The Strongest Job... Gardener?

The Strongest Job... Gardener?

by EsperReal

Chris Gelvon, a bullied and abused high schooler finds himself in another world without knowing how he got there.

With a dark pasted he travels forward through combat, revenge, love, and sorrow. On his journey, he will gain friends and enemies alike. He will topple nations, ancient evils, transcended beings, and maybe even the gods themselves.

Will he fulfill his desires or will he die trying? No one truly knows unless they read this epic of the man with the strongest job.

And that job is… a Gardener?

Note: This is my first Story so be prepared that the first ten or so chapters suck, but from what my followers comments is that it gets better after that.


Just saying i have no idea where this story is going. How the story moves is based on how i feel at the moment.
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Overlord of the Forest

Word Count (13)
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Table of Contents
71 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Revolve to change ago
chapter 2 the rescue request ago
chapter 3 boss fight (1/2) ago
Chapter 4 boss fight (2/2) ago
Chapter 5 The Goddess, New Skill, and the Beast's Trial ago
Chapter 6 Feeling, the truth, and foolish bandits ago
Chapter 7: Tears at night ago
Chapter 8 A fitting weapon ago
Chapter 9: The first quest of Fate ago
Chapter 10: A New Body and A Princess Reward ago
Chapter 11: The Past Of Two Snowflakes ago
chapter 12: The Heroes Arrival ago
Chapter 13: Forest Monster VS Sword Princess ago
Chapter 14: Damaged Soul ago
Chapter 15: Five Elemental Core ago
Chapter 16: Guiding Soul Stone ago
Chapter 17: Mind Corrupting Fungus Tribal Chief ago
Chapter 18: Calm before the Storm part 1 ago
Chapter 19: Calm before the Storm part 2 ago
Chapter 20: Tyrannical Power ago
Chapter 21: level 2 ago
Chapter 22: A Painful Past ago
Chapter 23: Memories not Forgotten ago
Chapter 24: Recruitment Plan ago
Chapter 25: A Moonlit Kiss ago
Chapter 26: Over Eating ago
Chapter 27: While the Monster Sleeps I ago
Chapter 28: While the Monster Sleeps II ago
Chapter 29: While the Monster Sleeps III ago
Chapter 30: The Monster Sleeps No More ago
Chapter 31: One Sided Slaughter ago
Chapter 32: Extermination and Subjugation ago
Chapter 33: Chris the Evil King? ago
Chapter 34: Chris vs Aldear ago
Chapter 35: An Overlord's Dominance ago
Chapter 36: Revenge With Benefits ago
Chapter 37: A New Nuisance ago
Chapter 38: Assassination Attempt ago
Chapter 39: Party Crasher ago
Chapter 40: A New Master ago
Chapter 41: Fate's Warning ago
Chapter 42: First Day: MVP ago
Chapter 43: The Chances of Success is 20% ago
Chapter 44: Power Unsealed ago
Chapter 45: Minions, Minions, and More Minions ago
Chapter 46: Skill and Demonstrations ago
Chapter 47: Can A Hero Change? ago
Chapter 48: The Power Of The Oppressed ago
Chapter 49: Overwhelming Power ago
Chapter 50: The Begin of the End ago
Chapter 51: A Wonderful Gift from an Enemy ago
Chapter 52: Making A Bet ago
Chapter 53: Price For Power ago
Chapter 54: A Happy Ending? ago
Chapter 55: Tears ago
Release schedule and sponsored chapters ago
Chapter 56: The Birth of An Empire ago
Chapter 57: Reunion ago
Chapter 58: The Morale of the People ago
Chapter 59: Run Away Emperor ago
Chapter 60: The World Tree Festival Begins ago
Chapter 61: The Players Begin To Gather ago
Not A Chapter ago
Chapter 62: Cunning And Shameless ago
Chapter 63: The Arrival of the Princesses ago
Chapter 64: Not A Snake, But A Spider ago
Quick announcement! ago
Chapter 65: Showing Growth I (Non PRed) ago
Chapter 66: Showing Growth II (Non PRed) ago
Not a chapter but... ago
Chapter 67: Let the match begin! ago

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Readable, but has many problems

First of all I don’t see how hes a gardener. I would call him a plant-type combat summoner or maybe a battle druid. Setting aside things like spelling errors and incorrect homonyms you’re constantly leaving off contractions on words like wouldn’t or couldn’t etc. which completely changes the meaning of a sentence making it slightly confusing and difficult to read. And most of all the villains are bad. Especially the brothers and uncle, you can’t get much more cliche and annoying. They absolutely aren’t good enough characters to keep reusing them so *SPOILER* when at the end of chapter 13 they escaped like fricking Team Rocket I almost stopped reading right there.


Some unique interesting spins on the usual formula, but needs the touch of an editor badly

I like the story because the MC has an interesting "class" to work with along with a rather unique attitude. Some pacing issues especially when it comes to changes in the MC's attitude. It would be better if the MC's outlook on life matched up with his actions a little more. There is some lack of consistency on this front. If changes to the MC's attitude are necessary, it would better off as gradual process.


