 15 house for the townsfolk to live in the northern most area of the village so they were closer to the fields. As defense the village had 4 guard towers, 2 in the fields and 2 in the town with normally 2 – 3 people rotating shifts. The eastern side was for 3 large barns for livestock and storage. The southern area had things like the community hall that was used for meets and discussions that required more space as well as the armor and church for the religion call Path of Light under the influence of Aurora. Finally the western side had the blacksmith / weapons and armor shop, an inn, a grocery store, and a potion shop. Basically the western area was for adventures and travels.

Currently Chris and Sara where talking to the village chief about the reward. They sat a rectangular table with Chris and the chief at opposite ends. Sara was at Chris’ right while Steven was at the village chief’s right

“What do you mean you can’t give me MY reward!?” [Chris]

The village chief looked to be around 60 with a thin build and a bald shiny head. He wore a cheap heavy brown robes and plain brown shoes. He looked at Chris with fear after hearing that he had killed the fire troll and was now demanding a reward that he couldn’t pay.

“I’m sorry Sir Gelvon but giving you that much… we won’t be able to survive the winter taxes” [village chief]

Chris shot an chilling glance at Steven whose face had turned snow white, he thought they could offer at least that much but learning they couldn’t afford to made him shake nervously.

“That’s not my problem” [Chris]

Sara normally not showing her emotions right now wore a difficult expression. She had guess Chris was someone who was heartless towards others from how he interacted with Steven and Lina on the way to the village. She also understood that a reward was promised and Chris had almost died completing their request so as much as she wanted to say something she didn’t.

Then she thought of something. Tugging at the hem of Chris’ Shirt told get his attention.

“What is it Sara?” [Chris]

The chief and Steven were shocked on how Chris’ mood softened when talking to her. See how she had everyone’s attention she spoke shyly.

“Since you can’t pay Chris how about you let him stay at the inn for free and resupply for free then pay the difference before he leaves. What do you think Chris?” [Sara]

Chris thought for a moment then shrugged and nodded.

“That’s fine I guess” [Chris]

Both of the men sighed as they escaped a difficult situation. As they did Chris glared at them.

“If I find out you are cheating me in anyway not just you two but this whole village will vanish, got that?” [Chris]

The chief and Steven could only nodded because of the terror they felt. Having finished business Chris and Sara left to go find Claira who was tasked to plan for their journey to Felden a large town about five days walk.

Why are they going there, for that answer let’s go back 4 hours ago.

They had just left the cave when Claira asked on how he was so strong while not being an adventurer. Apparently the reason she asked was because adventurers receive a magic seal that increases exp gain and stat growth. This seal also acts as an ID displaying information on the adventurer like a status page. To explain Sara showed hers to him.

Sara Crosshert

Age19jobice mage



When Chris inquired about the ranking system it was simple the ranks went from F to SSS just like monsters. She said Chris’ strength was mostly a C rank which is common but is in a different Class then F, E, and D. When Chris playfully smirked at her Claira surprised him by informing him she was a C rank adventure.

“So you get it? Your strong on a common level so don’t get cocky” [Claira]

“Yeah yeah I won’t” [Chris]

“Now then, as the ranks get higher the different in power increases great. For example to take on a B rank is like fighting 20 fire trolls in terms of power.” {Claira]

Chris’ mouth dropped to the floor the difference was too great for him at the moment.

“Now then, Chris since you’re not even an adventurer how about we go register you as one and…” [Claira]

She fidgeted for a moment before continuing.

“How about we then make a party since you’ll be a C rank you can join a party with the highest rank 2 more ranks ahead of you. That way we can gain exp fast as well as rank up more quickly. I mean we have to go to the adventurer’s guild anyways to report what happened about our party…” [Claira]

Flustered and depressed Claira lowered her head thinking about various things while Sara looked sad.

Chris weighed the pros and cons. He found it odd but he actually enjoyed the company of these 2 girls and he obviously need a guide while he knew next to nothing about this world.

Having quickly come to an answer he nodded.

“Sure why not?”

Now back to the present.

