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Chapter 5 The Goddess, New Skill, and the Beast's Trial


Hello everyone EsperReal here I had a day off and had almost nothing to do so here you go.

“Finally its over! Hahahahaha!” [Claira]

She sat down smiling and started to laugh.

“Yes” [Sara]

The two were complete exhausted, if Chris’ plan to kill the fire troll had failed they would have died for sure.

Chris was currently looking at his skills that ranked up

Create SeedRank 4
Creates a seed that transforms into a plant minionCosts 100 MP
Seeds available: Armored Chomper Seed (AC), Double Sun Seed (DS), Blast Seed

Green Thumb GeneralRank 4
Ables you to control your plant minions with more efficiencyPassive
+ 10% stats to all plant minions CommandCommand Limit: 20

Smiling he was about to create a blast minion when he noticed that everything had turned a shape of grey. Looking around it was like time had stopped with Claira and Sara sat unmoving. He was completely confused and called out to them but they didn’t respond. Quickly realizing someone was here he heard a women’s voice that was not soft or load, one could say it was a perfect balance of the two.

“Well done for making it this far my Champion” [???]

Chris spun around to see the owner of the voice was a women dressed in a grey simple dress with a vail covering her face from her Chris could feel an overwhelming force. Seeing his surprised faces she laughed softly.

“No need to be afraid I am Fate Goddess of Balance and Harmony as well as your… benefactor” [Fate]

She made an elegant curtsy in greeting.

“Benefactor? What do you mean?” [Chris]

Having recovered Chris now was full of questions.

“Haha, Allow me to explain. We’ll start with the beginning long ago there was nothing only emptiness, then time began first came me to control the two existences that came a second later my two younger sisters the Goddess of Light Aurora and the Goddess of Darkness Nocturia. Naturally they despised each other and the first battle between the two began which ended up destroying everything in existence.” [Fate]

She sighed and continued

“After that I was forced to clean up their mess and create everything anew, after which I placed rules on them so it would happen again. Unfortunately it didn’t last long and after about 10 millennia they managed to find a loophole and ended up once again ending everything in their battle. It’s been around 400 million years since I last recreated everything placing even stricter rules. Sadly they would still bicker about everything so I decide to make a game of sorts for them to settle things… are you listen?” [Fate]

Chris had regained his sense and was halfheartedly listen.

“Not really what does this have to do with me? My guess is I’m part of this game of their’s” [Chris]

Though he couldn’t see her face Chris could tell she was irritated, but she quickly calmed down.

“Yes and No, you see several 1000 of these games have accrued in which each side selects their champions then they fight and whomever champion wins is declared the victory. Now this time is different they plan to make this game much larger than before and sadly this is a problem for me because of one of the rules of the games is I can’t directly intervene myself.” [Fate]

“But your champion can” [Chris]

She nodded and although Chris couldn’t see her face he thought she was smiling

“Correct, now the reason I selected you as my champion… well really it was mostly random” [Fate]

Chris stared blankly at her then grew anger.

“Random, are you joking! That lest give a good reason like in a manga or anime, that just lame!” [Chris]

Again Chris could sense she was irritated and felt it was wise to be quiet.

“I said it was MOST random. Both of my sister decide to take people from your school to be their champions and put them in an ideal place to fight. Now then I tricked the two into delaying their champion’s summoning by one mouth so in that you could get a head start.” [Fate]

Again Chris stared blankly

“You tricked them?” [Chris]

“Yes I had them believe it was unfair that they had multiple champions while I only had one and had them give you some advantages” [Fate]

“Your sisters… aren’t that smart are they” [Chris]

Shaking her head Fate laughed in a voice of harmony.

“Though it’s true please reframe from insulting them please” [Fate]

“Now let me finish. You are the one would will keep this game from going out of control. When the need arises I will call upon you to do a task” [Fate]

“Like what?” [Chris]

She shrugged

“These games are supposed to be discreet and not harm the balance of the world they are in so if one of them does something like attempts to destroy a kingdom you have to stop that from happening.” [Fate]

“Nope” [Chris]

Chris declared brazenly which shocked Fate.

“What?” [Fate]

The reason he didn’t ask about his schoolmates was simple he didn’t care, but Fate figured that he wouldn’t care and sighed.

“I’m not going to go around save anyone, it would be a waste of my time not to mention annoying” [Chirs]

Suddenly the air vibrated and Chris felt like he was being crushed by an unknown force.

