I couldn’t believe it. One part of me was relieved that I had beaten the test and defeated the robot. Another part of me felt kinda scared because I was holding a ball of deadly radiation. Then I remembered Sara. All I would have to do was breathe in and out and imagine the radiation being absorbed into my very hands...nothing happened.

The radiation was still there. I then heard the sound of footsteps approaching. Then the door exploded open and standing there was a tall asian man. He looked about 8/2 inches tall or so. He had white robes that had an image that appeared to be a dragon on them. He also had a giant pair of sunglasses and each circle was as big as a basketball. Seriously.

“Ah greetings my young lightning mage, My name is Mr Zhou and I will be your sub instructor) the man then beckoned for me to follow him. I did. We walked out the room and into the room where I once was when everyone was getting accepted. After that we entered an elevator. On said elevator was a kid, he was blonde and had blue eyes. And had a weed in his mouth. The whole situation was feeling pretty weird so I asked him a question.

“Why are you here?” I asked out of pure curiousity. what happened next was the strangest dialogue I have ever heard coming 

“Well you see I used to be an only child with my parents for about 2 years until my mother go to pregnant and gave birth to a child, a blue eyed boy with hair like tree bark named Cardinal. Unfortunately my mother did not survive the procedure and my dad soon after went to drinking as a form of coping with her death. As the years passed, our father began getting more and more angry and abusive to Cardinal. And I foolishly wouldn’t help him out of fear that i would be met with the same abuse. When we reached our early teens, I began to notice my brother would begin running out of our cottage every night to run into the woods. One day, I decided to follow him silently. I noticed that he seemed to be talking to the trees  and that they could help us get away from our dad forever before running off deeper into the woods. I followed him until we came to a weird woman who claimed that she could adopt us.” The boy sighed deeply before continuing. 

“Naturally we were happy, but our father found us and threatened the lady before making us so we set out a plan to get our deadbeat dad drunk off his mind and leave in the middle of th night. Before we did leave, Watson claimed that Derrel had hidden talent and the two went alone into her shack to talk a bit. Eventually Cardinal left and we got on with our plan. I gave my dad all the whiskey I could find. However before we left Derrel ended up chaining me to the bed and set our house ablaze. matchMy dad soon began to sober up and he walked over to beat me. Somehow I tended up my foot enough to loosen up and escape. Into the woods I met Derrel again and we got into a fight that ended in me killing him. I still have his eye.” The kid reached into his pocket and pulled out a disgusting eyeball that made me want to hurl. The kid continued on, ”After that I met the wonderful Serena and blah blah time travel and now I'm immortal!” The kid

Yeah sorry for putting the entire thing here but it needed to be said. When the kid was done with his lengthy little dialogue, he took out the little grain he had in his mouth “so Zhou how are you doing?” He asked fiddling with the grain in between his fingertips.

He’s immortal much like all instructors” Mr Zhou whispered into my ears, bending over so much I could hear his bones give off a fain creak. ”He’s actually 150 years old. Pretty young compared to most of us.

He just messed with the wrong time mage one time, and now he's basically been de aged to a ten year boy with the knowledge of a CIA operative....a really southernm CIA operative.” the boy then slapped me in the face! ”what was that for?!”

I asked rubbing my cheek which now had a rash. “Oh right I forgot to mention. In accordance with being de aged. He was changed so quickly that he now has animalistic instincts and is spamming his abilities out of all that I think about it he was also housed up in his cell earlier. My my my he sure does always find brand new ways to escape his cell” Zhou said. Very suddenly there was a little ding.

The elevator had come to a very abrupt stop. The doors slid open. The boy whipped his left hand at me, which was now a plant whip of sorts. Zhou reacted quickly, and roughly pushed me out of the elevator. I slid on the white linoleum flooring. Zhou stepped out of the elevator and unleashed a barrage of concentrated lightning bolts.

At the end of the attack the boy lied in the back of the elevator, smoking and partially on fire. Also unconscious to my amazement. Zhou reached into his pocket and pulled out a flip phone. He turned it on and raised it to his ear. “Erika? It’s Zhou again. Jhon’s back...yeah I really don’t know how he keeps leaving his cell. Anyway can you send some personnel to go get him. He’s in elevator ...uhhhh ok were done. Thanks Erika”.

When Zhou was done with the phone call he walked with me down a smooth brown corridor. At the end of the corridor was a single red door. Zhou opened the door and beckoned for me to enter. I did so, and was greeted by a room about as large as the last one I was in where I fought the robot. And just like the room I was in, this one too was filled with kids.

Zhou grabbed my hand and he motioned for me to lie down on the wall. I did and he did the same. I noticed something. He looked strange, like he was sentient tv static or something. Suddenly I saw something. In the middle of the room was Mr Zhou and he held a microphone to his mouth. He began to speak.

“Greetings agents, my name is Hung Zhou. And I am your lightning instructor.” Zhou announced , in a voice that could only be described as freaky, “ The first thing I will teach you is of the fluidity of lightning, Not how to unlock in order for you to be here you must have used the lightning at least twice. Once for the island, and another one for defeating the robot. You people should be very proud of yourselves.....however, there is more to lightning than just some stuff that shoots outta trees.

To give you some information I’ll give you a small article on the history of lightning mages. “ Zhou grabbed a pencil and began scribbling on random peices of paper. Within three seconds, he had written all the papers. Zhou then began hurdling. The articles at us at like a soldier hurdles bullets at the enemy.

I took a sigh as I began to read the article. Hey


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