There was just white. White everywhere. And as quickly as the white enveloped me, it faded. The whiteness faded, and I realized I was in a different location than I was before. I was in a building. And with me were a bunch of other kids, I noticed one of them was Clara.

She didn’t loook too good. Her left and right arms were bleeding profusely. Her once clean, and normal, black hair was now scruffy and cut. The other kids looked just as bad as Clara. It was pretty obvious that the other kids had experienced the same stuff that I did. Aside from the kids there were also all the instructors from earlier.

Or rather, almost all the instructors from earlier. Holly hocks was nowhere to be seen. I couldn’t find her, now matter how hard I looked. The instructors weren’t doing anything. They were just waiting around.

Suddenly Hollyhocks appeared in the room. It was rather strange to me. She just appeared as if she was there’s to begin with. “Greetings students” ms Hollyhocks said to us, “From the looks of it you have all activated your elemental talents. That’s very good. Although I may ask why some of you went on one of the more private, private jets”

she glanced at me, “Nonetheless I suppose that can wait for a bit. Right now I should probably talk about what’s supposed to happen once everyone arrives as we still have about three or so people left. But when they arrive and we’re all done I’ll send everyone to their perspective instructors based on this very special list.”

Ms Hollyhocks took out what looked like a purple notebook and opened it to show us its contents. There were pages upon pages filled with nothing but people’s names and perspective elements. At least that’s what I assumed it had. She then walked over to mr wasser and whispererd something into his ear.

Mr wasser, clicked his tongue, smiled, and turned spun around before snapping his fingers. Suddenly me, along with all the other kids apparently, felt a sharp neck pain. Just as the pain appeared it quickly dissipated.

“Ah sorry for that. Your teleportation devices were just removed on account of them being basically useless to you now, as they can only work once. After they are used they just Reduce your muscle mass for some reason. And we wouldn’t want that now would we? Now then.

I read all your auras while you were out in the forest and discovered your abilities. After your abilities were discovered I told Mr Wasser here to activate the liquid inside your necks and send you here.” Suddenly there were three more bright flashes in the room.

As quickly as the light appeared, they dissipated, leaving three very confused kids. One of the kids I noticed as Snidely, Snideky was looking around at everyone and everything. Right next to him we’re two Asian children. The two children looked very familiar almost as if they were twins.

One of the children was a girl, and and the other was a boy. They both had long black hair and wore a Pair of white robes, lightly stained with their blood. Their robes looked a little bit burnt and had some claw marks on them. The claw marks seemed to burn as smoke flew from them. Clearly they had Been ravagely attacked by some creature. Maybe it was attacked by one of the chittering creature I had dealt with mere hours earlier.

“Ah now that everyone is here’s i shall read out your names and abilities.” Ms Hollyhocks announced, “After your name and abilities are said one of the instructors here will raise their hand. You will go to them and they will train you before sending you to you sub instructor. With that in mind, let the reading begin”

she then began reading. I was beggining to feel pretty bored after a while. Hollyhock just read names and kids and thier abilities and one of the instructors would order the kids to go to them. after a while I realized something. Back at the boat I had only 5 instructors. Those being Hollyhocks the mind instructor, Wasser the liquid instructor, Rubble, the earth instructor, Plasmeus, the mind instructor, and Necrosis the death instructor.

But yet Ms Hollyhocks wasnt just calling out mind, plasma and death, but also nature and earth. I realized that there were also six buildings that I had witnessed at the boat.

So maybe one of the instructors was originally set to appear on the boat but he/she couldn’t make it for some reason. Maybe? Maybe the instructor had died or something.

One thing was sure to me however, one of the instructors was missing. Ms Hollyhocks had noticed it to, as whenever she would come across a certain kid she would end their name and look over to the element and pause before telling the kid to sit down and wait. Each time she had to tell a kid to wait for the instructor.

Hollyhocks got more and more angry until eventually, she walked over to Plasmeus and whispered into his ear. Plasmeus frowned before dissapearing in an extremely contained but still very bright and powerful explosion! The explosion settled leaving absaloutely nothing but a chair sized, flaming crater in the ground.