The three sat in one of the inn rooms that they had been given. It was a simple square room with a double size mattress, a small round table with 2 chairs, a mirror that hung on the wall at the end of the bed, and a window. Sara lay on the bed while Claira and Chris sat at the table eating a thin tasteless vegetable soup and dried out bread. Claira was talking about what they would need for supplies and about getting some better equipment then the clothes they wore. The new equipment was a good idea especially for Chris since his school uniform now resembled rags.

“Yeah are you listening to me?” [Claira]

She poked Chris arm that was supporting his chin to get his attention. Chris who was deep in thought refocused on reality and looked at Claira very seriously and sighed.

“Ok if we are going to form a party in need to tell you something” [Chris]

“Eh… eeeeeeeeehhh!” [Claira]

“No way” [Sara]

Chris had explained how he was from a different world, about Fate, the champions that are soon to come, etc. He had no intention of hiding and it made things easier for him if something weird happens it would be easier to explain. He normally would keep this a secret, but he felt like it was the right thing to do.

After both of them regained their sense from the shock Claira sighed and pinched her forehead.

“Well that explains why you are so clueless about everything” [Claira]

After another moment of silence Claira stood and took Sara’s hand.

“We’ll need time to absorb this information. We’ll talk later ok” [Claira]

While they left Sara was looking back a small cute smile on her face that said “don’t worry we’ll be back”.

After they left Chris flopped down on the bed thinking about everything that has happened in the past week. Looking at the mirror that was across from the bed he inspected his body. He had lost an ungodly amount of weight. With his torn clothes one could see well developed muscles. His face wasn’t like a pretty boys but after losing its chubbiness mixed with his messy red hair that had grown slightly passed his shoulders it gave him a rugged look. Oddly his eyes had changed from a brownish green to a dark green mixing everything together he could be consider incredible hansom.

Sighing he went into the bathroom to wash himself. What he found was a bucket, a pump, and a metal tub. After a long series of grumbling he managed to fill the tub with the hot water, he then soaked himself and relaxed.

While cleaning himself he thought of Claira and Sara. He finally faced of his feelings towards them, even though they just met today they had managed to form a bond with him through battle. Chris realized he would be sad if they left and became slightly sad.

After he had finished cleaning himself he lay in bed. Suddenly pain assaulted Chris in every corner of his body. He couldn’t even scream it hurt so much he lay writhing in pain unable to even fall unconscious.

“Looks like your body finally decide to begin the reconstruction process” [right Orthos]

Chris heard Orthos’ voice fill his head then darkness.

3 hours later Chris suddenly opened his eyes his body was racked with pain but now it was at tolerable level of mild painful pulses.

“What happened?” [Chris]

“kekeke It was a back lash of overclocking your body several times over, idiot” [left Orthos]

“What do you mean?” [Chris]

“I’ll make it simple though you can increase your stats if it surpasses the limits of your flesh with it is not accustom to that much power it will give you a severe back lash that will last a few day while your body attempts to reconstruct itself” [right Orthos]

“you’re lucky we used the last of are energy we had stored up to keep your body stable as well as quicken the reconstruction process, otherwise by how much you pushed your body you had 1000% of dieing kekeke” [left Orthos]

(So I need to be careful of about using battle pollen huh) [Chris]

He decide to test his limits on that later but for now he had something else to think about.

While thinking he realized he had made an exception for Claira and Sara, his views towards people hadn’t changed in the slightest. Really even without Sara suggestion Chris would still had come up with a similar idea, but most likely only after displaying his anger in a physical manner.

Just then there was a knock at his door, getting up and opening the door he found Claira and Sara standing there.

“Can we come in?” [Claira]

He nodded and they entered both sitting on the bed while Chris sat in one of the small table’s chairs.

“What with that face?” [Claira]

Chris who was slightly looking do with a depressed expression looked at the 2. They were both smiling and looking at him with warm gazes.

“It makes you think that someone is leaving” [Claira]

“So then…” [Chris]

“of course were not going to leave, after all since you know nothing about this world and with your personality we would be doing the world a favor by keeping an eye on you” [Claira]

“That’s a little harsh don’t you think?” [Chris]

He hanging his head in sadness and Sara got up and patted his head

“There there I think Chris is a good person” [Sara]

He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as Sara consoled him.

