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A note from SaltyJon

Didn't get any writing done yesterday because of family reasons.

“Now that we’ve decided who’s gonna sleep with who, does anyone have any suggestions for what to do until then?” Kaede asked while looking at the others. “How about we tell some scary stories?” Kazuki suggested.

“I don-” Hana was about to speak up before she was interrupted. “Oh! I’ve always wanted to do that!” Akiko exclaimed with sparkles in her eyes.

“Now that we’ve decided what to do, who wants to go first?” Kaede asked the group of four. “I’ll go first!” Kazuki had an arsenal of stories to tell.

“One day, I was walking down the street on my way back from the convenience store, I had this feeling I was being followed but no matter how hard I looked, there was nothing.”

“As I continued home, it started to rain. I didn’t bring an umbrella with me so I decided to take a shortcut home and use the alleyways. It was still midday but because of the clouds covering the entire sky, it was pretty dark.”

“In one of the alleyways, I could feel something behind me. When I turned around, there was a tall, completely black figure. As it stared at me with its white eyes, my legs gave out.”

“As I stared at it, it opened its mouth. I closed my eyes, expecting to be eaten… but there was nothing. When I opened my eyes, the figure was gone.”

“I quickly ran home and jumped into my bed before covering myself with my blanket. I wanted to forget what happened… eventually, I fell asleep.”

“When I woke up, it was still the middle of the night. At that moment I saw something, in the corner of the room was the black figure from the alleyway.”

“I could only stare at it, I saw it smiling at me. It was as if it was mocking me, it could kill me at any moment but it never did. It was as if it treated me as something to play with. When it finally left, I wasn’t able to fall asleep and could only hide in my blanket once again.”

Saying this, Kazuki looked at the others’ faces, he could tell that although they were scared it wasn’t to the extent he was hoping for. Kazuki decided that he would hold back.

“Every so often, the figure would appear and just smile at me. It didn’t matter where I was, it could appear at any… moment…”

As he said this, Kazuki used Mental Destruction. He stared into a random corner of the room as if there was something there. His mind felt a massive migraine and couldn’t hold back the tears. He started sweating profusedly and his chest was visibly shaking from his rapidly beating heart.

As Kaede, Hana and Akiko wondered why Kazuki stopped talking, they noticed his strange reaction. When they noticed his gaze, they looked over to where Kazuki was looking. They saw nothing, this fact however, only served to scare them even more.

The three started shaking, unconsciously they started holding hands.

At this moment, Mental Destruction’s level was rapidly increasing. In addition to Mental Destruction, Kazuki was using Concentration to keep his mind as stable as he could.

By the time Kazuki stopped using the skills, they had already reached level 5 and 4 respectively. In the process, he had also acquired two new skills called, Terrify and Acting.

The new skills had both reached level 3. Kazuki wondered his skills grew so fast. Maybe the skills’ levels were increased to match the level of skill I showed.

As a side effect of Mental Destruction, Kazuki’s mind needed some rest. He flopped onto the floor and started to stabilize his breathing and heart rate.

Kazuki looked at the three girls that were on the verge of crying. “How’d you like my story?” Kazuki said with a wide smile.

The three could only stare at Kazuki. “That wasn’t on the level of a story! I almost had a heart attack!” Kaede started yelling at Kazuki.

“Alright you four, it’s time to go to bed.” Mr Nakamura declared. Both him and his wife were watching what was happening and were quite scared as well. Mr Nakamura didn’t want the kids to see him in such a state so he sent them to their rooms.

At this moment, Kazuki and Hana were in bed together, sleeping. Hana’s bed wasn’t exactly the biggest, as a result, they were quite close together and had moved even closer during their sleep.

Kazuki woke up because he felt something. He noticed Hana had her arms around him but felt it was natural since there wasn’t a lot of space. The reason for his awakening was because he felt a weird sensation his leg.

Kazuki felt something warm on his leg but couldn’t see since he set his Brightness to 60% to fall asleep easier. “Set Brightness to Max.” After whispering this, Kazuki could now see the entire room as if it was daytime.

Kazuki couldn’t see anything above the blanket so he checked inside it. When he looked at his leg, he saw a dark patch on his pyjamas.

This is awkward… Maybe I shouldn’t have added the use of my skills to my story.

Kazuki decided to wake up Hana but thought she’d be embarrassed if she found out he knew. Kazuki decided to poke Hana in the sides to wake her.

Kazuki had closed his eyes and pretended to be asleep.

When Hana woke up, she felt that her lap was slightly warm… and wet. When she felt the area, she realised what had happened.

She looked over to Kazuki and let out a sigh of relief. She believed he was asleep. She removed the covers and grabbed her reading lamp. She turned it on and realised that she also made a mess on Kazuki’s leg.

Kazuki’s eyes were closed but could sense Hana near his feet. As he was wondering what she was doing, he felt a tug on his lower pyjamas. It was slowly being removed from his lower half. WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING!?

Kazuki almost broke but remembered that he was trying to act like he was asleep. After his lower pyjamas were removed, he felt Hana’s hand on his side before noticing the sheet below him moving.

She’s also taking the sheet? Kazuki almost broke his act once more, but was able to feign being asleep. Eventually the blanket was placed back on top of him.

Hana then left the room and put everything in the washing machine. She had seen her mother using the washing machine and already knew what to do. After putting the bed sheet, both her and Kazuki’s lower pyjamas and her undergarments in the washing machine, she quickly took a shower.

Once she returned to her room, she slowly moved under the blanket with a new pair of clothes and acted as if nothing had happened. She then went to sleep.

Am I just gonna leave my lower half exposed? Kazuki was still awake and his lower half felt a bit cold.

During the events of this night, his Concentration increased to level 5.

A note from SaltyJon

Kind of a weird chapter, but yeah... stuff...
Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed!
If ya find any errors mate or if ya've got some suggestions, go ahead and leave 'em in the comments mate.


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