Not as it seems

Not as it seems

by Ravnicrasol

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Stranded inside the world he'd been writing about for years, Arwen is left at the mercy of the characters and setting he'd so lovingly created.

Now trapped and powerless save for his knowledge of the secrets the world holds, he has to find his way back home. Hopefully to make it there in one piece.

But things aren't going to be easy, as the further he plunges into his world, the more he will realize things aren't quite what he thought them to be.



This story is a case study on a realistic approach to isekai as well as what it means to "know" someone / something, and to "KNOW" them.

There will be hard themes and uncomfortable truths, and just like with real life, it will show things as they are unfiltered.

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Extremely Rational and Realistic Version of Isekai

Warning: The MC gets abused and tortured by the world for the first 10+ chapters and there is really nothing he can do about it. 

In a typical isekai story, the MC magically understands the language, magically gains understanding of magic, magically gains the ability to defeat warriors with decades of training, and magically gains trustworthy companions. That's not how things work in this story. 

In this story, the MC has to deal with getting robbed upon arrival, not understanding the language, trusting someone he shouldn't, not having instant comprehension of martial arts or magic, and not having trustworthy companions handed to him on a silver platter. 

The MC does have enough knowledge to gain power given time, but you do have to watch him suffer because of how unfriendly the world is to someone who gets dumped there with no preparation. 

Style is immersive and the author does not tell us everything. 

There are very few grammatical errors, none that break immersion. (Thank god for no random tense switching)

As for the story, I am enjoying the realistic take on Isekai. 

MC trusting someone immediately after getting robbed made me reduce the character score by 0.5 as it felt a bit forced, but other than that I enjoy how the author does not use cliche/tropey characters.

Definitely read this as long as you can stand watching the MC get abused and tortured multiple times at the start. If you can't, I definitely recommend skipping. 

I enjoyed this story very much. Thanks Author!


Well written with decently fleshed out characters but with how the story starts (a god inserting an author into his own story) it felt like Arwen had no agency. Whenever something happened in the story I kept wondering if it was just the god playing puppeteer rather than the story evolving organically, said god occasionally interjecting annoying, cheeky comments really didn't help the matter. Instead of the op mc trope here we get the complete opposite, the weak mc continually getting tortured and abused (the god must be a real sadist). Just as bad of a trope in my opinion. Also I really don't like the constant pov shifting, it kills the flow and pacing.


Good read, worth it. Story really grabs you, one that's hard to put down.

Problems: Some spelling and grammar issues, solid for the most part.

I don't like making long reviews because I tend to get more opinionated the longer I go on, but I think that sums it.



Grim dark isekai goodness

now I am an isekai fan But I can truly say this is a well written interesting take on the idea. the main character is likeable and the world well realised and written in such a way I don’t feel overwhelmed by facts they are just woven nicely into the narrative. I like how there is no instalove and there hopefully won’t be. Now this is grim dark its a world with a very grim fantasy medieval countenance and I’m personally enjoying this story very much  


A fantasy grimdark done properly, a twist on a classical isekai by inserting the worlds author into it making him powerful knowledge wise but pretty weak physically and magically so he focuses on manipulation, a few grammatical mistakes but nothing that grammarly can't fix but other than that it's great. I really hope the author decides to pick it up again as it's become one of my favourites 

human 000

this is story is good and interesting