Seeing this Claira’s smile broadened and she continued.

“Now there will be three conditions for us if we are going to travel with you Mr. Champion” [Claira]

He nodded

“OK” [Chris]

“First no secrets tell us if something involving this whole light and dark thing happens” [Claira]

“Sure, no big deal” [Chris]

“Next I will be the one in charge of finances since right now since neither of you have a concept of money” [Claira]

“Ugh” [Sara]

“That’s fare” [Chris]

“Lastly…” [Claira]

“Be nicer to people” [Sara]

“Right we don’t need that attitude causing unneeded trouble so if you could not be so… mean” [Claira]

“…” [Chris]

Obviously Sara told Claira about my talking with the village chief while it made sense because next time it could be a noble or someone in higher power than a village chief of a farm village. While Chris knew it was logically he still was him.

“Absolutely no promises on that one” [Chris]

Claira sighed and rubbed her forehead.

“Right I thought as much, well at least try not to cause too much trouble please” [Claira]

“Sure I’ll do my best” [Chris]

With that the 2 left to sleep leaving Chris in a good mood.

The next day they had breakfast at the inn before heading to supply for the journey. First they got a set of armor for Chris which was a tunic, chainmail undershirt, a brown heavy leather chest plate that had a hood, steel round shoulder and knee pads, black leather fingerless gloves, leather armor leggings, and steel toed combat boots, as well as a small bag for healing potions that attached to his belt. With his armor he looked like a villainous rogue out of an RPG while he was complemented that it suited him very well he didn’t know whether to frown or smile. Since the robes that the girls had were of good quality to conserve money Claira suggested to keep wearing them and though reluctant as she looked at some clothes Sara agreed.

Next was the grocery store where they bought various herbs and spices since it was common for adventures to just hunt for their daily meals because it cut down on what they had to carry. Chris was confused why the shopkeeper who was a young women in her early 20 nervously keep her distances for the most part yet still looked over occasionally. What Chris didn’t see is that several girls from the village attempted to approach him because of his looks but they didn’t last look under the glares that spoke of death from his companions.

Last was the potion shop where they bought 4 types of potions one was red liquid which was a healing potion, a green type that were mana potions, a purple kind that was antidote for all kinds of poisons, and the last one was yellow for cure paralysis and confusion. Each one came in long tubes with a cork stopper. Because of their shape they easily slide in and out of the small bag Chris had for potions.

And so having gathered everything they need the three went to the village chief’s home to receive the last of the reward. After everything they bought 5 silver was left over. Though Chris was angered that the leftovers were so small Claira calmed him by saying that 5 silver would be enough too late until they got to Felden, so they left being seen off by the chief and Steven wearing expressions of relief.

It had been 2 days since the trio left Cal and right now the group had gone off to the side of the forest path to take a break. Currently Claira was preparing lunch which was a stew made with various vegetables picked from the surrounding area and meat from a monster called a Vermix. A Vermix was a rat like monster as large as a middle sized dog. Among the new monster Chris encountered it was the weakest. So far they had fought against a group of wolf monsters called lesser forest worg, a bear covered in spikes called a thorn hide, and when they stop at a river to refill their canteens they were attack by a group of merfolk which look like two legged fish with arms.

Sara was currently dismantling some of the monsters they killed to get sellable materials. Her knife moved accurately as she skinned a Vermix then cut of its tail and gouged out its eyes.

Chris was in a small clearing moving around while swinging Orthos at various quickly made training dummies made from sticks that were stuck into the ground.

“Wrong you need to think less and just let your body move naturally, now again” [right Orthos]

Since the first fight Chris used Orthos it had decide to teach him how to properly wield the two swords saying while Chris had power he lacked form.

