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“What the hell!?” [???]

Currently, Chris Gelvon 17 years old 6’4, messy red hair that covers most of his face fat and ugly high school student was sitting in a small clearing. Labeled as “the weak giant” by his peers while being made a punching bag by everyone in his school both metaphorically and not. Even the teachers tormented him.

His story wasn’t sad like because of the some incident caused others to tease him, no it was just because he was “weak”. Since he was always picked on for his weight and that he was an otaku, in other words, he was a coward.

To him, manga, anime, and light novels were an escape from cruel reality. Though because of that “escape” he was only bullied even more.

Because of all that Chris hated for others, but now none of that mattered right now.

Just a moment ago he was in class then a white light and some voice.

Though right now he didn’t worry about that. He was looking around, but all he saw was trees.

(Ok ok calm down Chris think.) [Chris]
Note: () mean that they are thinking not speaking

Taking a deep breath Chris’ mind raced.

“Wait now I remember!”

He recalled in the white light a voice told him some stuff but at the moment, it was mostly hazy except for say “since fate seems to like you I give you the basic info so that you can survive.”

Remembering that he thought it over then said “menu.”

In the corner of his vision, a small window appeared in it 4 things were displayed.

|basic info|
|job and titles|

He started with basic info.

The window changed to show his name, sex, age, race, level.

Needless to say, he was level 1.

Next looking at his job and titles. Obviously he had no titles, but his job made not know to laugh or cry.

“Combat Gardener!? What the fuck is that!?” [Chris]
Note: do you prefer that or Battle Botanist, please tell me

He could only sigh as he moved onto his stats.

HP 100 / MP 400
Str 15
Agi 5
Def 20
Magic 30
Luck 1
Charm 0

Looking at his stats, his agility seemed low but that’s probably because of him being fat. Still his luck is 1 and…

“Charm 0 as expected” [Chris]

Still his magic was 30 and his MP was 400 that had to be good right?

Lastly, he opened the skill window.

He had 6 skills

Create Seed
Green Thumb General
Extreme Growth
Battle State
Language Comprehension

He decides to look at each one of them.

/Create Seed (rank 1) – creates a seed that transforms into a plant minion when placed on the ground” (Costs 100 MP)

Current seeds available: Chomper Seed\

/Green Thumb General (rank 1) – allow you to command your plant minions with efficiency as well as given them + 5% to all stats

Command limit: 5\

/Extreme Growth – increase EXP gain x2 and stat increase by level 20%\

/Battle State – in combat your mind becomes calm and has raised resistance to mental attacks\

/Analyze – gives useful info on target {if the target’s level is too high then less info is given}\

/Language Comprehension - you understand and can speak any language you come across\

Looking at his skills, he smiled.

“Finally something good!” [Chris]

He cheered with joy (maybe this is a good thing, coming to this world)


Hearing the sound of a twig snapping behind him, he turned and standing there was a small green monster the size of a child with a loincloth as its only clothing, it carried a stick as a weapon.

He immediately used analyze on it.

Goblin Lvl 3
Rank F
HP 70 / MP 0
Str 10
Agi 10
Def 5
Magic 0
Skill: none

(Goblin huh, it seems weak. So if I kill it I gain EXP, alright) [Chris]

Looking at the little green monster, he smiled.

(There is only one so this will be easy)

Chris had confines that he could, at least, beat one goblin.

As he decides how to handle this his mind was completely calm and calculating, it was nice since this was his first battle he didn’t need the pressure of being panicked.

The goblin eyed him as Chris picked up a nearby rock.

Sensing hostility the goblin suddenly squeaked and in the next few seconds there were 7 more goblins all glaring at Chris.

Still he didn’t panic while being thankful for Battles State his mind worked quickly.

“Oh yeah I have that skill” [Chris]

Instantly 2 small green seed appeared in Chris’ hand and he tossed them onto the ground.

As soon as the seeds hit the ground they exploded with leaves and vines. In a second two 3’0, plant monsters that looked similar piranha plants from the Mario series stood there. The only difference was that the chompers were a dark green color instead of red with white spots.

Looking at them Chris used analyze

Chomper Minion
Tier 1
HP 200 / MP 0
Str 25
Agi 5
Def 20
Magic 0
Skills: none

“Wow, these guys aren’t that bad” [Chris]

Seeing the 2 chompers appear out of nowhere the goblins were caution, but Chris had no hesitation. Through some sort of mental link, he ordered the 2 chompers to attack the goblins.

Large leaves acted as legs as they made their way to the goblins.

Obviously, the goblins weren’t that intelligent and see the chompers moving towards them the little group of child-sized monsters started attacking the plants.

To put it shortly it ended poorly for the goblins. They swung their sticks at the chompers, but the 2 plants didn’t seem to take much damage. While the goblins were attacking one of the chompers opened its mouth and lashed out.

With one bit the upper half of the nearest goblin vanished into the chompers mouth leaving only the arms and hip down to fall in a pool of blood.

Seeing how quickly their comrade was killed, they stiffened.

Before they finally decided to run, 3 more goblins were devoured by Chris’ minion.

“Awesome with these guys I have a fighting chance to survive until I find civilization” [Chris]

After walking around for a while, Chris found a river with a cave. Seeing that the cave was safe he and since it was getting dark, Chris made 3 more chompers.

Then using grass and leaves from around the area he made a bed for himself.

As he lay there looking at the star that could be seen from the cave through small hole in the ceiling Chris’ mind began to churn.

Sighing while stretching out his hand he as if he was trying to grab the stars out of the sky he let out a fearless smile.

“That does it, in this world I will change!” [Chris]

Clenching his hand, he laughed while shouting.

“I will shed this shell of being weak! I will become someone strong! More powerful than anyone no matter what!” [Chris]

Gaining the resolve to change his life Chris drifted off to sleep.

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