The Dungeon's Escapee

by entelechy

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy High Fantasy Magic Multiple Lead Characters Portal Fantasy / Isekai

An Earthling, a Summer Elf, and the only male Phoenix in existence walk into a Dungeon... Okay, maybe they don't really do it so much for glory but rather because it's their job, and maybe they weren't really together, and some of them were actually walking out. 

Enter the world of Cespes, a land of magic, mystery, and monsters. Now, the Ancient Gods have gone silent even as magic enters the Golden Era. The Avish Empire might have fallen four thousand years ago, yet much of society remains fragmented, even as they share more cultural ties than ever before. 

Adventurers have always formed parties. Now, there are Dungeons, dark, grey blobs that dominate Kingdom maps and kill everything within sight. Yet, beyond even these obvious places of danger entwined with fortune, a forgotten evil rears its head after fermenting for millennia. A call for heroes has arrived. 

Warning: This story is written in the first and third person with multiple POVs. I will try to publish at least once every two weeks, if not more. 

Cover art by: [email protected]

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