Moments later, there was another explosion and it hit the exact same spot. Walking out of the explosion was none other than Plasmeus carrying a huge sack. Whatever was inside the sack was very animalistic like, as it was constantly thrashing around and making growling noises. Then suddenly, there was a clean slicing sound as the sack was swiftly cut open and a strange creature jumped out.

The creature looked like it was out of this world. Or perhaps buried beneath it. There was no other way of saying that. It was a huge, nine foot tall spindly creature. It had skin like bark and eyes of leaves with red berries on them, giving it the appearance of having red eyes. The monster also had what can only be described as a crown of antlers in its head. The crown looked devastatingly sharp, as if no matter how hard you would touch it blood would be drawn.

The creature seemed to ooze of wildness. As if it wasn’t meant to be created. Like it was a mistake, and not meant to be viewed by anyone. The mere horror of the creature caused a terrified scream from me and I felt threatened. In fact I felt so threatened, I raised my hand out to the creature, imagining a powerful jolt of lightning like what I had used earlier to come out. Instead, I shot out a bright blue blast of lightning at the creature. The lighting struck the creature square in the face. Sparks were sent everywhere.

The creature didn’t flinch at all. In fact it didn’t even seem to notice the blast. It did notice me however, as it’s spider like fingers grew out towards me and grabbed me. I was paralyzed with fear. And could you blame me?

I was just attacked by something that would fit well in a horror movie. The creature put me just over its mouth and cackled evilly. "You fool Plasmeus, you were supposed to not wake her up during her sleepwalks!" Hollyhocks yelled. at least i think she yelled. It was hard to hear much of anything due to the creature's incessant growling and the licking of its lips.

Mr Necrosis ripped his right arm off and fiddled with it, making a self made bone shotgun. He aimed his weapon at the creature and pulled the trigger (His thumb) sending a sharp bullet made of bone at the creature.

The bullet struck the creature right between its eyes and made a sound that could only be described as sounding like a mountain crumbling in on itself. Needless to say the sound was so bad it made me temporarily deaf.

But even though i couldn't hear, I could see and i was able to see the bullet whiz out through the back of the creatures skull. to my surprise, even though a bullet shot straight through the creature's skull. it just stumbled back a bit before resuming Its stance and facing me. Then Plasmeus turned to the creature, cupped his hands like he was holding a ball, and pointed his hands at the creature.

A whip of flame shot out of his hands and wrapped themselves around the creature. The creature howled in pain before dropping me and falling to the ground. I managed to land on my feet whilst the creature landed on its back. The flame whips dissipated, leaving luminescent, green, gashes. Blood dripped onto the ground.

Suddenly the creature changed. It’s body began vibrating erratically and its bark skin disintegrated into, white, human skin. The creatures strange leafy eyes shifted into dark red eyes. The crown of antlers unfurled into just antlers and began to shrink very quickly. The antlers weren’t able to shrink all the way however, so now there was just a woman with two very tiny antlers sticking out of her head.

The antlers sure did look sharp. They looked as if they could cut through anything. They probably could now that I think about it. The woman was now wearing a long green dress and smelled of dirt. She also looked kinda young comepared to Hollyhocks and Plasmeus. She looked to be either in her late thirties or early forties. She picked herself up and dusted herself off.

“Sorry guys I guess I didn’t set offf my alarm and went into one of those nightmares again” she said in a voice that sounded nothing but kind and caring. I noticed that I had been holding in a breath and slowly let it out. “Well my name is Selena Hemingway and I’ll be your nature instructor.

Once again sorry for being late” the woman announced. Ms Hollyhocks let out a sigh and ordered the kids from earlier huddled in the back to go Selena. The kids nervously obliged and walked over to her, only to dissaapear in an explosion of leaves! “What did you do to them?!” I shouted out ainxously.

The woman looked at me and said: “No no, my dear, I merely teleported them to my building to wait before I get all of my students there so I Can then begin practice.” I suddenly remembered the six buildings I had saw in the ship and how each one looked kinda like one of the elements. The instructors and other kids looked at me and gave a dumbfounded look. “Did you seriously not see the other students get teleported by the other instructors” RUbble said in his thick, Russian accent. I shook my head and scratched my hair, giving off a low chuckle.

