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Chapter 18: I apologise for treating your sister like a pet...


Once school ended and the group left, only Kazuki, Mei and Hineko were left as Kaede, Hana and Akiko had gone home. Kazuki learnt that Mei and Hineko lived next to each other.

Now that Mei had also gone home, Kazuki followed Hineko to her front door. When Hineko rang the doorbell, a woman who looked to be in her early twenties opened the door. “Welcome home, Hineko!”

The woman then hugged Hineko before letting her go after noticing Kazuki. “Are you Hineko’s boyfriend?” As she said this, the woman hid her smile with her hand.

“I doubt there would be any six-year olds in a romantic relationship.” Kazuki said in the most monotone of voices. “This is my older sister, Hikari.” Hineko said as she gestured to her sister.

“I’m Hikari but you can just call me Onee-chan, Kazu-chan.” Said Hikari as she squatted down and hugged Kazuki’s head. So she’s one of those extremely social types. Also how does she know my name?

“Hineko-chan always talks about yo-” Hikari said before Hineko covered her mouth. “Do you want to head up to my room, Kazuki?” Hineko said in a hurry. “Sure.”

“Already inviting your boyfriend to your room?” Hikari said as the two walked up the stairs. “He’s not my boyfriend.” Said Hineko as she grumpily walked up the stairs.

Not knowing what to say, Kazuki decided to say the first thing that came to mind. “Your sister’s pretty nice.” At that moment, Hineko stopped and started staring at Kazuki. Well this is… uncomfortable.

In an attempt to dissolve the awkward atmosphere, Kazuki decided to try patting Hineko on the head. “How about we head to your room?” Kazuki asked Hineko. She gave a brief nod before walking to her room.

Once they entered her room Hineko started to talk. “Sit down.” Hineko then pointed towards the circular carpet. When Kazuki sat down, Hineko placed her head on top of his lap.

Placing his hand on Hineko’s head, Kazuki proceeded to pat her on the head. Is this what she invited me here for?

Seeing that Hineko had her eyes closed, Kazuki decided to play with her cheeks. Kazuki found this extremely calming for some reason and started to have a slight smile.

At that moment, Hineko wrapped her arms around Kazuki’s waist and tackled him to the ground before resting her head on Kazuki’s stomach. Despite the strange events that had just occurred, Kazuki didn’t mind it and continued to pat Hineko’s head.

While he was patting her, Hineko had somehow moved her head on top of his chest. She then rubbed her cheek on his chest before Kazuki sensed someone walking up the stairs.

Kazuki tried to get Hineko off of him but with his abysmal strength, t’was impossible. Sensing the presence getting closer, Kazuki decided to bring Hineko into his arms before rolling to the side. Now that he was on top of her, Kazuki just had to move to the side.

Before he could do so, the door opened and Hikari appeared. Looking at Kazuki who was mounted on her sister, Hikari started talking. “I could make a joke about how you’re doing stuff in broad daylight but I won’t. Why? Because the two of you are in elementary school.”

Weren't you making similar style jokes earlier? Kazuki felt that although the air was now awkward, he was glad that there wasn’t some kind of misunderstanding.

Letting out a sigh, Kazuki hopped off of Hineko and sat next to her and pat her head. At that moment, Hikari gave Kazuki a cup of orange juice and pressed another against Hineko’s cheek.

Waking up, Hineko grabbed the cup and gulped down the contents. “Oh Kazuki, I forgot you were here.” Hineko said as she noticed him. Oof, feels bad.

“By the way, what did you invite me here to do?” Kazuki asked whilst sipping some of his fine orange juice. “Do I need a reason to spend time with my friend?” Hineko said before moving to drink from her cup before realising it was empty.

Seeing this, Kazuki decided to play with Hineko. “Do you want the rest of mine?” Said Kazuki as he signalled to his cup of orange juice. Seeing Hineko nod with anticipation on her face, Kazuki had a grin on his face.

As he showed Hineko the top of his palm he said, “Shake.” As she placed her hand on his, Kazuki then pointed downwards. “Lie down.” After Hineko lay on her belly, Kazuki drew a semi-circle in the air. “On your back.” Now that Hineko was on her back, Kazuki gave her a belly rub. “Good girl.” Seeing her happy look, Kazuki felt satisfied.

Kazuki was about to give her the orange juice but a screen appeared.

Taming Lv.2 has increased to Lv.3

That actually worked? Although Kazuki had been aiming for this result, he didn’t think he’d increase the level of his skill so quickly.

“What are you doing?” Said Hikari with a slight frown that looked cute rather than upset. Remembering that Hikari was still in the room, Kazuki looked at her face. Yep, looks like her opinion of me has gone down a bit.

Face Reading has increased to Lv.2

“We’re… playing a game.” Kazuki had seen his level increase but felt the issue at hand had to be solved first.

“Is that so?” Hikari wasn’t convinced. Seeing that his excuse hadn’t worked, Kazuki apologised. “I apologise for treating your sister like a pet and using her as an outlet for my weird and unusual urges.”

“I’ll accept your apology... but only if you lick my feet.” As Hikari said this, Kazuki had some thoughts in his head. I’m not sure you should be asking a six-year old to lick your feet. “How about I just kowtow?” Kazuki kowtowed as he said this.

“Fine.” Hikari decided to accept Kazuki’s alternative. As all this happened, Hineko had been drinking Kazuki’s juice.

You have gained Bargain Lv.1

Seeing this, Kazuki felt that this skill would be useful in the future. After he swiped it away another screen appeared.

Title Get! Novice Skill Collector

Have 16 Skills



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