The Will of Bastet - A Kammi Kettu Story

by Kara Null

Original HIATUS Romance Sci-fi Female Lead Gender Bender Super Heroes
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

Dave's seemingly static life get's turned upside down the day the second wave of the Emergence sweeps through the world.

How does the newly minted Catgirl fit into a world of Heros, Villains, and mysterious artifacts of an advanced civilization?

This is a story set in the Kammi Kettu Universe created by QuietValerie. Make sure to read Kammi Kettu!

As with the other stories in this universe this story contains LGBTQ themes.

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Kara Null

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Charming, Grim, a good fit for Kammi

 I really enjoy this story, thank you so much for messaging me asking to write in my universe!!


I love the MC, I love the nyaness. Your writing is great, and a nice surprise after that shockingly formatted email you sent me at the start ;)


Definitely linking people here from my own story!

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seems promising so far got a cat girl with an expressive tail...

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Hope despite all odds

Will of Bastet is a faithful interpretation of the themes, setting and flavor of Kammi Kettu.

Set in the now familier Penrith city Will of Bastet follows the recently Emerged catgirl Maya and deals with the powerstruggles and corperate esionage of tech and research companies in a post Emergence world as she try to be the first to make breakthroughs on Emerged physiology and the alientech of the ruins that have appeared.

Maya is a character who very much takes the world on her own terms and at her own pace, and is a character you will come to love especially with her quest for pizza.

The story also features villains from the other stories such as Yelmorn Industries.

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This is a great story and I honestly loved all of it. The characters all have life to them and it fits in well with the rest of the Kammi-Verse. Can't wait for more.

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Okay, honestly I am terrible at writing out my thoughts and can't judge style for shit, but here goes nothing.

We only got a few chapters, but what I see has me wanting more. Love the character and how they interact, and I am looking forward to seeing another perspective in the growing Kammiverse.