“Did you think you had a choice in the matter, Chris Gelvon” [Fate]

Her voice had no trace of emotion like she wasn’t even a living thing it sent a power chill down Chris spine.

“Now you have to options. Either A willingly follow my directions and receive my blessing or B I force you in which you will experience something worse than any mortal as thought of let alone felt” [Fate]

Hearing how here voice still remained lifeless it didn’t take long to think of an answer.

“I think I’ll go with option A” [Chris]

“Good choice” [Fate]

“Not like I really had one” [Chris]

“Hmmm what was that?” [Fate]

“N-n-nothing” [Chris]

Now the horrible feel from before had vanished Chris asked another question.

“So why didn’t you contact me till now?” [Chris]

After asking though the feeling wasn’t as intense the crushing force returned.

(Shit did I hit a landmine!?) [Chris]

“My sisters though it would be funny to intercept your transfer process and place you in the middle of butt fuck nowhere while making it so I could find you!” [Fate]

“Ah” [Chris]

As much as he wanted to complaint he thought it would be life threatening if he did.

When she calmed down Fate spoke again.

“Now since we lost a week of time so I’m while I can’t directly do something like give you some increasable skill what I can do is give you some things to increase your progress.” [Fate]

Pointing to the larger cave with the red door she continue.

“Now I will unlock that door and replace what was inside it with some gifts for you and some other things.” [Fate]

While Chris wondered what “other things” meant he didn’t ask because it seemed that her patience was at its limit.

“Now go for now you have free rein of your action though I still will be watch, now goodbye and good luck” [Fate]

With that the world became colored again and Chris heard Claira’s and Sara’s laughter again.

“Chris is something wrong?” [Claira]

She had noticed that Chris was scowling and walking into the largest cave to towards the red door.

“No just curious about something” [Chris]

Moving quickly he stopped in front of the door.

(Let’s see if Fate was lying or not) [Chris]

Taking a deep breath he reached out to the door, at that time the 2 girls had entered the room.

“Chris don’t bother that door is something only a master level mage can open since… ” [Claira]

Before she could finish Chris had already opened the door and was looking inside.

“Impossible!” [Sara]
“What! That had an ancient seal on it only a master level mage could open” [Claira]

They both gasped seeing the door open so easily. They tried to question Chris but he wasn’t paying attention as he looked into the room.

There were three stone pedestals bathed in light like they had spotlights shining on them.

On the left pedestal lay a plain green book on it that looked extremely old and gave off a powerful aura. The right had clothes on it that looked like they were for girls.

He paused think why those were here then he thought of something. Looking back at the 2 girls that still wore shredded clothes that revealed almost everything he understood. Turning back while blushing his mind was jumbled.

(What the hell am I think) [Chris]

Shaking his head of his unknown feelings he looked at the center pedestal, floating slight above it were 2 short swords.

The swords were pitch black with a green vein like patterns that seem to pulse with power. They were single edged that curved slightly and had a nasty looking serrated edge that seemed to be meant for shredding their victim like the fangs of some beast. Just by looking at them Chris could tell that they were ordinary weapons.

He broke away from staring at the swords and walked over to the clothes and tossed them to the near naked girls.

“Put these on” [Chris]

“What, oh sure” [Claira]

He turned around while they changed blushing again.

(What the fuck is happening to me) [Chris]

While they changed he heard them whispering.

“Hey is this weird there’s even bras and panties” [Claira] (whisper)
“Ya and they fit perfectly” [Sara] (whisper)

Chris could hear them perfectly even when they whisper, Chris’ was doing his best not to listen while trying to figure out why he felt like this sure he thought of them as people better than other humans still it was weird he need more time to sort them out before pinning down what he felt.

“Ok its fine now” [Claira]

Turning around Chris and was relieve to see them in a pair of light blue mage robes, though they clung to their bodies showing the 2 curves it was still better the being naked.

“How do we look, Hey Sara get out here” [Claira]

Sara was hiding behind Claira blushing for some reason.

“So?” [Claira]

“You look fine” [Chris]

Claira started pouting.

“You look fine… that’s it. (Sigh) well it’s better than uninterested. CONFENDENTS RESTORED!” [Claira]

She made a V sign and smiled, seeing this both Sara and I faceplamed.

Not wanting to deal with Claira or the strange emotions inside him he walked over to the book and used analyze.

