To change a destiny

by Strange Teapot

Original HIATUS Drama Romance Sci-fi Tragedy Cyberpunk Male Lead Multiple Lead Characters Post Apocalyptic

Elias is a normal newly turned 18 years old boy living in the slums of northern Sweden, as he survived his birthday and it’s his last chance to a life of... well life. He knows it's a race against the clock and that every day could be his last.
But the system is giving him a chance to travel and find his soulmate before it's too late.
Will he be able to survive an unfair death and will he find happiness with his soul mate when he finds her?

Liam is a not so normal 16-year-old boy from the social elite of the British island and the world. To his father's great disdain it stands clear that Liam's soulmate is from the lower standing classes and has to go on a journey to find her. With pockets loaded with money, he sets off on a journey that will change his life forever.
Will he even like his soul mate and will people understand how wrong they are?

Follow our two boys on their adventure to find what's missing through a shattered world and everything is controlled by a system that will kill you if you don't find your soulmate before the youngest turns 18. How could this world even run and will they make it?

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Strange Teapot

Strange Teapot


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Great spin on a novel with a system

Nice job man! Nice story. Only prolbiem is chapter 1 is a few syntax mistakes and some awkward phrasing! Otherwise, nice job!