Ms Hollyhocks continued her reading. “Snidely Bruum, Water,” Snidely let put a delighted laugh and everyone clapped as he walked over to Wasser and dissapearing in an explosion of water, “Clara Sared, shadow.” Shadow? I thought. That’s odd I could never imagine Clara controlling shadows. Then again I was learning so much weird stuff today, so I guess anything is possible.

My sister, Clara walked out and over to Necrosis before dissapearing in a flash of bones. One of the bones almost hit me in the face. “Sara Liverlly, Fire” Hollyhocks read out. The girl from earlier who had managed to control fire walked out and over to Plasmeus and dissapeared in an explosion. “Luke Sared.” she paused, “.....Lightning!”

Ms Hollyhocks seemed very joyful. I walked over to Plasmeus. He smiled and snapped his fingers at me and suddenly I didn’t feel so good. It was like my entire body exploded and then was reformed! Suddenly I was in a completely different, circular white room with me and a whole bunch of other kids spaced out on the walls. The room was about as big as a football stadium. I had to squint to see all the way to the back. In a bright flash of fire, Plasmeus appeared in the middle of the room.

“Greetings students!” He boomed, “I, Plasmeus am your instructor. You may have noticed that my name sounds like plasma. That is indeed true. I changed it three or four hundred years ago. “You're immortal?!” I gasped. Plasmeus glared at me before continuing.

“You my dear friend are an idiot! Of course I’m immortal you fool I’m amazing.” It was becoming clear to me that Plasmeus was kinda egotistical. Just a little bit. “Anyway I can manipulate all types of plasma from the caringness of the light mages to the fierceness of the fire mages I can control all the plasma elements.

however all types of plasma mages still have basic structure at their core. They all mostly focus on evasiveness and accuracy. They wish to not be struck and fatal th the same time. Like that of a viper. And because of that I shall teach you the basic abilities that every plasma mage must know.” Plasmeus whistled and the ground beneath him began to split apart. Strangely enough he appeared to be floating. Suddenly a twelve feet tall soldier made of metal rose from the ground. The soldier weilded a machine gun as big as me. And a small orb in the middle of his body. The orb was about as big as a basketball and appeared to be radioactive since it was glowing green.

I was beggining to feel uncomfortable. “Your objectove is to raise your evasiveness and accuracy. If you can strike this soldier in his radioactive orb, you will succeed.” Plasmeus announced, floating above us.

“ However, to strike his orb you will have to get close to him and avoid his gunfire” I couldn’t believe it. This guy was planning on killing us “Your insane what if it shoots us?!” I shouted. “It will be okay man. Just don’t get hit besides the bullets are rubber” with that Plasmeus clapped his hands and the soldier appeared to come to life and eyed us with intensity. “You will go one at a time amd must defeat him within a minute.”

“What’s stopping us from attacking the dude all at once.” Sara asked, waving a strand of her red hair form her face. Plasmeus laughed before saying: “you can try but I engineered this robot so that if it is taken on by more than one opponent it increases its difficulty rating ten fold.

Right now it’s at level one but if two or more people attack it and genuinely want to fight, it will go all the way to a level 100. At that point it memorizes one hundred unique ways to kill its opponent. And we certainly wouldn’t want that would we?” Five kids in the back weren’t listening however, and they charged the robot. “Are you sure you want to fight me?” The robot beeped cocking it’s head at the kids.

“No!” Plasmeus screamed fear filling his voice. But it was too late. One of the students had already replied by shooting a fireball at the robot. The robot dodged the attack and fired its gun. Bullets fired from the gun at an amazing speed. Strangely enough when the gun stopped, the bullets were just scattered across the walls. I looked over to Plasmeus and saw him holding a single bullet in his teeth. Instantly my mind filled the gaps. He had managed to reflect every single bullet with such amazing accuracy that not a single of the bullets had managed to hit their targets. The fact that he was already able to do that was impressive but when you think about the fact that he did it at such an amazing speed he appeared to only be in on single place like he didn’t move at all.