Book of learningAlignment: Wind

Skill: Wind BladeRank 1

This skill can either clad your weapon (or fist) in wind increasing its damage or can be launched as a ranged attack
Cost 60 MPCompatible

“What the?” [Chris]

“Wow a skill book, Super Lucky” [Claira]

Chris looked at her confused.

“Jeez you don’t even enough what skill books are? What are you… from another world or something” [Claira]

(Yes) [Chris]

Taking the book from him she frowned.

“Darn a wind type skill” [Claira]

Again Chris stared at her confused.

“(Sigh) it seems you don’t even know about the elemental alignments so I’ll explain” [Claira]

So what I got from her lecture was this.

There are 7 elements 5 of which have a strait weakness.

Fire > Nature / Earth > Lightning > Wing > Water > Fire

Then there are light and dark which are equal.

Dark = Light

Each person is born with an alignment to an element like how Claira and Sara are aligned to Water / Ice. There are rare case where people have had more than one alignment but they can be counted on one hand.

Basically to learn skills related to magic the person must be alignment with the skills element or else there is no hope of learning it. So from what Chris can tell is that he is aligned with wind because he could learn the skill book. Also for someone to truly learn there alignment it is best to get it tested lucky its free for adventures so Chris planned to register as one with that being one of the reasons.

She then moved onto magic in which there are two forms Arts and Systems. Arts are like wind blade a standalone skill while systems are like the girls ice magic skill which has multiples spells within it.

Next was the levels of Magic systems which were:

basic -> apprentice -> intermediate -> master -> grandmaster.

It appears Art type magic is rarer because it doesn’t follow a level system because Art type’s power is determined by the strength of the user.

Lastly was the skill books, they are magical books that are either found in dungeons or can be created by master level mages. They are a one time use item that gives the user the skill held within them. So Chris tested the theory by opening the book in which it turned into a ball of light and absorbed into him

Congratulations ! You have learned the Skill Wind Blade !

(Damn I wish they had something like this on Earth then School would be a breeze) [Chris]

Laughing to himself as he inspected the swords his face paled.

Orthos (unawaken)Teir ???

State of Awakening0%

if Orthos accepts the wielder as its master the swords will grant an increase in stats. By how much is determined by the percentage of awakening
These two swords gain strength with each life they take, eventually they will reveal their true terrifying power
Skills: none unlocked

Chris reached out to take them, but as soon as he touched them a violent force invaded him causing excruciating pain.

“We are Orthos! Do you wish to wield us human? If so speak!” [Orthos]

Hearing a rough pair of voice that spoke at the same time Chris grinding his teeth responded

“Of course you bastard” [Chris]

“Very well let us begin” [Orthos]

Suddenly everything when black for a few seconds then a scene flashed before his eyes

It was Chris in his classroom about to each lunch.

“Oi loser go buy me some lunch I want two cheeseburgers, medium fries, and a large cola got that” [???]

The one talking was the student council president Darak Telten and the leader of the group that mistreats him the most. He was 6’2 only slightly shorter than Chris but was built like a tank unlike the mound of fat Chris was. His hair was a raven black and was cut short and slicked back like some sleazy business man. Next to him was his number 1 and 2 lackeys Trent Godo and Glen Godo. They were identically twins that had short brown hair, were 5’11 tall, and had a slimmer build.

“Ya and get me the same” [Trent]

“Ill third that order” [Glen]

“O-ok” [Chris]

As usually no one said anything no in fact they were snickering.

See this memory brought Chris great pain and sadness he wanted to bury his head in the ground and scream.

“How pathetic, why didn’t you fight back?” [Orthos]

Startled Chris looked to the side and saw a large two headed shadowy wolf. Its body resemble a timber wolf except it was 7’0 tall. It sat continuing to watch the seen.

"Shut the fuck up you overgrown shit!" [Chris]

Even with his insults the beast ignored him.

The next memory came it was Chris backed against a wall surrounded by a group of students wearing the same uniform as him. currently he had his pants down and the group was laughing while taking pictures.

“haha what a loser, hey fat ass oink like a pig” [female student]

“O-oink oink (sob) oink” [Chris]

“Wow seriously he’s crying hahaha now that’s lame” [male student]

Then someone kicked him making him fall over.

“Aww did Mr. Piggy fall over to fat to stand hahaha!” [female student]

Watching the memory Chris Blood Boiled he wanted to ripped their heads off and stomp on them until they turn into paste.

Orthos sat in silent then after a few minutes spoke again.