Chris again stood in the middle of the training dummies complete calm with his eyes closed. Then suddenly he shot forward slashing at one of the dummies then using it as a springboard he launched himself at another cut off what was supposed to be its head he then weaved between 3 more behind it making what would be fatal cuts on them. While running he throw one of his swords sticking it into a tree, a glint of a wire could be seen then he leapt off the ground swinging in the air slashing at another dummy passed now with only 2 left he throw his other sword and changed directions while pulling the other free decapitating the last 2 dummies.

“Not back kid your improving at a crazy rate! kekeke” [left Orthos]

Wiping the sweet from his forehead with his back of his hand he smiled broadly and laughed.

“Ok! lunch is ready!” [Claira]

Feeling incredible hungry Chris rushed over to eat.

“Jeez Claira I know I’ve said this before but you’re an amazing cook” [Chris]

She blushed

“Thanks, they say people cook at their best when it’s for someone they love” [Claira]

“What? Sorry I didn’t hear you” [Chris]

Her face turned bright red and she waved her arms franticly

“Nothing, I didn’t say a thing hahaha” [Claira]

By now Sara had sat down and see her sister in trouble she started talking.

“Chris you’re improving quickly, nice work” [Sara]

Chris smiled and scratched his head.

“Really you think so”

“Yes but he has a long way to go till he could be consider competent” [right Orthos]

Sara made a stuck her tongue out and made a face.

“Party pooper” [Sara]

“Ugh” [right Orthos]

“She pegged you brother” [left Orthos]

“grrrrr shut up, you damn hyena” [right Orthos]

“Kekeke, oh how scary” [left Orthos]

Everyone bursts into laughter.

After lunched they packed up and quickly looked at the map they got in Cal started to move forwards again.

While walking Claira was talking to Sara about what to do when they got to Felden while Chris was looking at his status

Status Page
Name: Chris GelvonRace: Human
Lv: 53EXP: 310 / 6000
Age: 17Gender: Male
Job: Combat Gardner

Troll Killer, Variant Slayer

HP 1525 / 1525MP 4000 / 4000
Str: 420Agi: 510
Def: 380Magic: 770
Luck: 50Charm: 210

Create SeedRank: 4
Green Thumb GeneralRank: 4
Extreme GrowthRank: Max
Battle StateRank: Max
AnalyzeRank: Max
Language ComprehensionRank: Max
Wind BladeRank: 2

His stats were above average thanks to extreme growth and coupled with his plants he was much stronger than others his level but he wasn’t anywhere near B rank level yet. He was happy that wind blade ranked so quickly and how useful it was, now he had a range attack it opened many possibilities while in combat. Of course he had his plants but he wanted to keep his skills a secret for 2 reason. One it’s always good to have a trump card, two is that because it is obviously an OP job so some people want to kill him before he gets to strong and possible become trouble for them later. Now with his new plant blast seed his firepower increased 10 fold looking at its status page he laughed to himself

Blast minionTier 2

HP: 100 / 100MP: 50 / 50
Str: 10Agi: 800Def: 20Magic: 30

heavy blast (50 MP), thorn blast (50 MP), flare blast (50 MP)

Its Agi was overwhelming some much so that when Chris used it he had a hard time controlling its movements properly, though because of the effects of Green Thumb General he quickly learned how to accurately use it. This hand sized plant minion looked like a spider with half bloomed bud as its thorax, sticks made up its long legs its main body was an unbosoming bud. Now the Skill were pretty strait forward. Heavy blast was a normal very large explosion that destroys everything in a 20 meter radius, thorn blast explosive range is only a third of heavy blast but adds small thorns that cause shred most target to the point if they are close enough afterwards one could mistake them for just coming out of a meat grinder, and flare blast reminds me of a flash bang blinding because it takes both the victims sight and hearing for a short time. Overall this guy was a suicide bomber that had much use in both ambushes as well as actual fights and because of their small size while being so fast they make great scouts. He decide to call them blast spiders for simplifying things

Around noon the trio were walking down the path when Chris’ blast spider scouts discovered around 30 people hiding along the road about 100 meters in front of them.

“We have trouble coming up” [Chris]

“What?” [Sara]

From what Chris could tell from how they were dressed he can to one conclusion.

