In a dimly light room that was about 100 meters in circumference Chris stood.

His eyes twitched as he looked at the new enemy in front of him.

Ugly pig men that had loincloths hiding their crotches and holding a spears were walking out of one of the caves

Orc lv 40
Rank D
HP 800 / MP 75
Str 235
Agi 120
Def 260
Magic 10
Skills: Blood Boil (30MP), Libido

“Great this might be trouble” [Chris]

Right now there were only 3 Orcs but judging from the moaning from deeper in the caves there were more.

“O-K you fucking horny bastards let’s get this over with!” [Chris]

Without mercy seeds rained down on the Orcs, squealing as they died more Orcs to came out to investigate.

Now there were 7 smell pig men. Seeing their dead comrades veins appeared on their foreheads and the Orcs turned a shade of red. Chris guessed it was Blood Boil and prepared to receive his enemies.

The Orcs charged, despite their appearance the Orcs were quite fast instantly covering 40 meters in a few seconds.

Drawing his swords Chris smiled fiercely and order the ACs (Armored Chompers) to fire a barrage of seeds at the incoming enemies.

The Orcs blocked most of the seed with their spears or dodged as they quickly advances towards Chris.

“Tsk, in that case!” [Chris]

He ran forward followed by a volley of seeds. In terms of speed the Orcs couldn’t keep up with Chris. His plan was simple attack the Orcs head on and while they were distracted have the ACs pick them off. In a few minutes the 7 Orcs lay dead.

Unfortunately it wasn’t over. Another wave of 9 Orcs appeared and they seemed to have been observing the earlier fight because they were caution of the AC’s Seed Shot.

Chris quickly came up with another plan, quickly moving back to the safety of his minions he pretending to catch his breath.

The group of pig men thought this was an opportunity and rushed to attack.

“Dumbasses” [Chris]

Chris jeered as the AC’s used Whip Crush on the Orcs. To Chris’ amazement the attacks were more effective than he had predicted.

One Orc had its head smashed into its body while another’s rig cage collapsed.

Sadly 2 of the AC were killed by the Orcs though 2 new one quickly appeared.

Breathing heavy Chris walked in to the largest of the caves.

Women were sprawled everywhere like rag dolls, same crying others silence just staring off into space. The stench of sweat, semen, and waste was so overpowering it made Chris want to vomit.

Glancing around Chris saw at the other end of the cave was a large red door that was decorated with golden vine like patterns. Looking at the door that had caught his interested he decide to come back later to investigate.

For now he had to get everyone moving.

“Hey it’s fine for you to leave now I killed all the monsters” [Chris]

No one moved at first then after a moment some weakly got up and started to leave.

Then screams were heard

When the girls exited the cave they meant Chris plant minions causing them to panic.

After reassuring that his minions wouldn’t hurt them they made their way out leaving several girls behind.

It seemed that the Orcs were sadists and had injured many of the girls, so he gathered all the injured girls from each cave and had the DSs heal them.

Two girls walked over to him their clothes were shredded easily revealing their excellent bodies.

Claira Crosshert Lv 32
Titles: none
Job: Ice Mage
Adventure Rank: D
Race: Human
Sex: Female
Age: 22
HP 430 / MP 1450
Str 55
Agi 40
Def 25
Magic 90
Skills: ice magic (basic) – icicle, frost barrier

Sara Crosshert Lv 29
Titles: none
Job: Ice Mage
Adventure Rank: D
Race: Human
Sex: Female
Age: 19
HP 350 / MP 1200
Str 40
Agi 55
Def 30
Magic 75
Skills: ice magic (basic) – icicle, frost barrier

Claira was around 6’0 tall. She had short curly blonde hair and a pair of charming green eyes. Her well curved figure would make a man think indecent thoughts instantly. She gave off the feeling of a gentle beauty even so her eyes spoke of years of combat.

Sara was slightly shorter than her companion. Long strait black hair incased a doll like face that had two blue eyes staring at Chris. Her bodies’ proportions weren’t as extreme as the girl standing next to her but it didn’t make her any less of a beauty. If you said the first girl had a warm feel this one was the opposite giving off an icy aura.

“Thank you. To defeat that many monsters you must be quite strong” [Claira]

“Don’t thank me I did this to gain exp and the reward not to save anyone” [Chris]

His indifferent tone startled the two, though she frowned for a second Claira quickly smiled again.

“Well at least allow me to introduce myself I am Claira and this is my younger sister Sara” [Claira]

Sara bowed slightly as she was introduced and say a small thank you.

“Like I said don’t thank me!” [Chris]

He really dislike this situation normally he would have just left the girls who couldn’t help themselves but because of the request he was given he thought that it would be a bad idea to leave them. Not to mention the 2 in front of him were annoying

"Still you’re an odd one” [Claira]

Chris became irritated at her comment and she laughed.