“Humans are such strange creatures, still…” [Orthos]

The last one was of him at home sitting in his room watching anime showing a happy. Chris froze he knew this memory all too well.

He was 14 at the time and from that day onward he devoted himself to studies as the highest priority, why? Because…

The door of his room burst open and a man walked in… his father.

“You little shit, what the fuck are you doing!?” [Chris’s Father]

Chris turned fear in his eyes. His father, Edward Gelvon was the owner and CEO of one of the biggest private security companies in the world so his father seeing his good for nothing son just sitting there watch anime made him feel like he invested too much time and money into the idiot before him. With a snap of his fingers two large muscular men entered Chris.

“Do you need something Boss?” [big man 1]

“Yes, take my son and (teach) him that he needs to be more productive with his life” [Edward]

Truthfully Chris’ father never cared for him as a son instead as tool to better the company. Though it was quickly realized that he was worthless so he was discarded. For better or worse his father couldn’t just kick him out or have him killed because if it got to the media his company would be reigned and he would never let that happen.

“Sir!” [Man 1 and 2]

The scene then changed of Chris gagged and suspended in the air by ropes.

“Take this you brat!” [man 1]

The man slugged Chris in the stomach nearly making him vomit.

“You should be grateful that the boss hasn’t just thrown you onto the streets so how about showing some respect and do something meaningful” [man 2]

The memory ended with Chris still getting beaten. Chris was currently trembling dark emotions swirled in him like a storm. He felt the need to kill something, anything just to get rid of these thoughts and to let off some steam.

Silence lingered for a few minutes before it was broken by Orthos speaking this time only one head spoke at a time. The left head had a higher pitched voice that reminded Chris of what a hyena would sound like if they could speak, while the right had a rougher deep voice.

“You have quite a bit of darkness in your heart human and the desire to kill is strong, haha” [Orthor left]

“We have decided you pass, since we need a master that does not lack the will to kill something” [Orthos right]

“Well then” [Orthos left]

“Treat us kindly” [Orthos right]

“Master” [both heads]

It bowed its heads then turned into a dark green liquid splint in two and rushed to Chris transforming into 2 plain black metal ring one on each index finger.

Instantly the world returned to normal with Claira and Sara shouting and rushing to his side.

“What happened” [Claira]

“You ok?” [Sara]

The two looked anxiously at him.

“I-I’m fine and look I got some new gear” [Chris]

Showing off the two black rings explaining it was the swords from before and about the trail while omitting the actual event so not to share his painful memories.

As they walked out of the cave the three chatted about the world. Since the trio wasn’t moving too fast because of exhaustion Chris learned a few important things.

First was that the world he was in was call Mithos and that it was one mega continent. The other thing was he learned of the three major powers in the world: the Human kingdom Invictus. The Magical Alliance which was made up of things like elves, dwarve, and other humanoid magical races, and lastly the Demon Empire Tartarus. They also tried to explain about things like the nobility and the king, but Chris didn’t care in the slightest.

Finally they made it to the entrance where there were some still waiting like Steven and a young girl next to him. When Chris and the girls were risking their lives the captives escaped to the exit. Though it made Chris angry he didn’t say anything because they would have gotten in the way and because of the request he unfortunately couldn’t use them as decoys.

“Oh thank the gods your safe I was starting to worry that the last monster had killed you” [Steven]

The two came up to the three and bowed with tears in her eyes the girl that Chris guessed was Steven’s sister Lina again bowed again but not to Chris by the two beside him.

“Thank you big sister Claira and Big sister Sara if it wasn’t for you I…” [Lina]

Hearing that Chris glanced at the two and Claira laughed.

“Don’t give us that look we protected this child from the horny pigs and they left us alone after Sara froze one of the dicks solid” [Claira]

Somewhat embarrassed but prideful nodded in agreement with her sister words. Chris shivered even though he knew it what she did was necessary he could help but be somewhat afraid.

(Mental note don’t try anything with Sara if she’s unwilling… wait what am I thinking dammit!) [Chris]

Shaking his head Chris turned his attention to Steven fixing him with an icy gaze.

“The reward?” [Chris]

“Y-yes of course please come to our village there we can hand over the money” [Steven]

Steven somewhat nervously replied.

And so they set off to the little village called Cal.

Next Chapter will have a little more action but not much mostly more learning things and character development.

Also I’m debating whether to make Orthos talk with one head a time or both at the same.

Now please let me know if this is to fast pace so if I need to ill slow it down even more.

Feedback will be heard

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