Dragon Knight Prophecy

by omnixius

Original ONGOING Adventure Drama Fantasy Romance Harem High Fantasy Male Lead Multiple Lead Characters Non-Human lead Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Sexual Content

The war was lost and it was only a matter of time until all he held dear was wiped away. Desperate to save his people a priest of the God Astikar challenges his order, his leaders, and his faith to allow him to go and find the one thing that could turn the tide. With their scorn he sets off on a quest that was doomed from the start. Now at the end of his rope he hasn’t found what he was looking for, instead he found her. As the time to save his people slips away a secret plot, an ancient god, and a magic long forgotten must be brought to the surface if he is to have any chance to save the broken empire.


Will he succeed in time? Or will love cause him to turn back?


A high fantasy character focused story of Gods, magic, dragons, and a secret at the core of all creation.


This is my first story as an amateur writer. I appreciate anyone who reads this work. I would appreciate you leaving an honest rating, and am open to all feedback good or bad.

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  • Overall Score

Good start (early impression)


welp it is now 1-26 and the story is wonderful The character building is definetley the star of the show in this novel. My only complaint at this point is I have no clue at all how this is going to work out as a harem since i am so invested in Gersius and Lilly as characters i cant see another relationship happening at all. Other than that absolutely beautiful character driven book. Bit of warning for others dont expect an action orriented book there is some but it is not the story focus at all. Not that im complaining or anything actions books are a dime a dozen on the internet.

(old review)

This is a really early impression 1-5 is as far as it has gotten but I hate to see a good story without reviews will update once it is further along. The major thing I really like about this story is that the characters feel like people and not convenient vessels for tropes or a power fantasy they are terrified at there situation and way out of their depth. Particularly in a lot of harem\fantasy stories characters can feel like a mashup of tropes and not an actual character particularly with regards to romance interests and so far the female mc \ love interest feels like an actual person which I am pretty impressed by since I have seen other stories struggle to do this in 50+ chapters

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A beautiful novel, with a world that feels alive. Plus it has a dragon.


The story is on the realism side of fantasy. You can find magic, magical beings, and monsters, but it's not the everyday business of most people. The world is built enough to feel like it could exist, even though some places are hard to imagine. A lot of time is spent on interactions, but there are some fights that are very impactful without the meaningful grind.

No RPG-like stats. It's a fantasy world without a reincarnated person or something like that.


Characters feel and interact believably as people would. There are emotions and hidden agendas moving things along. People struggle, do the wrong thing for the right reason and so on.

Harem side is yet to appear in 26 chapters. There is main par that's solving thing out, taking their time. This is important as both of them have decently established who they are and what they feel.

There is no love at first sight, brainwashed women fawning over MC or cardboard heroines that exist to only make MC looks more cool or awesome. Romance is slow, but it does not appear without a reason.

MC have friends, I know it may sound shocking, but they aren't all females or played for jokes.

Villain side could get a bit more fleshed out instead of painting them black, they should have some deeper reasons why they do their thing.


I have no complaints, I can hardly asset complexity, but it's been done the right way. It gets its reader into the story. If I care about characters and don't struggle reading paragraphs, it's well done.


Almost perfect. As a person who has English as a second language, I don't see any issue. Maybe some occasional slip-up, but with so many pages out there it's like a drop in a bucket.


I recommend this story, it has a great feeling. The first chapter may have not been the best, but it's important for later. If you stick around longer, you would discover great read.

  • Overall Score

Hidden Gem in RR. Just don't drop the novel. It's too good to be dropped.

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I will say that I do not like many romance stories. I find too many of them have very one-sided relationships and usually focus on a single character attempting to seduce and romance another characters.

This story gives us two well developed and mature characters that mutually fall in love with eachother over time and harship. There is no one getting miraculously swept off there feet by someone out of there reach, or saving a jade beuaties life and adding +1 to the harem.

The fantasy plot and action scenes are also very solid, but I found the focus to be the romance, so that is what I mainly reccomend.

It is very refreshing to see a romance of equals in web fiction, and I highly reccomend this story to anyone who likes romance even a little bit.

  • Overall Score

wow good story. Keep up the good work.


Really captures the emotions of the main cast even the side char are well fleshed out. 

  • Overall Score

Fantastic Story. (Early review)

Having just read chapter one of book 2, this story hasn’t failed to deliver since it began. Yes, I initially saw this story tagged under the “Harem,” tag which may have been the reason why I clicked it, but this story is so much more than that. Rather than looking forward to the “Harem,” I have grown to love all the characters and the depths of their personalities to the point that I had to remind myself that this story was written by someone in their freetime. -WOW. 

The few “miniscule” things I can think of that need improvement are a few typos here and there but otherwise I have been beyond impressed with the quality displayed. 

In comparrison to other stories with similar tags, “Atros Imperium,” which in itself is a very different story in many respects is one that I think of when comparing the quality of your story to another. Both Atros Imperium and Dragon Knight Prophecy are in my opinion some of the best that RRL has to offer in the genre. 

Keep it up!! This story has been amazing so far!!

  • Overall Score

One of the highest quality novels i've read on this site, only a few word errors but very well driven story and character development.