He was moving so fast not even the robot’s brain could monitor what was happening. Plasmeus slapped the robot on its head and it’s head spun. “Reset!” It beeped out loudly before calming down a bit. “Ok now that the message has been delivered, may you please start the objective!”

Plasmeus announced before dissapearing in an explosion, sending sparks every which way. Now it was just us. We had to all do the objectives but who would go first? After a long pause of chatting and deciding who would go first, Sara volunteered. She walked out of the group and over to the robot. “Do you wish to battle?” The robot beeped. Sara nodded her head. The robot set a timer for a minute before immediately setting fire on Sara!

Sara rolled away from the bullets and threw sharp daggers of fire at the robot right in his eyes. There was a loud cracking sound as the daggers struck the eyes and exploded. The robot stumbled before chains whipped out of its back and planted themselves firmly into the ground. The robot regained balance and began firing at Sara.

Sara tried to roll away but three of the fifteen bullets struck her in the back. I realized what was happening. The robot was advancing. It was becoming stronger the more it fought. Sara seemed to realize this as well, as she stopped herself from firing off fire daggers. They would probably be deflected anyway. The robot lunged itself at Sara and continued its firing. Sara made a small wall of flame and blocked the rubber bullets. Suddenly there was a click. The gun was empty and needed to be reloaded.

Sara took this moment as her chance and hurled the wall of fire at the robot with all her strength. The fire blasted the robot and sent it flying into a wall the robot fell to the ground and slowly tried to get itself up. Sara went full on the offensive and tackled the robot. She then grabbed the orb and ripped it from the robot’s body. There was a sound of wires breaking and the robot let out a weak and heavily distorted beep beforehand expiring.

All of time seemed to stop. Sara had did it. She had 32 seconds to spare and yes I counted. “Oh...crap” Sara murmured. She looked deeply into the radioactive ball and began to shake. “What do I do?” Sara said.

She began to become full of fear, certainly not like someone who just killed a robot. Then there was a slow clapping sound. It seemed to be coming from everywhere. Then suddenly a man in bright red robes phased through the walls. He had a well painted on fireball in the middle of his robes.

He appeared rather short in nature. He was white and also kind of fat. “Very good my young chap!” He said in a slurred voice with an Australian accent. The strange man walked over to Sara. “Focus” he said, “Try to purge the radioactivity from the reactor” Sara took a deep breath and focused. She let the air in. She let the air out. I watched as the bright green radioactivity slowly flickered and went out.

Sara let out a relieved sigh before questioning the man as to who he was. “I am Thomas Brooks the sub instructor of fire. Plasmeus clearly forgot to tell you that he as a small set buttons in that robot that would alert one of use whenever a mage of our profession atatcked the robot.

Now if you will follow me please." Thomas and Sara then walked out of the room through a circular, flame portal. as soon as they left the flame portal disintegrated. then everyone got into a fight again over who to pick. I was getting annoyed so I volunteered. No one seemed to mind and they unanimously agreed that i should do it. I took a deep breath and walked towards the robot. the ball of radiaytion suddenly flew into the robots stomach and the robot instantly got up.

As soon as its eyes locked on mine it began bombarding menacingly walking towards and shooting at me. I ran to the side and dodged the bullets. Then I hurled a lightning blast at the robot. I struck it right in its big dumb face. Then there was a little whirring sound as a jet pack that shot fire activated from the robot’s back. The robot flew towards me. I ran to avoid the fire. Although I knew it wouldn’t kill me, it would still be extremely painful. I shot the robot with another lightning blast. This time it’s face cracked I need half.

The soldier then continued its assault on me. One of its bullets struck me in both my face and then deflected onto my left hand. Just as I was shooting out another lightning strike. This caused a huge explosion right in my face. I was sent flying backwards, dazed and confused. Then the robot landed on the ground and stomped kicked me. It felt like I was hit by a sledgehammer.

Blood was leaving my mouth and I looked right at the robot. Then suddenly something unexpected happened. My vision became blurry and I was temporarily moving at the The speed of light. There was just lightning. Everywhere. No me. Just lightning. Then that lightning hit something. And the next thing I knew I was on the ground. And there, in my hand, was the radioactive ball.


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