The Proud Chevalier and Her Loyal Knight

The Proud Chevalier and Her Loyal Knight

by sentrydown

Lucile Allard le Chevalier de Saint-Lusan is the baroness of Saint-Lusan, except she doesn't act like a typical noble. She's brash, headstrong, and carries around a greatsword, fighting criminals and slaying evil beasts where ever her travels take her. A self proclaimed "Hero of Justice," her sense of duty often outweighs her sense of safety. She seeks out the truth of what happened to her mother, whom she never got to know and disappeared nearly fifteen years ago during the Siege of Aquelia.

Ryk, once a wandering knight, is her retainer, who tries his best to keep his charge under control and to keep focused on the task at hand. It's not easy for him, and every day brings about new headaches. But he's ever greatful to Lucile for taking him in as her retainer, so he puts up with it. 

Together, they travel across the continent, hoping to find out more about Lucile's mother, and uncover what transpired during that fateful battle fifteen years ago, all while trying to prove themselves as heroes.

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