Chris forced his body to move. Even with 4 ribs broken, his left arm limp and mangle, and organs turned into paste by some miracle he moved his body.

Sheathing both his swords he ran towards the fire troll. Picking up one of the dead orc’s spears he hurled it at the monster with all his strength. Whistling through the air it hit its mark, the beast left leg.

Kneeling the troll quickly removed the spear and the wound began to heal. By the time Chris had made it to his target the wound was almost closed, but it still gave him the opening he need. Unsheathing one of his swords he aimed for the troll’s neck, unfortunately his opponent was faster than him and raised its arm to block. Sadly the troll’s arm was too thick for the weakened Chris to cut clean through and the sword stopped half way through the troll’s arm.

“Tsk, not done yet!”[Chris]

Chris delivered a roundhouse kick to the monsters head sending back a few steps. While he kicked Chris had let go of his sword drawing the other and while the fire troll was stumbling he pierced its chest.

The troll coughed up blood and looked like it was at its end, but the beast eyes were still full of life. Chris moved back as the monster roared swinging its uninjured arm at him. gaining distances Chris watched as his swords fell to the ground as the cuts closed.

“Are you fucking kidding me!?” [Chris]

The wounds quickly healed and the troll looked at Chris and it smirked as if saying “you can’t kill me, dumbass”.

Chris expression turned cold and his eyes became icy. His mind a moment ago was filled with killed this beast to save the 2 girls that were now at his back. Since they no longer in immediate danger his mind began to move at lightning speed as he looked around for some way to kill this monstrosity since it seem that nothing he did worked.

Although his opponent didn’t give him the time and again came at him wielding his club. The club glowed with a purplish light again and Chris face instantly drained of color.

(If I’m hit with that I’m dead!) [Chris]

He was to injured to dodge an attack like that, still he didn’t give up and attempted to block it with his only good arm. Just before the troll got close enough to unleash his attack a voice shouted.

“Get down!” [Claira]

Ducking as two icicles whizzed past and impaled the troll in the chest halting its attack. After that several more continued came flying piercing the troll in the stomach, arms, legs, and head.

Breathing heavy Claira’s and Sara’s legs gave out and they sat on the ground out of energy.

“Did (breath) we do (breath) it?” [Sara]

Looking at the troll Chris was surprised that it still was breathing and then a reddish orange fire burst from the wounds that covered its body.

“No (breath) no way!” [Claira]

All three were shocked by the scene in front of them. The fire troll was covered in flames quickly melted the icicles after its wounds healed slowly. Chris picked up his swords and tried to stab the monster while it was still healing but the flames keep him from getting to close.

“How do we kill this thing, no matter what we do it still gets back up” [Claira]

Taking the opportunity Chris switch some of the DS’s to heal him focusing on his organs so he won’t die from internal bleeding.

Turning to the 2 behind him he came up with an idea.

“Can you two cast anymore spells?” [Chris]

“I have enough mana for one maybe two” [Claira]

“Same” [Sara]

Hearing that Chris smiled.

About 10 minutes had passed when the troll had fully healed. At that time Chris was at about 80% with his organs and ribs fixed while his arm could now move but only a little.

The troll looked at a roar and again smirked at Chris. Though the beast’s wounds had regenerated it seems that doing so made it extremely tired. Looking at his enemy Chris frowned while the girls looked in despair.

“Come at me you fucking fur ball! Fire covered shit! You ugly ape!-“ [Chris]

Chris continued to through insults at his opponent until it roared and its eyes blood shot with anger. Rushing towards Chris it raised its club purplish light quickly covering it. Its movements were severely slower than earlier, but then again that helped Chris quite a bit. When the enemy was about 8 meters about Chris smiled broadly.

“Now!” [Chris]

“Frost Barrier!” [Sara]

“Icicle!” [Claira]

Suddenly a dome of ice surrounded not any of the three people, but the troll and the icicle wasn’t aimed at the fire troll instead it shot towards the ceiling. What the icicle hit was a group of stalactites making their bases crumble and fall onto the fire troll.

Yes, the reason Chris kept throwing insults at the monster was to keep its attention on him and not the 2 chanting behind him.

Unable to escape from the icy cage the troll howled as the stone missiles impaled its body. As its cries echoed throughout the cave as it tried to escape by thrashing and covering itself in flames. Chris however wasn’t going to give it any chance to free itself and heal. He quickly rushed over and with one swing cleanly decapitated the monster

Signaling the end of the fight Chris saw a windows appearing in his face.

Congratulations! You have reached Level 45 !
You’re Skill Create Seed as rank up to rank 4 !
You’re Skill Green Thumb General has ranked up to rank 4 !

/// alright now I’m going to take more time in each update so the story improves in quality. \\\
\\\     In the next two chapter a lot things will be explained and the plot while finally start.    ///

P.S. For those that think the MC has had a change of heart don’t be too quick to judge.

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