“Damn, I’m sick of goblin meat and berries!” [Chris]

It has been a week since Chris came to this other world and after fighting hundreds of goblins he was now level 17.

What was nice was at level 15 both create seed and green thumb general ranked up to rank 2.

Now he can command 10 plant minions and he gained a new type of seed called sunflower seed.

Sunflower minion
Tier 1
HP 50/ MP 200
Str 2
Agi 15
Def 5
Magic 20
Skills: Battle Pollen (1MP per 5sec), Healing Light (40MP)

The sunflower that comes from it was 4’0 tall and looked just like a normal sunflower except for the leg like leaves.

From its 2 skills it was obviously a support type since battle pollen boost Chris and all plants stats by 20% while healing light restores 100 HP per use

Still after Chris hasn’t found any sign of civilization and he was starting to think he was the only human, but that didn’t bother him too much.

Another thing was he hadn’t run into any other type of monster other than goblins which he thought was strange. Could the goblins have cleaned out the other monsters?

While think on what to do next he heard shouting.

Chris moved towards the yelling, but he wasn’t in any hurry.

When he found the source of screams he frowned.

7 men wearing what looked like leather armor and each carrying a swords were surrounded by 40+ goblins.

From the bushes Chris watch the 7 men fight for their lives. Judging from the fact none of them were even fully dressed in armor he guess they were from some village around here.

Chris was about to leave when he spotted a goblin that was about 4’0 tall and was brown instead of green carrying a short sword.

“Hoho what’s that some kind of super goblin!” [Chris]

He quickly used analyze on the “super” goblin.

Hobgoblin level 20 elite
Rank E
HP 300/ MP 50
Str 75
Agi 60
Def 55
Magic 5
Skills: heavy blow (10MP)

“Holy Shit that guy is strong, but…” [Chris]

Looking at his own stats he was confident.

HP 500 / MP 1200
Str 60
Agi 50
Def 65
Magic 80
Luck 8
Charm 6

After the first day Chris started to join in the fights with the goblins to improve his combat abilities. As a side effect he gained level quickly and lost a lot of weight. Right now he couldn’t be called fit but he couldn’t be called fat either.

Now looking at the hobgoblin he licked his lips as it seemed he had gained a lust for battle.

Summoning 8 chompers and 2 sunflower he planned an ambushing the skill that the chompers gained from create seed ranking up.

/seed shot – fires a seed at an incredible speed (5MP)\

“Damn there is too many!” [Villager 1]
“Don’t give up the girls are counting on us!” [Villager 2]
“First we need to get out of this alive!” [Villager 3]
”Right!” [All Villagers]

As the group of men strengthened their resolve a storm of seed fell on the goblins. Quickly the goblins fell into panic as their numbers were being quickly cut down.

When the “rain” stopped only 5 injured goblins and the hobgoblin survived. Chris clicked his tongue he was hoping to kill the hobgoblin quickly.

Bursting out of the bushes Chris charged the hobgoblin with fire support of his chompers. Drawing the short sword he found while wondering around the forest he tried to decapitate the hobgoblin.

But the hobgoblin was faster than Chris and swung its sword parrying Chris’ blow. The 2 locked in combat for only a moment before a seed shot took off one of the hobgoblins legs. Not missing the opportunity Chris pierced opponent’s throat.

While Chris picking up the hobgoblins sword one of the villager walked up to him.

“Young man thank you for saving us” [villager 1]

As he thanked Chris a sword tip was suddenly at his throat and a cold voice sounded

“Don’t get the wrong idea I didn’t help you. I just wanted to kill these guys, now scram!” [Chris]

The villager’s eyes flashed with anger

“You little sh-“ [Villager 1]

Before he could finish the bushes shook slightly and the villager stopped realizing that Chris’ allies were in the bushes ready to strike.

“Ok that’s enough John” [Villager 2]

Another villager walked up and introduced himself as Steven

“Young man you seem strong if you would please help us with are troubles we’ll give you a nice reward” [Steven]

Chris eyed the man, over his years of torment he had learned how to tell when someone was lying or had bad intentions. He saw nothing of that in Stevens eyes so since that was rare he sighed.

“What do you want?” [Chris]

“A few days ago a large number of goblins and hobgoblins attacked are village and dragged off all I women so please help us get them back!” [Steven]

Chris started thinking of the pros and cons of the request. If he helps them there was a possible of fight more hobgoblins which interested him not to mention a reward sounded nice.

