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[Novice Skill Collector] (Have 16 Skills)
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Seeing the screen in front of him, Kazuki was stunned. Seeing Kazuki simply staring blankly into space, Hineko stood up and poked his cheek. “Are you okay?”

Waking up, Kazuki swiped away the screen before patting Hineko’s head. “Ah yeah, I’m alright.”

When Kazuki stopped patting Hineko’s head, she grabbed some books and set them down on the nearby table. “Hey Kazuki, can you help me study?” Although she said this, Hineko’s real goal was to see how smart Kazuki really was. “Alright.”

Sitting down next to her, Kazuki looked at Hineko’s notebook. Seeing her notes, Kazuki felt that her book didn’t look like that of a kid. Not only was her writing neat, but also she used the space on her page extremely efficiently.

Wait… Notebooks… Looking at the notebook, Kazuki had a revelation. He quickly opened his bag and took out one of his still empty notebooks. “Scan.”

As soon as it finished scanning, Kazuki then downloaded it. After around one minute, a screen appeared in front of him.


Requirement Met!

Scan and Download a notebook.

Document Writing System

It actually worked!? Kazuki was extremely elated with his discovery. If this works, maybe something similar will occur with my sketchbook. When he downloaded his sketchbook, a similar screen appeared.

Kazuki now had two additional systems. The Document Writing System and the Sketchbook Drawing System. “What are you doing, Kazuki?” Seeing his weird behaviour, Hineko asked in curiosity.

“I’m making my life easier.” Kazuki said with a smile. Despite its price of 5AP, the Scan & Download System is incredibly good. Placing his sketchbook back in his bag, he sat down next to Hineko once again. “How about we start studying?”

Feeling his phone vibrate, Kazuki took it out of his pocket. It was the alarm he set to go off at six thirty. “Shit, it’s time already? I need to ger home.” Hearing this Hineko felt slightly upset since she was having fun studying. “I’m telling Kaede you swore.”

“Please don’t do that.” While he was helping Hineko study, Kazuki gained a new skill called Teaching. After grabbing his bag, Kazuki and Hineko walked to the front door. “Are you leaving? Wait a moment, it’s pretty dark outside so I’ll take you home.” Seeing Kazuki about to leave, Hikari got off of the couch to put on a coat.

“I’m coming as well.” Hearing her sister, Hineko decided to come along as well.

After a minute or two, the group of three left the house. It was pretty chilly outside despite it being spring and Kazuki only had his school uniform. When he felt something wrap around his neck, Kazuki looked to his right and saw that Hineko wrapped her scarf around him.

“Thanks.” Kazuki gave her a headpat of gratitude with a slight smile on his face. Seeing that, Hineko felt happy and moved closer to him. Seeing this scene, Hikari felt like it would have been better if she stayed home. Am I just a third wheel?

Eventually, the group reached Kazuki’s home and they split up after saying their farewells.

A while after returning home, Hineko and Hikari started eating dinner. “Hey Hineko-chan, how did you meet Kazuki?” Hikari asked this as her curiosity could no longer be contained. “When I went to the rooftop, I smelt something nice and noticed Kazuki.”

“The food he gave me tasted nice and it felt nice when he pat my head.” Hineko said before putting a bit of fish in her mouth. “Can’t say I expected that. Also, I didn’t expect there’d be someone who was smarter than you in your class.” Hikari said with some rice in her mouth.

“I didn’t expect it either. Also, please swallow your food before talking.” Hineko said in a slightly annoyed tone.

Back at his home, Kazuki put his uniform in the washing machine and hopped into the bath after washing himself. “There are so many things I don’t know about my system.” Releasing a sigh, Kazuki sunk lower into the water until it was a bit below his nose.

After the water started to cool down, Kazuki got out and put on some clothes. When he left the bathroom, he saw his dad at the couch playing games and joined him.

After a while, dinner was ready and the two sat at the table with the girls. “Did you have fun at Hineko’s home?” Kaede suddenly asked. “Yeah it was pretty good. I helped her study a bit while I was there.”

After he finished eating, Kazuki sat down on the couch. He was about to lay down but his older sister sat down next to him. After a few seconds, Kaede looked at Kazuki. “You aren’t going to lie down?”

Letting out a sigh, Kazuki placed his head on Kaede’s lap. “You happy?” After he said this, he felt Kaede’s hand on his head. “Hey Kae-chan, when is the sports festival?” Kaori asked as she sat next to Kaede.

“Should be around two months from now.” Kaede said as she continued patting Kazuki’s head.

Eventually Kazuki got tired and fell asleep on Kaede’s lap.

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