“Highwaymen” [Chris]

The 2 became nervous as adventurers they knew these kinds of bandits were not strong but very clever and are sometimes hard to deal with. Chris reassured them that there would be no problems as he continued walking forward casually even humming to himself as a terror inducing smile appeared on his face.

About 10 minutes later they came upon a man standing in the middle of the road. His face was covered by a bandana and was wearing leather leggings and a plate mail breast plat with a sword at his waist. His dirty blonde hair covered the remainder of his face so one couldn’t tell what he looked like at all.

As Chris and co came closer he raised his hand signaling them to stop.

“Alright leave your belongings and…” [Bandit]

His eyes filled with lust switched between the 2 girls who were standing behind Chris looking slightly frightened.

“The girls can also stay and keep me and my friend company for a while” [Bandit]

Hearing the bandit’s demands about their belongings pissed him off, but how he then ogled Claira and Sara sent him over the edge.

“You want me to leave my belongings and abandon my companions! Don’t fuck with me!” [Chris]

The bandits eye brows raised.

“Would you rather we just kill you?” [Bandit]

Chris smiled mockingly and raised his hand gesturing with his index finger.

“Just try it dumbass” [Chris]

His voice was icy and his eyes spoke of death still the bandit thought he had the advantage.

“Fine the lets do this the fun way” [Bandit]

The bandit raised his hand signaling for the men in the forest to notch their arrows.

“Anyone last words like begging for your life?” [bandit]

Chris simple lifted his middle finger while smiling fearlessly which made the bandits face twist in anger and he dropped his hand.

But what followed wasn’t a rain of arrow like the bandit expected, but 7 simultaneous explosions and seconds later screams of pain.

“What the fuck?” [bandit]

Chris instantly started laughing as the bandit looked at him with fire filling his eyes.

“hahahaha you were right this is the fun way!” [Chris]

“You bastard that was you!” [bandit]

The bandit filled with rage rushed Chris drawing his sword. Suddenly Chris arm moved in a chopping manner twice and two 1 foot long paper thin blades of wind shot towards the bandit at insane speeds take both his arms off. He screamed in pain as blood gushed from the two large wounds and kneeled on the ground. In his pain he saw a pair combat boots come in front of him and he looked up.

“Anyone last words like begging for your life?” [Chris]

The bandit froze because he no longer saw a young man but a horrible monster looking down on him smiling broadly.

“No please don’t ki-“ [Bandit]

Before he could finish Chris cut in in half horizontally with Orthos. After going around killing and looting the survivors of the explosions they continued walking to Felden.

After traveling for 3 more days nothing else exciting happened so will skip ahead to where they finally saw the town Felden is sight.

Chris was looking intensely at the percentage of Orthos’ state of awakening.

(Still 0% after killing so many monster!) [Chris]

(kekeke what do you expect they were weak not even considered an appetizer for us) [left Orthos]

(Jeez you couldn’t even go up 1% seriously!) [Chris]

Seeing how Orthos no longer responded he sighed and focused at what was in front of him. There was a massive line to get into Feldon which was actual the size of a small city. It had 40 feet high walls surrounding a 4 mile radius. At the gate that could fit 4 semi-trucks side by side and still have room to spare stood around 60 city guards inspecting people, when it came to their turn the guard eyed Claira and Sara then put on a bored expression and spoke.

“State your business” [inspecting guard]

“My sister and I are adventurers we came to register are friend here” [Claira]

As she spoke Claira raised her right hand and her seal glowed milky white. The guard’s hand glowed the same milky white color and he waved his hand over hers.

“Ok, everything checks out proceed. Next!” [guard]

(what the hell is that like a bar code scanner or something) [Chris]

As soon as he had complete his part the guard called the next person and ignored the trio.

“Alright let’s go register you and get our journey started” [Claira]

Chris nodded with a serious look on his face.

(It will start here, this is will be the start of my journey to become the strongest!) [Chris]

Taking in the scene of two beautiful girls cheerfully walking just a bit in front of him and a tiny smile formed.

(I guess protecting these 2 along the way wouldn’t be so bad) [Chris]

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Monster women that makes good food
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