"What is the reward?” [Chris]

Steven hesitated before speaking

“Are village can’t be considered wealthy so 40 silver is all we can offer.” [Steven]

From what Chris knew money conversion in this world from the information he received it was like this copper -> silver -> gold -> red gold -> holy gold with 100 copper = 1 silver, 100 silver = 1 gold, 100 gold = 1 red gold, 100 red gold = 1 holy gold.

A commoner family of 5 can live off of 50 silver to 1 gold a year so for Chris 40 silver could last him a while. Plus he has no money right now so anything helps.

“Fine I’ll help” [Chris]

The villagers’ eyes shone.

“Great the den is not far from here follow me.” [Steven]

Suddenly a scream could be heard.

“Monster!” [Villager]

Looking over Chris’ plant minions were making their way to him.

“Shut up you fool these are me minions they won’t harm you” [Chris]

Still they wouldn’t calm down so after a quick explanation of his job’s skills they continued to the goblins den quietly. Along the way they encountered more goblins but they were slaughtered in an instant by Chris.

After an hour the group made it to the entrance of a cave guarded my 30 goblins and 7 hobgoblins.

“That’s it” [Steven]

Steven started to walk forward but was stopped by Chris grabbing his shoulder. Chris spoke in a cold voice while a wicked light flashed in his eyes.

“Stay back you’ll only get in my way” [Chris]

See how Chris was smiling no one argued as he got ready to attack. Except for one.

“No let me come those bastards took my sister Lina, I want to help rescue her!” [Steven]

“No” [Chris]

That one word was like an icicle piercing Stevens’s heart. It was obvious there was no negotiations on the subject and Steven lowered his head.

The guards at the entrance were lazily looking around, then a barrage of seeds explode from the cover of the forest leaving only half a dozen goblins and 2 hobgoblins alive. Trying to run into the cave for protection ended with poor results as the rest were mowed down by a second volley of seeds.

Walking into the cave Chris smelled a mix of body odor, blood, and guts. Bone were scattered here and there. Making his way I deeper into the cave he investigated many room killing what was inside.

Though it took them some time the monsters started to come and try to reply him. Though the hallways could fit four Chompers at once Chris decide to set it up where 4 chompers were in front to bite at the goblins that got to close while the other 4 chompers fired seeds and had the 1 sunflower using battle pollen and the other heal when necessary.

Because of that clearing through the areas was incredible simple.

After an hour of “cleaning” Chris still hadn’t found the girls but something else good happened.

/// congratulations!!! You are now Lv 30!!! \\\
\\\ you have filled the requirements for Create Seed (rank 2) and Green Thumb General (rank 2) to rank up by 1 ///

/// alert! Because Create Seed has reached rank 3 your skill will now mutate \\\

(What?) [Chris]

Suddenly his plant minions started to glow and change. The Chompers grew leaves all over their bodies as well as 2 whip like vines while the sunflower grow and extra head (flower) and its petals became more orange then yellow.

(The hell!) [Chris]

Looking at the create seed skill chomper seed and sunflower seed where gone replaced by armored chomper and double sun seed.

Without hesitation Chris looked at his new minions stats

Armored Chomper minion
Tier 2
HP 700 / MP 100
Str 125
Agi 85
Def 200
Magic 20
Skills: Seed Shot (5MP), Leaf Armor, Whip Crush (10MP)

Looking at its new stats and skills Chris smile broadly. Leaf Armor add an extra 20% Def and did a small amount of damage to others when struck. Whip Crush empowers their vines to deal a strong attack.

“Awesome!” [Chris]

As for the double sun

Double Sun minion
Tier 2
HP 150 / MP 600
Str 30
Agi 150
Def 40
Magic 75
Skills: Battle Pollen + (2MP per 5sec), Healing Light + (80MP)

(Nice!) [Chris]

With the two seed types evolved as Chris calls it sweep the cave clear increased in speed.

Still he was disappointed that his command limit didn’t increase instead the stat boast doubled to 10%.

After kill another 100 or so more enemies Chris came across a room that seem different from the rest. It smelled of “Man Time”.

Looking around he saw multiple small cave with moans coming from them.

“Tsk well this is going to be a pain” [Chris]

His mind again went into overdrive to come up with a plan over the problem in front of him.

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