“Well two beautiful ladies wearing all most nothing are in front of you and there is no react. It makes me loss confidents in myself” [Claira]

Hearing that Sara covered herself with her hands looking angry.

Chris sighed and answered in an irritated tone.

“Not interested” [Chris]

Hearing that Claira became dejected and Sara seemed to accept that as the truth. Truly Chris had no interest in them or any women in general, since not only men but women mistreated him as well.

Then Sara spoke with a cool but gentle voice that would which would turn men into beasts.

“Your rank?” [Sara]

Her face was emotionless except of a light of curiosity and Chris looked at her confused.

“Rank?” [Chris]

“Your adventure’s rank, you have to be at least a C rank to take out all those monsters.” [Claira]

“I’m not an adventure” [Chris]

“Eeeeh” [Claira and Sara]

Both of them shouted with dumbfounded expressions. Claira looked like she was about to say something when a roar was heard coming from the exit.

“Shit! He’s back!” [Sara]

Chris turned to see a 7’0 tall red furred beast that walked on two legs and carried a large metal club.

Troll (variant – Fire Troll) Lv 64 Boss
Rank C
HP ??? / MP ???
Str ???
Agi ???
Def ???
Magic ???
Skills: ???, ???, ???, ???

(Holy shit I can’t even see his stats or skill this guy is insanely strong) [Chris]

This was the first time Chris’s analyze ability was unable to tell him so little information meaning that the gap in their power was quite large.

“That guy is the one who defeated us when we tried to save the people here” [Sara]
“We can’t fight him as he defeated us when we had a group of 9 we were mostly D ranked but we had 3 C ranks with us” [Claira]

The Trolled was looking at Chris mostly like had guessed he was the cause of his “toys” escaping. It snarled and leapt forward. In that one jump it covered the 50 meters required to land on top of Chris and co.

Instantly Chris reacted as the Troll swung down its club he had 2 of his ACs use whip crush to block. Two vines that moved to intercept the fire trolls club stopping it from continuing to Chris’ head. Angered from its attack being block it roar, the fire troll’s body and club burst into flames immediately turning the vines to ash. Though it gave the three to move just in time as the club continued its assault.

(Not good) [Chris]

With his plants being weak to fire he suspected that seed shot would be useless so with that in mind he quickly came up with a plan.

“Everyone get back and don’t get my way!” [Chris]

He shouted as he switched out his ACs for DSs and had them go to the edge of the room. His plan was to have the DSs all use battle pollen + to stack its effect. Since “evolving” battle pollen can increase stats by 30% unfortunately only one of the heads of the DSs can use battle pollen + at a time so instead of +600% stats he would have to settle with 300%.

Drawing his swords a surge of power entered him making his body feel extremely light.

“Alright you over grown fur ball let go!” [Chris]

Making a signal with his index finger the troll charged roaring. Chris shoot forward to meant the flaming monstrosity. The fire troll swung its hammer down lucky Chris was a beat faster and dodge while slashing at the monsters waist. It howled in pain but quickly recovered and turned attempting to strike again.

“Shit!” [Chris]

This time the trolls club was clad in not just fire but also a purplish light which seemed to make the strike faster so much so Chris couldn’t dodge.

Being hit by the club sent him flying into the wall. The fire troll began to move towards Chris to finish him when.

“Icicle!” [Claira and Sara]

From in front of them 2 one foot icicles formed and launched hitting the fire troll in the back.

It howled in pain and turned to attack the girls.

Currently Chris was being heal by the DSs, see the two girls save him made the tiniest crack in his cold heart.

(No they only did that so I could recover so they could then increase their own survivability) [Chris]

Still it made him feel indebted to them so getting up he saw the troll attacking the 2 would had an ice barrier around them. Though it was holding the fire troll at bay it wouldn’t last long cracks were already forming.

(Damn body! Move! At this rate they’ll die) [Chris]

His injuries still haven’t healed he could feel his ribs still shattered and his left arm was just hanging there not moving. It was odd even though he was injured and was in no shape to fight he still stood.

Why? Because some unknown feelings flooded through him. Chris had never cared for others he had walked past people getting beat on the streets before not even bothering to show pity. So why now he felt like protecting those 2 he didn’t know all that Chris knew was that if he didn’t he’ll regret it.

But how? If he takes another attack like last time Chris knew it would be over.


The ice Barrier was shattered and now the fire troll was about to attack both girls faces twisted in fear.

“AAAAAAAAAAAH!” [Claira and Sara]

“NOOOOOOO!!!” [Chris]

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