In the morning, Kazuki woke up before anyone else and got dressed for school. Once he finished brushing his teeth, he heard someone approaching. After rinsing his mouth, the person arrived behind him.

“Morning, Kazu-kun.” After returning Kaede’s greeting, Kazuki headed to the living room. Sitting down, Kazuki decided to read a manga that he downloaded yesterday.

After eating breakfast, Kazuki, Kaede, Hana and Akiko left the house. On the way to school, the group met Hineko and Mei.

“Wassup you two!” When Kazuki greeted them, the pair turned around and returned the greeting.

Mei turned to face Kazuki and Hana. “Did you two prepare for the test today?” Hana gave a quick nod but Kazuki only gave a questioning look. “Do we have a test today?”

“The teacher mentioned it when you were sleeping.” Hineko said as she joined the conversation. Why do we have a test? It’s only the third day of school. As Kazuki was questioning the teacher in his head, the group arrived at the school.

After Kaede and Akiko left for their class, the group of four headed to their class as well. “When will we be getting the test?” Kazuki asked the four. “It’s in first period.” Hana answered.

So it’s for math. Once he found out the test was on math, Kazuki lost almost all of his motivation.

As the teacher approached the classroom, Kazuki sat down in his chair. When she entered the class, Kazuki could see the test papers in her hands.

After the test was placed in front of him, a screen appeared in front of Kazuki.


Task Received!

Pass the test!

Depends on results.

At least I have a reason to do this test. Seeing that everyone else had started, Kazuki grabbed his pen and started writing.

Around 3 minutes later, Kazuki placed his pen down before grabbing his test and placing it on the teacher’s desk. “I’m done.” Kazuki had a smug look on his face, he was confident that he would get full marks since he’s even able solve high school level problems.

After sitting back down, Kazuki decided to read a light novel and increase the level of his Speed Reading at the same time.

After the period ended, Kazuki stretched his body. He had spent around an hour sitting idly, just reading light novels as fast as he could while also making sure he didn’t miss any details. As a result, his Speed Reading skill reached level 7.

At that moment, Hineko got up and walked to Kazuki’s table. “Did you really finish the test in 5 minutes?” Hineko had her face close to Kazuki’s as she asked this. “3 minutes, and I’m pretty sure I got full marks.”

“Wanna have a bet to see who did better?” Hineko seemed to pout as after hearing Kazuki’s statement. Didn’t I say I got full marks? “Alright, I’ll accept. Whoever does better gets to tell the loser to do one thing of the winner’s choosing.” After Hineko agreed to the terms, she returned to her seat but stood up after remembering what class was next.

In the art room, Kazuki’s class had started drawing. The teacher told the class to draw whatever they wanted so Kazuki decided to draw Hineko since she was in front of him. Since Kazuki was extremely dexterous, he found it quite easy to replicate Hineko’s figure on to the paper.

Not only did he perfectly draw Hineko, he also added shading. Since Kazuki had found manga quite enjoyable, he found himself using just a lead pencil to draw and ended up using a similar artstyle as well.

When the teacher saw Kazuki’s work, he was astonished. Kazuki’s drawing was extremely detailed, from the background, to Hineko’s expression, to the shading. Almost everything was perfect.

Kazuki had been extremely lucky, he lacks quite a lot of knowledge on how certain things should be drawn, but because the lighting and model were perfect, his drawing was also of similar grade.

When Hineko saw Kazuki’s drawing, she was delighted. Without realising it, Kazuki had started patting Hineko’s head. I feel like my body has an instinct to pat people on the head.

“Hey Kazuki.” Hineko started talking. “Wanna come to my house after school?”

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