Now the real problem here is with the grammar. While readable, there are many glaring homonym based spelling errors as well as plain typos and badly worded sentences/fragments. Certainly not the worst I have seen on this site, but clearly in need of editing. Nobody expects perfection here, but the errors are definitely at a point where it hurting the overall story.


Many mistakes and an ever changing system?

Story: The story in itself could be pretty interesting. Don’t really know how the author wants to do it with his story progression pace, but seems good


Style: Very bad! If you introduce a system into your story don’t change it every 2 chapters as you like! A story needs consistency to unfold (like i commented in one chapter, first he can’T see stats of an enemy 30 level higher than him, few chapters later he can suddenly see the stats of one almost 100 level higher than him?)

The level up progress is done too fast and the “skill” system makes no sense at all

Oh btw The title doesn’t even get close to the story, except for his “job” nothing has to do with gardener. He is a nature mage, nothing else, job could be called Nature mage - would be truer to the story


Grammar: GO BACK TO SCHOOL! It is one of the worst I have ever seen. Some words you use don’t even mean what you think they do. Past tense of words are most of the time wrong, wrong words destroying sentences. It is horrible


Character: Some character description is in the story, but not all too much. The MC Character seems to have a split personality (I didn’t do it to save you, but you are important to me, so i did it to save you? WTF?). His reasons change every chapter and how he is interacting with others does too.


All in all i have to say, as long as the author doesn’t get better at english, this story is a lost cause


Grammar, Character, Realism, Pitchfork. Please.

Your grammar is probably in the lower 30% of the stories here on RRL, Check your spelling/ grammar or get an proofreader before posting, please?


I see that you tried to add character depth, but you kinda failed... The Character(s) are kinda... Shallow?


Okay, "Calm Mind Skill"... 99% of the people introducing this thing at the very beginning of an story are probably those that have no idea on how to make the character react on the new stuff.


So before you and your followers grab the pitchfork and start hunting me down... This. Is. SP- I mean this is an portal where you can freely critize right? Guys? ...


I hope this will be constructive

I think that you have a really fun idea, but the way that this was written made it so that I couldn't get past chapter 5. Ignoring the spelling and grammar mistakes, the characters were very dull and not at all belivable. I mean, honestly, a girl gets raped by a bunch of monsters and get upset that some random dude isn't lusting after her? Not a chance in hell...


I think that beginnings are vital to any type of story. It seemed like you just wanted this character to go from weakling to badass so fast that when he got stronger we didn't even care about him yet. What makes a good writer, in my opinion, is someone who can make me feel excited that the character is getting stronger, or sad when he is struggling with whatever issues.


If you would put a little more effort in the characters this story would be much better. Make the reactions believable, make us care about what happens. 


Hope that was helpful


interesting idea, but TERRIBLY done.


Characters are shallow and unrealistic.

MC is described as a incompetent loser and yet in the blink of an eye he adapts to everything and becomes battle specialist.

Also MC finds 2 girls that were stripped against their will and experienced rape and yet they tell him "two beautiful ladies wearing all most nothing are in front of you and there is no react. It makes me loss confidents in myself" and no girl would ever said that in that situation.

This story is full of such unrealistic situations.


Got to chapter six and had to stop. It's like trying to read a foreign LN that went through Google Translate, but without any sprucing up. The very first paragraph, not to be confused with the first sentence. The very first paragraph had so many mistakes, you would have failed the first semester in ANY Language Arts class. The rest of the chapter had simple mistakes, but the last bit had a sentence I could not understand, and now I have a headache.


The unrealistic encounter between the MC and the two ice mages is probably what made me stop. If a random guy saw two naked women in a fantasy world, he would react in a myriad of ways. One of which would be to stare, while another would be to turn their back while they retrieve some semblance of clothing. Hell, if he was sadistic enough, he'd fuck them right then and there (I've read a few that did that sort of thing).


The story, however, looks interesting, but only because of the unique class. The skills, on the other hand, are more like a rip off of the plants from Plants Vs. Zombies. The Sunflower gave it away.


Overall, the story gets a 1.5/5 from me, as I won't touch it until the author fixes his/her bloody mistakes.


My Rating Says It All. Ops, there's none!

Hence the title. Since most have already said of what I wanted to say, well mostly thrashing… Not gonna stay any longer as its a waste of time. Expecting a lot of thumb down. But what I dont understand is why this had gotten first on weekly…


Its alright just needs some work

Grammar needs quite a bit of work. I liked the character's class, but the story needs work mainly explanations. The romance thing was a little disappointing, way too quick for a mc supposedly hating people. Could have stretched it out a bit and made him seem less of a pussy. 


The only reason it is in the Top Week is because of fast release

If you are looking for a completely amateur work.
Full of grammar mistakes and misspellings.
Shallow/hollow/empty/fake/forced characters.
A history that used fake reviews to promote himself.
That is the history for you.

If you doubt what I am saying, just read until the 5º chapter and come back to judge this review.